Pirates IRC AUG'18 Changelog

mruno Aug 31st, 2018 35 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. August 2018 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added Fine-grain Powder to Puerto Principe market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - currently used to inflict 12% more damage on monster (future use: more dmg against other ships)
  6. Added Bronze Cannons to Curacao market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - currently used to inflict 25% more damage on monster (future use: more dmg against other ships)
  7. Added ship speed and upgrade info (own ship and other ship upgrades) to !P Ship Info
  8. Increase World Map size by 30%
  9. Added Copper Plating to Vera Cruz market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - increased ship speed by 12%
  10. Added Cotton Sails to Bermuda market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - increased ship speed by 25%
  11. Reduced treasure map spawns
  12. Added 27 new treasure map locations
  13. Added Labor Day event where all ports declare independence
  15. Player Suggestions:
  16. make the thief skill less likely to be caught in your own chest trap when disarming it. - Done! Level 3 - 10% better chance to disarm, Level 4 - 30%, Level 5 - 75%
  17. When sailing, make the ship go faster if all of the ship tasks are done. Pump, ballast, rats, gut, etc. - Done and speed bonus added to any time ship tasks have been completed
  18. allow the snatch command increase the thievery skill just like crabbing for fishing and scuttlebutt for charisma - It already does
  19. say that you are on a group quest when doing the command !p quest - Done
  20. put ports claimed in alphabetical order - Done
  21. Suggestion: show which bonus I picked when I do !p bonus - Done, but will be displayed on future bonuses
  22. add round start time to !p game options - Done
  23. bold the id numbers in the goods command so it’s easier to make out. Maybe put the id numbers first so it matches the layout of items in the chest. - Done
  24. bold the id number in the auction house command - Done
  27. Bug Fixes:
  28. Corrected dupes in Top pirates:
  29. timer is broken: - FIXED
  30. <CaptKirk>  [P]   We 'ave come across Mobzilla... No commands or ye will alert the beast fer 1min 49secs!
  31. <CaptKirk>  [P]  The ship slips past Mobzilla n' be safe!
  33. !P market elixir - FIXED
  34. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Here be the elixirs we 'ave: Health, Shadow  Ask fer the effect o' each elixir wit' !Pirates Market Elixir <elixir>
  35. !Pirates Market Elixir Health
  36. -CaptKirk-  [P]  That Health elixir heals another pirate o' ye choosin' n' costs 10.75Z doubloons.
  37. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Buy an elixir wit' !Pirates Market Buy Elixir <elixir>
  38. !Pirates Market Buy Elixir Health
  39. -CaptKirk-  [P]  I don't have that elixir in stock. See !Pirates Market Elixirs
  41. !p capn special aye - FIXES implemented and need further testing
  42. -CaptKirk-  [P]  I 'ave a bad feelin' 'bout tis!
  43. -CaptKirk-  [P]  I 'ave a bad feelin' 'bout tis!
  44. <CaptKirk>  [P]  special be attackin' the ship! All hands to ye battle stations!  !Pirates Defend
  46. !p defend - FIXED
  47. <CaptKirk>  [P]  zesty pierces a Zonbi's head!
  48. <CaptKirk>  [P]  DaMaEsTrO, zesty 'ave saved the ship from all o' the Zonbis n' be rewarded 525P doubloons!
  49. <CaptKirk>  [P]  DaMaEsTrO, zesty 'ave saved the ship from all o' the Zonbis n' be rewarded 534.97P doubloons!
  51. BUG: how can you duel a zonbi? - Added Zonbi dueling
  52. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Ye now be a Zonbi fer 15mins
  53. <CaptKirk>  [P]  'Greedy' Zesty (710-284) challenges Dutch Cap'n 'Squidlips' tomatosauce (224-294) to a duel...
  55. BUG: im not and havent been capn! - FIXED
  56. -CaptKirk-  [P]  The crew not be likin' that ye so far ahead n' now be jealous n' plottin' against ye. Ye 'ave greater chances o' bad random events, criticals durin' duels n' mutinies, n' less favor wit' the crew!
  58. BUG: instructions give wrong info: - FIXED
  59. !p bonus skillz fishing
  60. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Are ye sure ye want to learn level 3 o' Fishing? !Pirates Bonus Fishing Aye
  61. its not `!p bonus fishing aye`, its actually `!p bonus skillz fishing aye`
  63. BUG: favor decreased with crew bonus.. wtf?! - Unable to reproduce
  64. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Ye has commanded the ship 35 times, been on 34 voyages, holds a 90% favorability rating, raided 1 ships, 'n been on 3 quests.
  65. !p capn crew bonus
  66. <CaptKirk>  [P]  Cap'n tomatosauce generously gives the crew a bonus o 24.42B doubloons fer twerkin', err werkin' hard!
  67. !P info
  68. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Ye has commanded the ship 37 times, been on 34 voyages, holds a 87% favorability rating, raided 1 ships, 'n been on 3 quests.
  70. BUG: timing is all wrong - FIXED
  71. <CaptKirk>  [P]   We 'ave come across Hydra... No commands or ye will alert the beast fer 1min 57sec
  72. [07Jul18 14:12:36] <tomatosauce> dont do it  daniel0wellby_sc
  73. [07Jul18 14:12:53] <CaptKirk>  [P]  The ship slips past Hydra n' be safe!
  74. says be quiet for 1m57s but was actually only 33s
  76. hi, there is bug in bomb message.  [P] Arghh!  audiq5 challenges addict to a game o' blow up ye fellow pirate wit' a bomb! The bomb has 10 wires n' addict has 2mins 10secs to diffuse it!
  77. shouldnt it be defuse and not diffuse - FIXED
  79. Bug Report: <CaptainJack>  [P] Yo-ho-ho!  The Dutch declares an all out war on the Spanish n' overtake the city o' Independent.Independent.Independent.Independent.Campeche! - FIXED
  81. Bug report - if ANYONE !p cut <colour> on an active bomb it detonates - FIXED
  83. Bug Report: when doing crew clean, the number of more pirates needed doesn’t go down. I just mean what captainJack says to the crew. It will actually work if enough pirates do crew clean aye. It could be the same with other stuff as well. - FIXED
  85. Bug Report: captainJack no longer says that I have blackjack at least if the blackjack comes from the first 2 cards dealt - FIXED and added values to cards each time cards are dealt.
  87. Bug Report: The crew captcha doesn’t work.  [player] is suspected to be using a bot - Unable to reproduce. Captchas are not triggered until players use a new command and captchas will not occur within XX mins of one another
  89. bug report unbreakable weapon bonus is a lie - Need more information on what bonus...
  91. Bug Report: when trying to buy a new nickname from the store more than once, the nickname doesn’t change - Some messages are queued and may contain your old nickname. Wait a couple mins and check for your nickname
  93. BUG REPORT I have the neverending task. "View a player's power (!P Power) 1x" I've viewed about 10 players power so far. - Unable to reproduce. Tasks and achievements have anti-spamming feature which only will record them every couple minutes
  95. Bug Report: the most recent winner, Phyrric, doesn’t show up in !p winners - FIXED
  97. Bug Report: !p level shows level 1 and 2 even though they cannot be dueled - FIXED
  99. Bug Report: when there are 3 or more ships docked at the same port and one ship wins a duel against another, that ship automatically claims the port without having to fight the third ship. Also, when doing !p ship status after winning, it doesn’t say that the third ship is moored next to us. - FIXED
  101. BUG REPORT 'Kidd' Phyrric runs out o' breathe while divin' 'n loses 1 stamina! "Breathe" should be "Breath" - FIXED
  103. bug report: I robbed a pirate from the elite successfully, but afterwards this happened: "[P] Arghh!  fishcake loses 5 stamina after fishcake slips fishcake some poison." - FIXED
  104. bug report: aaand it happened again after I robbed another pirate from the elite " [P] Me Hearties!  fishcake loses 4 stamina after fishcake slips fishcake some poison."
  106. Bug: The limit of skills that can be learned by skill books seems to vary from person to person, season to season. Last season I had 4 skills (one from game start bonus, one I started myself, two by skill books), now I can't get past 3 (one from bonus, one started myself, one from skill book) - FIXES implemented last season and did not take effect until current season
  108. bug report - identifying vouchers sucks! identifying one changes the id of the others. - Unable to Reproduce
  110. Bug Report - was thrown into the drink by vote and was not given a timer for return. "Get some help". no further instructions. Had to relog - FIXED
  112. Bug Report: When the ship is in limbo waiting to see if the Captain does !Raid or !Moor, you can !dig, but not any other land based triggers. - FIXED
  114. bug: the same thing again - I tried to sell an ornamental item, got the message "Spanish be needin' ye to export goods to another faction!!!!" and the item just disappeared from my chest - FIXES implemented. Needs additional testing
  116. Bug Report: Whatever this is: “<CaptainJack>   [P] Blimey!  Puerto Principe's Dutch Captain o' the Fort gifts the crew 2.39P doubloons for chasin' away pirates who were about to raid the town! The Nautilus be in the near vicinity. We be paid 0.3 doubloons fer protection!” - FIXED
  118. Bug Report: the rob and steal command are the same, but are considered separate rusty commands. It’s the same with capn cmd and captain command - FIXED
  120. Bug Report: “<CaptainJack>   [P] Yarr!  'John' V0wUp5OzVRjT bought 3 a Gooseberries fer 0 doubloons n' locks it in her chest!” My fruit voucher may have given me all 3 fruits for free. Also the grammar. :) - Not bug, but grammar fixed
  122. Bug Report: there are 2 level 30 pirate kings - Unable to Reproduce, Need Logs
  124. Bug Report: I used the season bonus which allows me to sell more items at the market. I was able to sell 6 items the first time, but any time after that, I am only able to sell 4 items. - FIXED
  126. i'm 3 in charisma and per !bored -CaptKirk-  [P]  Here be what ye can do: games, lottery, rob, rusty, scuttlebutt, work
  127. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Ye need to be at least level 4 in Charisma to use tis command! !Pirates Skills - Unable to reproduce
  129. -CaptKirk-  [P]  bio0000 will level up soon n' can be sponsored after levelin' up... - FIXED
  130. -CaptKirk-  [P]  Who do ye want to back?? !Pirates Sponsor <pirate> fastman, normal79, bio0000, Southern_B|tch, ScriptJunkie, [EWG]-Latest
  132. I have learnt Swordmanship lvl 3 which should give me +2 dueling power, I have also learnt Marksmanship which likewise should give me +2 dueling power at lvl 3. But currently I have +3 offensive bonus. - Unable to Reproduce
  134. so it looks like you can !p insult ANYONE on channel - NOT A BUG
  136. Bug: on of the tasks for lvl 24 is "Buy n' sell goods (!P Market Goods) 5x" , but whatever I do the counter won't go down. I tried buying and selling goods, and just doing !p market goods, nothing seems to have an effect - Unable to reproduce. Tasks and achievements have anti-spamming feature which only will record them every couple minutes
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