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Dec 1st, 2019
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  1. <size=30>Hello and welcome to <color=teal>Epsilon Gaming</color>!</size>
  2. <color=teal>Epsilon Gaming</color> is a small SCP : SL server run by DavidFrog and Dr Six. We value the friendlyness we have towards new players and experienced ones alike. If there is no staff member online while you're on the server feel free to join the <color=blue>Discord</color> server and tag the staff. If you have any questions please ask a <color=yellow>Helper</color>.
  4. We're currently looking for <color=yellow>Helpers</color>, feel free to join the <color=blue>Discord</color> server to apply!
  5. Pressable <color=blue>Discord</color> Link: <link=""></link>
  7. <size=30><color=yellow>Rules</color></size>
  8. 1. Do not advertise groups, servers, YouTube videos etc.
  9. 2. No soundboards, voice changers, or playing music loudly through the microphone on the Intercom, over radio or in Spectator chat.
  10. 3. Do not impersonate others.
  11. 4. No discrimination of any type.
  12. 5. Inappropriate names are not acceptable.
  13. 6. Do NOT try to make people join a website with anything related to screamers, pornographic content, phishing/scams, viruses or any other inappropriate website.
  14. 7. Do not ban evade, as you can get extended punishments.
  15. 8. Don't disrespect/insult users.
  16. 9. Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff. If you feel a staff member is abusing, please look at the #faq to report players.
  17. 10. Don't discuss politics, exploits, hacks or religion here.
  18. 11. Excessive name calling, threats or harassment will not be tolerated and will be moderated.
  19. 12. Asking anything related to your staff application will not be tolerated, as it can get annoying.
  20. 13. Disrupting a staff sit by; leaving them, entering them without permission, ignoring staff, etc. is not allowed.
  21. 14. The Staff has the right to mute/restrict a member temporarily, for something that is not directly discussed in these rules, if it violates any “common sense” and good etiquette rules one should follow. It will then be discussed about the punishment needed for such cases on the future, and applied accordingly.
  22. 15. This server is English-only, if you have large conversations in other languages, you will be asked to stop.
  23. 16. Don't abuse glitches.
  24. 17. Don't use any third party addons. (Hacks)
  25. 18. No teamgriefing! This includes:
  26. - Teamkilling.
  27. - Closing doors on teammates for no reason - Reasoning would be, fx being chased by enemies.
  28. - Disarming Teammates.
  29. - Class-D cannot teamgrief eachother! They're considered on the same team.
  30. Quick Note: Disarmed enemies are considered on the same team.
  31. 19. Don't go AFK mid game.
  33. We're using <b><color=red>MegaPatch2</color></b>, aka Version 9.0.2!
  35. That's all, thanks for reading!
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