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  1. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ー ☈
  2. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀「 FRAPPUCCINO 」
  4. › SLOT fear
  5. › BACKUP SLOT who you
  6. › FACE CLAIM jung krystal
  7. › BACKUP FC im nayoung
  8. › NAME bae soobin
  10.    baechu ✿ used whenever soobin decides to do or say something stupid, or when someone want to get a favor out of her and cling on her arm and go "baechu!!!". this nickname is coined by her friends who found a pun on her surname bae, so attached it with a -chu and it becomes baechu, which is korean for cabbage. coincidentally, cabbage is also one of soobin's favorite vegetables as it is one of the dishes that her mom often cooks for her when she was younger. occasionally, some people also call her "ba(e)by" which is another pun on her surname.
  11. › BIRTHDATE june 21th 1996
  12. › BIRTHPLACE & HOMETOWN seoul, south korea
  13. › BLOOD TYPE a positive
  16.    traits ✿ nurturing, earnest, responsible, romantic, introverted, dedicated, willful, demanding, acerbic, uncommunicative, inflexible, apprehensive
  17.    others ✿ phlegmatic, blood type a, cancer, infj the advocate, lawful neutral
  18.    she is dedication and care and order, a loving heart and stable mind needing firmness and understanding from you. at first she distanced herself from you, holding herself in a cold aura and an indifferent face, giving that exterior of a try-hard who just wanted to just hide in the shell she calls her comfort zone, but you were persistent and she was lonely so something sparked and sooner or later bae soobin was now clapping her hands and smiling like a love-struck idiot to everything you say. she is nothing like that city girl people thought she was, maybe her mental age is five, who knows. she whines so much about everything and she refuses to get her work done and to go to sleep early because she wants to stay up, texting her friends or scrolling through her instagram feed and accidentally liking a really old meme that she hopes no one bothered to notice. she freaks out easily over little things. she nags like a mother does and tells you to go clean your room and fix up yourself when she doesn't even bother listening to her own advice. she reminds you to not forget your umbrella again and to eat an actual dinner (which means no ramen!!)- maybe her mental age isn't five. she sometimes sounds like a eighty year old grandma who's seen all the ins and outs of life, knowing what's best for everyone and getting crabby when someone doesn't listen to her advice. she says she doesn't care, but you know better than her and you know that she cares more than anyone else. she cares so much about everyone and everything, but she's also more afraid to love with her entire heart because there's always that big if running through her mind. what if you were just going to leave her one day, or what if you don't like her back? she needs reassurance and she needs to hear it herself. she needs you to say to her that you care for her and that you won't ever leave her, or else, she might slip out of your grasp faster than you think.
  20. › FAMILY
  21.    mother ✿ park yeonsoo, 49, estene owner
  22.    father ✿ bae sangcheol, 50, accountant
  25.    her name is bae soobin and she greets the world with a frown and cry in the beginning of summer, on june 20th of 1996. she becomes a part of a happy family, with a mom and dad who both love their daughter very much. her mom works as a biology teacher at a middle school and her dad as an accountant. the family resides in an apartment somewhere in seoul, and they're a small and simple but happy family.
  26.    soobin becomes a child that's quite attached to her parents and a bit frightened to visit the outside world, and mom and dad make the mistake of telling her to stay close to her parents and not talk to strangers instead of encouraging her to be more outwardly and jump over whatever hurdle may be standing on her way. soobin spends her early childhood years with her grandparents instead of going to a daycare, and the days pass with soobin watching grandma knit and playing card games with grandpa. life is a bit plain and boring at times, but that's how soobin likes for everything to be, sweet and simple.
  27.    years and years past and soobin grows up to be- in grandma's words- a pretty and well-mannered lady with a heart of gold. she was a more introverted student who didn't socialize much, but she did have a group of close friends that she hung out and laughed with frequently. she still buried herself in books and graduated in the feburary of 2015 ranking in the top ten percent of her school. she got into one of the better colleges in seoul that's rather close to home, majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry.
  28.    when soobin reaches nineteen, mom decides to quit her job after teaching for twenty one years now, and she pursuits her childhood dream of opening up a cozy cafe. both dad and soobin encourages her to do so, and they eventually found an empty shop in myeongdong that's ready to be bought and completely renovated. mom names it estene (soobin has no idea what it means but mom finds the word pretty). the shop officially opened in early feburary of 2017 and quickly became a popular place for people of all ages to just stay and relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life.
  29.    nowadays, soobin comes over to help out with the shop straight after her morning classes end.
  31. › LIKES taking pictures, caramel frappucino, stationary, her parents, compliments, the colors pink, strawberry milk, the season spring
  32. › DISLIKES conflict, incomplete endings, discrimination, messy places, large crowds, public restrooms, excessive cursing, being yelled at
  34. › TRIVIA
  35.    one ✿ some of soobin's habits include giving two finger heart after saying something cheesy, reading people, doing a face mask before bedtime and sometimes falling asleep with it on, doodling on her notes, internet surfing, holding hands with other people, rolling her eyes, fixing her hair when she's nervous, hitting people's head when they do or say something dumb.
  36.    two ✿ has an instagram account under the name of @.baechubin in which she uses to post about one picture a month and has about five hundred users in both following and followers. she made it mostly to stay in contact with her friends, but soobin doesn't usually go on there often. she also has a facebook and a kakaotalk that's under the same username.
  37.    three ✿ never has stepped a foot outside of south korea which is why she wants to travel around the world one day, or at least to some countries in europe and the bigger cities in america after seeing all these pretty pictures on the internet with a group of her closer friends (or a significant other if she ever manages to find one).
  38.    four ✿ her fashion sense is a bit casual and chic at the same time as you'd usually find soobin in either a plain tee or button down with high rise jeans. when she's working, she likes to tie her hair up in a loose ponytail but other than that, she keeps her hair down. her go-to shoes remain to be her pair of black converse that she's had for three years now; it still looks somewhat clean although her friends has been pestering for her to get some new ones.
  39.    five ✿ she has a fear of heights (or just anything that involves her two feet getting lifted off the ground), and soobin isn't very fond of piggy-back rides or roller coasters. if her friends were to ever take her to an amusement park, the only thing she'd do is carry your bags or send her entire day on the merry-go-round.
  40.    six ✿ soobin dated once in the second year of high school with this classmate from her homeroom, but they dated for two months only before both of them realized that their relationship wasn't going anywhere and broke up. they remained friends however, and other than that, soobin has really no experience with dating. she's still the type to blush a little when a boy compliments her or shows any sort of skinship.
  41.    seven ✿ took english as her foreign language in high school and received extra tutoring from the hagwon she went after school. her pronunciation is pretty decent and she could exchange a conversation with a foreigner perfectly fine in english.
  42.    eight ✿ curses often but not excessively, mostly when she's frustrated or surprised, and sometimes when mom is around she replaces the curse word with something random that comes in sight. despite this she still would remind her friends to not swear although they retort back by saying how soobin does the same thing.
  43.    nine ✿ the most common phrase that soobin probably says on a daily basis to all her friends- "why are you so dumb???" with her face scrunched up and having the sudden urge to whack them on the hand (you know she loves you when she says this though).
  45. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ー ☈
  46. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀「 WINTERMELON TEA 」
  48. › LOVE INTEREST ong seongwoo
  49. › BACKUP kim jaehwan
  51.    traits ✿ charismatic, affectionate, spunky, gregarious, intelligent, coquettish, forthright, venturous, foolhardy, evasive, dependent, impatient
  52.    others ✿ sanguine, blood type b, virgo, esfp the entertainer, chaotic neutral
  53.    he is courage and freedom and curiosity, a warm heart constantly seeking for attention and affection from the crowd below him, and he gives back that love he receives with even greater intensity. he has a playful spirit and inquisitive mind, seeking for bliss in every moment and living life to the best with no regrets and childish excitement that makes others laugh. he is vibrant laughter and lame pickup lines that make girls giggle, and he has a way with his words that makes you wrapped around his finger without your consent- but it's all okay because you like it. it's not just due to his handsome appearance and charismatic aura but also other little things, like how his voice is laced with warmth and energy or how he calls out your name repeatedly with a little whine. maybe even the light touches he gives in between small talks or the wise things in says when you two share long and meaningful conversations about the future and the meaning of "us". he brings you to try different things that you would of never thought doing, and he leaves you in awe more than you'd like because you've seen him with other girls before and you like him too much that you don't want to be just a fling. after all this time he doesn't let you go so you decide to take his hand, and maybe you picked up one or two things from him and decide to just go along with where life takes you.
  55. › TRIVIA
  56.    one ✿ played the drums for five years and still counting ever since the beginning of high school with a couple of his friends at his basement. he also used to perform in the streets of hongdae (and still does occasionally), but after discovered by a guy who owned an underground bar, the band would play there every week.
  57.    two ✿ he is a college student majoring in business administration. much to his friend's surprise, he does put forth an effort to do well in his classes since he practically lives by the golden rule of "word hard play hard". he also attends the same university as soobin, but never once has she really seen him because of their different majors and how large the campus is.
  58.    three ✿ is a type of drunk who will do anything and remember nothing and has to be dragged back home by the end of the night despite his complaints of wanting to stay or go home with someone he doesn't know. he becomes more straightforward in contrast to his usual teasing personality, and never once had he had to buy his own drinks.
  59.    four ✿ many people think that he's a pretty chill and smooth sort of guy because of their first impressions on seongwoo, but he's actually a really dumb guy who sends memes to his friends at 3:00 am in the morning or pushes the door when it clearly says pull. he likes folding his ears and dabs a lot for the sake of making everyone laugh. despite this, he gives some good advice and is much more intelligent and levelheaded than you may think.
  61.    they meet upon soobin's request. she wants to hire a band to perform at estene for the holiday and one of her friends suggest 101 as she's close with their bassist. soobin isn't so sure (the name sounded pretty stupid and she does not want the special night to be screwed over by a bunch of wannabe performers), so when night came soobin dragged along some of the girls of estene with her to go check out 101. after hearing their performance she feels a bit more than just amazed and approaches their drummer who's sitting alone. he's a bit surprised by her as he is usually the one who strikes up a conversation with a stranger and thinks that she's looking for him to be a fling, but soobin frowns a bit when she realizes where their talk is heading towards and quickly explains the situation that she's simply just wanting for their band to perform at estene. she adds that they'll get paid of course, so in the end  he agrees and the two exchange numbers.
  64.    are they really friends or nothing more than strangers who know something more than they expected about each other? they're an odd match, soobin being responsible and introverted while seongwoo is courageous and outspoken. their friends and the workers of estene wonder how they got so close over just a cup of coffee on friday nights and seongwoo's lame attempts to pull a move on the ever so distant soobin, but take a closer look and you'll find that they make a feeling of protection and youth when they're around each other, soobin laughing at his dumb jokes and seongwoo making them because he wanted to see her laugh.
  65.    at one point, soobin feels like she knows everything about this man who comes and goes like the wind, from his order memorized by heart (a look of confusion on her face when he decides to order something new once) to his favorite shirt that he wears almost every week and his likes and dislikes and little habits that makes soobin's heart flutter. she realizes why seongwoo can pull so many girls, and as much as she doesn't want to be one of them, she can't help but fall for his dumb charms and his sixth sense for knowing if something is up with soobin. she calls him stupid all the time, but she knows that he's probably one of the people that knows her the best especially when she's had a rough day and all she wants is something else to occupy her mind.
  66.    so ong seongwoo, do you like bae soobin? he's not so sure either, only comitted to one actual serious relationship before but that didn't end so well off so he isn't looking for another one. he wants to get closer to her because he first found her pretty and sparkling under the city lights as they exchanged their first official conversation besides just the typical "what's your order" and "thank you". he likes her personality too and likes it the most when she calls him dumb for doing something dumb and hits his head. it becomes clear to him that she cares about him while he's around in the club almost getting hooked up with this other girl but bae soobin makes an unexpected visit in his mind.
  67.    most of the time, they're both too ignorant and scared to actually discuss something serious. it's just light hearted jokes, even when he says "i love you" with a wink and finger hearts it's just a joke and nothing more. he sometimes comes over to soobin's apartment with some soju and a rented out movie, a big grin from ear to ear as he watches her make dinner for the two and her bickering of asking him to help. they make lots of little conversations, mostly about how their day went, sharing any exciting news or some new gossip about people they both know. they would then lay on the opposite sides of the couch as seongwoo slings up his legs on soobin's lap, making himself feel at home without asking for her permission (does he really need it?)
  68.    of course, they fight too, with soobin's staid nature in contrast to seongwoo's adventurous one. she stops him from getting too reckless but sometimes she holds him down more than he wants too, and he gets too impatient and yells at soobin who get's touchy and retreats back to her own shell. she expects him to be more understanding and patient with her but he doesn't see why she makes a big deal out of everything. only later will they both realize their own mistakes, but both of them are also too prideful to admit everything. it takes time for them to make up after a fight, but thankfully, they rarely do fight and it's just occasional bickers that doesn't spur into anything more.
  69.    at the end of the day, they learned to rely on each other for support and comfort when they need it the most. no distance or event could separate the two from helping each other out, both of them learning this the hard way when they wanted a shoulder to lean on and the number they dailed was each other's. the last thing they want is for their relationship to change. it still remains a wonder on how they got closer than they could have ever imagined, but he likes her and she likes him. soobin has more than just feelings for the boy who pushes her to do things beyond her boundaries and makes her feel happier and more of a special person than ever, and seongwoo might as well be head over heels with the girl who pulls him back down when he's about to do something reckless and cares for him even when no one else does.
  72.    one ✿ just a bunch of really cute scenarios between the two like seongwoo teaching soobin how to play the drums or spamming her very late at night funny cat videos that his best friend daniel sent him or requesting for a heart in his latte made especially by soobin
  73.    two ✿ seongwoo picking up soobin after her classes end and she's like you go here too??? meanwhile all her friends in the background are whispering to each other and wondering when did soobin get herself a man
  74.    three ✿ seongwoo asking soobin out to a christmas date and the two just walking around in the snowy city of seoul looking at all the shops with christmas carols playing inside. seongwoo getting cold because he didn't want to layer up in order to impress soobin but she calls him dumb and gives him her scarf.
  76. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ー ☈
  77. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀「 TIRAMISU 」
  79. ›  DO YOU THINK YOU'RE QUALIFIED ENOUGH TO WORK AT ESTENE? she nods without any hesitation. "after all my mom owns the shop and she's been teaching me how to manage everything ever since estene opened its doors. i've been also learning how to bake as well as handle the coffee maker, and through these years of experience, i think that i am competent enough to work at estene."
  80. › SUGGEST MORE THINGS TO ADD IN THE MENU? "uhm..." soobin pauses for a little bit, with her thinking face on and mind working fast to come up with something. "for drinks, how about fruit teas or smoothies? we can also offer sandwiches, salads, and bagels. for pastries, egg tarts and donuts? we can also have macarons!"
  82. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ー ☈
  83. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀「 MACCHIATO 」
  86.    one ✿ make soobin's dreams come true and have a group trip!! just featuring the girls that work in estene along with the boys that overheard their plans and decided to tag along unwillingly lol. maybe someone can get lost and s/he's trying to communicate in broken engrish to find their way around the city back to the hotel.
  87.    two ✿ it's christmas and all the workers of estene and super jolly and in the holiday spirit and they work while humming christmas carols and maybe new year soon comes around and all the girls and boys gather up at the cafe to spend the night partying and staying up to wait for the countdown!! #Lit
  88.    three ✿ sleepover at the cafe!! lol like they can accidentally get locked inside and everyone snuggle up together on the benches and floor and someone suggested that they go around telling ghost stories or playing truth or dare!!
  89.    four ✿ i've been watching age of youth recently and like maybe just some scenes dedicated to the girls and their relationship with each other?? idk these requests are kinda lame but that's all i got and i might give some more in the future if my mind ever pops up with anything!!
  91. › ANYTHING ELSE i went through two drafts to end up with this mess of a character and tbh i'm still not completely satisfied with bae soobin but seeing all the apps made me sweat and i'm like okAY gotta push through!!!! her personality section was a lot longer before but it was written pretty bad and she didn't go the way i wanted her to go so i kinda just ditched it,,, i promISE TO REWRITE IT ONE DAY BUT RIGHT NOW I JUST WANTED TO TURN THIS IN!!! but hihihihi enough of me but i just wanted to say that i followed you back like in your vortex days back with you have like 400 followers and now i'm like w o w day's back at it with another apply fic i gotta make a form for this!! so ye i hope you like baechu as much as i do <3
  92. › PASSWORD ong seongwoo ur local slate boy
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