XXXChatters-#the_playroom-08-13-19 // Orestes-Jen

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  1. 04[08-13-19 21:27] <Orestes> Hey again, illuminaughty.
  2. [08-13-19 21:27] <~rhiannon{C}> hiya Orestes
  3. 06[08-13-19 21:27] * +illuminaughty braces for the spank here too, maybe with a wiggle.
  4. [08-13-19 21:27] <Orestes> Hi'ya rhiannon{C}.
  5. 04[08-13-19 21:27] * Orestes smacks illuminaughty's wiggling ass.
  6. 02[08-13-19 21:28] * Northwester (Northweste@793EB1ED.ABB7A65C.3CE55BDE.IP) Quit (Read error)
  7. 06[08-13-19 21:28] * +illuminaughty moans and squirms.
  8. 03[08-13-19 21:28] * Northwester (Northweste@1BF0DB78.ABB7A65C.3CE55BDE.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  9. [08-13-19 21:28] <&Play`Mate> Howdy Northwester, nice to see you I'm the resident bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  10. [08-13-19 21:28] <Orestes> hehe
  11. [08-13-19 21:29] <Mandalor> lol
  12. 04[08-13-19 21:29] <Mandalor> illuminaughty escapes!
  13. 02[08-13-19 21:29] * Roadblock (androirc@78438CF4.A7AA0EDC.F12A02D3.IP) Quit (Read error)
  14. 03[08-13-19 21:29] * Assficianado ( has joined #the_playroom
  15. [08-13-19 21:29] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Assficianado 4* Age: 40 4* Gender: Male 4* type !view Assficianado to perv more.
  16. 01[08-13-19 21:29] <+illuminaughty> Hey, Assficianado.
  17. [08-13-19 21:29] <&Play`Mate> Nice to see you Assficianado, I'm a bot, yeah all bot and a hot lover.. hot as molten steel cause after all I'm a bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  18. 06[08-13-19 21:31] * &seyyal gives a gentle reminder about asking in room before PMing. if you haven't read the rules or need a reminder of the rules just type !rules. :)
  19. 06[08-13-19 21:32] * +illuminaughty whines and squirms and wiggles her butt at Orestes again. ;p
  20. 06[08-13-19 21:33] * Orestes gives that wiggling butt another swat.
  21. 03[08-13-19 21:34] * haley (haley@B72C11D2.7E3790B2.7A060942.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  22. 03[08-13-19 21:34] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v haley
  23. [08-13-19 21:34] <&Play`Mate> Nice to see you haley, I'm a bot, yeah all bot and a hot lover.. hot as molten steel cause after all I'm a bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  24. 06[08-13-19 21:34] * +illuminaughty whimpers some, gasping and arching a little deeper and peeking her eyes at Orestes with a grin.
  25. 04[08-13-19 21:35] * Orestes moves in closer behind illuminaughty, grinding up against her as he does so. He grunts softly as he presses his body up against hers, hips moving as he pulls that sexy ass back against him. He gives it a firm squeeze as he leans in and gives her a nip on the neck, then another smack on that fine ass of hers.
  26. 02[08-13-19 21:37] * +haley (haley@B72C11D2.7E3790B2.7A060942.IP) Quit (Quit: .)
  27. 06[08-13-19 21:38] * +illuminaughty giggling some, arching a little deeper, she bites on her lip now, purrring as she feels Orestes press right up against her. wearing a little denim skirt with plenty of bare thigh, tight white tanktop. gasping again as she squirms back against him, grinning up to him when she makes sure to rub her round buttcheeks over his standing lap, settling in more on her knees
  28. 06[08-13-19 21:38] * +illuminaughty there on the couch, bent over into it, anchored in, gasping and shivering some when he bites on her neck and slaps at her rounded bottom again, her dancing hips brushing at his body already making her skirt ride up plenty with no panties to speak of under.
  29. 03[08-13-19 21:39] * LeggyLinda ( has joined #the_playroom
  30. 03[08-13-19 21:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +v LeggyLinda
  31. [08-13-19 21:39] <&Play`Mate> Hi LeggyLinda, I am #the_playroom's bot welcome, licks my lips I wasn't hungry before I saw THIS snack walk in!!!
  32. 03[08-13-19 21:40] * Tharsus (Tharsus@EEC04B5C.73242653.27D30BB4.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  33. [08-13-19 21:40] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Tharsus 4* Age: 30+1d10 4* Gender: male 4* type !view Tharsus to perv more.
  34. [08-13-19 21:40] <&Play`Mate> Nice to see you Tharsus, I'm a bot, yeah all bot and a hot lover.. hot as molten steel cause after all I'm a bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  35. 02[08-13-19 21:40] * +LeggyLinda ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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  38. 03[08-13-19 21:41] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v farmslut
  39. [08-13-19 21:41] <&Play`Mate> Hiya farmslut, I am your hostess with the mostest I would climb into your lap but im heavy.. I'm a bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  40. 04[08-13-19 21:42] * Orestes grins down at illuminaughty as he stands up behind her, eyeing up that sexy form. "Well, this'll work just fine," he says, reaching down and tugging the hem of that little skirt upward, exposing her bare ass. He reaches up and tugs his pants down, letting his hard cock spring free. He presses in again, wrapping his hand around his thickness, slapping the swollen head against those
  41. 06[08-13-19 21:42] * Orestes upturned cheeks, dotting them with precum. He grinds into her again, thick cock slipping between those round cheeks, groaning as he slides his length up and down. A shudder passes through him as he squeezes those cheeks together, grunting as he humps up against her. He gives that ass another swat, loving the feel of those soft cheeks stroking along his length.
  42. 03[08-13-19 21:43] * Wildknight (chatzilla@9153321B.78CB5644.92356015.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  43. [08-13-19 21:43] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Wildknight 4* Age: 33 4* Gender: Male switch 4* type !view Wildknight to perv more.
  44. [08-13-19 21:43] <&Play`Mate> Hi Wildknight, I like your face, but I love that ass!! Welcome to #the_playroom. I'm the sexy bot.
  45. [08-13-19 21:43] <~rhiannon{C}> hiya Wildknight
  46. [08-13-19 21:43] <Wildknight> Heya
  47. 06[08-13-19 21:45] * +farmslut sneaks inside, lightly waving with a smile
  48. [08-13-19 21:45] <+farmslut> hello people
  49. [08-13-19 21:45] <+krystie> Hi Wildknight and farmslut
  50. 06[08-13-19 21:45] * Wildknight wonders if farmslut got in through the barn loft
  51. [08-13-19 21:46] <Arestheother> Hi farmslut
  52. [08-13-19 21:46] <Kuriouser> howdy farmslut
  53. 06[08-13-19 21:46] * +illuminaughty purrs again when Orestes stands up more presently behind her, she grins up to him as she feels his eyes moving over her curvy little body, just whimpering when he pushes her little skirt up more, bare plush round cheeks coming into view more. she bites on her lip when he starts working on those pants, thick cock springing free of the pants and she gasps when she
  54. 06[08-13-19 21:46] * +illuminaughty feels it slapping over her perked-up buttcheeks, getting some messy slick precum on her skin, she just whines when he starts rubbing his cock along between her cheeks now, silky warm flesh caressing at it, she grins up to him again when he squeezes those firm cheeks together more around that swollen cockshaft, another little whimper showing how much she enjoys
  55. 06[08-13-19 21:46] * +illuminaughty feeling that stiff length sliding between her cheeks, making her ache more between her thighs.
  56. [08-13-19 21:46] <+farmslut> there is a barn loft?
  57. [08-13-19 21:47] <~rhiannon{C}> clearly she's been up in the hayloft, watching the bare chested farmhands get all sweaty working...watching and diddling her hand down her daisy dukes, of course, Wildknight
  58. [08-13-19 21:47] <Wildknight> clearly
  59. 02[08-13-19 21:47] * @zanna ( Quit (Quit: zanna)
  60. [08-13-19 21:47] <+farmslut> sounds pretty positive rhiannon{C}
  61. 06[08-13-19 21:48] * ~rhiannon{C} giggles
  62. 03[08-13-19 21:48] * Kasei ( has joined #the_playroom
  63. [08-13-19 21:48] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Kasei 4* Age: 42 (I know, right?!) 4* Gender: Human, Male, Dominant (I try my best at all three) 4* type !view Kasei to perv more.
  64. [08-13-19 21:48] <&Play`Mate> Nice to see you Kasei, I'm a bot, yeah all bot and a hot lover.. hot as molten steel cause after all I'm a bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  65. [08-13-19 21:48] <Kasei> Good evening all.
  66. [08-13-19 21:48] <+krystie> Evening Kasei
  67. [08-13-19 21:48] <Kasei> hello there krystie
  68. [08-13-19 21:49] <+krystie> How was your day?
  69. [08-13-19 21:50] <Kasei> except for a little drama at the morning, was uneventful
  70. [08-13-19 21:50] <~rhiannon{C}> hiya Kasei
  71. [08-13-19 21:50] <Kasei> hello there rhiannon{C} :)
  72. 04[08-13-19 21:51] * Orestes gives illuminaughty a few more pumps, relishing the feel of that soft, round ass sliding along his length. Without any further ceremony, he slips his thickness down between those toned thighs of hers, dragging the thick head between those puffy wet lips. He slips it upward, grunting softly as she feels her heat against his cock, shuddering as he feels the head nudge up against
  73. 06[08-13-19 21:51] * Orestes her tight little entrance. He gives that ass another firm swat, the smack of his palm echoing loudly in the room. He grunts softly as he nudges his hips forward, the head of his cock slipping into that tight little cleft, another shudder passing through his body. "Mmmm, been too long, girl." With a soft groan, he pushes his hips forward hard, spearing his thickness into that tight little
  74. 06[08-13-19 21:51] * Orestes pussy, groaning as he feels that hot wetness envelop him.
  75. [08-13-19 21:51] <+krystie> hopefully tomorrow will go alittle better
  76. [08-13-19 21:51] <Kasei> here's hoping.
  77. 07[08-13-19 21:52] * Kuriouser ( has left #the_playroom
  78. 04[08-13-19 21:53] * +farmslut rolls a bit to the side, watching Orestes and illuminaughty with interest, stroking her hands down her body while watching
  79. 03[08-13-19 21:53] * SmokeontheWater ( has joined #the_playroom
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  81. [08-13-19 21:53] <&Play`Mate> Hubba Hubba, letting steely eyes run over SmokeontheWater .... Im the room's bitchy bot.. welcome to #the_playroom
  82. [08-13-19 21:55] <Kasei> Good evening SmokeontheWater
  83. 06[08-13-19 21:55] * +illuminaughty purrrs more, also enjoying how that feels with his swollen cock brushing between her warm cheeks, shivering somenow when he slides that fat cock between her thighs and she easily feels the crown teasing over her smooth puffy wetness.. she gasps and trembles some when Orestes starts to push that swollen crown through her tiny pink hole , whining as she quivers over
  84. 06[08-13-19 21:55] * +illuminaughty him and squirms from the spank on her buttcheek, stinging her flesh, she grins when she feels Orestes shuddering too and her big eyes peering upwards and back to him again, biting on her lip and nodding, then she gasps out her pleasure when he pushes forward and buries that thick cock into her warm wet grip, soothing away her ache, leaving her impaled and squirming,
  85. 06[08-13-19 21:55] * +illuminaughty rounded cheeks all plushly pinned onto his strong waist.. tongue sneaking out over pouty lips as a way to coax Orestes towards giving her her kisses then she grins and wiggles her butt against him, "Did you miss me?"
  86. 02[08-13-19 21:57] * Pursuit ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
  87. 03[08-13-19 21:58] * Hoshun ( has joined #the_playroom
  88. [08-13-19 21:58] <&Play`Mate> Konnichiwa! Hoshun, Come in.. pull up a chair and get comfy .. I'm the room bitch and bot. Welcome to #the_playroom
  89. 04[08-13-19 22:02] * Orestes bends down over illuminaughty as he buries himself deep inside her, grinding hard against her as he keeps his fat length sheathed in that tight little hole of hers. He leans down, wrapping his arm around her waist, nipping at her neck as he kisses up along her jaw. He nips at her earlobe, "Damn right I did." He kisses her lips hungrily as he pulls his hips back, then shoves them
  90. 06[08-13-19 22:02] * Orestes forward again, slamming his cock into her once more. He snakes his free hand up under her tanktop, cupping one of those perky tits as he starts slowly pumping in and out of her, his thickness splitting those puffy wet lips. He tugs on one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger, pinching that hard little nub as he pumps her. He grunts against her lips as he slides his cock in and out
  91. 06[08-13-19 22:02] * Orestes of that tight, wet little tunnel, feeling her stretch to accomodate his girth, those silky wet muscles gripping every inch of him. He flicks his tongue past her lips, swirling it against hers, moaning against her mouth as he picks up his pace more.
  92. 06[08-13-19 22:02] * MrTLWolf waves to rhiannon{C} and settles down to watch
  93. [08-13-19 22:02] <~rhiannon{C}> hiya MrTLWolf
  94. 07[08-13-19 22:03] * SmokeontheWater ( has left #the_playroom
  95. [08-13-19 22:03] <MrTLWolf> How is?
  96. 02[08-13-19 22:04] * +BlondeBunny ( Quit (Read error)
  97. [08-13-19 22:04] <~rhiannon{C}> pretty good
  98. 06[08-13-19 22:06] * +illuminaughty trembling some more as she squirms on that thick cock now, her warm pink inner walls quivering more, almost like she's rippling along the girth of him. she giggles at the kisses and nipping up along her slender neck now, moaning some as her soft potuy lips push into that kiss and she just whimpers here and there when Orestes starts drawing his hips pack and crushing
  99. 06[08-13-19 22:06] * +illuminaughty them back into, rutting up against her soft round cheeks.. she arches and gasps into the kiss when he starts to paw at her firm breast and tease at her nipple, she reaches up and claws downward over her top, wanting it pulled down some to bare her breasts, wet smoochy kissing sounds and the messy wet sound of her grip clinging along that swollen length too, she m
  100. 06[08-13-19 22:06] * +illuminaughty oans too and nods eagerly when she hears and feels Orestes moaning into the kiss, arching a little deeper, starting to pump her hips too, creamy coaxing grip tugging on that cock, making sure her plush cheeks start softly slapping up against Orestes' waist.
  101. 07[08-13-19 22:07] * WolvenHeart (WolvenHear@WolfDen.Alpha.MixedUp.KaraokeNut) has left #the_playroom (Doobee doobee shoo shoo shooowahhhhhh!!!)
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  103. [08-13-19 22:07] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for BustyLola 4* Age: care to have a guess? ;P 4* Gender: female and switch 4* type !view BustyLola to perv more.
  104. 03[08-13-19 22:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +v BustyLola
  105. [08-13-19 22:08] <&Play`Mate> hi BustyLola, Welcome to #the_playroom I am the room bot. I'm not feeling myself today, can I feel you?
  106. [08-13-19 22:08] <Kasei> Hello there BustyLola
  107. 03[08-13-19 22:10] * Obiwan (Obiwan@A798EF2.7B1914EB.7B23A6EF.IP) has joined #the_playroom
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  109. [08-13-19 22:10] <&Play`Mate> Come in, Come in Obiwan .. welcome .. I'm the room's resident bitch... errr bot.. .. I call the #the_playroom home.. nice to see you.
  110. [08-13-19 22:10] <Kasei> Good evening Obiwan
  111. [08-13-19 22:10] <Obiwan> Hey
  112. 06[08-13-19 22:11] * Orestes grunts as he feels her push back at him, the motion of her hips only helping to drive his cock into her deeper, eliciting a low growl from his throat. He slips his hand out from under her top, reaching up now and tugging it down, letting those perky round breasts pop free, exposing them. He starts pumping his hips harder, the muscles in his strong legs flexing as he drives himself
  113. 06[08-13-19 22:11] * Orestes into her, slamming his cock into that tight little pussy as she thrusts herself back on him. He grunts each time he bottoms out in her, loving the sound of flesh smacking against flesh each time his hips clap off that bouncing bottom of hers. He slides his other hand up under her, gripping a shoulder firmly, almost pulling her taut little body back onto him each time he slams his hips
  114. 06[08-13-19 22:11] * Orestes forward. He kisses her hungrily as he fucks her, giving her every inch of his thick meat as he takes her from behind like this, his swollen length throbbing inside her with each hard thrust.
  115. 03[08-13-19 22:11] * Khellendros-brb is now known as Khellendros
  116. 06[08-13-19 22:12] * Khellendros sneaks in all sneakily
  117. 02[08-13-19 22:12] * ~rhiannon{C} (kitten@my.Mistress.feet) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  118. 02[08-13-19 22:13] * +thedirtygirl (all@your.sordid.little.insurrections) Quit (Quit: Clap on! , Clap off! Clap@#&$NO CARRIER)
  119. 02[08-13-19 22:13] * +farmslut ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  120. 03[08-13-19 22:14] * rhiannon{C} (kitten@my.Mistress.feet) has joined #the_playroom
  121. 03[08-13-19 22:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo rhiannon{C} rhiannon{C}
  122. [08-13-19 22:14] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for rhiannon{C} 4* Age: Old enough to have seen it all, young enough to want to experience more. 4* Gender: Bi female submissive with demonic tendencies (its complicated) 4* type !view rhiannon{C} to perv more.
  123. [08-13-19 22:14] <&Play`Mate> rhiannon{C}, Sings some Fleetwood Mac at the top of her lungs in the most squeaky offkey voice as rhiannon{C} enters .. "and who will be her lover " waving to the sexy girl.
  124. 03[08-13-19 22:14] * subflirtyslave (xxxchat@1646B1CC.9E45A5D0.7400AB48.IP) has joined #the_playroom
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  126. 03[08-13-19 22:14] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v subflirtyslave
  127. 03[08-13-19 22:14] * ChanServ sets mode: -v subflirtyslave
  128. [08-13-19 22:14] <&Play`Mate> Whistles softly as the door opens .. beckoning with one finger "closer , come closer subflirtyslave , I wont bite.. well not hard, I am merely a bot ., a sweet innocent bot. welcome to #the_playroom"
  129. [08-13-19 22:15] <Kasei> good evening subflirtyslave
  130. [08-13-19 22:15] <subflirtyslave> Good evening Master Kasei
  131. 03[08-13-19 22:15] * Grimoire ( has joined #the_playroom
  132. [08-13-19 22:15] <&Play`Mate> Baby, Baby it's hot outside come in where it's cool Grimoire, this is #the_playroom and I'm the resident bot, welcome.
  133. 06[08-13-19 22:16] * +illuminaughty whining more as she hears those grunts the sexy growling that makes her shiver again, she purrrs into the kiss, soft pouty lips meshing into Orestes' as she feels her firm breasts bouncing free when the top is pulled down.. more needy whimpers into the deep kiss, making out with him, tasting him, loving those lewd smacking sounds that fill the air now, perky round
  134. 06[08-13-19 22:16] * +illuminaughty buttcheeks getting clapped off of Orestes'strong waist. she gasps out of thekiss, chewing on her lip, just whimpering as she bends forward more, arching deeply, anchoring her cheek and shoulder into the cushion in front of her, just chewing her lip and gazing her big eyes back over a shoulder to Orestes, feeling her cheeks wobbling off of each thrust now, her creamy
  135. 06[08-13-19 22:16] * +illuminaughty grip visibly coating white streaks along the girth of him and leaving such a frothy mess at the root of that thick cock each time he buries it into her little body, more moans and eager little whimpers as she feels that thick cockshaft throbbing along her wet pink caress.
  136. 02[08-13-19 22:16] * Obiwan (Obiwan@A798EF2.7B1914EB.7B23A6EF.IP) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
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  139. 03[08-13-19 22:18] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v farmslut
  140. [08-13-19 22:19] <&Play`Mate> Hubba Hubba, letting steely eyes run over farmslut .... Im the room's bitchy bot.. welcome to #the_playroom
  141. [08-13-19 22:19] <Kasei> good evening farmslut
  142. 02[08-13-19 22:20] * Augustus (Null@his.imperial.majesty) Quit (Quit: Mutter:
  143. [08-13-19 22:20] <+farmslut> hello Kasei
  144. 03[08-13-19 22:20] * Augustus (Null@6AEEF67D.75C2EFC0.92C86B7.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  145. [08-13-19 22:20] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Augustus 4* Age: 25 4* Gender: Male Dominant 4* type !view Augustus to perv more.
  146. [08-13-19 22:20] <&Play`Mate> Bonjour! Augustus, is this deja vu ?.. You have been here before no? well I'm the room bot and you look familiar, Welcome to #the_playroom
  147. 06[08-13-19 22:21] * Orestes picks up his pace even more as she breaks the kiss and presses herself into the couch. He rears up behind her now, hands instinctively clamping onto those bouncing hips, fingers digging into the supple flesh. He pistons his hips, muscles tensing and flexing as he starts driving his cock into her harder. He can feel his jaw clench as he picks up his pace, grunting loudly with each
  148. 06[08-13-19 22:21] * Orestes thrust, the rapid-fire smack-smack-smack of his hips meeting her sexy ass echoing in the room. He pulls almost completely out of her with each thrust, slamming his cock into her hard and deep each time. He can feel his pulse racing, field of vision narrowing, his focus on that sexy writhing body bent over in front of him as he gives her a hard, fast pounding. He can feel his heavy balls
  149. 06[08-13-19 22:21] * Orestes slapping off her each time he slams his length forward, breathing heavily through flared nostrils, giving that bouncing little fuckpet everything she can handle and then some. He gives her a hard smack on the ass, reddening that bouncing cheek a bit more as he drives his length fully into her pussy once again.
  150. [08-13-19 22:22] <Kasei> Good evening Augustus
  151. 06[08-13-19 22:25] * +illuminaughty more eeager whimpery sounds and whining in her throat when she feels Orestes' hands pawing at her curvy hips now.. loving how those fingers dig into her some, keeping her right where he needs her, crying out pleasure more as she feels strong hips slapping up against her firm round cheeks. the lewd smacking sounds only seeing to get more loud now.. firm round cheeks
  152. 06[08-13-19 22:25] * +illuminaughty wobbling quite a bit, jumping and jiggling tightly, she loves the way Orestes uses the full length of his cockshaft now.. feeling his eyes focusing on her tiny curvy body all bent and tucked into the couch, arching so deeply, that thick cockhead having to keep shoving through the tight pinch of her grip closer to her entrance, big balls slapping up between her
  153. 06[08-13-19 22:25] * +illuminaughty thighs, she gasps again when Orestes smacks at her bouncing buttcheek, chewing on her lip more and purring, wondering if he's going to fill her up or make a mess on her sunkissed flesh.
  154. 03[08-13-19 22:26] * Northwestest (Northweste@793EB1ED.ABB7A65C.3CE55BDE.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  155. 02[08-13-19 22:26] * +krystie ( Quit (Read error)
  156. [08-13-19 22:26] <&Play`Mate> Stands in all my naked glory, all shiny, well except for a few rusted spots, bots do rust when you cum on them smiling invitingly at Northwestest, come in , come in.. #the_playroom calls
  157. 02[08-13-19 22:26] * Northwestest (Northweste@793EB1ED.ABB7A65C.3CE55BDE.IP) Quit (Read error)
  158. 03[08-13-19 22:31] * alice-guy ( has joined #the_playroom
  159. [08-13-19 22:31] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for alice-guy 4* Age: 57 4* Gender: male 4* type !view alice-guy to perv more.
  160. 03[08-13-19 22:31] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v alice-guy
  161. 03[08-13-19 22:31] * ChanServ sets mode: -v alice-guy
  162. [08-13-19 22:31] <&Play`Mate> hi alice-guy, Welcome to #the_playroom I am the room bot. I'm not feeling myself today, can I feel you?
  163. 07[08-13-19 22:31] * alice-guy ( has left #the_playroom
  164. 03[08-13-19 22:31] * BrutishDream ( has joined #the_playroom
  165. [08-13-19 22:32] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for BrutishDream 4* Age: 42 4* Gender: Male Dom 4* type !view BrutishDream to perv more.
  166. [08-13-19 22:32] <&Play`Mate> hi BrutishDream, Welcome to #the_playroom I am the room bot. I'm not feeling myself today, can I feel you?
  167. [08-13-19 22:32] <Kasei> Good evening BrutishDream
  168. 03[08-13-19 22:33] * Arestheother is now known as Arestheothersleep
  169. 03[08-13-19 22:33] * Adamant ( has joined #the_playroom
  170. [08-13-19 22:33] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Adamant 4* Age: 27 4* Gender: male 4* type !view Adamant to perv more.
  171. [08-13-19 22:33] <&Play`Mate> Turns my head with a little creak.. damnit I forgot to get oiled this morning, bots need to be oiled on a regular basis, as Adamant enters.. eyes bright and sparkly .. come in .. #the_playroom awaits your presence.
  172. 06[08-13-19 22:34] * Orestes slaps that bouncing ass again as he slams into her, feeling her inner walls squeeze and grip along his length. Another shudder passes through him each time he slams into her, each thrust into that hot, clenching tunnel. He smacks her ass, driving his cock deep into her, balls tightening as each thrust drives him closer and closer to the edge. He can feel a thin sheen of sweat
  173. 06[08-13-19 22:34] * Orestes forming on his chest and forehead, his muscles bunching and tensing as he slams into her repeatedly. He moves practically on instinct now, every movement and effort focused on filling her full of his seed. He pounds into her harder, driving her taut little body into the couch, hips slapping off her loudly as he does his best to keep her filled with his thick cock. His grip tightens on
  174. 06[08-13-19 22:34] * Orestes her as he bears down on her, his well-muscled form hunched over her now as he drives his cock in deep and hard. He can feel his pulse pounding, knowing he's almost there, his cock ready to explode at any moment.
  175. [08-13-19 22:36] <Adamant> !view SexyVix
  176. 02[08-13-19 22:36] * Clutch ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
  177. 06[08-13-19 22:38] * +illuminaughty moaning when Orestes slaps at her bottom again, quivering more inside, she adores those shuddes she can feel behind her, his cockshaft messy with her wetness and creaminess, crying out her pleasure more from how harshly he packs his his up against her firm round bottom. more needy cries coming out between those lewd slapping sounds. bouncy buttcheeks jiggling off of
  178. 06[08-13-19 22:38] * +illuminaughty each thrust, rippling forward each time those hips slap up against her and she lets out shrill little grunts now while having her tiny body pumped over that thick cock. whining in her throat more as she feels him tightening his grip over her curvy hips.. panting some, her big eyes peering back up to him, gazing into Orestes' eyes as she blushes hotly, knowing he's
  179. 06[08-13-19 22:38] * +illuminaughty getting closer and closer to nutting each time he packs that thick cock deep into her little body.
  180. 03[08-13-19 22:38] * carmzie (alsp@gg.optimistic.pessimistic.bella) has joined #the_playroom
  181. [08-13-19 22:38] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for carmzie 4* Age: Forever young 4* Gender: a woman not a girl 4* type !view carmzie to perv more.
  182. 03[08-13-19 22:38] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v carmzie
  183. [08-13-19 22:39] <Kasei> good evening carmzie
  184. [08-13-19 22:39] <+carmzie> Hello Kasei good evening to you
  185. 03[08-13-19 22:40] * saoirse (spirited@your.hell.your.dream) has joined #the_playroom
  186. [08-13-19 22:40] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for saoirse 4* Age: 30 something 4* Gender: girly girl 4* type !view saoirse to perv more.
  187. 03[08-13-19 22:40] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v saoirse
  188. [08-13-19 22:40] <&Play`Mate> Hiya saoirse what's happening? this is #the_playroom where we never know what will happen and me.. oh... I'm the resident bitch... ummmmm bot.. yeah bot...
  189. 06[08-13-19 22:41] * Khellendros waves hiya to 09saoirse
  190. [08-13-19 22:41] <Mandalor> saoirse!
  191. [08-13-19 22:41] <+saoirse> hey
  192. [08-13-19 22:42] <+carmzie> Heya saoirse :)
  193. 03[08-13-19 22:42] * Batista (Master@C6F53EF7.CA99C86.F1E64749.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  194. [08-13-19 22:42] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Batista 4* Age: 41 4* Gender: Male Dominant 4* type !view Batista to perv more.
  195. [08-13-19 22:42] <&Play`Mate> Hello Batista, I am #the_playroom bot welcome. I don't have a library card but can I check you out?
  196. [08-13-19 22:42] <+saoirse> hey carmzie
  197. 03[08-13-19 22:43] * Pursuit ( has joined #the_playroom
  198. [08-13-19 22:43] <&Play`Mate> Well, well, well Pursuit 'bout time you got here , I'm the sassy little room bot and #the_playroom is my home.. nice you could join us..
  199. 02[08-13-19 22:43] * &Cindy{S} ( Quit (Quit: )
  200. 02[08-13-19 22:43] * +SexyVix ( Quit (Quit: )
  201. 03[08-13-19 22:44] * Dom50 (Frank@9A184B61.C3E1FF40.BF873EDC.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  202. [08-13-19 22:44] <&Play`Mate> Welcome Dom50, I am #the_playroom's smart assed bot.. what's cookin` good lookin`??
  203. 02[08-13-19 22:44] * Tharsus (Tharsus@the.cow.goes.moo) Quit (Quit: Tharsus)
  204. 03[08-13-19 22:45] * YeahYeahYeah ( has joined #the_playroom
  205. [08-13-19 22:45] <&Play`Mate> Welcome YeahYeahYeah, I am #the_playroom's smart assed bot.. what's cookin` good lookin`??
  206. 02[08-13-19 22:46] * MindControl ( Quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
  207. 06[08-13-19 22:46] * Orestes gasps as he pumps into her hard, fucking her harder and faster than he has been for what seems like an eternity before he slams his hips forward one last time, gasping loudly as he erupts inside her. He can feel his orgasm smash through his body as his cock explodes deep in that tight grip of hers, pumping jet after jet of hot cum deep into her core. His grip on her hips tightens
  208. 06[08-13-19 22:46] * Orestes involuntarily, his hands clamped hard on her, fingers dug into that supple flesh. He can feel his balls tighten up as they drain into her, hot load spurting into that wet grip. He starts pumping his hips again, gasping as he feels her muscles tighten even more on his increasingly sensitive length. He pumps her hard again before burying his length in her, groaning as the last of his cum
  209. 06[08-13-19 22:46] * Orestes drains into her. He reaches down, tangling fingers in her hair, pulling her up to him as he grinds into her, crushing his lips to hers and kissing her hungrily, groaning against those soft lips of hers.
  210. 02[08-13-19 22:47] * Dom50 (Frank@9A184B61.C3E1FF40.BF873EDC.IP) Quit (Quit: )
  211. 07[08-13-19 22:48] * Batista (Master@C6F53EF7.CA99C86.F1E64749.IP) has left #the_playroom
  212. 03[08-13-19 22:49] * Tharsus (Tharsus@590B4715.F9BC4385.D53D3DB3.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  213. [08-13-19 22:49] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Tharsus 4* Age: 30+1d10 4* Gender: male 4* type !view Tharsus to perv more.
  214. [08-13-19 22:49] <&Play`Mate> Hi Tharsus, I'm your hostess with the mostest, and a hot lover but be careful where you touch.. I'm made of steel since im a bot, Welcome to #the_playroom
  215. [08-13-19 22:49] <~rhiannon{C}> gonna slip out early...feeling tired and a lil ni A/all
  216. 06[08-13-19 22:50] * +illuminaughty still letting out shrill moans and eager whimpers in her pleasure, showing how much she enjoys each of those ragged thrusts. she cries out some from that last harsh thrust and she just squirms and smothers her roundcheeks all onto Orestes' waist, blushing more when she hears that gasp and feels him busting off into her little body, warm thick cum splashing along her
  217. 06[08-13-19 22:50] * +illuminaughty snug grip, coating those quivering pink inner walls.. always adoring the way his grip tightens on her curves while he's unloading into her body. also rather enjoying the way his cock throbs and flexes in her grip, she whimpers again as her body starts to tremble with her own orgasm, chewing harder on her lip, toned thighs shaking as her grip spasms and tightens a
  218. 06[08-13-19 22:50] * +illuminaughty long Orestes' girth when he starts fucking her again.. just purring when he pulls on her hair, her body still shaking as she moans and messily opens her mouth into those kisses, tasting him again while she's cumming after being nutted in.
  219. [08-13-19 22:50] <Kasei> Good evening Tharsus
  220. [08-13-19 22:50] <Kasei> night night rhiannon{C}
  221. 02[08-13-19 22:50] * Northwester (Northweste@1BF0DB78.ABB7A65C.3CE55BDE.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  222. 07[08-13-19 22:50] * ~rhiannon{C} (kitten@my.Mistress.feet) has left #the_playroom
  223. 02[08-13-19 22:52] * +gothik (uid367595@B3AB727A.F9E7DBE4.A5715FD7.IP) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
  224. 02[08-13-19 22:58] * Augustus (Null@his.imperial.majesty) Quit (Quit: Mutter:
  225. 03[08-13-19 22:58] * cozycreampie ( has joined #the_playroom
  226. 03[08-13-19 22:58] * Play`Mate sets mode: +v cozycreampie
  227. 03[08-13-19 22:58] * Augustus (Null@6AEEF67D.75C2EFC0.92C86B7.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  228. [08-13-19 22:58] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for Augustus 4* Age: 25 4* Gender: Male Dominant 4* type !view Augustus to perv more.
  229. [08-13-19 22:58] <&Play`Mate> Bonjour! cozycreampie, is this deja vu ?.. You have been here before no? well I'm the room bot and you look familiar, Welcome to #the_playroom
  230. [08-13-19 22:58] <&Play`Mate> Hi Augustus, I am #the_playroom's bot welcome, licks my lips I wasn't hungry before I saw THIS snack walk in!!!
  231. [08-13-19 22:58] <Kasei> hello there cozycreampie
  232. [08-13-19 22:58] <+cozycreampie> !rules
  233. 06[08-13-19 22:58] * Orestes wraps one arm around her waist as he starts pumping her again, gripping her firmly as he drives his cock up into her, pulling her back up against his chest. He snakes his other arm around her chest, his forearm gripping over one of those perky tits, his hand coming to rest on the other, fingers digging into the soft flesh as he picks up his pace again. He can feel that pussy of
  234. 06[08-13-19 22:58] * Orestes hers even slicker now from the mix of his cum and her juices, the slickness easing the passage of his throbbing length through her tight grip. He gasps loudly as he sinks his teeth into her neck, feeling her eager little cunt clamping down on him with each pulse of her orgasm. He tightens his grip on her, pulling her squirming little body close, crushing her too him as he pumps up into
  235. 06[08-13-19 22:58] * Orestes that hot little tunnel once more.
  236. [08-13-19 23:00] <Blackgasm> hey cozycreampie
  237. [08-13-19 23:00] <+cozycreampie> hullo!
  238. 02[08-13-19 23:00] * @Mr-D-afk ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  239. [08-13-19 23:00] <+cozycreampie> !setup
  240. 06[08-13-19 23:00] * YeahYeahYeah smiling and waving to cozycreampie
  241. [08-13-19 23:01] <+cozycreampie> (;
  242. 06[08-13-19 23:02] * +illuminaughty coos some, still shuddering along her frame with her orgasm, gasping again as Orestes keeps pumping at her spasming, clenching grip, arching back into his chest and she grins and bites on her lip some, blushing as that other arm moves around her body too and paws on her firm breast.. she cries out again when Orestes just starts pumping at her wet grip once more, she
  243. 06[08-13-19 23:02] * +illuminaughty still chews on that lap, whining in her throat but grinning as she notices his cock still seems awfully hard, hearing him gasping behind her, some of that warm nut dribblnig out around thick cockshaft, running over his sack and both of their thighs.. she gasps too as those teeth sink into her slender neck, breasts bouncing on her chest more, panting again in her
  244. 06[08-13-19 23:02] * +illuminaughty pleasure.
  245. [08-13-19 23:08] <Blackgasm> !view cozycreampie
  246. [08-13-19 23:08] <&Play`Mate> 13 cozycreampie hasn't set up a profile yet. cozycreampie please introduce yourself to us and type !setup to set up one for us now :)
  247. 06[08-13-19 23:10] * Orestes gasps as he pounds his hyper-sensitive cock up into her, gasping as he feels that hot little cunt gripping every inch of him. He pumps his hips up at her rapidly, pistoning his cock up into her hard and fast, hips smacking loudly off that perfect ass of hers. He can feel another orgasm welling up in him, his body tensing and shuddering as he simply rides the wave. His hips move
  248. 06[08-13-19 23:10] * Orestes practically of their own accord as he slams his thickness up into her, burying it as deeply as he can each time. He groans loudly as he feels our combined juices leaking down over his heavy balls, gasping as he feels the next one building. He keeps fucking her hard and fast, the muscles in his arms flexing as his iron-hard grip on her tightens. He slams his hips upward once more, burying
  249. 06[08-13-19 23:10] * Orestes himself deeping, groaning out loudly as he explodes again, sending another hot load deep into her core. He shudders, jaw clenching as he buries his length in her tight grip, holding that sexy little body of hers close as he fills her with a second load of his seed.
  250. 07[08-13-19 23:10] * Hoshun ( has left #the_playroom
  251. [08-13-19 23:11] <&Play`Mate> 4,1NEWSFLASH:8 cozycreampie 13 has created a profile for us! Perv it via !view cozycreampie
  252. [08-13-19 23:11] <+cozycreampie> !view Blackgasm
  253. [08-13-19 23:11] <Blackgasm> !view cozycreampie
  254. [08-13-19 23:11] <+cozycreampie> !view <Blackgasm>
  255. [08-13-19 23:11] <&Play`Mate> 13 <Blackgasm> hasn't set up a profile yet. <Blackgasm> please introduce yourself to us and type !setup to set up one for us now :)
  256. [08-13-19 23:11] <Mandalor> !view cozycreampie
  257. [08-13-19 23:11] <Blackgasm> i did set up profile here long time ago
  258. [08-13-19 23:12] <subflirtyslave> !view cozycreampie
  259. 02[08-13-19 23:13] * DarkPharaoh (DP@33ABD874.9FC96502.23D05B06.IP) Quit (Read error)
  260. [08-13-19 23:13] <MrTLWolf> !view cozycreampie
  261. [08-13-19 23:13] <MrTLWolf> Because now I'm curious
  262. [08-13-19 23:13] <+cozycreampie> oh ho ho
  263. [08-13-19 23:13] <MrTLWolf> Alright, I dig it, welcome cozy.
  264. 06[08-13-19 23:16] * +illuminaughty adores those gasps she hears behind her, letting out her own soft needy sounds as Orestes just keeps fucking her, she loves how that feels, having noticed that cock staying all swollen inside of her, she cries out again, her own orgasm having not even fully faded, so it feels quite perfect having Orestes still rutting into her from behind now, hips slapping up
  265. 06[08-13-19 23:16] * +illuminaughty against her firm bouncy cheeks, her gasps of pleasure pouring out freely, knowing how quickly she tends to find another orgasm after getting there once. still enjoying those lewd wet packing sounds each time Orestes' hips crush up against her body. more little whimpers with those thrusts, so hard and fast, making her feel like he's just using her body to jerk his
  266. 06[08-13-19 23:16] * +illuminaughty cock with.. gasping out sharply when he buries his hips up against her plush bottom, squirming, whining in her throat as Orestes busts of another messy nut into her, her squirming hips and cheeks feeling the way he shudders up against, just purrrring as she gets filled up again.
  267. 06[08-13-19 23:18] * Orestes slows down, now, just holding his cock inside her, reaching down between her thighs and trailing fingers along those puffy lips. He reaches up and tugs her head to the side, crushing his lips against hers, kissing her hungrily as he grinds up against her, just reveling in the feel of her body up against his. He slides his fingers along her slit, feeling those lips puff up where
  268. 06[08-13-19 23:18] * Orestes his thickness splits them, their combined juices making an absolute mess of her. He groans against her mouth, flicking his tongue against hers as he comes down, keeping her pressed in close to him.
  269. [08-13-19 23:18] <MrTLWolf> What brings you to a place like this, cozycreampie?
  270. 03[08-13-19 23:20] * BlackDerrick (Bl@ck.Mamba.Derrick) has joined #the_playroom
  271. [08-13-19 23:20] <&Play`Mate> SNEAK PEEK for BlackDerrick 4* Age: 36 4* Gender: Male and Dom 4* type !view BlackDerrick to perv more.
  272. [08-13-19 23:21] <&Play`Mate> Eyes the newcomer excitedly even as my metal frame shudders and shakes suddenly spewing gushes of hot, sticky fluid all over BlackDerrick, opps sorry.. I'm #the_playroom bot welcome
  273. 03[08-13-19 23:21] * Blackgasmm (Blackgasm@29C8C04B.1904FC20.31B7EAA2.IP) has joined #the_playroom
  274. [08-13-19 23:21] <&Play`Mate> Well, well, well Blackgasmm 'bout time you got here , I'm the sassy little room bot and #the_playroom is my home.. nice you could join us..
  275. [08-13-19 23:22] <+cozycreampie> !view <cozycreampie>
  276. [08-13-19 23:22] <&Play`Mate> 13 <cozycreampie> hasn't set up a profile yet. <cozycreampie> please introduce yourself to us and type !setup to set up one for us now :)
  277. [08-13-19 23:22] <+cozycreampie> wtf
  278. [08-13-19 23:22] <MrTLWolf> Without the <>
  279. 06[08-13-19 23:22] * +illuminaughty still panting even as Orestes slows down, squirming impaled on that twitching cock, blushing more, she shivers to his touch between her toned thighs, whimpering into that kiss too, moaning against his lips, her mouth opening into that kiss as she tastes him again.. her blush deepening as she cums again, stirring and grinding back against him, then that wet grip
  280. 06[08-13-19 23:22] * +illuminaughty spasming and seeming to ripple along thick cockshaft. her toned thighs shaking under her again and her body trembling and arching deeper in her squirming, cheeks flushing hotly from her pleasure.
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