MGFH Quest General Agent Info

Aug 27th, 2016
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  1. MGFHQuest
  3. Stats in this Quest are a bit different than what they would be like another quest. They're not really numerical values. They're more ratings. A through E. And they all have a positive and/or negative effect on each other. These are the stats.
  5. Intimidation: this affects how seriously people take you. A higher intimidation rank means that you'll give off a more imposing vibe. This will allow certain conversation tracks to be easy and others to be more difficult due to cagey answers. It can at times can cause opponents to be more wary of you. Some characters may avoid you outright with high enough intimidation which can both be good and bad. Aggressive beasts may actually be MORESO in your presence.
  7. Humor: Humor effects generally the opposite of intimidation. A high humor rank will cause you to give off an air of good cheer and approachability. This will allow you to talk to people easily, but they may not take your inquiries to seriously, or give you much valuable info. In battle, it may cause your enemies to underestimate you... until you hit hard enough, in which case they will step up their game really really quick.
  9. Otherworldly: a high-ranking this will give most other people around you a massive case of the heebie-jeebies. Otherworldliness is is an interesting stat in that it can be very helpful and very hurtful depending entirely on who you talk to. If forced, Men will fight harder against someone with a high otherworldliness stat, but beasts will fear your presence.
  11. Hothead: a high rank inthis gives you the air of someone who's just raring to go 24/7. Most people will cut to the chase in conversations with you and try not to waste your time by giving details. In fights, expect foes to throw their all against you. This can be both good and bad, obviously. Some folks find this trait attractive.
  13. Plainness: surprisingly, being plain can be useful in jobs such as yours. The higher this rank, the more a nobody you seem to be. People won't engage you in conversation as often or even really be willing to talk to you for very long. In fights it will be near impossible for anyone to take you seriously, but similar to the humor stat, be wary of getting too loose with your power when you have this high... there may be unexpected consequences.
  15. --------
  16. On Equipment
  17. --------
  19. You can carry up to two main pieces of clothing (legs, body) and up to five accessories (hands, neck, back, and head). Equipment made in The Intersection isn't actually carried on your person- they're melded into your body when you transfer into the material plane and their stats temporarily become a part of you. Should you obtain anything on the material plane, you won't be able to properly utilize it until your next job due to dimensional resonance differences.
  21. -------------------
  23. PC: Miranda Styles
  25. Age: (Physical)- 17 / (Mental)- 92
  26. Class: Enforcer
  27. Rank: B
  29. A long-time Magical Girl for hire. Resides in The Intersection, Outgoer's District. She doesn't enjoy talking about her past, and can be blunt. Off the job, can be moderately amiable if somewhat difficult to hold a steady conversation with. She is a consummate professional on the job, having an overall success rate of 94%. So long as the price is right, Miranda is willing to take on any job, and do it to the best of her ability. General preferred style of combat is agile athleticism mixed with high-powered offensive magic.
  31. Baseline Stats:
  33. Intimidation: B
  34. Humor: D-
  35. Otherworldly: E
  36. Hothead: C
  37. Plainness: D
  39. Current 'gear':
  41. Miranda's Jacket [Intimidation +1/Plainness -1]
  42. A jacket that Miranda's had since before arriving at The Intersection. Something she treasures dearly and takes incredible care of due to its past.
  44. Flamebringer Sword ( Intimidation +1 / Otherworldly +1 )
  46. -------
  48. --------
  50. Clothes:
  51. -------
  52. Third Eye Brooch (Otherworldly +3 / Hothead -3)
  53. Noble's Cape (Intimidation +2 / Plainness -2)
  54. Glowing Headband (Otherworldly +1 / Hothead -2)
  55. Amateur's Necklace
  56. Clear Sunglasses (Plainness +2 / Intimidation -2)
  57. Red Striped Sneakers (Hothead +1 / Otherworldy -1)
  58. A cool set of street sneakers with a kickin' red stripe. Impress your friends and look good at whatever sport you're into!
  59. >Power Militant Armor (Intimidation +2 / Humor -2)
  60. >Power Shell Legs (Intimidation +2 / Plainness -1)
  61. >Elite Soldier's Helmet (Intimidation +2 / Hothead +2 / Otherworldly -2)
  62. -------
  64. Weapons:
  65. ---------
  66. *Baron's Rapier (Otherworldly +2)
  67. *’Lorenzo’s Own’ Extreme Mana Condenser (+1000 Mana)
  68. *’Highball’ Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher
  69. -A manual guidance only rocket launcher. Its explosive yield is rather impressive, and if anyone else has a Highball brand device, such as the Highball Seeker Mines, or another launcher, it’s standardized laser targeting system allows ‘double duty’ of sorts,
  70. allowing someone else to grab control of a launched rocket or other Highball device should an adjustment need to be made on the
  71. fly.
  72. -Current Ammo: 32 Rockets
  74. ’Moleworm’ Proximity Mines
  75. -These mines are small, and capable of attaching to floors, walls, and the ceiling. Once locked in place, they can be primed to only detonate once someone gets within a specific radius- up to 10 meters away. Obviously, there’s a bit of a grace period when priming them.
  76. -Available Mines: 10
  78. ---------
  80. Other:
  81. ------
  82. *Large 5-Crystal Pack (250 Mana * 5)
  83. *Bag of Holding
  84. *Murmur Stones
  85. -These are simple, oval, cup looking rocks that fit in the palm of your hand, but are pair-bonded to each other. You talk by infusing mana into them actively, and ‘answer’ by doing the same when you feel it vibrating. You can’t help but imagine them as magical versions of a comm headset. They come in pairs, and work over 800 miles at last test- although she warns they can be fragile, and reception has a delay depending on the distance- max distance has a 5 second delay. What’s more, if one is broken, they’re both broken.
  86. *’Real Divinity’ Respirator.
  87. - A respirator that requires an influx of mana, but can allow you to breathe in anything short of vacuum.
  92. ---------------
  94. ---------------
  96. Name: Izumi Yayoi
  98. Age: (Physical) 16 / (Mental) 91
  99. Class: Enforcer
  100. Rank: B
  102. A long time mercenary who's nearly as old as Miranda, also resides in the Outgoer's District. Impeccable with just about any weapon known, including firearms, but most commonly uses a sword. Has retained a strong set of morals, causing her to refuse any job that she considers working with 'evil'. Also prefers jobs in locations similar to her native home. Ultimately, a low earner due to these traits. Harbors a slight umbrage for Miranda because of her loose morals on the job, but in general gets along well enough with her. Job success rate is 98%.
  104. Stats:
  106. Intimidation: B+
  107. Humor: D
  108. Otherworldly: C+
  109. Hothead: D-
  110. Plainness: E
  112. ------------
  113. Lorelei Vedder
  115. Age: (Physical) 17 / (Mental) 42
  116. Class: Agent Provocatrice/Spy
  117. Rank: C
  119. A relatively new merc. Also lives in the Outgoer's District. Lorelei is a surprisingly cheerful girl, all things considered. She's taken to her new life with aplomb, and is very much disposed to taking on all jobs that come her way. Still largely trying to figure out what combat style is best for her, she's surprisingly sneaky in how she accomplishes jobs. Her main problem, however, is getting sidetracked with various requests and occasionally losing sight of the main goal. Overall success rate is 78%.
  121. Stats:
  123. Intimidation: D
  124. Humor: B+
  125. Otherworldly: E
  126. Hothead: D-
  127. Plainness: C
  129. ---------------------
  130. Owlia Harkin
  132. Age: (Physical) 17 / (Mental) 17
  133. Class: Courier
  134. Rank: C
  136. Owlia is a recent transplant from the realm of Mageria. A crystal fanatic, she sought to learn more about crystal magics, deemed dangerous by the public at large, and in the process force the adoption of crystal technologies. After Miranda was subcontracted to help Dynamic Methods turn the tide of a war in which she was on the winning end of, she was convinced to join Silver Eye Solutions instead of dying for the cause, deciding to leave Mageria and its 'backwards ways' behind. She is a giddy, nervous sort that is eager to devour any new sources of knowledge that can be applied to crystals, and is currently doing courier work for SES in the hopes she can discover new inspiration.
  138. Stats:
  140. Intimidation: C
  141. Humor: A
  142. Otherworldly: D
  143. Hothead: C
  144. Plainness: C
  146. ---------------
  147. Cylica Ferrious
  149. Age: (Physical) 18 / (Mental) 18
  150. Class: Courier
  151. Rank: C
  153. Cylica Ferrious is the ex-ruler of Ferrosia, a nation that opposed Alusia in the realm of Mageria in a war for dominance- with Ferrosia managing to find a legendary artifact, it seemed as though Ferrosia's victory was all but assured before Dynamic Methods and the girls of Silver Eye Solutions managed to turn the tide of the war quickly and decisively. Owlia's commander and lover, Cylica is imperious, egotistical, and an insufferable genius- or so she likes to think. While clever and strong, her personality is both her greatest strength and weakness. She was barely convinced to join her lover in The Intersection and be employed by Silver Eye Solutions, and she has yet to believe she shouldn't be on top of everything.
  155. Stats:
  157. Intimidation: A
  158. Humor: E
  159. Otherworldly: C
  160. Hothead: E
  161. Plainness: D
  163. --------------
  164. Mono
  166. Age: (Physical) 16 / (Mental) 18
  167. Class: Enforcer
  168. Rank: C
  170. Mono is a transplant from a strange universe, and she's one of the most rare sorts in that she voluntarily elected to leave her world on her own volition, and under no duress. She's a wolf-girl hybrid that is considered a 'Siren'- that is, a being with strange aural magic that causes the scenery around her to change depending on what she sings. A desire to see new places and encounter new things is what drives her in the name of her 'god', a god of travel and wanderlust. Although she's a bit nervous, she's dedicated to making the most of her new life, and enjoys any new chance to see new worlds that may come her way.
  172. Stats:
  174. Intimidation: B
  175. Humor: D+
  176. Otherworldly: D
  177. Hothead: A
  178. Plainness: C
  180. --------------
  182. Prima
  184. Age: 3
  185. Class: Courier
  186. Rank: C
  188. Prima is a Support-class robot from a world where miniature robots are used by humans for sport battling. Given sapience thanks to a series of events in a mission with Lorelei, Lorelei fell in love with the cute-looking bot and requested to bring her back. Prima quickly agreed, as it was the most care and attention she'd been given in some time. Prima is eager to learn as much as she can about having her own truly free will, and is embracing as many new things as possible. In more serious matters, Prima is outfitted with the ability to wirelessly hack and control technological devices, as well as scan and determine physical weakpoints and places of note in both mechanical and organic beings. Capable of close combat in a pinch as well, she's still tougher than the average human, but she's no front-line fighter. Also, being made for combat in some respects, Prima is 'moddable', and is designed to be taken apart at the arm and leg joints so that she can install various parts for combat, as well as full frame/shell replacement if needed.
  190. ----------------
  192. Jago
  194. Age: 3
  195. Class: Enforcer
  196. Rank: C
  198. Jago is an Assault-class bot from the same world as Prima; they eventually were partners on the same job Lorelei went on. Unlike Lorelei, Jago was not given sapience until brought back to The Intersection; while he doesn't seem to mind, he's proven a rather swarthy and belligerent sort, prone to troublemaking and wandering off to places unknown about The Intersection. Like Prima, he is designed to be moddable, and can adjust his armaments to whatever the situation requires quickly.
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