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  1. Advanced Generators, Aether II, Applied Energistics 2, Aroma1997's Dimensional World, Aroma1997Core, AutoPackager, Automagy, Backpacks, Baubles, BiblioCraft, Big Reactors, Biomes O' Plenty, Blood Arsenal, Blood Magic, Botania, BuildCraft, BuildCraft - Additional Pipes, BuildCraft Compat, Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel 2, Chisel Facades, CompactSolars, ComputerCraft, Connected Glass, Dense Ores, Dimensional Anchors, Draconic Evolution, Ender Storage, EnderIO, EnderIO Addons, ExtraCells 2, Fast Leaf Decay, Forestry, Forestry Extras 2, Furniture Mod, Futuristic Decor, Galacticraft Core, Galacticraft Planets, Gravestone Mod, IndustrialCraft 2, Iron Chest, Jabba, Magical Crops, Magical Crops: Decorative, Modular Armour, More Chisels, Morph, MorphAdditions, Morpheus, NEI Addons, NEI Integration, NEI Plugins, Nether Ores, Not Enough Items (NEI), OpenBlocks, OptiFine, Ore Dictionary Converter, Pam's HarvestCraft, Portal Gun, Project Red, ProjectE, ReAuth, Reliquary, Solar Flux, Thaumcraft, Thaumcraft Fluid Fixes, Thaumcraft NEI Plugin, Thaumic Energistics, Thaumic Expansion, Thaumic Exploration, Thaumic Horizons, Thaumic Infusion, Thaumic NEI, Thaumic Revelations, Thaumic Tinkerer, Thaumic Tinkerer - KAMI, Thaumic Upholstry, Thaumic Warden, The Kitchen Mod, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Foundation, Thermal Smeltery, Tinker I/O, Tinkers Construct Tooltips, Tinkers' Construct, Tinkers' Defense, Tinkers' Mechworks, Twilight Forest, VoxelMap, Witchery
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