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  1. [15:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Nine: The Solaris Legacy (Part Six)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_7RYu5WJSk
  2. [15:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3“The portal to hell is opened by the incantation of good intentions.”
  3. [15:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3Revelations.
  4. [15:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3Kid has retrieved dozens of pink recording modules.  While most of them were likely rendered useless in the wake of a magical energy explosion, between the ones which still function and the information that Shatara can now pull from a recovered Enclave data core, our friends now have wealth of insight into the past at their hooves.
  5. [15:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3Already, they have surmised that the ghoul whose unlife they have been learning about is the same one whom several of them met their last night in Nexus.
  6. [15:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3--- Session begins ---
  7. 07[15:31] * +Kid is pacing back and forth with the vacant, yet alight expression of a pony deep in thought while rolling two coins together in the cup of her hoof. "Why, why, why, why?" She mumbles out loud. Why the hell would Celestia come here personally? I mean, it's rediculously cool that she did, but why isn't this place shut down if this is the case? Kid just kept pondering the situation at hoof for a while.
  8. 07[15:34] * @Get_Lost is still sitting on the roof of the kennel "so, shall we find out what were the enclave guys doing here, too?"
  9. 07[15:35] * +Shatara waits upon the boulder, itching a bit nervosly.
  10. 07[15:37] * +Kid nodded at Get_Lost. "Sure. Sure." She said absent-mindedly. She did care if the genuine inflection in her voice meant anything, though.
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  12. 07[15:38] * @Crescendo_ nods. "The fact that the Enclave were here too makes me uneasy. If anypony would try something with the messed-up tech here it'd be them."
  13. 07[15:39] * @Get_Lost calls for shatara "hey, come over here, so we can see what that recording says"
  14. 07[15:39] * Noble_Heart frowned slightly at the news about Celestia, tilting her head to one side. "Mayhaps her visit was cut short before She could visit righteous retribution upon such obviously corrupt and selfish ponies?" That seemed unlikely, even to the alicorn, but there had to be some explanation.
  15. 07[15:39] * @Get_Lost then make4s the necessary connections and activates everything
  16. 07[15:40] * +Bookwright is more cynical than Noble_Heart. "Or 'mayhaps' she just had the proverbial wool pulled over her eyes by these SOLARIS ponies. Every new thing I learn about them only makes me trust them less."
  17. 07[15:40] * @Crescendo_ turns to Noble_Heart. "Or mayhaps the poor soul we listened to was seeing things. He had been through rather a lot."
  18. 07[15:41] * +Kid huffs a little. Why would they...
  19. 07[15:43] * Noble_Heart snorts softly at the prospects. "Perhaps. But We find it hard to believe that these ponies could hide such an attack upon Equestrian soil, even by their own hooves!" She moved forwards a half-step and stomped her forehoof. "Whatever happened here we must find the answers!"
  20. [15:44] <@Little_Gloom> 3As Get_Lost activates everything, Shatara receives a broadcast of data.  Her PipBuck can only make out a few files.  Either there weren't many, or the others were corrupted.  
  21. 07[15:44] * +Bookwright calls upon his cynicism again. "Who said anything about hiding? In the midst of a war, there's no reason to hide such an attack when they can just pretend that the zebras did it themselves. It was a zebra megaspell they used, after all."
  22. 07[15:44] * +Kid felt an answer hit her like a hammer of an angry goddess. Her body stood rigid in stunned horror. No. That can't be it. Solaris wouldn't be that stupid. Would they?
  23. [15:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3The first file is a list of designated targets for Operation: Cauterize.  The list includes threat assessments and priority.
  24. [15:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3Included on this listing:
  25. [15:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3> Gaia Valley
  26. 07[15:46] * @Get_Lost thinks about it "actually... solaris seemed more than stupid, they were... carrtoonish stupid, so... don't put stakes on how far they could go"
  27. 07[15:47] * +Kid sat down hard and clutched her head. No. Nonono. They would be that stupid. That explains everything. "Naw. Naw, if it were just the attack that she was angry about, she wouldn't have come personally. She would've gotten her guards on th' job."
  28. [15:47] <@Little_Gloom> 3> Red Eye has made alliences with tribals in this area.  The addition of a pre-war research facility in the area makes this troubling.  
  29. [15:47] <@Little_Gloom> 3> Potential threat: minimal.
  30. 07[15:48] * @Mitzi plays with her dogs, letting the smarter ponies figure out the more confusing stuff
  31. [15:48] <@Little_Gloom> 3> Actions: cauterize area of Red Eye's influence.  Investigate facility.  Destroy any research or data that threatens the Enclave.
  32. [15:49] <@Little_Gloom> 3> Special Note: Source of clean water and viable vegetation.  
  33. [15:49] <@Little_Gloom> 3> Priority: tertiary.  Assigned Raptor: Mamatus.
  34. 07[15:50] * +Kid just shook for a little bit. "Naw. Naw, I want ya'll to follow me in thinkin' on this. I think I got it figured. Okay, so. I read a lot of stories. A lot. And Celestia? She don't get angry in any o' them. Not unless it's personal."
  35. 07[15:51] * +Shatara reads over the data scrolling before him, only half listening to the discussions of pretty pink pony princesses.
  36. 07[15:51] * @Get_Lost "well, she could have simply visited the day before the bombs fell... the world ended and she never had the time to worry about solaris"
  37. [15:52] <@Little_Gloom> 3The next file is a a set of transmitted orders:
  38. [15:52] <@Little_Gloom> 3To the proud Enclave Loyalists of Raptor Pileus --
  39. 07[15:52] * Noble_Heart frowns a little and contemplates that, nodding very slowly at Kid's comments. "We have heard that she was as forgiving as she was powerful."
  40. 07[15:55] * +Kid looked up, somehow conveying horror in both eyes. Even the dead one. "Naw, naw. If that were th' case, then they wouldn't have time t' go lookin' fer our lil' friend in th' cave. They woulda seen her comin' and woulda scrambled t' look normal, 'r just scrambled off like th' radroaches they were. Think a moment. They were makin' a Gardens replacement, right?"
  41. 07[15:55] * @Mitzi looks to Kid curiously; "Isn't Celestia Princess up in sky tower?"
  42. 07[15:57] * @Get_Lost "the ministries were convinced of that, yes... some sort of home brew gardens of equestria... that couls also have ended in some sort of mutated stuff... we should check the research terminals..."
  43. [15:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3Fall back and regroup.  Las Pegasus has been taken by the rebellion.  There is an old Operation: Cauterize target in your area.  Secure it and establish a base camp.  More orders are forthcoming.  
  44. [15:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3------
  45. [15:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3That is the end of the message.  Apparently, no further orders arrived.
  46. [15:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3Or, if they did, they were not recorded on the data core of this Enclave Loyalist's armor.
  47. 07[15:58] * +Kid rolled her hoof at Mitzi impatiently. "Well, yeah. But she weren't when this went down." Back to the rest. "So. So, what would they need if they were goin' t' even try t' make one o' them? What does a Gardens thingy need t' even start t' work that would manage t' piss off Celestia of all ponies?"
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  50. 07[15:59] * +Bookwright has been reading the info on the PipBuck. "Well, that was... Not very useful. Looks like internal divisions in the Enclave set this group off from the others."
  51. 07[15:59] * @Mitzi shrugs; "Big spell need big magic right?"
  52. 07[15:59] * Noble_Heart contemplates that quietly a few moments, her eyes closed as she mulled over what she actually knew about the Gardens of Equestria. "The Elements of Harmony? But these fiends couldn't possibly be trusted with anything like that." Snorting at the very notion of the prospect that Celestia would even consider lending something like that out.
  53. 07[16:01] * +Shatara ponders the information as the others continue to argue over pony princesses.
  54. 07[16:02] * @Crescendo_ nods slowly. "Mitzi may be on to something. The real Garden's needed the power of the Elements of Harmony, so Solaris would have needed some kind of catalyst to use instead."
  55. 07[16:02] * @Get_Lost looks down "hey im coming down, plwase somepony catche me if i fall!" the mare tries clumsily to descend from the kennel
  56. 07[16:03] * +Kid pointed at Noble with her teeth grit. "Right. Except, I'm thinkin' they didn't ask fer 'em. They got a memory orb thingy of th' talk with Twilight and them. How would they get that, and how would it be in th' buildin? 'R maybe they tried t' make their own." Kid didn't know which one made the bile in her stomach kick her from the inside more.
  57. [16:03] <+Bookwright> "So, what did they use then? Nothing I know of can even come close to matching the sheer output of the Elements of Harmony."
  58. 07[16:05] * @Crescendo_ smiles up at Get_Lost. "My offer of assistance still stands, m'lady."
  59. 07[16:06] * Noble_Heart contemplates that. "Did the Orb come from the building? We believed that you had found it within their storage facility?" She waved a hoof in Kid's direction. "Thy explorations have found much information. Was there another little pony there which might have brought it from elsewhere?"
  60. 07[16:06] * +Bookwright isn't really sure how useful the logs on the enclave memory core are, but he records them in a notebook anyways.
  61. [16:07] <@Get_Lost> me half descends, half jumps on Crescendo_'s head, smiling at him once she's down "thank you"
  62. 07[16:12] * +Kid taps her hoof impatiently. Her mind was going entirely too fast, jumping from conclusion to conclusion before common sense could catch up. Where did they find... Right. "Naw, we found it in a lil' alcove down th' Ponytomic next t' an ex-Enclave pony. I figure a Pegasus ain't one t' collect memory orbs. And besides, th' only other options is that somepony recently got int' there and left it,...
  63. 07[16:12] * +Kid ...which why wouldn't they do th' things we're doin' now, or th' Enclave had it, in which case this is th' only real place they would get it from that ah c'n think of."
  64. 07[16:15] * +Bookwright ponders. "So Kid... what did you find in that cave, exactly?"
  65. 07[16:16] * +Kid grumps out of sheer instinct. "Ah dunno. A terminal thingy, a turret gun, a dead Enclave mare, an' not a lot of loot." She sighed and contemplated her coins before putting them away.
  66. 07[16:17] * @Crescendo_ tries to look serious, completely oblivious to the hoof-print on his face. "Chances are whatever they were using in place of the Elements would be highly unstable, I can't imagine anything else would be able to produce enough power... Or that Solaris would go with a safe option, actually.
  67. 07[16:18] * @Mitzi looks around to the group; "Eez figuring out da why really dat important dis much later? Shudn't we just be worryeen about breakeen eet now?"
  68. 07[16:18] * Noble_Heart frowns and snorts a little bit. "The recording DID say that they believed these horrid ponies had some kind of spy in their order. Though why they would choose to record that memory We cannot imagine." She shook her head and snorted again. "Whatever happened here We suggest heading back to the building and checking the other wings which We did not have time to investigate
  69. 07[16:18] * Noble_Heart before."
  70. 07[16:19] * +Bookwright nods. "Mitzi and Noble_Heart are right. We can worry about the how after we get there and break it."
  71. 07[16:19] * @Get_Lost "yeah, noble is right... we should head back and look inside a couple of terminals"
  72. 07[16:21] * +Kid shakes her head and seems to tremble with anger. That old righteous fury started to burn in her chest. "Naw. Naw, after we try t' put down th' Gardens thing? Naw, after we make sure that it's safe, that buildin' don't need t' exist no more. Not no more."
  73. 07[16:22] * @Mitzi nods to Kid; "So, how we gonna break eet?"
  74. 07[16:23] * Noble_Heart nods her head and snorts again. "We agree. Whatever things they did here should be purged from Equestria for all time. Let the stain of their actions not weigh down the future of ponykind!" Growling just a little bit as she stamped her forehoof. There was, perhaps, a bit more of the avenging and dangerous nature of the goddess in her than she'd really like to admit.
  75. 07[16:23] * +Bookwright takes the gentle tack. "Kid, the ponies who built that building are all long gone. Once we put a halt to whatever they're doing, their legacy will be only information. Information is neither good nor bad, and I would prefer to avoid destroying it. If we destroy the recordings of the past, we are liable to repeat the same mistakes in the future."
  76. 07[16:26] * @Crescendo_ puts a hoof on Kid's shoulder. "Calm down, Kid. Angry ponies make mistakes... and destroying that place is /not/ going to be a mistake."
  77. 07[16:27] * +Bookwright decides to cut his losses. "I won't be a party to destroying information. So long as I record everything I can before you blow it up or whatever, I guess I'm okay with your plan."
  78. 07[16:29] * Noble_Heart growls slightly and raises a hoof to Bookwright's nose. "So long as you are willing to take responsibility for that information. Imagine what harm could come if the secrets of the Goddess' creation were to be remembered. Some things are best left forgotten." She turns and begins to storm back towards the research building, on her own if she has to.
  79. 13[16:29] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-i1ee9n.wiora.com) Quit (Connection closed)
  80. 07[16:30] * @Get_Lost "you are making plans befgore we really know what is going on.. i'd say... we investigate, then we decide... it's safer"
  81. 07[16:31] * @Crescendo_ trots after Noble Heart. "Yep, we should move. It's much easier to find what your looking for in the light."
  82. 07[16:31] * +Bookwright scowls. "You're conflating intent with information. I argue that it is better to remember the evils, the awfuls, the bads, and the destruction. So that we know not to repeat them. I agree, no-pony should ever do anything like that horrible abortion of magic known as the Goddess, but that doesn't mean we should destroy the information that tells us how. Merely... restrict the details."
  83. 07[16:35] * @Mitzi shrugs; "Not destroy info, destroy buildeen."
  84. 07[16:35] * +Kid snaps at Bookwright. "What kinda information d'ye think yer gonna find?! Shit n' stupid stuff that don't have no place in th' world. Th' kinda knowin' that ain't good fer nothin'! An' nopony asked y' t' come along, anyway!" She huffed and growled and felt feverish, like her veins were running boiling pitch. And then she kept looking at him, and felt another horrible thought creep into her...
  85. 07[16:35] * +Kid ...mind. She was acting like her father's daughter. What kind of hospitality was that? She cooled off near instantly, spiking the little enclave coins off towards the distance. "Jus'... Sorry. We need t' break it. Now. Do whatever."
  86. 07[16:36] * +Shatara sighs, taking off and hovering after Noble_Heart
  87. 07[16:37] * +Bookwright flicks his tail in annoyance. "Knowledge lost is history lost, and those who forget their history are doom'd to repeat it. So long as the information is not lost, I care not what happens to the building. We're wasting time here."
  88. 07[16:37] * Noble_Heart merely snorts again at Bookwright's insistence on preserving the information. "Believe what you will. We will not be party to the survival of such horrors." She trotted onwards towards the building without any kind of real slowdown. "The Followers and the New Mother are just and true, We know this. We do not believe that they would abused any information. But others? Others
  89. 07[16:37] * Noble_Heart like Red-Eye? Who wish power and care not whom they trod upon?" She scowled. "We will not have some pony like -that- abusing the past."
  90. 07[16:38] * @Get_Lost "guys, you are selling the bear before even seeing it... you're acting like solaris... just.. let's goo ans see ourrselves, then decide, okay?"
  91. 04[16:39] * @Mitzi looks to Spero. He seemed to know how to break things; "So, Ur alpha here, how we gonna break dis place?"
  92. 07[16:39] * +Bookwright scoffs. "I'm tired of arguing. Get_Lost is right. We can worry about the details after we get there. Now, I know that Kid brought back some more of those pink memory modules and I wanna try a few in the playback device. Anyone mind?"
  93. 07[16:41] * +Kid rose her hoof against Get. "Naw. Don't you dare compare me to 'em. I don' detonate megaspells and kill innocent ponies." Yeah, you just shoot the ones that get close. "Jus'... Play 'em fer some travellin' music. 'R whatever. Don't rightly care."
  94. 07[16:42] * Noble_Heart waves a hoof towards Bookwright, "Feel free to do what you wish. We can carry them, if you need Us to." She kept her eyes on the tower. "But we should keep moving before night falls."
  95. 07[16:43] * @Get_Lost "finally, i plan i like" the mare trots besides crescendo and whispers to him "really, sometimes i miss the crusaders..."
  96. 07[16:47] * @Crescendo_ whispers back to Get_Lost. "Life has certainly become much more... dramatic since I met you ponies."
  97. 07[16:48] * @Get_Lost shrugs "meh, some ponies just are born chatty, that's all"
  98. 07[16:50] * @Crescendo_ chuckles. "Oh, I was referring to getting shot and all this 'end of Equestria' stuff."
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  100. 07[16:51] * @Get_Lost makes a surprised face, then laufghs "oh, yes, that too!"
  101. 04[16:51] * @Mitzi pokes Spero with a knuckle, since doign so with a claw would cause a laceration no matter what
  102. 07[16:52] * +Kid trots along side them, being comfortably in the lead so that she can keep an eye out for anything that would be a problem. She felt rather emotionally drained and guilty from her outburst. She wanted to go home and munch on some dried punga or apple cereal or something. Eventually guilt took over her stubborn pride. "Look, I'm real sorry fer bein' so snippy lately. That ain't right o' me....
  103. 07[16:52] * +Kid ...An' I was raised better than that. So. Uh. Sorry." She said in a low, tired tone. She shook her head. "End of Equestria? Naw. Th' NCR'll come around n' tell Pip t' throw lightnin' bolts if we didn't get here first. If we got here first."
  104. 07[16:53] * +Bookwright pops in the next module and hits the "play" button.
  105. 15[16:54] * +Spero looks down at Mitzi. "Dig, teleport... we have options."
  106. [16:56] <@Little_Gloom> 3It takes a few tries.  Several of the pink modules were apparently damaged by the magical energy grenade that destroyed the locker they were in.  But Bookwright finally finds one that works.  And, furthermore, he notices markings notched into each of them which he believes suggests date or sequence
  107. [16:56] <@Little_Gloom> 3The modules that still work may be few and far between, but at least you will hear them in chronological order.
  108. [16:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  109. 07[16:57] * @Mitzi looks contemplative; "Strongest Hellhound cud tear into foundations, but Uh'm not sure Ur claws eez strong enuff."
  110. [16:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3It has been… I do not know how long.  Weeks, at least, since my last journal.  Months?  
  111. [16:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3The headaches are getting worse.  
  112. [16:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3I found a whole lot of these pink recording modules squirreled away near my cave.  I think I may have put them there, but I cannot remember doing so.  I’ve tried listening to a few, and they all carry voices of long dead children.  
  113. [16:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3I’m using them now to continue my journal, having run out of my own.  It was not an easy choice.  At first, I felt like I was desecrating them.  Wiping away memories of these young colts and fillies who deserved to be remembered.  But now, I’ve come to think of it as finally putting their spirits to rest.   Although there is one I cannot bear to record over.
  114. [16:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3That of a young colt names Joy.  I do not know why… but hearing that recording always moves me so powerfully.  It hurts, and yet I cannot let it go.  
  115. [16:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3I spotted the tribals -- I can think of no other word for them -- again today.  They wear barding crafted from the remnants of Solaris uniforms and the hide of animals, lashed together by vines made from the omnipresent plants.  Some carry sharpened sticks while others brandish badly aged firearms.  
  116. [16:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3A different tribe, I think, than the one whose ponies came foraging near my cave many days ago.  Different markings.  They spoke, but their words were strange, the meaning muddled.  They spoke Equestrian, but their speech has …devolved?  Colloquialized?  Altered through slang and personal phrases and re-interpreting of words.
  117. [16:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3The sort of change to language that must have taken generations in isolation.  As if to strengthen my theory, they had a colt with them.
  118. [16:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3The colt spotted me and galloped away in horror.  The adults took up fearful, defensive stances.  I retreated back into the forest.
  119. [16:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3Generations.  I believe my long sleep was far longer than I imagined.
  120. [16:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  121. 07[17:01] * @Crescendo_ mutters quietly. "Fatherhood stronger than memory."
  122. 07[17:01] * @Get_Lost frowns "that poor guy... he forgot everything.... it... it's so sad..."
  123. 07[17:04] * +Kid frowns at Crescendo. She really wasn't sure if he was right or not.
  124. [17:04] <@Little_Gloom> 3http://tindeck.com/listen/dqdj
  125. 07[17:04] * +Bookwright frowns and slots the next module in sequence into the playback device and plays it.
  126. [17:04] <@Little_Gloom> 3((Link for the above))
  127. [17:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3http://tindeck.com/listen/nywk
  128. [17:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3((Link for the below))
  129. [17:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  130. [17:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3They did it.  The zebras… they actually destroyed Equestria.  
  131. [17:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3After weeks without a break in the clouds, I knew something was wrong.  I hiked to the old Solaris building and looked out.  It’s as if Gaia Valley and Equestria have traded places – the valley is an oasis of beautify and purity, and the rest of my beautiful homeland is a blasted, poisoned waste.
  132. [17:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3Solaris, they did it too.  Heh.  They found a way to restore the world… sort of.  Heh, isn’t that funny?  It’s the Solaris plants.   They grow everywhere in the valley.  *Everywhere.*  I’ve even seen them growing on the metal wrecks of old chariots and campers, their roots riddling the metal like an infection.  
  133. [17:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3These plants, they feed on the radiation and the toxins – suck them out of the land and air – and transform them into something healthy and good.
  134. [17:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3The waters flowing into Gaia Valley are heavily irradiated.  But the plants – the Twisted Manes call them “punga” – they grow in the water like reeds, purifying it.
  135. [17:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3It is a good thing, I have discovered, that there is some irradiated water here.  Bob needs it.  And so do I.
  136. [17:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3The tribals, I have discovered, are descendants of the Solaris employees.  That building had a miniature stable where the Solaris ponies must have hid for a time… before it failed.  And failed badly, I would guess from the way the children of the survivors avoid the building like it is cursed.  
  137. [17:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3At times, I find myself curious how things went in there, considering the fractured community that emerged from it.  The tribes seem to herald… hehe, herald… back to the departments in the facility.  
  138. [17:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Twisted Manes, which seem to be a priest tribe, and the Tenants, who hold the keys to the tribals’ sacred places, are clearly the progeny of the maintenance ponies.
  139. [17:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3Hee hee.  Mane-Tenants.  Hah!
  140. [17:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3The tribals leave me alone.  I think it’s because of Bob.  The other day, one of them left a bird at the door of my cave.  A wounded owl, its wing broken.  It wasn’t from Gaia Valley.  I could see the damage drinking and breathing the toxins outside has done.  Mangy, half blind.  
  141. [17:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3But what killed it wasn’t anything outside.  It was one of those plants.  They’ll grow in anything irradiated.  Anything.
  142. [17:08] <@Little_Gloom> 3One night, the headaches just stopped.  And there was one of those “punga” growing out of my skull.  I think he’s cute, really.  The way he bobs up and down on my head when I walk.  So I called him Bob.  I asked him if he liked the name, then nodded my head and saw him agree.  
  143. [17:08] <@Little_Gloom> 3Bobbing bobbity Bob.  Heehehe.  Humgh.
  144. [17:08] <@Little_Gloom> 3Equestria is gone.  But at least I’m not alone anymore.
  145. [17:08] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  146. 07[17:10] * +Kid smacks her lips. Welp. "... Somepony forgot t' kill th' seeds before eatin' those things." That didn't make sense, though. "How did 'punga' get t' Lookout Point?" She mumbled.
  147. 07[17:12] * +Bookwright shrugs. "How does any plant get anywhere? Seeds travel in the gut just as well as in the pack."
  148. 13[17:15] * Waak (chatzilla@Pony-1uprl8.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 13.0.1/20120614114901])
  149. 07[17:16] * @Get_Lost ponders the last recording, tapping her chin "i... i dont' think that you should want to get next to that thing if yo uare irradiated... even lightly"
  150. 07[17:18] * Noble_Heart frowns as she listens to the recordings. "If these fruits can remove the radiation from the ground and air, some ponies must have come here and traded for them then brough thtem back and sold them somewhere else." She shook her head, she couldn't think of any other way they'd get very far away. "But the radiation is gone now. The plants must have all died. You saw the
  151. 07[17:18] * Noble_Heart campers, covered in markings like something had chewed on them. These plants must have eaten them then died when the true Gardens of Equestria was activated."
  152. 07[17:18] * +Bookwright digs around and comes up with another memory module in sequence that looks undamaged. "Here's another," he says, as he slots it in and plays it.
  153. 07[17:18] * +Kid shook her head. "If that were th' case, then these 'r some weird Punga. I've heard time an' again that Punga don't grow anyplace else but Lookout Point an' Froggy. Somethin' about th' way they mutated in th' mud around there, ah think."
  154. [17:20] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  155. [17:20] <@Little_Gloom> 3http://tindeck.com/listen/yiuc
  156. [17:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3They think I’m a god, the tribals do.  Well, not me.  Bob.  Twisted Manes seem to believe that I grew out of Bob, not the other way around.  I’m some avatar of the punga, taken pony form for them to worship.  
  157. [17:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3I’ve tried telling them otherwise, but they never listen.  I can barely understand this new generation’s speech, but I think they believe what I say is Bob testing them.  
  158. [17:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3Frustrating ponies.  I generally try to ignore the lot of them.
  159. [17:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3Except today I didn’t.  Today I tried to give them an order.  I don’t think it worked.  Part of me really, deeply hopes it didn’t.  Either way, my soul will never recover.
  160. [17:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3I’ve told them to kill.
  161. [17:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3Explorers – ragged, shabby ponies from the wastes beyond the valley’s walls – stumbled into the valley.  They were ugly, sickly, but good ponies at heart.  Friendly.  And the Twisted Manes, being good if frustrating ponies, welcomed them.  Gave them drink.  Fed them.
  162. [17:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3Fed them the punga.
  163. [17:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3I remember very little of the years that have gone by.   But I remember the bird at my doorstep.  The punga’s fruit holds seeds, and those seeds will grow in anything whose substance has soaked in the radiation of the poisoned Equestria.  
  164. [17:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3I do not sleep.  But I dream.  And in those dreams, I see the punga spreading beyond the valley, unstoppable.  Sinking its roots into every living thing in the blighted lands.  Mass extinction, a prelude to Equestria’s hollow rebirth.
  165. [17:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3Solaris succeeded.  And their success threatens an apocalypse even greater than the war.
  166. [17:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  167. 13[17:25] * DiceArt (coolsmile@Pony-jlohrr.ip.windstream.net) Quit (Quit: See you !)
  168. 07[17:27] * +Bookwright scribbles notes in his notebook. "I don't know about you folks, but I haven't seen a single punga plant in this entire valley... so where did they all go?"
  169. 07[17:27] * +Bookwright sets aside the mystery to solve later.
  170. 07[17:27] * +Kid shrugs. "Ah told y'. Froggy."
  171. 07[17:28] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "Perhaps they died? The Gardens of Equestria excised all radiation from Equestrian soil. If these plants survive on it, then removing it would surely kill them, would it not?" She didn't see any reason to believe otherwise. "This ghoul you say you met, Herald, must drink the water brought by the Crimson Caravan. Else Bob would surely wither and die as
  172. 07[17:28] * @Crescendo_ looks at Kid in horror. "You have plants that grow inside of ponies?"
  173. 07[17:28] * Noble_Heart well."
  174. 07[17:29] * @Get_Lost "okay, one thing is sure: do not eat local punga, okay? especially if we find it in some sort of laboratory."
  175. 06[17:31] * Strobe is now known as Strobe_Away
  176. 07[17:31] * +Kid rubs the back of her mane. "Well, yeah. But they'll only kill y' if yer really irradiated 'r a ghoul 'r just eat a heapton of 'em. And even then, they're pretty durned safe if y' cook 'em up right." She smiled. "In fact, dried punga's real good. Tart 'n packs a punch."
  177. 07[17:31] * +Bookwright digs around in the pile, and slots another into the playback device. "This is the last one. All the others are damaged or older than this one, and from the markings I'd hazard a guess this is the final module recorded by Herald."
  178. 07[17:37] * +Bookwright belatedly remembers to actually depress the 'play' button.
  179. [17:40] <@Little_Gloom> 3The recorder wheezes and grinds back into action.
  180. [17:40] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  181. [17:40] <@Little_Gloom> 3http://tindeck.com/listen/bqnb
  182. [17:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3I’ve heard the tale now.  One survivor of the ill-fated expedition wandered into a town, raving in the throws of dying madness, telling of an oasis hidden somewhere up the river, a green place of clean air and pure water.  The poor pony croaked in the midst of his rants.
  183. [17:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3The townsfolk never understood what killed him – assumed it was radiation insanity – but I’d bet if you cut that pony open, you’d find roots in his body where only meat and blood should be.
  184. 06[17:41] * DiceArt (coolsmile@Pony-jlohrr.ip.windstream.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  185. [17:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3I’m leaving Gaia Valley.  Aw, shucks, I don’t know why I stay any way.  Meaningless names scrawled on a wall.  Purposeless recordings done out of habit.  
  186. [17:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3The punga clog the river, stealing what little precious poison comes my way.  Getting harder to find something good and irradiated to drink.  Gonna be the case everywhere soon enough.  I’ve seen the punga growing along the riverbanks in the canyon beyond that big building with the pornographic winged unicorn on it.  The punga got out.
  187. [17:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3The new ending has already started.
  188. [17:42] <@Little_Gloom> 3More strangers have come, but not the explorers I expected.  Griffins bearing tribal banners of black and red, bringing promises and guns.  Giving both to the White Hooves, who have gone to war with the other tribes.  They’ve already exterminated the Tenants.  Taken the keys to their holy places.
  189. [17:42] <@Little_Gloom> 3Gaia Valley’s river runs red.  I think the Twisted Manes and the Dead Buffalo are preparing retaliation.  I don’t want to see it.  Prefer to remember this place like it was.
  190. [17:42] <@Little_Gloom> 3There’s a city down the river where the explorers came from.  A place the griffins’ chief seeks to conquer.  Maybe I will find a new home there.  In the very least, give them warning.  And then wait out the end.
  191. [17:42] <@Little_Gloom> 3----- OOO -----
  192. 07[17:44] * +Kid feels the ends of her manes stick up. Oh, shit. Shit. Shit shit shit. "Ponies! That's Nexus! 'R Darkness Falls! I dunno which one!"
  193. 07[17:45] * Noble_Heart tilts he rhead to one side at Kids' comments. "Those would be Red-Eye's mercenaries. We are certain. These recordings are old. Before the coming of the Destroyer and the activation of Her great work."
  194. 07[17:47] * @Get_Lost "okay... now the question is... the ghoul was an alarmist, orr there is really a threat in this place? did you see any punga plant around kid?"
  195. 07[17:47] * +Bookwright nods. "Tribal banners of black and red" leave little to the imagination. Those were Red Eye's forces. This personal history is all very interesting, and I'm going to save it all, but it doesn't really help us much.
  196. [17:47] <+Bookwright> "
  197. 07[17:50] * +Kid sighed in relief. "Oh. Really?" She tried to let her heart be still. Right. Red Eye. That jerk. "Yeah, that makes more sense, come t' think of it. Th' punga'd be gone if it were." She looked up at Get and frowned. "Urm. Yeah, ah found a lil' punga on a Enclave pony down the way. Dunno where she got that, but th' thing looks pretty ragged regardless."
  198. 07[17:51] * @Get_Lost nods and mutters "we should really check those labs and kill whatever plant is left...."
  199. 07[17:51] * +Bookwright packs away the recorder and all the modules that are salvageable. "We still know too little about what SOLARIS intended. I sincerely doubt that punga was everything that SOLARIS was planning."
  200. 07[17:52] * +Kid looks around for anything resembling what she knew of the weird fruit. Wouldn't it be a vegetable, actually?
  201. 07[17:53] * @Get_Lost "okay, when we're there, we will find out"
  202. 06[17:54] * Strobe_Away is now known as Strobe
  203. 07[17:54] * +Bookwright looks around. "Speaking of 'there', where is 'there', anyways?"
  204. [17:55] <@Little_Gloom> 3You've made your way up the road, and now the SOLARIS R&E NORTH facility looms before you, looking empty and ominous.
  205. 07[17:56] * +Bookwright promptly shuts up because he is a silly pony.
  206. 04[17:58] * +Kid loads up her shotgun. "Fillies and Gentlecolts, this ain't a quest, it's an extermination." Wait, shit. That didn't come out right. How'd it go in the book again? Whatever, just look stony and cold and ponies will get your meaning. Wait, shit. Spero, don't tell other ponies I thought that, okay?
  207. 06[17:59] * Waak (chatzilla@Pony-1uprl8.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  208. 07[18:00] * @Get_Lost stays back in the line, not having a single weapon on her nor the skill to use it
  209. 07[18:01] * +Bookwright stays equally far back from the fighting area, being not very good at it.
  210. 07[18:01] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Kid in agreement. "With great pleasure shall We see these short-sighted ponies' projects destroyed that they may never threaten Equestria or the rest of the world again!"
  211. 07[18:02] * @Crescendo_ joins the non-combatants. They could be the cheerleading squad... or something.
  212. 07[18:03] * @Get_Lost smiles noticing how often she ends with stallions lately... "well boys, we could buy a deck of card or something, on the next stop..."
  213. 07[18:05] * +Kid frowns. Oh forget it. I don't think I can pull off something like Bad Ass, anyway. Though it'd be really, really cool if I did. I mean, even if it's disarmed, this still counts as a story I can pass off as a save the world thing, right? Right? Right. "Lets get movin'." She said, taking off her hat and rubbing her mane.
  214. 07[18:05] * +Kid attempts to go back inside, gun pointed faithfully out.
  215. [18:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3The door is locked.
  216. 07[18:07] * Noble_Heart nods her head, striding confidently towards the building and pulling the control card from her pack again, in a moment she had swiped it to open the doors once more and moved through with little hesitation and less patience for whatever horrors this place might yet hold. "Bookwright. Get Lost. There are terminals on the second floor to read and find their secrets. We suggest
  217. 07[18:07] * Noble_Heart that you should spend your efforts there while We go with Kid and Shatara to deal with the plants."
  218. 07[18:08] * +Bookwright nods. "Sure, whatever plant involves the least shooting. Although I confess I am curious to know how you know where the terminals are."
  219. [18:08] <@Little_Gloom> 3The doors split and open with a pneumatic hiss.  The inside of the facility is dark.  The lights have apparently stopped working.
  220. 07[18:08] * @Get_Lost "ah... if these punga plants grow on contaminated rhings... wouldn't you be in a great danger, noble? i mean, you are quite coming from taint..."
  221. 07[18:08] * +Shatara blinks, drawing his pistol. "...didn't we have light when we were here last?"
  222. 07[18:09] * +Kid squints at the lock. Oh hell no. You're not ruining this for me, door. She stepped back and thought to try to blow the hinges off... But then realized there were no hinges and Noble had opened the door already. She squinted. "After you, princess." She said with an almost bitter tone. "Nah. She's not irradiated, an' ah think it only works fer irradiation."
  223. 07[18:09] * @Get_Lost "and yes.. i dont' know why there's no more light here... did we touch something on our way?"
  224. 07[18:11] * @Crescendo_ sighs. "Great, now it's dark. Would you like me to scout ahead? I'm pretty good at not being seen if I don't want to be."
  225. 13[18:11] * DiceArt (coolsmile@Pony-jlohrr.ip.windstream.net) Quit (Quit: See you !)
  226. 07[18:11] * Noble_Heart snorts a moment as she glances around at the darkness. "It seems their 'failsafe' lights have failed since We left here." She concentrates a brief moment as her horn flares with light, illuminating the entire area around her out to a significant distance. "We will light the way for now."
  227. 07[18:12] * +Kid rolls her eye. "Well, yer free t', but I think we got this covered. Anypony got a light on 'em? Ah can't see real good in th' dark."
  228. 07[18:12] * +Kid turns back around. Freaking princess. Making her look bad.
  229. 07[18:12] * +Bookwright snorts. "That is entirely in keeping with SOLARIS, I suppose."
  230. 07[18:13] * +Shatara waves the miniature terminal on his wrist. "I've got this, in a pinch."
  231. 07[18:13] * @Crescendo_ looks at Noble_Heart's glowing horn. "Of course, me not being seen sometimes isn't enough."
  232. 07[18:14] * Noble_Heart gives a polite chuckle at Kid's annoyance. She nods her head to Crescendo_, "If you wish to explore you are welcome to. But We would like to remain the center of attention of any enemies in this facility. We would not wish a repeat of what happened to Bookwright, at all." Her statement somehow comes off as both condescending -and- concerned at the same time. How does she
  233. 07[18:14] * Noble_Heart DO that?
  234. 07[18:16] * @Get_Lost doesn't have a source of light for herself, so she tries to stay next to a source of light
  235. 07[18:16] * +Shatara ponders as he looks around in the 'Princess's light. "Hmm...This place hasn't seen much activity in the last few hundred years. Might be coming in and turning everything on was too much for the grid...We might be able to reset a breaker or something if we can find a junction box."
  236. 07[18:17] * @Get_Lost "this means that the terminals could be useless..." the mare approaches one of the terminals on the welcome desk,checking if it has power
  237. 07[18:17] * +Kid squinted her eyes at Noble. Wow. She must have a lot of practice being a stuck-up princess. No, that's /talent/. You can't fake that. She tried to catch up and take the lead position beside Noble.
  238. 07[18:18] * @Crescendo_ shrugged. Travelling as a group they would need the light.
  239. 07[18:19] * +Bookwright turns his bemused gaze to Noble_Heart. "I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing, O Princess of the Potion Bottle. You may have the spotlight."
  240. 07[18:21] * Noble_Heart bows her head to Bookwright briefly. "We appreciate your acceptance of Our rightful position." Trotting further within the confines of the building she looked around for any signs of a maintenance doorway or access to the basement. That was usually where pre-war ponies put their vital equipment, after all.
  241. 07[18:23] * @Get_Lost mutters "mh, it's pretty dark here... we better watch out for any ill intentioned ponny lurking around..."
  242. 07[18:23] * +Kid facehoofs. "Oh, would you jus' shut up." She accidentally says. Oh, shit. That should've stayed in the head.
  243. [18:24] <@Little_Gloom> 3Down one of the first floor hallways (marked "Execution") there is a door with a stairwell sign on one side and a set of drinking fountains on the other.
  244. 07[18:24] * +Bookwright ponders for a moment, then tries the water fountains to see if they work.
  245. 07[18:26] * @Little_Gloom 3fountain chugs a bit, then spurts out oddly-colored sludge.
  246. 07[18:26] * @Crescendo_ chuckles in the darkness. "Don't worry, Miss Lost. I'm on your side."
  247. 07[18:26] * +Bookwright decides not to drink from the fountains.
  248. 07[18:26] * @Get_Lost smiles at crecendo and mutters "yeah, but how do i know that you arent the ill intentioned pony?" the se giggles a little
  249. 07[18:27] * Noble_Heart moves towards that doorway, her horn still blazing away casting easy light for several yards in every direction and murky shadows further out. For a moment she looks down her nose at Kid. But she doesn't actually say anything. Instead moving to push the doorway open and look within.
  250. 07[18:27] * +Bookwright sighs and draws his pistol anyways. "No point in not being prepared, I guess..."
  251. [18:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3The stairwell is dark.  Everyone but Noble_Heart notices an odd whirring sound coming from the stairwell.  Crescendo thinks the sound comes from the floor above.  Kid believes is comes up from the basement below.
  252. [18:32] <@Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost shares Crescendo's opinion.
  253. 07[18:32] * +Kid can't help but think how she could play that. How could she- Wait, what was that? Kid stops her breathing and lifts an ear. "Ya'll hear that? It sounds like it came from down in th' basement. Anypony else hear that?"
  254. 07[18:32] * @Get_Lost looks upstairs "what's that noise?"
  255. 07[18:33] * @Crescendo_ mutters quietly. "I heard it too."
  256. 07[18:33] * Noble_Heart blinks and peers down into the darkness. "We do not hear anything." Tilting her head to one side. "Perhaps it is an echo? Whatever ti is, We are certain that it cannot be as important as restoring power."
  257. 06[18:33] * Fear_Full is now known as Shadow
  258. 07[18:34] * @Get_Lost "i'd check it quietly, anyway... i think it comes from upstairs...."
  259. 07[18:35] * +Bookwright "I think maybe someone should get a light down in the stairwell already."
  260. 13[18:35] * Shadow (Shadow7777777@Pony-t9vl2q.mo.charter.com) Quit (Quit: It only takes a few good words to save a life...it only takes a few cruel words to end a life)
  261. 07[18:36] * +Kid half-lids her eyes. "Spoken like a pony that's never been shot at." She said bitingly.
  262. 07[18:36] * @Crescendo_ "Well I'm going to go look... or, listen.
  263. 07[18:36] * +Shatara puts on his PipBuck light and takes aim down the stairs. "Well, we'll probably be better off dealing with whatever it is with the power on..."
  264. 07[18:36] * +Bookwright "I never said anything about actually going down there, just getting a light down there."
  265. 07[18:37] * @Crescendo_ begins to climb the stairs, moving as quietly as he could. Slowly, too.
  266. 07[18:39] * Noble_Heart frowns as she leans her head into the stairwell, stepping fully onto the landing near the stairs so her light illuminates the area nearby. "We believe that we will all be safer if we travel together. Let Us lead the way towards the masement with Shatara. That We might be between Our companions and the dangers of this place."
  267. 07[18:39] * +Kid frowned. "Where ya'll goin? Th' sound came from downstairs." She crept behind the group. "Can anypony turn th' lights on?"
  268. 07[18:41] * @Get_Lost "ah... kid, i'm almost sure it came from upstairs..."
  269. 07[18:42] * +Kid frowns. "An' I'm almost sure that it came from downstairs. I'm missin' an eye, not an ear, Get."
  270. 07[18:42] * +Shatara checks his EFS for anything of...intersest.
  271. [18:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3Shatara's EFS lights up with a swarm of red dots.
  272. 07[18:45] * +Shatara blinks. "Fuck."
  273. 07[18:45] * @Crescendo_ continues upwards. It would take a while to get used to the darkness... their mobile soap-opera (complete with stage lights!) had made sure of that.
  274. 06[18:45] * TicTac (Mibbit@Pony-r8g8g3.cpe.imoncommunications.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  275. [18:46] <@Little_Gloom> 3Crescendo spots a couple dancing yellow lights in the stairwell up above.  They're bobbing about, moving closer...
  276. 07[18:48] * Noble_Heart frowns a bit. "We are fairly certain that Our friends are attempting to do just that, my little pony." She looks down at Kid curiously at the question about turning lights on. The exclamation of surprise from Shatara draws her attention. "What is wrong? Are We about to be attacked?" That wouldn't be surprising at all at this point. She was still amazed they had gone this
  277. 07[18:48] * Noble_Heart long without being attacked in this place.
  278. 06[18:49] * TicTac (Mibbit@Pony-r8g8g3.cpe.imoncommunications.net) has left #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  279. 07[18:49] * +Bookwright "Attacked by what? I thought this building was abandoned."
  280. 07[18:50] * @Crescendo_ backs away slowly, keeping the lights in front of him. Now where did he leave those stairs?
  281. 07[18:50] * +Shatara looks around, tracking unseen movement. "There's a lot of something in here that's not likely to be very welcoming..." He quietly cursed Stable-tech for not putting range nor elevation on these bloody things.
  282. [18:50] <@Little_Gloom> 3As they move closer, gaining speed, Crescendo can see the yellow lights come from an odd spindle with curling antenna -- an arcano-tech device that connects to a spinning propeller above, and a robotic armament below.
  283. [18:50] <@Little_Gloom> 3Crescendo doesn't think they've spotted her yet.
  284. 07[18:54] * @Crescendo_ tries to head back down the stairs. Don't trip over Don't trip over Don't trip over...
  285. [18:55] <@Little_Gloom> 3The two turrets fly past Crescendo, heading for the very obvious Noble_Heart and the ponies around her.
  286. 07[18:56] * Noble_Heart frowns, she levitates an ancient looking somewhat bent slightly bloody golf-club from one of her bags. For a moment she levitates it and looks up towards the upper levels to where Crescendo had vanished into the dark. She took a half step forward and did her best to look noble and heroic and protective of her allies. However, all she really managed to do was prove that it
  287. 07[18:56] * Noble_Heart was impossible to look heroic while carrying a bloodied golf club. "We would suggest ponies get behind Us." In a moment the shimmer of purple surrounds her as she casts her shielding spell.
  288. 13[19:05] * @Get_Lost (utente@Pony-d81gpf.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  289. 07[19:12] * +Bookwright groans. "Great. Combat." He focuses momentarily, and the laser pistol floating beside him suddenly takes on a new quality, as if it were somehow animated now.
  290. [19:13] <@Little_Gloom> 3The red lights zip about wildly on Shatara's EFS compass, making it impossibly to track them.  Such movement usually means the enemies are in the same vertical space, either right above or below her.
  291. [19:13] <@Little_Gloom> 3(him)
  292. 07[19:15] * +Shatara takes a position to cover the stairs, trying to keep the alicorn between himself and the incoming dots. "Looks like about five...they're damn close...."
  293. 07[19:20] * @Crescendo_ draws his pistol and aims at the bots, waiting to see if they attack.
  294. [19:20] <@Little_Gloom> 3The tenacitors swoop past Crescendo and open fire on the other occupants in the stairwell.
  295. [19:23] <@Little_Gloom> 3One of the shots goes wild, but two of the others strike Noble_Heart, one quite severely.  The last strikes Shatara.
  296. 06[19:26] * @Mitzi (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) has left #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  297. 07[19:36] * +Shatara keys up SATS, the target spell slowing time for him and letting him place a double tap on two of the robots' spell-rotorshaft-thing, and following up two more as the spell fades.
  298. 07[19:49] * @Crescendo_ opens fire with a trio of shots... one of them even hitting!
  299. [19:49] <@Little_Gloom> 3Shatara fires a volley of shots into one of the Tenacitors until his gun jams.  
  300. [19:50] <@Little_Gloom> 3Both of the Tenacitors are now damaged, one quite badly.
  301. 07[19:50] * Noble_Heart frowns, she levitates an ancient looking somewhat bent slightly bloody golf-club from one of her bags. For a moment she levitates it and looks up towards the upper levels to where Crescendo had vanished into the dark. She took a half step forward and did her best to look noble and heroic and protective of her allies. However, all she really managed to do was prove that it
  302. 07[19:50] * Noble_Heart was impossible to look heroic while carrying a bloodied golf club. "We would suggest ponies get behind Us." In a moment the shimmer of purple surrounds her as she casts her shielding spell. A moment later and she leaped up over Crescendo and began moving up the stairs, slightly away from her allies but to position herself between the flying machines and the direction they came
  303. 07[19:50] * Noble_Heart from. All the better to stop any new arrivals.
  304. 07[19:52] * +Kid skidded her way behind cover, popping off two shots before coming to a halt behind something hard. If not a nice concrete pillar or support, then behind Noble's shield. Hey, she did volunteer.
  305. 07[19:52] * +Bookwright accepts the inevitable and steps into the stairwell, willing his pistol to shoot at the most damaged target.
  306. [19:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Tenacitor that Kid targets vaporizes in an explosion of sparks, pellets and magical energy.
  307. 13[19:59] * Puzzler (IceChat77@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  308. 07[20:03] * +Bookwright steps into the stairwell and wills his pistol to take careful aim at the remaining damaged target. He's not taking any chances.
  309. [20:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright's shot blows the target apart.
  310. [20:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3In fury of the fighting, Shatara thinks she hears the sound of a door swinging closed below.
  311. [20:14] <+Shatara> "Misfire!" He shouts over the din, expertly tilting the slide in to his other talon and...dang, that's in there good... He works it free, the dud round spitting to the ground. As he returns the weapon to firing position, he hears the door. "Something closing downstairs?" He readies himself for a threat from either direction.
  312. 13[20:17] * +Bookwright (Scorch_Mechan@Pony-ljh.shs.225.63.IP) Quit (Quit: Stranger)
  313. 07[20:18] * @Crescendo_ takes the opportunity to become one with a shadowy corner. You didn't see anything.
  314. 13[20:19] * @Crescendo_ (Samus@Pony-s74hjp.demon.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Flees!)
  315. 06[20:19] * icekatze (icekatze@Pony-3cmgs4.client.mchsi.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  316. 06[20:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o icekatze
  317. [20:20] <@Little_Gloom> 3As Crescendo hides, Noble_Heart ventures forward down the stairs.  She turns the corner to find herself face-to-face with a pegasus in recently-reinforced leather armor and a twin-laser battle saddle.  He blinks, apparently a little surprised.  "Didn't you used to be green?" he asks.  "And male?"
  318. 07[20:22] * Noble_Heart stares down at the pony from behind her shield with a snort. "We are not Our young friend. And you are not our friend at all." She raises her golf club menacingly, as menacing as she can manage. Her voice boomed with authority and volume enough to shake the walls as she spoke the next words. "SURRENDER TO US OR FACE YOUR END!" Ah, the wonders of volume effecting spells.
  319. 07[20:25] * +Kid tossed up a hoofull of shotgun shells and caught them in her teeth, dropping a pair of buckshot into the barrels and flicking the break action tight with a satisfying click. With a deep breath, she pops back out of cover and let loose another pair of shots toward the annoying little death copters... Which don't exist. Right, following princess and...
  320. 07[20:26] * +Kid frowns when Noble starts yelling. She frowns deeper when she figures out who to. "In. Inside now."
  321. [20:28] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Enclave Loyalist scowls.  "Ehh... no."  He bucks the basement door back open and with a sweep of his wings, makes a backwards dash.  By tail trick, he leaves something in his wake.
  322. 13[20:28] * @icekatze (icekatze@Pony-3cmgs4.client.mchsi.com) Quit (Quit: I must go, my planet needs me.)
  323. [20:28] <@Little_Gloom> 3That something goes beep!  Beep!  BeepBeep!
  324. 07[20:32] * Noble_Heart suddenly rears backwards at the beeping energy mine, her magic lashing out quickly to do her best to stop the detonation. There was little chance she'd actually be able to manipulate it properly with such a short time, or even without it, but she definitely did not want to be caught ground zero of the blast.
  325. [20:33] <@Little_Gloom> 3There is the sound of a plasma discharge and the grating of the air vent in the ceiling behind Kid melts away as two more Tenacitors drop down, opening fire.
  326. [20:34] <@Little_Gloom> 3The mine, mercifully, powers down.
  327. 06[20:41] * Shadow (Shadow7777777@Pony-t9vl2q.mo.charter.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  328. 07[20:44] * +Shatara is ready for the sudden appearence of the dronecopterthings, drifting into SATS and firing three rounds a the weak rotor joints.
  329. [20:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3Two of the Tenacitor's shots strike true, one searing Kid with damaging magical energy, the other bubbling Shatara's armor, as Shatara readily trades shots.
  330. 06[20:48] * Shadow is now known as Shadow_InTheCorner
  331. [20:49] <@Little_Gloom> 3Shatara's shots wreck one of the two Tenacitors.
  332. 06[20:53] * Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Scroll[A]
  333. 13[20:58] * Waak (chatzilla@Pony-1uprl8.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 13.0.1/20120614114901])
  334. 06[21:01] * Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  335. [21:02] <@Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright unleashes a volley of laser fire at the remaining Tenacitor, melting it into slag.
  336. 07[21:03] * +Kid took a bad hit to her back, and stumbled. As if she intended it, she manages to twist around on one leg, and fall down on her flanks. She had two less shells in her mouth, and hoped there would be one less laser bastard as she regained balance and bolted back towards the door. There was, from a rather surprising source.
  337. 06[21:06] * Shadow_InTheCorner is now known as Graves
  338. 07[21:13] * Noble_Heart breathes the briefest sigh of relief before the detonation behind her reaches her ears and the sound of gunfire in the rear. For a brief moment she turns her head only to see blasts of energy and the sudden return fire from her companions which sends the machines spiraling from the sky in a shower of debris and chaos. Spending only a moment to levitate the disabled mine
  339. 07[21:13] * Noble_Heart past herself she called back. "Someone with skill in explosives take this. We are going on ahead." She rushes forwards towards the doorway to force it open with her telekinesis, intent to find this pegasus who was attacking them!
  340. 13[21:14] * Curatie (Lydius@Pony-0ir7ma.mobileonline.telia.com) Quit (Quit: Lämnar)
  341. 07[21:19] * +Shatara grunts in pain as he reloads his pistol in the lull. This merc barding wasn't doing him much good at all... Only one left though, probably whoever 'Princess' was shouting at. He follows close behind the alicorn, about as ready as can be expected with laser burns.
  342. [21:19] <@Little_Gloom> 3The door flies open easily.
  343. [21:20] <@Little_Gloom> 3The basement greets Noble_Heart with a welcoming series of Beep Beep BeepBeepBeepBeepBeep!
  344. [21:21] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Enclave Loyalist has left two additional mines for whoever survived to make it through that door.
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