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old hidden strat

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  1. A Hidden Strat
  3. Player Loadout Requirements
  5. Each player must have:
  7. Shredder
  8. Farm
  11. It necessary to have:
  13. 1 DJ
  14. 1 Commander
  15. 2-3 Outlaw
  16. 1 John
  17. 2-3Rocketeer
  18. 2-3 Turret
  21. How you divide up the roles should be based on the confidence in the players to do the jobs associated with them
  23. General Placement Start
  25. On wave 0, 3 people must place down a level 0 shredder, while 1 person farms
  26. at wave 7, there must be at lest 5 level 2 shredders (2 level 2 shredders from the farmer)
  28. from here, you want a focus on getting 2 knife throw abilities for wave 10 up, while two others farm for outlaws on wave 13
  29. when the boss comes, you must both use knife throw to kill it (do the same on wave 12)
  31. on wave 13, skip it. you should have only 1 outlaw placed just to avoid losing too many lives.
  32. you main hidden detection will be from 2 level 4 shredders.
  33. around this time, there should be a commander and dj placed by the people not leveling up their shredders
  35. after wave 15, a high focus should be put onto upgrading outlaws and upgrading dj, now is not the time to focus on farms
  36. for the people not using outlaw, you should be upgrading your farms until wave 17 ends.
  37. the person using commander should aim to get 2 coa abilities available to use on the end of wave 19 and wave 20 (they should then process to use commander near the end of wave 22, 23, 24, 25, 32, 35, 36)
  39. generally from here till the end of the game
  42. place a sizable amount of maxed shredders for wave 20s, then later transition to either outlaws or turret+support
  43. players with john should have 6 placed, the first maxed on placed for wave 36 to quickly take down the necromancers
  44. player with commander should have 3 placed, but only need 2 until wave 40 and only 1 maxed. reasonbeing: you only use them at the near end of each wave.
  46. i'm not going to go over skips because everyone already knows
  48. for hidden wave, use maxed rocketeers + cc (optional pyromancer, or freezer) for the initial spam
  50. When using abilities, make sure that you don't over layer them, as the effects negate when you do this; make sure they fully end before you use the next coa
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