Construct, Deconstruct (Alexis, Kage, K) June.26.2019

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  1. OrderOfGashes: Wherever there was pain, wherever there was judgment, wherever there was knowledge he found himself present. The question of morality was one that governed the mortal and spiritual realms of being neigh since the dawn of time. It was only during their watch that these actions were deemed desirable. K watched as the sins of the world were committed each and every transgression was less than the last. The spiraling source of his smoke reached out into the ever-present umbral surrounding the night air. The bitter taste of sin were bound upon him as he bore true the most severe of transgressions. One in which there was no means for repentance. The smoke collected itself in mass just like that of a failed sacrifice. A smell heavily laden with almonds followed his incorporeal form as its manifestation waxed and waned through the penumbral. The star-filled skies twinkled as his form past through its aether searching through the penumbra for something. Evidently, he comes across something minor, something almost so insignificant he would disregard it, but he could feel some manner of kinship with whatever it was. And there was something else. Something that seemed devoid of willpower, yet still existed upon its own accord. He could feel his SMoke-like Umbra pull at them almost as if they were trying to forcibly drag them into himself. Made curious by these sensations he chose to follow the link between himself and them. It breaks as if carried off by the wind leaving not but a smell of burning incenses. It collected the majority of its presence into a solid form much like the manifestation of a specter or a demon upon the physical plane. The smell of almonds and of incense intensified while in his presence. Its manifestation also has an aura that may exert considerable pressure on any who cross it. This pressure is formed by the consciousness drawing itself into a material form, the sheer ridiculous number of souls commanded are so numerous that even while in immaterial form they exert a tangible and very real pressure or weight, much like water pressure; at minimum without conscious effort the force exerted is equivalent to thirteen pounds per square inch. The very Aura of his, however, would inspire within a thirteen-foot radius of him the inflection to commit transgressions, or rather admit them before his presence. IT all seemed innocent in nature but the true effect of This aura was to break the barrier within their minds opening them spiritually into a level of humility and acceptance. The second stage of his Aura would inspire the sin to consume them, cause them to bring it forth before his presence. He collected his manifested body just before The two beings similar to itself. "Erit tibi dic mihi grata, aut erit vos coinquinat mea praesentia cum ignorantia?" ("Will you tell me welcome, or will you defile my presence with ignorance?") The Visser would stand watching them judging them. The construct offended him, but he chose to bid his offense and wait before he would smite. The other being seemed greater to some extent, but not visually by much, K could easily tell that in the moment that it was the one held responsible for the constructed abomination before him.
  3. EzekielHarbinger: It had been a few days since he had pulled the construct from the material realm into the shadows, getting her to understand the full extent of being kinn was proving to be more ....interesting than he originally thought, but even with the small amount of progress that she had made, it was still stride from her previous appearance before any of his brethren. Though he had been within the surrounding darkness he had never truly abandoned the construct that called herself Alexis, he stayed close by, watching to see if she would wait for his return or try on her to continue the process of taking her desired form. He had just pulled his frame from the darkness that surrounded her when felt the weight of another, the sense of one he had yet to meet drifting closer, the aura of a visser looming in the darkness as the being drew near, "Videtur nostra praesentia hic deprehenditur..." (It would appear our presence here draws attention...) his words whispering in echoes through the surrounding shadows as they typically did, though he would reign in the aura of the mantel along his frame, hatred and anger being bottled back within his own form just as the Visser manifested before them, "Naturaliter nos salutant a fratribus de tenebris, si curiosus, ut, ad quem est nobis saluto." (Naturally we greet a brethren of the darkness, though curious as to whom it is we greet.) Yes, he could feel the effects of the Vissers aura weighing on his mind, but he was not about to give in to the influences of it without one hell of a fight.
  5. DeviousMiskreent: A few days had passed indeed. With each passing moment of strength she would try again to pull her form farther from the cross that was her true form. She had managed to pull her torso further in those days, and she had managed to free her arms. Now the four foot long and three foot wide cross sported nearly a half a form of a woman, her chest covered in some sort of corset. She was free to just above her navel, was solid vantablack like a kinn, but sported her draconic silver eyes and inky hair streaked with silver strands. She sported demonic or draconic wings, but they appeared still fused to the leg of the cross and seemed to be helping support and keep her frame upright. The cross itself had not morphed or changed since it had grown, and still sported the intricate carving like faces of thousands of demons, devils and other dark creatures from her home kingdom. Progress had been made. It had taken several sessions, Alexsis working until she exhausted herself, and then going right back at the task as soon as she was able. She was aware of being watched from the shadows, had assumed it was Kage. She was actually in the middle of another of these sessions when the Visser's aura first appeared and Kage reappeared himself. Her telepathic voice would speak "non mireris?" (does it surprise you?) she asked him, beginning to sound fatigued again. She paused in her exertions though, the aura of the Visser bringing back memories of her past deeds, a dark grin forming on her features as she relished in the remembrance. The floating form of the cross and woman would dip low, making sure that her head was below the height of the Visser and Kage both, some foreign protocol that she seemed to remember, probably from one of the many souls within her form. She remained silent however, noticing Kage's own diplomacy and figuring it best to remain silent. The Evencar had warned her not to show herself again until she had a fitting form, and here she was in the presence of another Kinn and unsure of what to do. --d--
  7. OrderOfGashes: "Quid modo essendi est, ut, qui iacebat ante me; Est, quod incarnatio merus; Qui est dehibui?" (What manner of being is that, which lay before me; Is that incarnation true; Who is indebted from this?) The Visser stared at the thing bound to the cross His Six eyes gazed at them; the construct and the Martial. The Visser opens his arms, as he does so the brief clinking of the pearl colored orbs upon his rosary are heard with a dull giggle of children's laughter or was it screams? "Venit ad amplexabitur me, et cognoscetis quod ego sum. Sit Veritas ostendam tibi, et dimitte me, ut ducam te ut tua opilio." (Come to embrace me and you shall know that which I am. Let Veritas show you, and let me lead you as your shepherd.) As he opened his arms the smoke from his umbra thickened into a more deepening shade of darkness. The Visser cared not for the mantle that the being before him bore. Such things were trivial to he. As he manifested the range of his umbra more so too would the effects of his aura upon those around him. "Ego sum primus, mundi peccatum. Et Maximum delicti ferre." ( I am the world's first sin. The greatest transgression of all.) It watches the Shade in front of it and the thing in which it was playing with "Dic mihi, quid est ante nos." (tell me what is in front of us,)
  9. EzekielHarbinger: Kage's gaze shifted about the being before him, taking in the sight, scent and right down to the very scent of the being, every the weight of it's aura upon his own being as he opened his arms, a curious move for a kinn which brought Kage's brow to raise in curiosity, "Si non vis loqui in nomine tuo, quam tibi non sunt sheppard pro nobis." (If you do not wish to speak your own name, than you are no sheppard for us.) He truly did not care if it was the first of the sin, it refused to speak its own name as Kage was unworthy of hearing it be spoken by it's lips, Kage had already proven to the Evencar itself he was more than worthy, clearly by the mantle and the name given to him Fides agreed. Kage turned his gaze back towards the woman before him, noticing the fact she kept herself at a level just below himself and the Visser, a point for her at least within his mind, the fact she had made quite a bit of progress on her own was another point for her. "Illa est construere, creavit Etiam currus se. Illa probatur se ad multa in potentia, et Fides concessit nobis privilegium in honing, quod est in potentia." (She is a construct, created by the Evencar himself. She's proven herself to have a great deal of potential, and Fides has granted us the privilege in honing that potential.) He explained briefly, keeping any major details from the explanation, it took a great deal of his being to resist the influences of the Visser, keeping his arms at his sides as his fingers roamed the beads of his own rosary in silent prayer as it were, the shadows around his frame clung to him like a thick armor in response to the umbra around the Visser, a great many of the runes across the blackened body seemingly shimmered with dark energy.
  11. DeviousMiskreent: Her eyes fluttered for a moment as she continued to indulge herself in the aura of the new kinn. As a construct, she was actually immune to the mind affecting aura, but capable of sensing it and in this case, enjoying the remembrances it brought. She however, felt absolutely no compulsion to go closer to the kinn, and after she had had her fill of her past deeds, she would close down even that small pleasure. Her form seemed to shiver for a moment as she listened to Kage explain her presence, taking the compliment without a single word, though a small sense of pride did warm her momentarily. At least now she knew she was on the right track, it only served to redouble her determination to complete the process. She remained silent however, as the creature had not spoken directly to her, and had actually seemed to take pains to ignore her. She was insulted, but not stupid enough to act on the small anger that that brought with it. Insulted, not suicidal. She was spent from her exertions, and while she was confident she could defend herself, she didn't have any intention of giving the being any reason to want to hurt her. Instead she only forced her form closer to Kage, though still out of reach of his arms and aura. --d--
  12. OrderOfGashes: "Ego Sum Kæynx, Primus ut Caedis, Caedis Acervus" (I was Kæynx first to murder) He listened closely to the words of the Martial though he likely could have easily leached the knowledge from them he chose a less perverse manner, "Si mea genitor, nostra Evencar Sic ergo dicendum purus. Spero vestri iudicii, sicut et ego mea, Veni, ostende mihi quid tu dicitur." (If my sire, our Evencar says so then it must be pure. I trust your judgement as I would my own, Come show me what you are called.) K glances again t the construct before him. In truth its form currently offended him, but presently he looked passed that as he addressed the thing before him, "Ex quo venisti?" (from where do you come?) The behavior of the being before it brought forth from the ownership of a mantle brought humor to the Vissers mind. Such a pretentious thing to draw pride from. The Visser extends its hand before them and pulls from the fabric of the umbra a single soul As it stares through it at the Shade, The soul shatters and from its fragmenting soul The Visser wove them into thirteen new forms. Their bodies resemble cloaked birds, their necks enclosed in something akin to a high neck gorget and their heads were elongated and angular, taking a shape very similar to that of a spade. The Visser whispers into their ears , "Vade Diabolus Avis, et expandit haec nova cognitio ad patrem meum, et in aliis, et videant quid modo de bestia hic esse."("Go Devil Birds, and spread this new knowledge to me/the father, and the others, and let them see what manner of beast be here.”) The umbral beings would dart too and fro before Three flew straight at Kage, Three darted back at the Visser, and Seven darted straight toward The construct. Just before piercing or rather touching any of them they would vanish into the Kinn's respective umbra carrying the message they were tasked with to whomever the "others" were. The Visser turns its head back toward the Martial and commands, "Veni mecum et libera laus nostri creatoris. Est enim tempus, ad ostendendum Veritas ante." (Come with me and deliver praise to our creator. For it is time to show before Veritas.)
  14. EzekielHarbinger: The voidless gaze shifted back towards the Visser as he spoke his name finally, the thought of 'the first murderer' in a sense didn't make of a difference to him, Kage himself not from the same plane of existence as Kaeynx, nor Alexis for that matter. "Nos sunt notus ut Rutrum anima venator, et Umbra Militaris. Et hactenus Fides confidit nostri iudicii, nos tamen, ut dissapoint et erit, quantum possumus, ut semper manere in eius gratiam" (We are known as Kage the soul hunter, and Shade Martial. And thus far Fides trusts our judgement, we have yet to disappoint it and shall do what we can to continue to remain in its favor) Sure it sounded like a lot of ass kissing, but it was true, he had zero intentions whatsoever in disappointing Fides in any way or form, after all it was the Evencar that gave him the opportunity to prove himself to the All Father, after centuries of hearing his influences through the shadows. Kage had noticed Alexis withdraw back from the influence of the Visser, the fact she was immune to such effects must have been handy, a skill he wished he had himself, but had learned other means to adapt to such things, focusing on the rosary wrapped loosely around his blackened hand. He watched as K manipulated a single soul into that of thirteen others, than cast them off to deliver a message to the 'others', though he wasn't certain who the others were, he could make an educated guess, unmoved as the devil birds flew towards him, even if the bird had touched him, it would only succumb to the shadowy layer hugging tightly to his frame. "Diximus multa opus perficere in honing in construit potentia, offerimus laudem, ad Omnia Pater per donum habet concessa nobis a principio." (We've a great deal of work to accomplish in honing the constructs potential, we offer our praise to the All Father through the gift he has granted us from the beginning.) he'd hold up the rosary as indication as to what he meant. Brethren or not, Kage was not about to go anywhere with K, he truly had no desire to nor was there anything to gain from it aside from a little extra credit from the personal praises, instead he would remain with his charge, the task granted to him by request was not one he took lightly, which was clear by the very sight of Alexis.
  16. DeviousMiskreent: Alexsis waited until both were finished speaking before she would answer K's questions, taking her place at the bottom of their ranks. But she would take precautions, Kage she knew she could communicate with telepathically, but the K she was unsure of. The thing's presence alone told her that it was far more powerful than she and Kage, and she had already felt its aura, touching it's mind did not seem like a wise decision. Yet she also knew her voice stone had offended the Kinn at the Citadel. She took a moment as they spoke with one another to puzzle out a solution. A small wave of mana washed over herself as she worked the clairaudience spell that allowed her to project her voice on the very tongue of her new manifestation. She had yet to form voice cords so this was a close as she could get, it was her mental voice, but at least now it came from her own mouth and not the stone. "Ego sum Alexis Surrexit, et venit ab Imperio Derelicta Surrexit, ubi quondam mater mea, et eam co princeps, Kali et Corvus, pugnaverunt kinn et unde ego creatus." (I am Alexsis Rose, and I come from the Empire of the Forsaken Rose, where once my mother and her coruler, Kali and Raven, battled the kinn and whence I was created.)  As the devil birds flew at her, she would drop from her position in the air, to hover only a few inches from the ground, essentially dropping below the path of the large birds. Her arms had been thrown up in an X in front of her to protect her face from the attack if she didn't move fast enough, only to sense the birds shifting into a shadow instead. She remained low to the ground now, a frown on her face. "Ego have been iussit per Etiam currus non ostendam me, donec fiat sic nostra. Et nunc non sum. Ego non resistere eius ordines" (I have been ordered by the Evencar not to show myself until I become presentable. And currently I am not. I will not defy his orders.) she said softly, yet firmly, her speech all in Latin. --d--
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