Taking Anon Like a Real Mare [Clop] (RGRE) (Fluttershy)

Aug 17th, 2016
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  1. > Be Fluttershy, tired after a long day feeding and helping your critters
  2. > Most of the time, you don't mind taking care of others, you are a mare, after all
  3. > All that's left is your...guest
  4. > You feel a little guilty about not telling your friends about him, but...
  5. > You open the door to your cottage, and the aroma of lavender tea wafts by
  6. > Anon turns at the sound and gives you a warm smile
  7. > "Welcome home. How were the bears?"
  8. > You smile back and clamber onto your divan, sinking into its cushions
  9. "Oh, they are just fine. A little trouble with their beds, but I had some extra down. Baby bear is sleeping better now."
  10. > "I'll bet."
  11. > Anon brings you a cup and settles beside you, sipping at his tea
  12. > You sidle up beside his leg, basking in his stallionish warmth
  13. > The tea helps as well, and you feel all the tenseness of the day flow out of you
  14. > You sigh happily
  15. > Anon chuckles in his deep, velvety voice
  16. > His fingers burrow through your mane and scratch at your scalp
  17. > It's official, you are in Elysium
  18. > Feeling a little bold, you lay your head on Anon's thigh
  19. > He just continues scritching your head like nothing happened
  20. > Any sleepiness you felt evaporates from the heat blooming from your loins
  21. > You take deep breaths through your nose, savoring his musky scent
  22. > Maybe it was the tea, or his smell, or the way he smiled at you
  23. > Whatever it was, you stroke his thigh with your forehoof, blushing all the while
  24. > "Fluttershy?"
  25. > You gaze on his patient, trusting face
  26. > Such a pure colt
  27. "Anon, you have such good foal-chasing legs. I bet you could keep up all day."
  28. > "Foal-chasing? I suppose so. Are you hinting at the crusaders coming tomorrow or something?"
  29. > You do like seeing a stallion manage the little ones so well
  30. > It makes you warm in all sorts of ways, like winking in your heart
  31. "No, I was just thinking..."
  32. > Okay, you can do this, you practiced with Rarity for hours, um
  33. > N-no homo
  34. > You give Anon your best smouldering look
  35. "How about we make some f-foals for you to chase? If that's okay with you?"
  36. > So
  37. > Assertive
  38. > You are really proud of yourself
  39. > Anon pauses in scritching your scalp
  40. > "Are you propositioning me, Flutterbutterbutt?"
  41. > Oh no
  42. > He totally thinks you think he is easy!
  43. "Um, maybe, if you think we have been together long enough, and you keep wearing socks around me, so I thought-"
  44. > He boops your nose
  45. > It's hard not to scrunch, and you can tell you scrunched a little
  46. > Anon chuckles, but his eyes look different
  47. > Bright, excited, hungry
  48. > Oh mare, you better not mess this up
  49. > "You'll have to lead me through it, I'm not sure how to pleasure a birdhorse."
  50. > You don't really know about monkeytaurs either, but you absolutely can't tell him that
  51. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that. It's a mare's job to make sure the stallion has a good time."
  52. > He shrugs and leans against the divan's back, still scritching your mane
  53. > You hesitantly nuzzle his inner thigh, your nostrils flaring at his scent
  54. > Anon licks his lips
  55. > Oh mare
  56. > You bring a hoof over to unbutton his pants, but it's not like you practiced
  57. > This button is so small, and
  58. > Anon chuckles, his slender fingers brushing your hoof to the side
  59. > He nimbly undoes the fastening, and unzips
  60. > Oh, shorts beneath his pants?
  61. > Lewd, you approve
  62. > He lifts his hips, his bulge pressing against the thin fabric of his boxers
  63. > You breathe heavily through your nose, your mind getting hot and fuzzy and insistent
  64. > You bite the waist of his boxers and pull
  65. > His stallionhood rises like a monolith, at once imposing and inviting
  66. > You worship at its base, kissing and nuzzling, exulting in its firmness and warmth
  67. > Anon lets out a low groan, the thoroughly male sound wetting your lower lips
  68. > Um, what did Rarity say was next?
  69. > You gaze up at his eyes closed in bliss
  70. > Oh yes, now you remember
  71. "Does that feel good, you dirty colt? Not that you are dirty, just um. Naughty. Bad colt?"
  72. > Your eyes widen as you realised how terribly you insulted him
  73. > He lifts your head with gentle hands, bringing his mouth low to whisper into your ear
  74. > "What are you going to do with this bad colt? I'm hot and ready for either of your mouths."
  75. > You shiver in pleasure, tingling from hoof to pinion to snoot
  76. > Such a lewd stallion, your mind fills with half-remembered fantasies
  77. > You gaze up into his hungry eyes, and you can't help yourself
  78. > You surge up onto his lap, your wings flapping for balance
  79. > Anon falls back and you set your forehooves on his shoulders
  80. "Open your mouth, you frisky human."
  81. > Your breathing deepens as he obediently parts his lips
  82. > Bidden by his inviting, stallionish passiveness, you kiss him, your tongue meets his, the taste undescribable
  83. > It's so different from all the times you and Rarity-
  84. > No homo!
  85. > You feel a hand come to rest on your haunch, squeezing and kneading
  86. > Your hindlegs buckle at the stimulation, your marehood dipping and grazing his firmness
  87. > You moan into his mouth, your body hot and tingling with arousal and pleasure
  88. > Anon bucks at the graze, his grasp on your rear tightening almost painfully
  89. > You pull back from the kiss, panting heavily
  90. > He gives you a lazy grin
  91. > "Not bad at all, birdhorse."
  92. > Your chest swells at the praise, confidence rising
  93. "Tell me, Anon, have you ever tried anal?"
  94. > You're feeling pretty tufty
  95. > Anon yanks lightly at your tail
  96. > "No, but I'm about to."
  97. > You cup his cheek with your hoof
  98. "Not quite yet, gotta get you ready."
  99. > He quirks an eyebrow at you, and you lower yourself carefully
  100. > Your glistening marehood rests at the base of his rod, and you rock your hips back
  101. > His length slides between your lips, getting slathered with your juices
  102. > Anon gasps, gripping your back just under your flight muscles with both hands
  103. > You grin at the colt, backing up until you feel his erection prodding your belly
  104. > With a careful flex of your hips, his cock falls onto his belly
  105. > You crouch low and slide up his length, winking uncontrollably
  106. > Anon hisses slowly, his hips pressing up against yours
  107. > You love seeing a happy stallion
  108. > You stretch your neck up and nibble on his ear
  109. > "F-fuck!"
  110. > He stuttered!
  111. > So cute
  112. > You let your warm breath wash over his sensitive ear
  113. "Anon, be a good little colt and poke my ponut."
  114. > All that dirty talk practice is really paying off
  115. > You feel like a real, full grown mare with this panting stallion beneath you
  116. > His hands fall from your back, one resting at the base of your tail, the other?
  117. > He presses down and oh WOW
  118. > Your anus spasms around the head of his dick, your breath catching at the wave of pleasure
  119. "Mmmmyay!"
  120. > You close your eyes, savoring the sensation
  121. > It's so much better than a horn-
  122. "No homo!"
  123. > Anon chuckles
  124. > "Thinking of another mare?"
  125. > You look at his face, and he doesn't seem jealous
  126. > But your tuft is feeling distinctly flat right now, and your face is burning in embarrassment
  127. "N-no, just, um."
  128. > He boops your snoot, and you smell some of your marecum?
  129. > That must have been on his finger from when...
  130. > You are scrunching super hard right now
  131. > "Was it Twilight?"
  132. > You try to glare at him, but then he shifts his hips, his stallionhood sliding a fraction of an inch up your butt
  133. > You whimper
  134. "N-no."
  135. > Anon licks your cum off his fingers, maintaining eye contact
  136. > "Then who?"
  137. > You are winking so hard right now
  138. "R-rarity."
  139. > "Hot."
  140. > His now clean hand digs into your tuft, combing deep furrows in its fluff
  141. > This colt is too lewd
  142. > You cannot take anymore of this
  143. > You lower yourself on his rock hard stallionhood, shuddering and moaning at the stimulation
  144. > He groans, his back arching as he crushes you against his chest
  145. > Such strength!
  146. > You wrap your forelegs around his neck, your body automatically pumping up and down his throbbing length
  147. > You are filled with a surging ocean of pleasure, cresting and crashing with every motion
  148. > Anon is moaning incoherently in your ear, his thighs slamming against your rump
  149. "I'm going to take your seed Anon!"
  150. > He growls, a new thrill roiling in your gut
  151. > Your mind blanks as your orgasm crescendos, every nerve in your body singing in ecstacy
  152. > Anon shouts wordlessly, his precious semen blasting inside you
  153. > As your pleasure slowly ebbs away, you feel him still twitching inside you, a slick, radiant warmth
  154. > You gaze upon his face, taking great satisfaction as he slowly recovers his senses
  155. "Looks like I did my duty."
  156. > Anon grins at you
  157. > "That you did."
  158. > You rest contentedly on his chest, your mind slowly recalling what just happened
  159. > He strokes your mane fondly, his strength spent
  160. > Wait
  161. > You frown
  162. "How do you know Rarity? And Twilight?"
  163. > Anon raises an eyebrow
  164. > "I followed you to town one day. Funny how they didn't know I was staying with you until I told them."
  165. > Oh no
  166. "Well, um, there's a good reason for that. They, uh,"
  167. > He gazes at you patiently
  168. > You press your face into his chest to avoid his gaze
  169. "I just wanted you for myself."
  170. > Anon pats you on the withers
  171. > "Don't worry, you got me. I'm not going anywhere."
  172. > You look up at his smiling face, and smile back shyly
  173. "Yay."
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