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  1. Waylas Ruuz - Redguard pub owner
  2. Iszara Ruuz - wife, also sells food and produce in the marketplace
  3. Amren Ruuz - youngest son
  4. Sherina Ruuz - older daughter, occasionally carries fruit to her mother's stand and serves drinks to the visitors to the pub
  5. Quests:
  6. 1) A bar brawl erupts after an argument between Stormcloak-supporting citizens and Imperial-supporting citizens. Waylas is nowhere to be found, and soon after the fight starts, you are knocked out and wake up in a room on a higher floor of the pub. Isazara is caring for your wound, and is frantic because she had to care for the pub tonight instead of her husband. She asks that you do something. The player must knock out every violent visitor to the pub. (killing anyone in this quest with fists knocks them unconscious)
  8. 2) Waylas is concerned about his daughter's recent habit of spending the day with the wrong kind of people, i.e. M'raaj-Dar, a Khajiit pirate. The player must find out more info about what Sherina is up to along with battling some of M'raaj-Dar's crew. Eventually the player finds out from Sherina that she doesn't truly love M'raaj-Dar, but simply desires to escape this horrible city and go on an adventure. The player can choose to persuade her to drop the marriage, and if successful, M'Raaj-Dar will take her prisoner, leading to a standoff between the city guards and the Khajiit pirate crew. Then the player will have to sneak into the ship via an underwater entrance and take out the pirates to rescue Sherina. Or you can take the somewhat boring route and let Sherina go to the marriage at the temple, where Waylas will barge in at the last minute and demand that you do something. Here you can choose to ignore him or object to the marriage. The former will have M'raaj-Dar thanking you and giving you gold and jewels, and the latter will have you killing the pirates in the temple with Waylas. Not helping Waylas will make him angry with you, as expected, and getting good prices from him will be more difficult. Helping Waylas will give you better prices and better advice from him on what to do and where to go.
  10. M'raaj-Dar - Khajiit pirate captain who desires to marry Sherina
  12. Thetrard - young Breton bard
  14. Pilus Goldwine - Imperial baker
  16. Keel-Raniur - Argonian baker (F)
  18. Siddgeir Fire-Tamer - teacher of Keel-Rainur and Pilus, apprentices split the business once he retired, wishes to see the two as friends again
  20. Aengoth Arill - poor Dunmer merchant who's the worst in the business, worships the nine but also has a Bosmeri faith, feels that this is his punishment for his rebellion against the Bosmeri forest deity
  21. 1) After doing a few quests for some of the other townsfolk, Aengoth will open up and ask you to go to some random dungeon and grab something he lost. There will be a joke about the standard fare seen in Skyrim draugr dungeons in his dialogue, but he will change his mind and decide that he can probably ask this stranger for a bit more. He then brings up the underground arena and asks that you become a fighter there, sponsored by him. You can participate in 5 fights, each more difficult than the last, and the last having the opponent cheating, and you will get the gold reward. This is the only way the player will be able to enter the arena, since the guard at the secret entrance to the door won't let the player in otherwise. After completing the quest, the player is also free to continue the arena quest.
  23. Erundil - disgruntled Thalmor agent
  25. Sovereign Helseth Othrenim - Luftahraan leader/Dunmer/vampire
  27. Agronak - fierce Orc city guard leader, head of the Luftahraan "gestapo"
  29. Olfeigr - Nord (F) head of the regular city guard, wishes to stop the oppression caused by Agronak
  31. Jocien Northwode - (Breton, middle-aged) Boethiah cult leader
  33. Valund the Younger - (Nord) Zenithar cult leader, father was original founder of the city's temple
  35. Cavortius the Mad - aging Imperial beggar with multiple personalities, one of a fearless warrior, the other of a spineless noble
  37. Marlena - (F, Imperial) blind beggar who some claim can tell the future
  39. Dreekius - (Argonian) paranoia filled sneak who has filled his brain with every single rumor whispered in
  41. Luftahraan, and counting; also does the occasional pickpocket
  43. Yadba Khashnar - Orc protector of the underground beggars, claims to have once been chief of an orc stronghold and that he was kicked out unlawfully
  45. Erundil - (Atmer) old wizard locked up in the prison, claims to not be from our timeline..
  47. Ghoragdush Murgol - aging orc blacksmith
  49. Beran Yeomsley - balding Breton with a fixation for books, owns a book shop which has every book available in Tamriel, has recently gotten a book that may have been created by Boethiah and whose events may end up happening in the city of the one owning it
  51. Evette - (Nord, F) widow of Thjollod, may or may not also be blackmailed by the Dark Brotherhood
  52. Thjollod - (Nord) apparently dead husband of Evette (walks around with a hood and stuff and lives underground, true name isn't revealed until certain parts of the quest are completed)
  53. Ruki - daughter of Evette and Thjollod
  55. Sirrolus Carvain - Imperial ambassador coming to the city to gather support for the Empire, true intentions lie in excavating the Dwemer ruins below for a weapon that could possibly crush the Stormcloak rebellion
  57. Erich - aspiring yet inexperienced Nord hunter (young)
  59. Crito Mercius - (Imperial) disenfranchised arena announcer, reminisces in the good old days when everyone wanted to see a bloodbath
  61. Depusanis Civello - (Imperial) once a proud and pompous noble of Winterhold, he lost everything after the earthquake and now roams the streets as a madman; also the only beggar who wanders the streets during the day
  63. Pavo Abor - (Imperial, mohawk, beard, crappy pants and can't afford a shirt) a sailor who's trying to escape his past
  65. Ivrosa - (F) Dunmer pirate who's trying to prove her worth to her crew
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