the shoutbox loses its mind

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  1. the day the shoutbox lost its mind
  2. 2/25/2017
  3. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. captainganon: i've lost my faith in humanity
  5. memethyl: we may have found our boys
  6. memethyl: but we also lost our sanity
  7. what: This needs a KnowYourMeme page right now
  8. RetiFile: Same ganpa
  9. captainganon: but not my boys
  10. Nepeta Leijon: Because my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
  11. what: someone
  12. AlexisPlay: captainganon, you had faith in humanity ?
  13. what: with a KYM account
  14. what: do it
  15. Meroboter: this forum is the best
  16. captainganon: just a lil bit
  17. what: yeas
  18. Snerp: I lost a cashew nut today
  19. what: yes
  20. captainganon: like a baby
  21. Meroboter: this forum. its almost like knowyourmeme but better
  22. Nepeta Leijon: And damn right, it's better than yours
  23. Snerp: It fell off a bridge while feeding the ducks
  24. Ravenoil: What's a meme? Is that what all you teens are gettin' into these days?
  25. captainganon: this "meme" killed that baby with a flaming machete
  27. memethyl: my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, "where are the boys?", damn right, "where are the boys?", i could find them, but i'd have to charge
  28. Meroboter: a meme
  29. Meroboter: is
  30. what: can't tell if troll or damage control at this point tbh
  31. Meroboter: a meme
  32. Nepeta Leijon: I could teach you, but I have to charge MY LAZOR
  33. Snerp: a meme is
  34. Nepeta Leijon: BLAAAAARGH
  35. what: that's a dead meme
  36. Snerp: G O D
  37. what: nepeta
  38. what: out
  39. memethyl: a meme is a meme, you can't say it's only a half
  40. what: rn
  41. Snerp: ^^
  42. what: an a press is an a press
  43. AlexisPlay: I'm a pizza.
  44. what: you can't say it's a half
  45. captainganon: ok, tj
  46. captainganon: "HENRY"
  47. Meroboter: memes are our forum currency
  48. captainganon: Yoshi
  49. memethyl: a boy is a boy, you can't say it's only a lost
  50. what: a boy is a boy, you can't say it's a half
  51. captainganon: a boy is a boy, you can't say it's a trash
  52. what: ok, tj "RAVENOIL" yoshi
  53. Nepeta Leijon: A Troll is a Troll, you can't say it's a Fruit Gusher
  54. Snerp: what if boy is man and man is
  55. what: a post is a post, you can't say it's link fodder
  56. AlexisPlay: a boy is a boy who is a boy boy who was a boy during the boy
  57. captainganon: A troll is a troll, you can't say it's a ravenoil
  58. what: a lusameme is a lusameme, you can't say it's an eldritch space jellyfish momm
  59. what: rip
  60. Snerp: TRASHMN
  61. what: i put two ms
  62. RetiFile: Give me a second
  63. memethyl: a nebby is a nebby, you can't say it's only in the bag
  64. RetiFile: That page is fucking going up
  65. captainganon: a mom is a mom, you can't say it's a momm
  66. what: this is the best way to spend my weekend
  67. what: 10/10
  68. Ravenoil: Hey y'all! Wanna play some contract bridge?
  69. Nepeta Leijon: A male is, indeed, a male. I do not believe you could say that it has been halved.
  70. what: oh yeah sure
  71. memethyl: i'd rather play contract cancer
  72. what: i'll trump those 4 of taxes over there
  73. memethyl: cause that's what i'm doing in this shoutbox
  74. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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