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  1. Goddess should keep the perviness down
  2. <Goddess>: get quote duke
  3. <Taiya>: <Ironduke> so enjoy my butt :3 ~~ added by Hyperion on Mar 03 2016 (450)
  4. <Goddess>: xD
  5. <Workflakes>: good girl
  6. <Goddess>: get quote tal
  7. <Taiya>: <T​alvieno> longer ones are best. :d ~~ added by DWMagus on Aug 26 2016 (746)
  8. <Workflakes>: rofl
  9. Saphire nibbles on perviness
  10. <Goddess>: get quote corn
  11. <Taiya>: <Cornflakes> we are always raping bots ~~ added by T​alvieno on Oct 26 2015 (228)
  12. <Goddess>: :V
  13. <Saphire>: o.O
  14. <Goddess>: get quote corn
  15. <Taiya>: <Cornflakes> I have an oversized helmet ~~ added by DigitalDuck on Jan 19 2016 (373)
  16. <Goddess>: get quote corn
  17. <Taiya>: <Talvicreep> anyway, think it's pretty obvious why Dino's sis has never been on irc. [lists reasons]    <Dwcreep> Tal; and you then forget the biggest reason.    me.    Tal; to be fair, not me.  the biggest reason is in my pants.    <Cornflakes> thats a very small reason magus ~~ added by Talvicreep on Aug 22 2017 (1318)
  18. <Goddess>: xD
  19. <Goddess>: i like that
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