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  1. [English] Dean McRae says: Fo' fucks sake man.
  2. * Lochlainn Foley reaches inside his dufflebag, then draws his Remington 870 out of it and unsafes it. *
  3. ★ Kir Dorofeyev rubs his forehead.
  4. * Kir Dorofeyev reaches under his top and grasps onto the grip of his firearm, before drawing i t out. *
  5. ★ Dean McRae kneels, checking his car.
  6.  [English] Lochlainn Foley says: INSIDE.
  7.  [English] Dean McRae says: Real shi' ?
  8.  [English] Lochlainn Foley says: Move it.
  9.  [English] Lochlainn Foley says: BACKSEAT, GO.
  10.  [English] Dean McRae says: Hella I care
  11.  [English] Dean McRae says: Try tha' shi',
  12.  [English] Lochlainn Foley says: Ai.
  13. District IC: You'd hear a series of loud shotgun gunshots echoing throughout the vicinity
  14. ★ Lochlainn Foley bags the shotgun.
  15.  [English] Kir Dorofeyev says: YOOOO!
  16. ★ Lochlainn Foley drives over him.
  17. ★ Kir Dorofeyev laughs.
  19. Screenshot: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/447061812421328906/513352968259502130/mta-screen_2018-11-17_14-57-12.png
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