Roundtable Apr '14

Apr 11th, 2014
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  1. [20:09:34] <Pea14733> So, start?
  2. [20:11:11] <Neumannz> Yeah
  3. [20:11:44] <Neumannz> Where are we on the agenda
  4. [20:11:58] <Neumannz> And who's here?
  5. [20:12:03] <Sora1995> no i
  6. [20:13:30] <Pea14733> Me. :P
  7. 01[20:14:08] <+Luxerion> hold up
  8. 01[20:14:18] <+Luxerion> im here today :3
  9. [20:14:30] <Pea14733> :P
  10. 01[20:14:33] <+Luxerion> i'll leave soon, for maybe 3 minutes cuz i ordered food and i'll need to pick it up
  11. [20:15:44] <Sora1995> The North American version of Final Fantasy VII was re-released in Japan, called "Final Fantasy VII International", the very first International Version, a semi-recurring feature of the series. It includes Final Fantasy VII: Perfect Guide, a special fourth disc with maps, character information, design sketches, and other trivia.
  12. [20:15:48] <Sora1995> mt
  13. 01[20:16:00] <+Luxerion> yeah, just found that on the ffwiki
  14. 01[20:16:10] <+Luxerion> ANYWAYS
  15. 01[20:16:15] <+Luxerion> i'll get up the agenda and we can start
  16. 01[20:16:21] <+Luxerion> or will we wait for a while?
  17. 01[20:16:52] <+Luxerion> ksm isn't here, neither is fm and they were here last week :p
  18. [20:17:04] <Neumannz> Are they planning on being here?
  19. [20:17:05] <Pea14733> KSM said he can't make it
  20. [20:17:17] <Pea14733> FM said he might be on like, aat the end of the meeting
  21. 01[20:18:25] <+Luxerion> alright, so should we start in that case?
  22. [20:18:30] <Neumannz> I say start
  23. 01[20:18:47] <+Luxerion> alright, first thing on the agenda is "Additional help required in Mirage Arena."
  24. [20:19:19] <Pea14733> What kind of help? :P
  25. 01[20:20:02] <+Luxerion> so, i put this in so i'll explain my situation; basically, what was going on in the MA is that I was the only one taking care of things, and i was able to back then, during summer, then i started university, so basically, i need help in basically archiving, and setting up the MA matches, otherwise, all the images and etc. are covered already.
  26. 01[20:20:24] <+Luxerion> Pea, you offered to help a while back but then all of a sudden you just stopped.
  27. 01[20:20:39] <+Luxerion> so i removed you off the staff for the MA.
  28. [20:20:48] <Pea14733> I had tests then I forgot, sorry :(
  29. [20:21:32] <Neumannz> What do you mean, setting up the matches?
  30. 01[20:21:33] <+Luxerion> mmh, same thing happened to me, but they were classes.
  31. [20:22:04] <Pea14733> My university starts in August and I'm on holidays until then
  32. 01[20:23:07] <+Luxerion> like, setting up the templates with the correct images and text, fixing the templates (for example, the actual MA template at the bottom of the page, along with the bracket templates at the top of the joint struggle/second chance pages)
  33. 01[20:24:20] <+Luxerion> but, generally, its someone who will substitute for me when i can't do it.
  34. [20:24:42] <Neumannz> If it's simple enough, I can help out
  35. 01[20:24:47] <+Luxerion> because im almost done with my classes (heading back to qatar on the 27th), i'll be able to manage until august/1st week of september, something around that time.
  36. [20:25:37] <Pea14733> My semesters are now the same as yours :/
  37. 01[20:25:56] <+Luxerion> its basically just changing out files and archiving old templates/pages.
  38. 01[20:26:08] <+Luxerion> so if you can manage neumannz, then that issue is settled.
  39. 01[20:28:23] <+Luxerion> so we've settled the issue then?
  40. 01[20:29:37] <+Luxerion> ... quiet.
  41. [20:29:58] <Pea14733> Well we only have three people here :/
  42. 01[20:30:09] <+Luxerion> but a simple yes would tell me that issue is settled.
  43. [20:30:36] <Pea14733> Well if Neumannz is okay
  44. 01[20:30:36] <+Luxerion> not trying to be mean, just trying to get the issue done with so we can move onto other things
  45. 01[20:30:46] <+Luxerion> unless, you want to hold off the rt until later when other people are on?
  46. [20:31:31] <Pea14733> Well since he said he can help out then let's move on
  47. 01[20:32:44] <+Luxerion> alright
  48. [20:33:32] <Neumannz> Yeah, it should be fine
  49. [20:33:47] <Neumannz> I don't have to choose matchups, right?
  50. 01[20:34:03] <+Luxerion> as in nominating?
  51. [20:34:09] <Neumannz> Yeah
  52. 01[20:34:27] <+Luxerion> no, you just have to archive the nominations themselves and set up a template with the nominees in the MA.
  53. 01[20:36:07] <+Luxerion> next issue is staff promotions or getting new staff, i only brought it up on the agenda because i feel we don't have enough staff? or no, because kryten left. but we already have more than enough so its not necessary
  54. [20:37:50] <Pea14733> Xion said a kind of no in the previous RT
  55. 01[20:38:10] <+Luxerion> mmh, yeah. i read it and i understand where she's coming from.
  56. [20:38:34] <Neumannz> We're not at a point where more staff would help with anything
  57. [20:38:40] <Pea14733> lol
  58. [20:39:01] <Neumannz> When 2.5 happens, we'll see
  59. [20:39:05] <Pea14733> Yeah
  60. 01[20:39:18] <+Luxerion> so that's a clear no. moving onto issue 3
  61. 01[20:39:26] <+Luxerion> "Dealing with the Furious Volley page and other similar ability pages."
  62. 01[20:39:42] <+Luxerion> talk page attached:
  63. [20:40:11] <Neumannz> Sum up the issue?
  64. 01[20:40:39] <+Luxerion> basically, the issue with the ability is that the ability has different names across 3 games
  65. 01[20:40:51] <+Luxerion> and is an ability in two games and a sleight in the third.
  66. [20:40:55] <Pea14733> How about the Japanese name?
  67. 01[20:41:10] <+Luxerion> lemme see
  68. 01[20:42:09] <+Luxerion> Sleight from Re:CoM: フュリアスボレー Ability in KHI: フュリアスベロウ Ability from KHII: フュリアスベロウ
  69. [20:43:06] <Pea14733> "Furious Volley" for Re:CoM and "Furious Bellow" for the rest
  70. [20:43:22] <Neumannz> Read my comment
  71. [20:43:55] <Neumannz> Because they're two abilities
  72. [20:44:05] <Pea14733> Yeah I think so too
  73. 01[20:44:14] <+Luxerion> hmm, two separate abilities?
  74. [20:44:20] <Neumannz> Very different ones
  75. 01[20:45:07] <+Luxerion> wait, but they're both basically moves where beast shouts
  76. [20:45:15] <Neumannz> One isn't
  77. [20:45:23] <Pea14733> We did the same for Reflect didn't we?
  78. 01[20:45:25] <+Luxerion> wait
  79. 01[20:45:39] <+Luxerion> i mean the abilities, not the sleight.
  80. 01[20:45:51] <+Luxerion> or did you mean them too?
  81. [20:45:59] <Neumannz> That's why those two are one
  82. [20:46:07] <Neumannz> And the slight is the second
  83. [20:47:15] <Pea14733> Any other abilities have this issue?
  84. [20:47:53] <Neumannz> I don't think any abilities have more than two dubbed names
  85. 01[20:48:02] <+Luxerion> So if the ability is separate from the sleight, we can just give the sleight the 'Furious Volley' title, and the ability the 'Furious Shout, also translated as Furious Bellow in Kingdom Hearts, is an ability' thing.
  86. [20:48:24] <Neumannz> Pretty much
  87. 01[20:48:35] <+Luxerion> and if its important, we can use the "did you mean" template if they meant the sleight.
  88. 01[20:49:01] <+Luxerion> so basically, we'll have two pages if the sleight is different from the ability.
  89. 01[20:49:07] <+Luxerion> and it is, correct?
  90. [20:49:12] <Pea14733> Yes
  91. 01[20:49:25] <+Luxerion> i'll go look for a video with all sleights just to make sure before we finalize this
  92. [20:50:17] <Neumannz> To make sure it's not a shout?
  93. 01[20:51:36] <+Luxerion> yeah, because if it is, it should then be using the same name, with the type it is (whether ability or sleight) in brackets beside the name.
  94. [20:52:52] <Neumannz> Eh
  95. [20:53:11] <Neumannz> The name and description are both unique
  96. 01[20:53:24] <+Luxerion> but the name 'furious volley' does give that vibe that it's a continuous beatdown
  97. 01[20:53:34] <+Luxerion> rather than a single yell or shout
  98. [20:53:52] <Neumannz> Well, yeah, I think it's a charging attack
  99. [20:54:00] <Neumannz> Or something
  100. [20:54:20] <Neumannz> But I think either way we'd give it its own article
  101. 01[20:54:43] <+Luxerion> this guy seems to be avoiding heartless fights in hb...
  102. [20:58:53] <Neumannz> Look for a sleight compilation?
  103. 01[20:59:20] <+Luxerion> im just looking for the sleight with two or three beast cards in it
  104. 01[20:59:28] <+Luxerion> all i can find are ones with beast and two keyblades <_<
  105. 03[20:59:44] * FM|CowboyBebop ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  106. 03[21:00:17] * FM|CowboyBebop is now known as FifteenthMember
  107. [21:00:19] <Neumannz> Does anyone have recom available
  108. [21:00:20] <FifteenthMember> Hi
  109. [21:00:27] <FifteenthMember> I have Re:com
  110. [21:00:35] <FifteenthMember> (which agenda point are we on?)
  111. [21:00:44] <Neumannz> Furious volley
  112. 01[21:01:06] <+Luxerion> i have 1.5 hd but i cant check quickly because its upstairs. i could check on pcsx2 but id need to get my ds3 or something. actually i might do that give me a sec
  113. [21:01:07] <Neumannz> Which seems like an non issue to me, personally
  114. [21:01:08] <FifteenthMember> Oh. I have Re:com but I don't have a save file for sora
  115. [21:02:36] <FifteenthMember> Err, could someone give me a log of what's happened so far please? :3
  116. 01[21:04:07] <+Luxerion>
  117. [21:04:27] <FifteenthMember> Thanks
  118. 01[21:04:37] <+Luxerion> alright booting up pcsx2
  119. [21:06:06] <Pea14733> I found the use of Beast card, is it enough?
  120. [21:06:23] <Pea14733> Only one card btw :(
  121. [21:06:47] <FifteenthMember> Caught up
  122. [21:08:33] <Neumannz> Check the description of the beast friend card in the wiki
  123. [21:08:47] <Neumannz> See if it's similar to the sleight's description
  124. [21:11:31] <Pea14733> Card: The Beast knocks enemies towards Sora. Sora can then knock the enemies back to the Beast. Stock more than one for multiple strikes.
  125. [21:12:26] <Pea14733> Yeah it's similar and it's not a shout
  126. 01[21:14:41] <+Luxerion> yeah did it in the game, he just beats them up
  127. [21:15:03] <Pea14733> So moving on?
  128. 01[21:15:23] <+Luxerion> so we can go with the two separates pages, one for the ability, using 'Furious Shout' and one for the sleight using 'Furious Volley', with the "You may be looking for" tempaltes
  129. 01[21:16:29] <+Luxerion> Next issue, "Increased community activity?"
  130. [21:17:12] <Pea14733> KSM has his comments
  131. [21:17:19] <Pea14733>
  132. [21:17:25] <Pea14733> It's really long ...
  133. [21:18:17] <Neumannz> Summary?
  134. [21:18:53] <FifteenthMember> Oh
  135. 01[21:18:55] <+Luxerion> jesus the colors
  136. [21:18:59] <FifteenthMember> Increased community activity
  137. 01[21:19:23] <+Luxerion> for the site theme, we really cant do anything until 2.5 materials are out, like the box art or new renders, etc.
  138. [21:19:24] <FifteenthMember> tbh, I'm noticing a trend like that across most internet sites :<
  139. [21:19:45] <FifteenthMember> I remember reading on article on how even Wikipedia is slowly dying
  140. [21:20:00] <FifteenthMember> So I don't think there's anything we can really do
  141. [21:20:01] <Pea14733> I don't want to be mean, but the first half is all complaints ...
  142. [21:20:29] <FifteenthMember> The only thing we can do is do community events like FA, FM, Mirage Arena and the LP
  143. [21:20:51] <FifteenthMember> Although, we should probably update all our community pages like our project area and Traverse Town
  144. [21:21:08] <FifteenthMember> What happened to the podcast/magazine by the way?
  145. [21:21:17] <Pea14733> Died
  146. [21:21:28] <Neumannz> Didn't happen
  147. 01[21:21:33] <+Luxerion> never took off since it was accepted into the fold, lets say, around the time i left.
  148. 01[21:21:36] <+Luxerion> i wanted to head it btw
  149. [21:21:58] <Neumannz> It can still be a possibility
  150. [21:22:11] <FifteenthMember> That's a shame cos it was coming along nicely
  151. 01[21:22:13] <+Luxerion> it can, however it all depends on who can make it
  152. [21:22:26] <FifteenthMember>
  153. 01[21:22:32] <+Luxerion> but then again, it would only be recorded once per 3 months
  154. [21:22:43] <FifteenthMember> The major barrier is the fact that the magazine needs to be written in code
  155. [21:22:56] <FifteenthMember> So the simple minded folk like me can't make it :P
  156. 01[21:23:04] <+Luxerion> and if, let's say we were recording it now, we'd literally just be talking about opinions rather than actual game news considering nothing has happened the last 6 months in kh world
  157. [21:23:25] <FifteenthMember> I think the podcast won't turn out well to be honest
  158. [21:23:30] <Pea14733> Well next month has a new trailer for KH3 in here
  159. 01[21:23:30] <+Luxerion> how come?
  160. [21:23:35] <FifteenthMember> Since kh news is so unbelievably dry
  161. 01[21:23:43] <+Luxerion> right, but it's also pertaining to the wiki
  162. 01[21:23:48] <+Luxerion> so it would involve wiki business too.
  163. 01[21:23:54] <+Luxerion> so it wouldn't be, empty, let's say
  164. [21:24:14] <Neumannz> We could do opinion pieces
  165. [21:24:20] <FifteenthMember> I think there's no harm in trying in out
  166. [21:24:37] <Pea14733> There are a few new users but they just edit once and then left...
  167. [21:24:38] <FifteenthMember> and seeing what happens
  168. [21:24:46] <FifteenthMember> I really want to revive the Magazine but this time
  169. [21:25:18] <FifteenthMember> I think we should remove the admin "paperwork" stuff like new users, deletion logs etc.
  170. 01[21:25:27] <+Luxerion> we will still be using the magazine, but in conjunction with the podcast.
  171. [21:25:30] <FifteenthMember> And strip it down to the actual community aspects
  172. 01[21:25:46] <+Luxerion> rather than having twenty pages, maybe 3 with each page encompassing what was discussed.
  173. 01[21:25:58] <+Luxerion> in categories, of course
  174. [21:26:03] <FifteenthMember> The magazine can have a page that links to the podcast
  175. [21:26:19] <FifteenthMember> And perhaps a summary
  176. 01[21:26:27] <+Luxerion> like, 'kh news', 'kh wiki news and changes' and finally, the part that is a variable depending on what we wanna do.
  177. [21:27:02] <FifteenthMember> Here's the pages of the magazine I think we should get rid of:
  178. 01[21:27:03] <+Luxerion> additionally, since they're only going to be coming into play 4 times a year (once per 3 months), they'll be fairly long-ish.
  179. [21:27:05] <FifteenthMember> Page 2 and 3, which tell people news of the Wiki
  180. [21:27:57] <FifteenthMember> Cos that will be way too update and write each three months so the magazine would probably die
  181. [21:28:13] <FifteenthMember> *too hard to update
  182. [21:28:20] <FifteenthMember> Plus, it's not exactly the most interesting information so it'd deter readers
  183. 01[21:28:40] <+Luxerion> well, it would only mention what's been added in summary, not like we're mentioned each change separately.
  184. 01[21:28:45] <+Luxerion> mentioning*
  185. [21:29:55] <Neumannz> A short summary wouldn't be too bad
  186. [21:29:56] <FifteenthMember> I think one rule we can have is if in three months we don't have enough content to write a page
  187. [21:29:56] <FifteenthMember> That page is omitted for that magazine's edition
  188. 01[21:30:14] <+Luxerion> right.
  189. [21:30:16] <FifteenthMember> Do we really need to keep the Featured articles, users and media?
  190. 01[21:30:59] <+Luxerion> well. if i was good with this keyboard (its tiny), i could work up a page/piece of code that could feature what we want.
  191. [21:31:00] <FifteenthMember> The Wiki has its own pages for them anyway
  192. 01[21:31:28] <+Luxerion> well, not what we want, what i mean.
  193. 01[21:31:58] <+Luxerion> like, we could have a short summary on wiki news, maybe two paragraphs or 3? then featured users, media and articles for the past 3 months. and then it would end there
  194. [21:33:09] <FifteenthMember> Remember that we'll need two articles
  195. [21:33:09] <FifteenthMember> One for the KHWiki's news and the other for the Keyhole
  196. [21:33:09] <FifteenthMember> Also, featured user hasn't happened for some time now
  197. 01[21:33:53] <+Luxerion> i feel like the keyhole part is just... not needed.
  198. [21:33:54] <FifteenthMember> So for a summary, which pages will we need?
  199. 01[21:34:13] <+Luxerion> that site is being updated, yes, but i feel its just tacked on.
  200. [21:34:14] <FifteenthMember> Why?
  201. [21:34:26] <FifteenthMember> They still have their FAs and FUs
  202. [21:34:45] <FifteenthMember> And to be honest, the magazine was their idea and they need the new users even more than we do
  203. 01[21:34:57] <+Luxerion> i forgot about that.
  204. 01[21:35:16] <+Luxerion> i dont go on the keyhole much anymore so i dont know whats going on there and assume its dead.
  205. [21:35:17] <FifteenthMember> So it seems unfair to leave them out of it
  206. 01[21:35:29] <+Luxerion> well, IF the keyhole users are willing to fill in their part, i'm all fine for it.
  207. 01[21:35:54] <+Luxerion> but it's a similar situation to the disney wiki, they wanted to do it, so we're offering to do work ALONGSIDE them and not for them, not implying they wanted it that way.
  208. [21:36:16] <FifteenthMember> These are the pages we'll need: a cover, contents, Trinity Archives summary, summary, The Keyhole summary,
  209. [21:36:35] <FifteenthMember> Those are the information bits I guess
  210. [21:37:19] <FifteenthMember> We need the community bits now: "special editor page" (which is an article that's subject entirely changes from issue to issue)
  211. 01[21:37:24] <+Luxerion> well, it won't be a magazine per se, it'll be more like a few summary bits formatted as to look like a small booklets.
  212. 01[21:37:33] <+Luxerion> ALONGSIDE the podcast.
  213. 01[21:37:47] <+Luxerion> the podcast is now the main thing in this case.
  214. [21:39:20] <FifteenthMember> The magazine can do some stuff the podcast doesn't though
  215. [21:39:20] <FifteenthMember> For example:
  216. [21:39:20] <FifteenthMember> Dive to the Heart (tutorial page)
  217. 01[21:40:01] <+Luxerion> what was the concept behind that again?
  218. [21:40:03] <FifteenthMember> User page (top 5 list)
  219. [21:40:03] <FifteenthMember> And most importantly, The Grid (puzzle/riddle) and Interactive Page
  220. [21:40:19] <FifteenthMember> Which one?
  221. 01[21:40:31] <+Luxerion> the dive to the heart page
  222. 01[21:40:47] <+Luxerion> the interactive page, is that like a poll or something?
  223. [21:42:39] <FifteenthMember> Oh. It'd have one game tutorial and one wiki tutorial
  224. [21:42:39] <FifteenthMember> Although, I feel the game tutorial is unnecessaru
  225. [21:42:39] <FifteenthMember> *unnecessary considering we have a Wiki's worth of information
  226. [21:42:39] <FifteenthMember> So I think it should focus on wiki tutorials
  227. [21:42:39] <FifteenthMember> " The Interactive Page (also doesn't have a name). Needs a section for the chief editor hosted mailbag. Also needs another section for the to do lists, which include 5 tasks to complete from .net, 5 more for the Keyhole and 5 challenges for the KH games, so it needs to be separated into 3 sections somehow."
  228. [21:42:41] <FifteenthMember> I think the to do lists can be merged with the summary for Wiki news
  229. 02[21:47:03] * FifteenthMember ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
  230. 03[21:47:29] * FifteenthMember ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  231. [21:47:36] <FifteenthMember> Huh, I pinged out
  232. [21:48:08] <FifteenthMember> What was the last thing you guys heard from me?
  233. [21:48:41] <Pea14733> [03:42:42] <FifteenthMember> I think the to do lists can be merged with the summary for Wiki news
  234. [21:49:13] <FifteenthMember> [21:42:57] <FifteenthMember> Since that's more about projects and stuff
  235. [21:49:13] <FifteenthMember> [21:43:08] <FifteenthMember> I don't really understand the challenges so I think the poll is much better
  236. [21:49:13] <FifteenthMember> [21:43:34] <FifteenthMember> I think what we need to do is first figure out which bits we want to include in our magazine/podcast
  237. [21:49:13] <FifteenthMember> [21:43:51] <FifteenthMember> Then figure out which bits work best for the two formats
  238. [21:49:13] <FifteenthMember> [21:44:26] <FifteenthMember> As in, does x belong to the podcast or magazine?
  239. [21:49:14] <FifteenthMember> [21:44:52] <FifteenthMember> But if we revive this, we should discuss it with the Keyhole as well
  240. [21:49:14] <FifteenthMember> [21:46:21] <FifteenthMember> So let's continue this discussion on a forum post with them?
  241. 01[21:50:20] <+Luxerion> alright, regarding the magazine, we should move the issue to next month, or at least, a time where we have mex, ksm and/or a keyhole user so we can get a new layout done, especially since we plan on doing a podcast with it.
  242. 01[21:50:25] <+Luxerion> oh.
  243. 01[21:50:29] <+Luxerion> i see fm said that, basically.
  244. 01[21:50:39] <+Luxerion> alright, we'll move it to a forum then.
  245. 01[21:50:46] <+Luxerion> i'll leave you in charge of creating the post, fm
  246. [21:51:19] <FifteenthMember> Okay D:
  247. [21:51:19] <FifteenthMember> I'll do it on this Wiki and tell people on the Keyhole to come over here
  248. [21:51:19] <FifteenthMember> (cos Wikia forums suck)
  249. 01[21:51:22] <+Luxerion> so now.
  250. 01[21:51:34] <+Luxerion> we need to dicsuss OTHER ways of reviving the site.
  251. 01[21:51:38] <+Luxerion> competitions?
  252. [21:51:50] <Neumannz> What kind of competitions
  253. [21:52:15] <FifteenthMember> Last competition didn't turn out so well
  254. 01[21:52:25] <+Luxerion> i do not want to do another cash-prize competition, it wasnt that it was a bad competition (i swear, thats probably the most in-depth competition we've ever done) but because i can't afford it (because i need to pay for my ffxiii collectibles :3)
  255. [21:52:35] <Byzantinefire_> Well i believe i have some idea.
  256. [21:52:37] <FifteenthMember> That's fine :P
  257. [21:53:19] <FifteenthMember> Spending £200 on a Wiki is much more than we could ask anyway
  258. [21:53:25] <FifteenthMember> *already
  259. [21:53:33] <Byzantinefire_> You could always promote KHWiki through the Keyhole and right here
  260. [21:53:36] <FifteenthMember> If we do an End of Year Event each year, that's good enough
  261. 01[21:54:38] <+Luxerion> i think the problem is advertising a non-wikia site through your own wiki, because we did that on the keyhole and that didn't go so well with wikia staff
  262. 04[21:54:39] <FifteenthMember> Ek, do you have any competition ideas in mind?
  263. 01[21:55:10] <+Luxerion> well, lets see
  264. [21:55:20] <FifteenthMember> My competition idea: online multiplayer at Mirage Arena when 2.5 comes out :3
  265. 01[21:55:24] <+Luxerion> we did a drawing one... then there was the game one, was there anything else that we did?
  266. 01[21:55:35] <+Luxerion> well yeah, we could do that IF the multiplayer is in there, but lets say its not?
  267. [21:55:42] <FifteenthMember> the quiz/cosplay that didn't turn out so well
  268. 01[21:56:00] <+Luxerion> that was for 1.5 hd, right?
  269. [21:56:05] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  270. [21:56:08] <Neumannz> Mhm
  271. [21:56:22] <Neumannz> Suggested by our square enix contact
  272. [21:56:23] <FifteenthMember> If we do any competition, we should save it for either a) 2.5 release celebration
  273. [21:56:28] <FifteenthMember> b) end of year event
  274. [21:56:53] <FifteenthMember> I never knew we had a square enix contact :3
  275. 01[21:56:59] <+Luxerion> i was thinking an mc competition, hosted by me again, but idk, thats too closed, right? plus, its basically drawing/modeling, but in a game.
  276. [21:57:24] <FifteenthMember> That's like the Pokemon competition that was proposed earlier
  277. [21:57:46] <FifteenthMember> That was replaced by the EoYE
  278. 01[21:57:53] <+Luxerion> not as much but i understand what you mean by that
  279. [21:58:10] <Neumannz> ?
  280. 03[21:58:26] * Cheisa (ad42907a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  281. 03[21:58:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Cheisa
  282. 01[21:58:40] <+Luxerion> keyblade0 proposed we do a pokemon tournament for the end of year event for 2013
  283. [21:58:40] <FifteenthMember> Good hour UC
  284. [21:58:50] <+Cheisa> yo
  285. [21:58:50] <FifteenthMember> *2012
  286. 01[21:58:53] <+Luxerion> i came in and suggested we do something kh-centric
  287. 03[21:58:54] * KeybladeSpyMaste (32a8caa9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  288. 01[21:58:56] <+Luxerion> oh right, 2012.
  289. [21:58:57] <+Cheisa> log of what happen?
  290. [21:58:59] <FifteenthMember> Good hour KSM
  291. [21:59:00] <Pea14733> Oh hey it's KSM
  292. 01[21:59:06] <+Luxerion> ok give me a sec to get this log
  293. [21:59:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Hey guys! just got back from school!
  294. [21:59:27] <Pea14733> Good timing we're just discussing about the Wiki activity thing
  295. [21:59:32] <Byzantinefire_> Oh hey KSM.
  296. [21:59:49] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Hey, cool.
  297. [21:59:49] <FifteenthMember> So far, we've agreed to revive the magazine, podcast and mirage arena
  298. 01[21:59:50] <+Luxerion> ksm cheisa:
  299. [21:59:54] <FifteenthMember> We're now considering a competition
  300. [22:00:09] <KeybladeSpyMaste> cool, I'll read through it real quick
  301. 01[22:00:57] <+Luxerion> so anyone have any other ideas? i liked the game one but i'd like to add a bit of flair to it this time around.
  302. 01[22:01:41] <+Luxerion> Coding competition! *shot*
  303. [22:02:19] <FifteenthMember> Flair in what form?
  304. [22:02:53] <Sora1995> so is the rt over?
  305. [22:02:54] <FifteenthMember> If Mirage Arena is online, that'd be fun cos we'd all be playing at the same time
  306. 01[22:02:55] <+Luxerion> like, for example, speedrun the game and see who wins the quickest by posting their endgame screen.
  307. 01[22:03:00] <+Luxerion> rt is still going on sora
  308. [22:03:02] <Sora1995> kk
  309. [22:03:05] <Sora1995> wasn't sure if i missed it
  310. [22:03:07] <FifteenthMember> Although it will be hard organising a time good for everyone
  311. 01[22:03:22] <+Luxerion> here is a log
  312. 01[22:03:44] <+Luxerion> it will be hard, but we still managed with the 2012 one, although then again, that was done once.
  313. 01[22:03:56] <+Luxerion> oh i remember we did the keyblade war for 2010, i think.
  314. 01[22:04:01] <+Luxerion> or 2011. not sure which.
  315. [22:04:10] <Pea14733> I think it was 2011?
  316. 01[22:04:12] <+Luxerion> i joined in 2010... so it was 2011.
  317. [22:04:36] <FifteenthMember> I think, we should wait a while before deciding
  318. [22:04:53] <+Cheisa> ok, I skim through it
  319. 01[22:05:20] <+Luxerion> alright, so we'll decide on the competition later, but we do plan on doing a competition regardless.
  320. [22:05:20] <FifteenthMember> For when we have a purpose to actually have a competition and when we have more ideas
  321. [22:05:42] <Pea14733> Any other ways we improv the activity?
  322. 01[22:05:42] <+Luxerion> alright so what do we have for increased community activity so far?
  323. [22:05:43] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  324. 01[22:05:49] <+Luxerion> the magazine/podcast, competiton, what else?
  325. [22:05:50] <FifteenthMember> What prize will we have? Accolade?
  326. [22:06:08] <FifteenthMember> We should keep the Trinity Archives up to date
  327. [22:06:19] <FifteenthMember> Cos that never gets updated anymore
  328. 01[22:06:40] <+Luxerion> well, it never gets updated because there's nothing significant to update on, at least for me.
  329. [22:06:41] <FifteenthMember> We'll have the Let's Play?
  330. [22:06:58] <Neumannz> True
  331. [22:06:59] <FifteenthMember> (that's a future agenda point)
  332. [22:07:09] <+Cheisa> also, I keep forgetting to bring this up, but we should get a "Development" section for the KH3 article
  333. 01[22:07:35] <+Luxerion> we need more people for the let's play though
  334. [22:07:36] <FifteenthMember> While that's true, there's still news we didn't cover
  335. [22:07:36] <FifteenthMember> Example: release of KHX
  336. [22:08:19] <FifteenthMember> How many people signed up?
  337. 01[22:08:39] <+Luxerion> true but we just need more editors, but the problem is, i believe its only staff that can add in on the archives? should the policy be changed and allow 'prestigous editors'? (idk what to say)
  338. [22:08:40] <FifteenthMember> (actually, we should postpone this conversation for its relevant agenda point)
  339. [22:08:41] <FifteenthMember> Unless no one minds putting the topic at the top of the list
  340. [22:09:01] <Neumannz> Would it be possible for us to get some kind of partnership with one of the kh news sites?
  341. [22:09:30] <Neumannz> Like, with regards to promoting our let's play
  342. 01[22:09:54] <+Luxerion> hmm, possibly? i think as long as we advertise their site?
  343. [22:09:56] <FifteenthMember> Instead of "prestigous editors", we can say people with over x amounts of edits (similar to Featured Media/Articles)
  344. [22:09:56] <FifteenthMember> It would be great if we can
  345. [22:10:07] <+Cheisa> didnt keyhole once got an offer from kh13 or something? I forgot
  346. 01[22:10:13] <+Luxerion> i have ties over at khinsider so i can talk to them about it
  347. [22:10:20] <+Cheisa> to affiliate
  348. 01[22:10:37] <+Luxerion> keyhole did get an offer but soxra declined because he felt that the wiki has too much information that is worth a lot more than the info they have on their site?
  349. [22:10:51] <+Cheisa> I think that was it
  350. 01[22:11:01] <+Luxerion> like, even if they continue being affiliates, no matter what kh13 does, it won't be enough to return gratitude or something like that.
  351. [22:12:01] <FifteenthMember> We're not sharing information are we, though?
  352. [22:12:02] <FifteenthMember> I thought it was just sponsering each other
  353. [22:12:02] <FifteenthMember> *sponsoring
  354. [22:12:19] <FifteenthMember> Wait a minute
  355. [22:12:21] <FifteenthMember> Never mind, I realised what a "sponsor" was x_x
  356. [22:12:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, I've caught up, We're talking about community activity, right?
  357. 01[22:12:46] <+Luxerion> yes
  358. 01[22:13:24] <+Luxerion> i think the premise behind kh13's side is that they wanted to use khwiki's info on their site, and advertise the khwiki, while the wiki gets info provided to them via kh13.
  359. 01[22:13:37] <+Luxerion> something like that i think
  360. 01[22:14:31] <+Luxerion> neummanz, by partnership, do you mean they edit the trinity archives with journalism-style writing or they advertise us or what exactly?
  361. [22:14:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> how much info could kh13 possibly need from us that they can't just get themselves? I don't get it.
  362. [22:15:26] <Neumannz> Oh. Man. If they edit the trinity archives with journalism-style writing that would be awesome
  363. [22:15:47] <Neumannz> I kinda just meant cross-promotion
  364. [22:16:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we should talk to their people and iron out what exactly they would want from us.
  365. [22:16:11] <FifteenthMember> Im taking a break to eat
  366. 01[22:17:21] <+Luxerion> i can talk to khinsider since i know a few of the guys who work there but what would we give in return if, like, they write up our trinity archives? or basically, we allow them to make it a feed for their news site? (eg. This news feed is provided by KH Insider)
  367. 01[22:18:10] <+Luxerion> however, we'd also post our own things, eg. wiki birthday, april fools articles, etc.
  368. [22:18:17] <Neumannz> Yeah
  369. 01[22:18:44] <+Luxerion> but what would we give in return? access to our information database?
  370. [22:18:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's where I get lost. What could we possibly give them?
  371. 01[22:19:00] <+Luxerion> would that be enough? does that seem fair?
  372. [22:19:03] <+Cheisa> shard :v
  373. 01[22:19:15] <+Luxerion> shard already helps them out on the forums lol
  374. [22:19:26] <+Cheisa> oh, welp
  375. [22:21:06] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I was thinking, back a little on that competition thing, we could do online competitions, like with the games that can connect to the internet (sadly, not KHII)
  376. 01[22:21:21] <+Luxerion> well, no games connect to the internet, at all.
  377. [22:21:27] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So, stuff like with the Mirage ARena from BBS (its the only one I've got)
  378. 01[22:21:28] <+Luxerion> not wi-fi, but there is local.
  379. [22:21:43] <KeybladeSpyMaste> BBS I believe does, doesn't it
  380. 03[22:21:50] * Cheisa is now known as UC|TARDIS
  381. 01[22:22:04] <+Luxerion> not wifi, it's ad-hoc. it can allow you to play wi-fi via a ps3, but you'd need a ps3 AND a wired connection.
  382. 01[22:22:44] <+Luxerion> i could propose to khinsider this thingy (the them supplying us news and etc.) and see what they think and what they'd want back and we could come to a comprimise)
  383. [22:22:52] <KeybladeSpyMaste> oh. Well, there goes that. I've always thought it was wifi, But I obviously didn't know how that worked.
  384. [22:23:16] <Neumannz> Sure
  385. [22:23:24] <Neumannz> can't hurt to ask
  386. [22:23:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> With the KHInsider thing, would we start using/accepting KHInsider as an official source? Like on the articles.
  387. [22:24:15] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I mean, they use official sources.
  388. [22:25:22] <Neumannz> There would not really be a difference
  389. 01[22:25:48] <+Luxerion> alright, i sent a message to one of the admins on the site.
  390. [22:25:55] <Neumannz> We could say "reported by kg insider", but the main source would be the official one
  391. [22:26:04] <Neumannz> *kh
  392. [22:26:08] <Neumannz> Cool
  393. [22:26:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Because, they quote the official source, and then their own people translate the info to English. That's what I mean: the stuff that originally comes out in Japanese.
  394. [22:29:39] <Neumannz> I guess so?
  395. [22:31:02] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Anyone else?
  396. [22:31:16] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I felt like Mr. Monopoly from the PS2 Monopoly game right there.
  397. 01[22:31:17] <+Luxerion> to work with?
  398. 01[22:32:57] <+Luxerion> like by anyone else, do you mean anyone else we can try with or anyone elses opinion?
  399. [22:33:53] <KeybladeSpyMaste> opinions. I meant opinions. (Now i get it.)
  400. 01[22:34:22] <+Luxerion> ah, well, i mean, if we get them, thats one less worry off our backs. so i'm all for it regardless. :p
  401. [22:34:54] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm good with it too
  402. 01[22:35:26] <+Luxerion> anything else to increase community activity on top of what we have?
  403. [22:36:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well, I had suggested trying that Main Page revamp that's still on the Happenings column. I don't know, what are your thoughts. Does that even work?
  404. [22:36:59] <Pea14733> Eh, like I said, there are a few new users, bbut they just edit here once and leave
  405. [22:37:07] <Neumannz> We get a Tron laser!
  406. 01[22:37:26] <+Luxerion> tron laser?
  407. 01[22:37:28] <+Luxerion> from what?
  408. 01[22:37:41] <+Luxerion> do you mean that laser that takes you into the computer?
  409. [22:37:44] <KeybladeSpyMaste> You mean and trap them on the KH Grid?
  410. [22:37:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That'd be cool
  411. 01[22:38:02] <+Luxerion> also regarding the main page, there were like 30 different styles being worked on. i think i still have mine in my userspace and i just keep forgetting to delete it.
  412. [22:38:20] <Pea14733> We need to make them stay so that we get more activity...
  413. [22:38:31] <Pea14733> But I don't know how :/
  414. 01[22:38:39] <+Luxerion> ah right
  415. 01[22:38:42] <+Luxerion> here it is
  416. [22:38:58] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well on the Main Page, my thoughts were that if people felt they were having a say on how the page looked, they would feel good enough to check out what else there was.
  417. 01[22:39:23] <+Luxerion> as you can see, i just took what we had and put it in a massive frame. but obviously, i plan on making it look better.
  418. [22:39:54] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's how it was for me. I joined in May 2012, but it wasn't until I was involved on the KHHD theme in December that I became interested in staying.
  419. [22:40:31] <Pea14733> I think whatwe need is to showthem that there's a community here.
  420. 02[22:40:37] * Sora1995 (~Sora1995@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  421. [22:40:40] <Pea14733> Ugh spacebars...
  422. [22:41:20] <FifteenthMember> We need to make sure every new account gets a welcome message ASAP
  423. [22:41:40] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Something I had come up with was a community portal (which I guess is Traverse Town). What we should do is update that and promote it on the main page.
  424. [22:41:41] <FifteenthMember> (I've returned)
  425. [22:42:19] <FifteenthMember> That would be good
  426. [22:42:19] <FifteenthMember> I don't think there's a problem with the current main page
  427. [22:42:23] <FifteenthMember> We just need to actually update the info
  428. [22:42:37] <Pea14733> Ah, no, FM.
  429. [22:43:03] <Pea14733> I agree that our Main Page looks plain and kind of boring ...
  430. [22:43:03] <FifteenthMember> Why?
  431. [22:43:56] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I agree with the welcome message. I tried for a while, and then stopped when that one incident in December happened. Now it's just once in a while, I'll just welcome everyone from that day.
  432. [22:43:57] <FifteenthMember> Guess I'm a minority then. I quite like it
  433. [22:43:57] <FifteenthMember> We should really update our command board
  434. 01[22:44:12] <+Luxerion> fm, the layout itself hasnt been updated since monaco/coded days
  435. [22:44:21] <Pea14733> There are word-links everywhere
  436. [22:44:47] <Pea14733> And wall-o-texts ...
  437. [22:44:52] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The same thing for too long gets boring. (pretty sure there's some famous quote about that)
  438. [22:45:19] <FifteenthMember> I'm not against revamping it, if someone can do it
  439. [22:46:21] <FifteenthMember> For the command board, we currently have two major projects: manga and walkthrough
  440. 01[22:46:26] <+Luxerion> i think revamping it needs a group effort.
  441. [22:47:20] <FifteenthMember> In addition to that, we still need to do all our DDD articles and core mechanics (Attacks, statistics etc.)
  442. [22:47:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If we choose to revamp it, I propose we open a forum for ideas on what we want to see, and figure out what we can do. (Emphasis on "can")
  443. 01[22:48:07] <+Luxerion> wait, we have a page in the community portal that has a list of all the projects.
  444. 01[22:48:11] <+Luxerion> we need to review it
  445. [22:48:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Definite yes on the Command Board. An update is long past due. And Traverse Town.
  446. 04[22:48:36] <FifteenthMember> EK, I have virtually no ideas
  447. [22:48:48] <FifteenthMember> So who'll update Community Portal and Command Board and Traverse Town?
  448. 01[22:49:07] <+Luxerion>
  449. [22:49:20] <FifteenthMember> (I've noticed there's a trend where we decide to do stuff at roundtables but then we forget to do it later)
  450. [22:49:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I thought Community Portal was Traverse Town
  451. [22:49:54] <FifteenthMember> I don't know what the Community Portal is :<
  452. 01[22:50:06] <+Luxerion> it is the community portal
  453. 01[22:50:19] <+Luxerion> it links out to a lot of places across the wiki
  454. 01[22:50:39] <+Luxerion> also, we need to review the projects, so i'll jot that down on the summary.
  455. [22:51:09] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yep, that's a good idea. Again, an update is long overdue.
  456. [22:51:20] <Neumannz> I think we need to start doing tasks in groups
  457. [22:51:37] <Neumannz> So we don't forget
  458. [22:51:38] <FifteenthMember> NZ, elaborate?
  459. [22:52:10] <Neumannz> Like, pop on the irc, find someone who's available
  460. [22:52:19] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  461. [22:52:29] <Neumannz> say, hey, let's go check out the projects
  462. [22:52:31] <FifteenthMember> Usually it helps if someone (or some people) take charge of a particular task
  463. [22:52:37] <Neumannz> Or whatever
  464. 01[22:53:20] <+Luxerion> like for example, project video, i think the only people who can do that are me, chaser, sora, and uxie. unless anyone else has capture software/hardware?
  465. [22:53:20] <FifteenthMember> We should open a forum post with a checklist
  466. [22:53:20] <FifteenthMember> So it's not so frantic
  467. 01[22:53:31] <+Luxerion> there's also ultima spark.
  468. 01[22:53:44] <+Luxerion> and the thing is, that project, i dont think its been touched at all.
  469. [22:54:04] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I believe there's a page on Traverse Town that seperated the projects like that, but like the rest of the Town, it needs updating.
  470. [22:54:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, it's the Gizmo Shop
  471. [22:55:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If that's what you meant, anyways.
  472. [22:55:45] <FifteenthMember> I only found out about project video now
  473. [22:55:45] <FifteenthMember> but yeah, I think that's correct
  474. [22:55:45] <FifteenthMember> Err, am I still here?
  475. [22:55:57] <FifteenthMember>
  476. 03[22:56:35] * SilverFlight (ad30d455@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  477. [22:56:55] <FifteenthMember> Hi SF
  478. [22:56:58] <SilverFlight> Hi
  479. 01[22:57:00] <+Luxerion> yeah, that page needs updating... badly.
  480. 01[22:57:01] <+Luxerion> hi.
  481. [22:57:02] <Pea14733> Hi
  482. [22:57:03] <SilverFlight> what's up?
  483. [22:57:20] <FifteenthMember> So to summarise our community projects:
  484. [22:57:36] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Hey, SilverFlight
  485. 01[22:57:43] <+Luxerion> alright, so we're going to make a forum to have people retick on what projects they'll work on.
  486. [22:57:44] <FifteenthMember> We'll do a podcast, magazine, competition, possible affiliation/sponsorship with a kh news site,
  487. [22:58:10] <FifteenthMember> revamp the main page and update Traverse Town.
  488. 01[22:58:32] <+Luxerion> and get people to sign up for each of these things in a forum.
  489. [22:58:32] <FifteenthMember> Definitely sounds like the Wiki will be getting a lot more attention
  490. 01[22:58:38] <+Luxerion> except the affiliation.
  491. [22:58:40] <Pea14733> I'd name the Project Revival as "MegaProject: Arise"
  492. 01[22:59:05] <+Luxerion> so im assuming we're done with this?
  493. [22:59:10] <Pea14733> Yeah
  494. 01[22:59:31] <+Luxerion> Alright, next issue is site theme/background theme.
  495. [22:59:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I like where this is going. I'm excited for the wiki.
  496. 01[22:59:42] <+Luxerion> fm, what exactly do you mean by this?
  497. [23:00:20] <FifteenthMember> I was just figuring out what we were gonna do
  498. [23:00:20] <FifteenthMember> I think it's already been discussed anyway
  499. [23:00:20] <FifteenthMember> We already know we need to wait for more material to be released
  500. [23:00:20] <FifteenthMember> So we can move on
  501. [23:00:26] <Pea14733> We don't have KH2.5 yet. I just hope they'll reveal something at Thailand ComicCon next month :/
  502. [23:00:53] <FifteenthMember> Pea's counting his days til then :P
  503. [23:00:56] <Pea14733> :P
  504. [23:00:58] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I had started a theme, but all I've got is a background theme.
  505. 01[23:01:08] <+Luxerion> now we move onto this issue "How to format DisneyWiki's KH-exclusive characters, worlds and music articles."
  506. 01[23:01:17] <+Luxerion> ksm, link me to what you have
  507. [23:01:17] <KeybladeSpyMaste> There's just so little info compared to KHHD this time last year.
  508. 03[23:01:31] * UC|TARDIS is now known as Cheisa
  509. [23:01:38] <KeybladeSpyMaste>
  510. [23:01:39] <FifteenthMember> To be honest, I don't think the new theme beats our current one
  511. 01[23:02:05] <+Luxerion> new theme?
  512. [23:02:09] <KeybladeSpyMaste> It's not that good, based on the existing one. It just has a color scheme change.
  513. [23:02:19] <FifteenthMember> KSM's draft
  514. [23:02:25] <KeybladeSpyMaste> And different icons (Unversed, Mark of Mastery, etc.)
  515. [23:02:55] <Pea14733> Let's wait until we see the new pattern and color whe they release infos on KH2.5
  516. [23:03:08] <Pea14733> So DisneyWiki formatting for now
  517. 01[23:03:09] <+Luxerion> we also need the boxart to create the logo.
  518. [23:03:09] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  519. 01[23:03:14] <+Luxerion> but moving on.
  520. 01[23:03:21] <+Luxerion> that's an issue to deal with later.
  521. [23:03:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yup
  522. [23:03:30] <FifteenthMember> So DisneyWiki. I have no idea what to do
  523. [23:03:55] <SilverFlight> Hmm, unfortunately not many users are active in the project
  524. [23:04:05] <SilverFlight> Most of the admins are in the cause, however
  525. [23:04:20] <FifteenthMember> KSM wrote stuff in his sandbox
  526. [23:04:20] <FifteenthMember> Let's start with kh-exclusive characters:
  527. [23:04:20] <FifteenthMember> "I think of all the character articles on the Disney Wiki, these should be the most detailed ones. It's important to explain why the heck a Disney fan should give a crap about some dude named Terra, or a kid named Roxas and his twin (I'm playing the part of the guy who doesn't know what Kingdom Hearts is). I think the important part of these articles is the story. The story, including
  528. [23:04:20] <FifteenthMember> their actions and reactions to certain events, sheds light on the character's role in the game and series, as well as explaining much anything that needs to be explained, without going into too much detail."
  529. [23:04:24] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I have an epic essay on this on my Gadget Lab. I should get points for this in English. I'll sum it up though, since I'm here.
  530. [23:04:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> And, FM beat me.
  531. [23:04:32] <FifteenthMember> :D
  532. [23:04:53] <FifteenthMember> Sorry
  533. [23:05:20] <FifteenthMember> So I agree with KSM's points
  534. [23:05:27] <KeybladeSpyMaste> No, it's fine. I just didn't think anyone would want to read it. Again, I should get points for this in English, it's so freakin long.
  535. [23:05:44] <SilverFlight> You mean like explaining their role as protagonists of the franchise and interacting with Disney characters?
  536. [23:06:00] <Byzantinefire_> That would be fine.
  537. [23:06:01] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  538. [23:06:07] <FifteenthMember> We just need people to write them though
  539. [23:06:18] <Byzantinefire_> But i prefer them still to be long.
  540. [23:06:28] <SilverFlight> (faceaplm)
  541. [23:06:32] <SilverFlight> This is the problem
  542. [23:07:00] <KeybladeSpyMaste> They don't necessarily have to be long to be detailed
  543. [23:07:01] <FifteenthMember> At the moment, most KH-exclusive characters are just a load of empty sections with stub templates
  544. [23:07:05] <+Cheisa> hey, I was filming stuff, now I'm back
  545. [23:07:14] <Byzantinefire_> No its a dissagreeing problem.
  546. [23:07:34] <KeybladeSpyMaste> What do you mean?
  547. [23:07:53] <SilverFlight> He likes having articles long regardless of how informative it is
  548. [23:08:13] <Byzantinefire_> Well i'm not entirely satisyied with the way Silver, 15 and Hey have been doing it.
  549. [23:08:23] <Byzantinefire_> *satisfied
  550. [23:08:27] <Silversey> hm?
  551. [23:08:31] <Silversey> oh
  552. [23:08:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> But, that's stupid in some situations. What do we do, bs parts of it to make it long?
  553. [23:08:42] <Byzantinefire_> I mean seriously.
  554. [23:08:49] <SilverFlight> They've been making clear concise information regarding each character's role.
  555. [23:08:55] <SilverFlight> It would help if you edited more
  556. [23:09:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> FM mentioned that the KH characters were empty. He just did.
  557. [23:09:33] <Byzantinefire_> Well i don't write i copy and you assume your work is alright but its not.
  558. [23:09:36] <Neumannz> Byz, please bear in mind that the two wikis have different focuses
  559. [23:09:49] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Wait!
  560. [23:10:06] <KeybladeSpyMaste> This is not the place for you two to start slashing at each other!
  561. [23:10:13] <FifteenthMember> That's the nature of a summary...
  562. [23:10:20] <SilverFlight> Okay, breath
  563. [23:10:27] <KeybladeSpyMaste> (I've got to go, time for dinner)
  564. [23:10:47] <FifteenthMember> bye KSM
  565. 06[23:11:31] * FifteenthMember holds back a lot of negativity
  566. [23:11:45] <Byzantinefire_> Likewise.
  567. [23:11:45] <FifteenthMember> So...
  568. [23:11:51] <FifteenthMember> NZ is right. We have two different focuses
  569. [23:12:11] <SilverFlight> What we're trying to do is give info on the characters, but not try to copy so much of yours
  570. [23:12:38] <FifteenthMember> Our wiki aims to provide extensive information on all KH topics
  571. [23:14:14] <FifteenthMember> I believe the DisneyWiki needs to make the reader understand each character's role (key point) in the KH series.
  572. [23:14:14] <FifteenthMember> So, what do we include on "Background" section?
  573. [23:15:14] <SilverFlight> Usually, personality, development, physical appearane, powers and abilities
  574. [23:15:16] <SilverFlight> and backstory
  575. [23:15:49] <Neumannz> That sounds fine
  576. [23:16:33] <Neumannz> I can't look at the page now, wikia is not mobile friendly
  577. [23:16:42] <SilverFlight> I thought it was
  578. [23:16:51] <Byzantinefire_> No i'm pretty sure it is.
  579. [23:17:24] <Neumannz> Not for me
  580. [23:17:39] <Neumannz> The difference is too jarring
  581. [23:18:03] <FifteenthMember> NZ, scroll to the bottom and click "full site"
  582. [23:18:20] <FifteenthMember> To get over wikia's bad mobile layout, I just use the PC one :P
  583. [23:19:35] <Neumannz> Gonna use my computer
  584. [23:20:21] <FifteenthMember> Do you need "physical appearance"?
  585. [23:20:21] <FifteenthMember> I kinda don't understand why any wiki has those, really...
  586. [23:20:21] <FifteenthMember> The picture says it all :P
  587. [23:20:50] <SilverFlight> (I have to get some dinner, be back later)
  588. [23:21:03] <Neumannz> Well, you could briefly mention the three designs he's had
  589. [23:21:51] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, that's a good idea
  590. [23:22:03] <Byzantinefire_> Not too brief.
  591. [23:22:28] <Neumannz> The kingdom hearts story section goes into a great deal of unnecessary detail
  592. [23:22:59] <FifteenthMember> Let me read it
  593. [23:23:08] <Byzantinefire_> It does not.
  594. [23:23:23] <Neumannz> Like, sora going foraging for supplies
  595. [23:23:31] <Neumannz> and polyp
  596. [23:23:37] <Byzantinefire_> Fine that should be brief.
  597. [23:23:54] <Neumannz> *And Pluto licking his face
  598. [23:23:55] <Byzantinefire_> Wait whats polyp?
  599. [23:24:14] <Neumannz> Typo
  600. [23:24:28] <Byzantinefire_> Oh.
  601. [23:25:14] <FifteenthMember> Yeah
  602. [23:25:14] <FifteenthMember> and him drawing hte paopu fruit
  603. [23:25:14] <FifteenthMember> *the
  604. [23:25:14] <FifteenthMember> As a general rule of thumb: Anything that doesn't contribute to the entire overall story should be omitted
  605. 03[23:25:37] * Sora1995 (~Sora1995@ has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  606. [23:26:08] <Sora1995> damn bsod
  607. [23:26:18] <Byzantinefire_> I think its symbolic of something so i would not be so hasty to remove it.
  608. [23:26:57] <Neumannz> Eh
  609. [23:27:25] <Neumannz> The story section should not be trying to analyze
  610. [23:27:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, I'm back. And, sorry, Sora, for the wonders of the BSOD
  611. [23:27:33] <Byzantinefire_> Well i think that was a precious memory for Sora.
  612. [23:27:43] <Sora1995> KeybladeSpyMaste: i blame ds3 tool
  613. [23:27:47] <Sora1995> anywho
  614. [23:27:52] <Sora1995> what're discussing now?
  615. [23:28:10] <Neumannz> The paopu fruit, while a lovely recurring theme, is not really a plot element
  616. [23:28:13] <FifteenthMember> DisneyWiki
  617. [23:28:27] <Sora1995> that can be argued Neumannz
  618. [23:28:33] <Neumannz> Themes are more our jurisdiction
  619. [23:28:33] <Sora1995> to an extent at least
  620. [23:29:03] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The paopu fruit thing should stay, only because it does seem to be significant to the series entirely.
  621. [23:29:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Then again, Neumannz is right, themes are more of our thing.
  622. [23:29:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't know.
  623. [23:29:35] <FifteenthMember>
  624. [23:29:46] <Neumannz> Well, either way, it's not handled well in this section
  625. [23:30:09] <FifteenthMember> It's here anyway so it doesn't need to be on Sora's page
  626. [23:30:12] <Neumannz> since it's only mentioned in the context of the cave drawing
  627. [23:30:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So, I realized that the only thing on Sora's article is the info on Kingdom Hearts 1, if that's it, then that definitely needs trimming down.
  628. [23:30:28] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Like, a lot
  629. [23:31:54] <Byzantinefire_> Well it lacks II, CoM, BBS, and DDD.
  630. [23:32:21] <Neumannz> Yeah, that's kinda the problem
  631. [23:32:26] <FifteenthMember> I'd say four lengthy paragraphs is a good guideline?
  632. [23:32:26] <FifteenthMember> So. Everyone's here
  633. [23:32:26] <FifteenthMember> Let's discuss somethingL
  634. [23:32:26] <FifteenthMember>
  635. [23:32:26] <FifteenthMember> Does the entire transcript of Mickey's Letters really need to be here?
  636. [23:32:26] <FifteenthMember> Byz, they need to be added
  637. [23:32:29] <Byzantinefire_> I know.
  638. [23:32:44] <KeybladeSpyMaste> One place to start on that specific article is that talk page. It seems to have a draft.
  639. [23:32:51] <Byzantinefire_> Well Mickey wrote that and is Disney's most iconic character.
  640. [23:33:15] <Neumannz> ...
  641. [23:33:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> But, that's just the Sora article. We still need to determine everything else and come to a consensus.
  642. [23:33:33] <FifteenthMember> Mickey done a lot of stuff...
  643. [23:33:45] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Mickey would disagree with you there Byzantinefire. (the mouse, not the user)
  644. [23:34:01] <Byzantinefire_> What?
  645. [23:34:02] <FifteenthMember> That's just the same as transcripting his entire game script
  646. [23:34:20] <FifteenthMember> KSM, you're right
  647. [23:34:29] <Byzantinefire_> Well i want it to stay there.
  648. [23:34:30] <FifteenthMember> What we should do is fully complete one article and use it as a model for all the rest
  649. [23:35:00] <FifteenthMember> Me, KSM and Byz have discussed this mickey's letters point for a long time now
  650. [23:35:00] <FifteenthMember> Other people's opinions?
  651. [23:35:13] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Oh, I thought you were talking about the draft for Sora's article, not King Mickey's letters.
  652. [23:35:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Arrghh!
  653. [23:37:53] <KeybladeSpyMaste> What did we decide for the character articles?
  654. 01[23:38:03] <+Luxerion> somene ping me once this issue is done
  655. [23:38:04] <FifteenthMember> Pretty much what you said in your sandbox
  656. 04[23:38:20] <FifteenthMember> Okay EK :P
  657. [23:38:53] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Everything okay with that, then?
  658. [23:39:23] <Byzantinefire_> Yeah i will go with whats in KSM sandbox well most of it anyway.
  659. [23:39:54] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, with the letters real quick, because I think we've scared off the rest of town.
  660. [23:40:21] <FifteenthMember> So err, Neumannz and SilverFlight: Do you think Mickey's Letters should stay?
  661. [23:41:00] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Since it's a plot element, it should be summarized, but detailed in (once more) the story. B/c without the story, it means next to nothing to have the entire script.
  662. [23:41:14] <Neumannz> It seems like an unnecessarily detailed account of a minor plot element
  663. [23:42:03] <Byzantinefire_> Well i will be seeing Rio 2 now but even slightest plot element can be immportant.
  664. [23:42:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The most important one, in my opinion, is the one from KH, because that's what sets off the rest of the adventure (without it, Donald and Goofy don't go with Sora). But again, the entire script isn't necessary.
  665. [23:42:39] <Neumannz> ...What?
  666. [23:43:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yes, the plot element is important, but we don't need details about every part of the scene for that element to be informative.
  667. [23:43:26] <KeybladeSpyMaste> in the article.
  668. [23:43:38] <Neumannz> Right, transcripts seem out of place here
  669. [23:43:59] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If we want exact details, we might as well just direct them to a walkthrough of the game on YouTube and call it good.
  670. [23:44:19] <FifteenthMember> To be honest, Mickey's Letters is barely a plot element
  671. [23:44:51] <Neumannz> The first KINDA is...
  672. [23:44:51] <FifteenthMember> It was just a minor story event
  673. [23:45:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I don't think so. They're important, they cause many of the things in the series. But they don't need everything on the article.
  674. 02[23:46:12] * Byzantinefire_ (adb78ab3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  675. [23:46:17] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Just a detailed "Hey, this is why it's important, now go play the game" kind of description. Not a detailed "Here's everything that happened leading up to every appearance of it and here it is and now you don't need the game.
  676. [23:46:55] <Neumannz> Considering each letter only comes up once - ignoring the short scene after kh2...
  677. [23:47:10] <Neumannz> They're really minor
  678. [23:48:26] <FifteenthMember> Okay then
  679. [23:48:26] <FifteenthMember> So we've agreed that they can get an explanation
  680. [23:48:26] <FifteenthMember> But not the entire transcript
  681. [23:48:26] <FifteenthMember> So let's continue: world format?
  682. [23:48:26] <FifteenthMember> So which sections should it have?
  683. [23:48:26] <FifteenthMember> "Plot", "Disney Characters" and "Comparison"?
  684. [23:48:27] <FifteenthMember> All agreed on the sections I said?
  685. [23:49:17] <Neumannz> Seems appropriate
  686. [23:49:39] <FifteenthMember> So finally: Music
  687. [23:49:39] <FifteenthMember> I have no idea what format the soundtracks should be
  688. [23:50:41] <Neumannz> What's the concern, exactly?
  689. 04[23:50:52] <Neumannz> Also, ping erry
  690. [23:52:08] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I said in my Gadget Lab that they should be put in articles as the soundtrack.
  691. [23:52:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> My only complaint is the article on Utada Hikaru
  692. [23:52:57] <FifteenthMember> Perhaps just a list of tracks?
  693. 04[23:52:58] <FifteenthMember> I thought <<<Luxerion>>> wanted us to ping him after the entire Disney issue :P
  694. [23:52:58] <FifteenthMember>
  695. [23:52:58] <FifteenthMember> There are articles for individual tracks
  696. [23:52:58] <FifteenthMember> Those should be merged into the soundtracks
  697. [23:52:59] <FifteenthMember> And Utadu Hikaru should be deleted
  698. [23:53:28] <FifteenthMember> So the soundtracks will just be a list of tracks then...
  699. [23:53:38] <KeybladeSpyMaste> So, by soundtrack, I meant the CD tracks. An article for Kingdom Hearts Official Soundtrack Complete, BBS/358/2 Days Soudntrack, ect.
  700. [23:53:43] <KeybladeSpyMaste> *Soundtrack
  701. [23:53:57] <SilverFlight> I'm back
  702. [23:54:01] <SilverFlight> Any consensus?
  703. 01[23:54:15] <+Luxerion> hi
  704. 01[23:54:19] <+Luxerion> is it done yet?
  705. [23:54:31] <FifteenthMember> All agreed?
  706. [23:55:02] <Neumannz> Sure
  707. [23:55:02] <FifteenthMember> Yes, KSM. That's what I mean
  708. 04[23:55:03] <FifteenthMember> EK, nearly
  709. [23:55:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I'm good.
  710. [23:55:24] <Neumannz> They don't need to do analysis on kh music
  711. [23:55:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> SilverFlight, I think we've got one.
  712. [23:55:32] <FifteenthMember> SF: So KH-exclusive articles will have a summarised "Background" and "Story" sections
  713. [23:55:44] <Neumannz> A list of tracks should suffice
  714. [23:56:18] <Neumannz> Guys, I'm stepping away for a bit
  715. [23:56:30] <Neumannz> I may not be able to come back, but I'll try
  716. [23:56:31] <FifteenthMember> World articles will have a "Story", "Disney characters" and a "Comparison"section
  717. 03[23:56:47] * Neumannz is now known as NZ|dinner
  718. [23:57:20] <FifteenthMember> Bye NZ
  719. [23:57:20] <FifteenthMember> The only music articles that will remain are soundtracks and they'll just have lists of tracks
  720. [23:57:22] <FifteenthMember> I think that finishes up DisneyWiki
  721. [23:57:31] <Pea14733> Okay
  722. [23:57:35] <Pea14733> Next?
  723. 04[23:57:44] <Pea14733> Luxerion?
  724. 04[23:57:44] <FifteenthMember> Now. Luxerion. "Let's Play revival"
  725. [23:58:16] <FifteenthMember> First thing we need to figure out is who will do the LP
  726. [23:58:43] <Pea14733> Sora1995
  727. [23:58:48] <Sora1995> ah
  728. [23:58:54] <Sora1995> you want me to do the LP's?
  729. [23:59:10] <Pea14733> I mean, how was the previous LPs?
  730. 04[23:59:13] <Sora1995> I can do about three of them, but the rest are up to Luxerion
  731. [23:59:25] <Sora1995> they were fine, but we stopped the 3D one and never started the rest
  732. [23:59:31] <Sora1995> although
  733. [23:59:43] <Sora1995> would it be better to just wait until II.5 for some of them?
  734. [23:59:51] <Pea14733> Oh yes
  735. Session Time: Sat Apr 12 00:00:00 2014
  736. [00:00:08] <Sora1995> well
  737. [00:00:09] <FifteenthMember> Which game are you guys doing again?
  738. [00:00:15] <Sora1995> we were going to do the entire series
  739. [00:00:18] <Pea14733> So almost everything is scheduled for when 2.5 comes out XD
  740. 01[00:00:27] <+Luxerion> 2.5 and 1.5 require capture devices
  741. [00:00:34] <Sora1995> I don't have a capture card, so I can't get the HD games
  742. [00:00:37] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think it would be good to wait. Like with the gifs last week, we decided to do update all except the games from HD2.5. I think the rest of the games should be done, though
  743. [00:00:54] <Sora1995> KeybladeSpyMaste: only 3D can be done
  744. [00:01:00] <Sora1995> due to the fact that the rest are on PS3
  745. [00:01:06] <Sora1995> and we want them in HD, yes?
  746. 01[00:01:26] <+Luxerion> we want the best quality possible, eg. 1080p
  747. [00:01:27] <FifteenthMember> Who has capture devices?
  748. 01[00:01:30] <+Luxerion> ie.
  749. 01[00:01:32] <+Luxerion> *
  750. [00:01:33] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well, I leave that up to you guys. I don't know much about LPs or capturing or anything.
  751. 04[00:01:35] <Sora1995> Luxerion does
  752. 01[00:01:36] <+Luxerion> uxie and i do.
  753. [00:01:37] <Sora1995> I do not.
  754. [00:01:49] <FifteenthMember> Okay.
  755. [00:01:55] <Sora1995> I'd love to DO an LP, but it makes it hard without them
  756. [00:02:14] <Sora1995> and the nice ones are way too expensive for me
  757. [00:02:14] <FifteenthMember> So how will you guys be doing the LP?
  758. [00:02:19] <FifteenthMember> One person playing and others commentating?
  759. [00:02:19] <Sora1995> well..
  760. [00:02:24] <SilverFlight> Well, if that's the case, am I needed any longer?
  761. [00:02:42] <Pea14733> Well there's one more thing about DisneyWiki so hold on :)
  762. 01[00:02:49] <+Luxerion> that's the case, in general.
  763. [00:03:01] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Perhaps later, SilverFlight. Byzantinefire posted something else for later.
  764. [00:03:03] <Sora1995> (on a side note about the Disney Wiki, a lot of the pages about BBS characters aren't filled in... at all.)
  765. 01[00:03:15] <+Luxerion> and that's how an lp is done. although not sure how a group one is done but ffwiki has done a group one, i think.
  766. 01[00:03:27] <+Luxerion> should check theirs out i guess?
  767. [00:03:38] <Sora1995> see the problem right now is with II.5 coming out
  768. 01[00:03:47] <+Luxerion> also, lp's are HIGHLY different thank playthroughs.
  769. [00:03:55] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, FFWiki has done an LP but I haven't watched it
  770. [00:03:58] <Sora1995> all of the great games would be rendered obsolete due to them being in HD
  771. 04[00:04:17] <Sora1995> if we wait, we can get them in HD, but only Luxerion would be able to record them
  772. [00:04:17] <FifteenthMember> :P
  773. [00:04:22] <Sora1995> which is way too much for one person
  774. [00:04:24] <Sora1995> six games
  775. [00:04:24] <KeybladeSpyMaste> You'd be surprised, Sora
  776. [00:04:33] <FifteenthMember> If you do them, will you do it in chronological order or order of release?
  777. [00:04:40] <Sora1995> i'd assume chronological
  778. [00:04:42] <Sora1995> or
  779. [00:04:45] <Sora1995> record multiples at once
  780. [00:04:52] <Sora1995> and upload them all around the same time
  781. [00:04:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Since HD2.5's announcement, people have been doing walkthroughs for KHII, BBS, and Re:c all over the place on YouTube.
  782. [00:05:20] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The original games will not be obsolete, not necessarily
  783. [00:05:29] <KeybladeSpyMaste> or immediately
  784. 01[00:05:37] <+Luxerion> if i was recording the LP's, it'd go KHI, KHII, KHBBS, KH3D, then the nintendo games (AHEM BORING AHEM)
  785. [00:05:38] <Sora1995> yes, but we are a wiki
  786. [00:05:51] <Sora1995> we'd want it to look professional, right?
  787. 01[00:06:36] <+Luxerion> was that to me? idk
  788. [00:06:42] <Sora1995> to anybody
  789. [00:06:59] <Sora1995> in all reality, if we were to do a Let's Play, we'd need more than one person to do it
  790. [00:07:00] <KeybladeSpyMaste> You know what would be cool? Linking the Walkthrough pages to the LP's
  791. 04[00:07:11] <Sora1995> i know Luxerion CAN, but he shouldn't have to do all of the games
  792. [00:07:37] <Sora1995> and to be fair, it should be the higher-ups doing the LP's, not me
  793. [00:07:41] <Sora1995> but if you want me to, i can
  794. [00:08:16] <Pea14733> higher-ups?
  795. [00:08:22] <Sora1995> admins/mods
  796. 04[00:08:28] <Sora1995> like Sove and Luxerion
  797. [00:08:36] <Sora1995> Cheisa
  798. [00:08:47] <Sora1995> i rarely go on the wiki, let alone edit it
  799. [00:08:55] <Sora1995> don't think it'd be fair if I did a LP
  800. [00:09:02] <Sora1995> but again, if you guys want me to do it, i have no problem doing it
  801. 01[00:09:08] <+Luxerion> well, hosting them, yes, but it really depends on who has the tech to do them
  802. 01[00:09:26] <+Luxerion> we could possibly do them, like, one game per month (meaning, 3 games this summer, 3 the next, etc.) because i have time now.
  803. [00:09:26] <Sora1995> yeah i know
  804. [00:09:53] <Sora1995> I can record all of the DS games and BBSFM
  805. 02[00:09:55] * FifteenthMember ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  806. [00:09:55] <Sora1995> not DDD though
  807. 03[00:10:11] * FifteenthMember ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  808. [00:10:15] <Sora1995> but they'd be in PSP/DS graphics
  809. [00:10:16] <Sora1995> not PS3
  810. 04[00:10:29] <Sora1995> or, we could do something Luxerion and I discussed
  811. [00:10:33] <Sora1995> for RE:Coded and Days
  812. [00:10:42] <Sora1995> every CS is replaced by the HD one
  813. [00:10:46] <Sora1995> where it applies
  814. 01[00:11:59] <+Luxerion> its not so much the plan that i wanted to discuss, its who wants to be a part of the lp stuff so we can get an actual group done. i remember a while back, it was CoF, CaF, Sora and me. Then it just broke up until it was just Sora and me doing them.
  815. [00:12:27] <Sora1995> Cheisa never started because we couldn't get PPSSPP working for him
  816. [00:12:32] <Sora1995> and CaF... not a clue
  817. 01[00:13:05] <+Luxerion> well, it wasn't ppsspp, was it?
  818. [00:13:08] <Sora1995> it was
  819. [00:13:12] <Sora1995> his computer couldn't run i
  820. [00:13:13] <Sora1995> it*
  821. 01[00:13:15] <+Luxerion> i remember we got him to play the actual psp game
  822. 01[00:13:21] <+Luxerion> but it was the audio that was an issue.
  823. [00:13:24] <Sora1995> was it?
  824. [00:13:28] <Sora1995> either way
  825. [00:13:32] <Sora1995> it never started
  826. [00:14:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think you guys should start with "Who can" and then go to "Who will"
  827. [00:14:37] <Sora1995> I still have the list of who was supposed to do what
  828. [00:14:44] <Sora1995> Let me find it
  829. [00:14:47] <Pea14733> Well good luck guys
  830. [00:14:58] <Pea14733> I can't keep my eyes open anymore
  831. [00:14:59] <KeybladeSpyMaste> You're not leaving, are you Pea?
  832. 03[00:15:08] * Pea14733 is now known as Pea|Neteiru
  833. [00:15:17] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Oh, that's right. It's like, 6AM isn't it?
  834. [00:15:17] <FifteenthMember> he is
  835. [00:15:24] <Pea|Neteiru> Yeah
  836. 01[00:15:33] <+Luxerion> night pea
  837. [00:15:54] <Sora1995>
  838. [00:15:56] <Sora1995> this is who we had down
  839. [00:17:14] <KeybladeSpyMaste> see ya, Pea
  840. 01[00:17:22] <+Luxerion> what we need most, is on the commentary part
  841. [00:17:31] <FifteenthMember> Remember guys: You can do the recordings at any time but upload them later
  842. 01[00:17:34] <+Luxerion> because i can handle all the recording and editing post-recording
  843. 01[00:17:46] <+Luxerion> its just getting people to talk or a group of people
  844. 01[00:17:54] <+Luxerion> because sora and i, isn't a group :|
  845. 04[00:17:57] <Sora1995> I know you can Luxerion, but remember the difficulty we had?
  846. [00:18:09] <Sora1995> with twitch
  847. 01[00:18:09] <+Luxerion> with what?
  848. 01[00:18:13] <+Luxerion> twitch?
  849. [00:18:13] <Sora1995> and skype
  850. [00:18:15] <Sora1995> it wasn't too bad
  851. 01[00:18:16] <+Luxerion> right
  852. [00:18:21] <Sora1995> but it made it very difficult
  853. [00:18:25] <FifteenthMember> "Nezzy: watevs" :P
  854. [00:18:33] <Sora1995> i was commenting on things that happened 20 or 30 seconds ago
  855. 01[00:19:01] <+Luxerion> yeah
  856. 01[00:19:05] <+Luxerion> well...
  857. [00:19:09] <Sora1995> IF we were going to do it like that
  858. [00:19:19] <Sora1995> we could just record the gameplay
  859. [00:19:22] <Sora1995> then commentary later
  860. 01[00:19:24] <+Luxerion> there are always alternatives
  861. [00:19:28] <Sora1995> like what we were supposed to do with BBSFM >.>
  862. [00:19:57] <FifteenthMember> What will the commentary focus on? Humour or advice?
  863. 01[00:20:02] <+Luxerion> see, my problem with that is that i dont want to do that because of the fact that it just doesnt feel genuine (and im not an actor lol).
  864. [00:20:02] <FifteenthMember> I'd say go with a mixture of the two
  865. [00:20:06] <Sora1995> it's a LP Fifteenth
  866. [00:20:09] <Sora1995> whatever comes up :P
  867. 04[00:20:30] <FifteenthMember> That's what I was thinking EK :P
  868. [00:20:39] <Sora1995> i'd rather not do it either
  869. [00:21:00] <FifteenthMember> It'd be much harder for you guys to fill in the silence
  870. [00:21:20] <Sora1995> would it be better to just have one person play and comment?
  871. [00:21:29] <Sora1995> or a group like we originally planned?
  872. 01[00:23:03] <+Luxerion> no, it just doesnt work as a separate person cuz, i personally find it awkward cuz i just go into the weirdest things ever, when im with others, its better that way cuz we can discuss other games together, etc.
  873. [00:23:56] <Sora1995> well
  874. [00:24:04] <Sora1995> we'd have to find some way for the other person to see it
  875. [00:24:11] <Sora1995> twitch is terrible at that
  876. [00:24:15] <Sora1995> and skype isn't much better
  877. 01[00:24:33] <+Luxerion> skype is fine, but its got worse transfer quality
  878. 01[00:24:48] <+Luxerion> while twitch transfers quality fine, its just terrible at the lag gap
  879. [00:25:19] <FifteenthMember> FaceTime? (I have no idea if that helps or not)
  880. [00:25:25] <Sora1995> lolno
  881. 01[00:25:37] <+Luxerion> we dont use macs, plus, the capture programs are all windows lol
  882. [00:26:24] <Sora1995> i mean twitch is fine
  883. [00:26:32] <Sora1995> but then comes the difficulty of the commentary
  884. 01[00:26:47] <+Luxerion> well, there's livestream, ustream, and a bunch of others.
  885. 01[00:26:54] <+Luxerion> we could try those out later (when im back in qatar)
  886. [00:27:29] <FifteenthMember> teamviewer?
  887. 01[00:27:34] <+Luxerion> so, let's just push this back until next month's rt and we'll deal with it then.
  888. [00:27:34] <FifteenthMember> Wait, never mind
  889. [00:27:36] <Sora1995> we could..
  890. [00:27:39] <Sora1995> no, it'd work
  891. [00:27:43] <Sora1995> the lag on TV isn't terrible
  892. [00:27:49] <Sora1995> much better than Twitch or Skype
  893. 01[00:27:52] <+Luxerion> you sure?
  894. [00:28:03] <Sora1995> color would be distorted, but it could work
  895. 01[00:28:07] <+Luxerion> because i've tried it with a friend and when the things move FAST its horib le
  896. [00:28:08] <Sora1995> at least on the viewer's end
  897. 01[00:28:13] <+Luxerion> like my spelling of 'horrible'.
  898. [00:28:40] <Sora1995> well..
  899. 01[00:28:43] <+Luxerion> but see, the thing is, tv would only work on one person only
  900. [00:28:58] <Sora1995> no, you can have multiple people viewing the same computer
  901. 01[00:29:04] <+Luxerion> ah, right
  902. 01[00:29:22] <+Luxerion> well we'll test it out later, right now we need to wrap up, it's 12:30am here :p
  903. [00:29:32] <Sora1995> alright
  904. 01[00:29:41] <+Luxerion> so, now, fm, you've got the last thing on the agenda
  905. [00:29:49] <Sora1995> well i'm still thinking for the time being, solo is the best for the LP
  906. [00:29:53] <Sora1995> until we can figure out things
  907. [00:29:55] <Sora1995> anywho
  908. [00:30:11] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Two things left!
  909. [00:30:34] <KeybladeSpyMaste> (yay, there won't be a part III!)
  910. [00:31:33] <Sove> [02:08] <Pea14733> higher-ups?
  911. [00:31:33] <Sove> [02:08] <Sora1995> admins/mods
  912. 04[00:31:33] <Sove> [02:08] <Sora1995> like Sove and Luxerion
  913. [00:31:33] <Sove> [02:08] <Sora1995> Cheisa
  914. [00:31:34] <Sove> lol
  915. 03[00:31:36] * darkfalcon3274 (60ffc82b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  916. [00:31:43] <Sove> I don't consider mysekf a higher-up
  917. 01[00:31:44] <+Luxerion> FifteenthMember ¬_¬
  918. [00:31:48] <Sove> So exclude me
  919. [00:32:07] <Sora1995> sorry sove :P
  920. 02[00:32:40] * NZ|dinner ( Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  921. [00:33:32] <FifteenthMember> Oh
  922. [00:33:48] <FifteenthMember> Hi
  923. [00:33:48] <FifteenthMember> I was making tea
  924. [00:33:57] <Sora1995> (on a side note, would TWEWY fall under our category of games to LP since it's loosely tied to KH?)
  925. [00:34:10] <FifteenthMember> So the last thing on the agenda
  926. [00:34:15] <darkfalcon3274> make it a side project
  927. 01[00:34:20] <+Luxerion> SO BRITISH~
  928. [00:34:41] <FifteenthMember> My idea depends on whether we need the KHWIKI template on all File: images or not
  929. [00:34:49] <darkfalcon3274> i have less than 5 min
  930. 01[00:34:53] <+Luxerion> well, if twewy fell into the games we should lp, that also means we should lp ff6, 7, 8, 9, 10. :p
  931. [00:34:56] <FifteenthMember> Can we compromise to have the khwiki template on all galleries and stuff instead?
  932. [00:34:59] <Sora1995> touche :P
  933. [00:35:08] <FifteenthMember> Who's darkfalcon?
  934. 01[00:35:11] <+Luxerion> neumannz
  935. [00:35:18] <Sora1995> wait, who was from VI in KH? O.o
  936. 01[00:35:20] <+Luxerion> although, we could do it on my channel if you want
  937. 01[00:35:24] <+Luxerion> setzer
  938. [00:35:28] <darkfalcon3274> this is regarding images on the disney wiki?
  939. [00:35:28] <FifteenthMember> Ah
  940. [00:35:29] <Sora1995> oh right
  941. [00:35:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yep.
  942. [00:35:53] <KeybladeSpyMaste> FM said he had another idea for it.
  943. [00:36:06] <FifteenthMember> [00:34:47] <FifteenthMember> My idea depends on whether we need the KHWIKI template on all File: images or not
  944. [00:36:20] <FifteenthMember> [00:35:02] <FifteenthMember> Can we compromise to have the khwiki template on all galleries and stuff instead?
  945. [00:36:52] <+Cheisa> hey I'm back
  946. 01[00:36:55] <+Luxerion> SilverFlight
  947. [00:37:03] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I think we said last time that part of the problem was that not all the KH images are KHWiki images. Determining the difference is another problem
  948. 01[00:37:05] <+Luxerion> wait
  949. 01[00:37:10] <+Luxerion> right right, i forgot
  950. 01[00:37:16] <+Luxerion> we have the affiliation thing to do
  951. [00:37:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Other than the obivious gifs and such
  952. [00:37:26] <SilverFlight> The hard part is that it's hard to identify which image comes from here
  953. [00:37:44] <FifteenthMember> That would mean having the templates on the galleries would make it easier
  954. [00:37:53] <SilverFlight> Since a lot of them were from the early days when Byzantinefire encouraged copying from here
  955. [00:37:57] <+Cheisa> I know that all the custom renders were from here
  956. 01[00:37:59] <+Luxerion> well, i think for sure, renders that were made by shard, along with any gifs, should have the template.
  957. [00:37:59] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Which people like ShardofTruth ripped themselves
  958. [00:38:20] <FifteenthMember> It's near certain that each gallery has at least one KHWiki image
  959. [00:38:46] <FifteenthMember> Cos all character stuff has renders
  960. [00:39:07] <darkfalcon3274> i gotta go
  961. [00:39:07] <FifteenthMember> So putting the template on the galleries means we can license much more images in much less time
  962. [00:39:15] <darkfalcon3274> see y'all
  963. [00:39:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The other problem is that the Template has links to the appropriate images on this site (ex. Sora KH3.png on the Disney Wiki would link to the same file here)
  964. [00:39:23] <FifteenthMember> Bye
  965. 01[00:39:27] <+Luxerion> later neumannz
  966. [00:39:27] <KeybladeSpyMaste> See ya
  967. [00:39:42] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Putting the template on the gallery would link to such a gallery here.
  968. [00:39:50] <KeybladeSpyMaste> With the same name
  969. [00:40:20] <FifteenthMember> Hmm
  970. [00:40:22] <FifteenthMember> We'll have to tweak the template so that it requires a variable
  971. [00:40:31] <KeybladeSpyMaste> We could do that.
  972. [00:40:52] <FifteenthMember> And the template would then be [[Template:KHWiki|Article name]]
  973. 01[00:41:14] <+Luxerion> yeah, i'd just say put them on the pages, just saw the gallery for sora.
  974. [00:41:15] <FifteenthMember> And that would link to
  975. [00:41:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Didn't Byzantinefire link us to his upload log last week.
  976. [00:41:20] <SilverFlight> So then the easier thing would be to add the tepmplates to the galleries themselves?
  977. 03[00:41:39] * Pea14733 ( has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  978. [00:41:40] <FifteenthMember> KSM, that was the plan
  979. [00:41:57] <FifteenthMember> But I have a feeling it would be much harder to get all images just from that
  980. 01[00:42:10] <+Luxerion> and to be honest, i really don't see the point of having this:
  981. [00:42:14] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's true.
  982. 02[00:43:02] * Pea|Neteiru ( Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
  983. [00:43:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Another way to get the images is to simply look for the images with the same file names there as they are here.
  984. [00:43:34] <KeybladeSpyMaste> When they were copied, they copied the file name too, and left the naming scheme the KHWiki uses.
  985. 02[00:43:42] * darkfalcon3274 (60ffc82b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  986. [00:43:49] <FifteenthMember> Actually, most files were uploaded under different names
  987. 01[00:43:58] <+Luxerion> those gifs don't need to be there at all, either.
  988. [00:44:23] <FifteenthMember> The thing with the images is we can almost never manage to track down every single image
  989. [00:44:23] <KeybladeSpyMaste> No, no they don't
  990. [00:44:43] <FifteenthMember> There's simply far too many
  991. [00:45:04] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Do we need to? If they're edited, then yes. If not, it may seem too selfish to try and collect them all.
  992. [00:45:05] <FifteenthMember> That also means the same applies to mainspace articles
  993. [00:45:05] <FifteenthMember> With KHWiki images
  994. [00:45:24] <KeybladeSpyMaste> And claim them our own
  995. 01[00:45:35] <+Luxerion> like i said, i think gifs and rips we've done need to be sourced to us
  996. [00:45:40] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Just throwing out thoughts here.
  997. 01[00:45:49] <+Luxerion> if that's too much work, just do the whole gallery and put the template at the top.
  998. 04[00:45:58] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, I agree with Luxerion
  999. [00:46:19] <FifteenthMember> SilverFlight and Byzantine, all agreed?
  1000. [00:46:48] <SilverFlight> Let me get this straight, put the template at the top of the gallery?
  1001. [00:47:10] <SilverFlight> Just to be clear
  1002. 01[00:47:18] <+Luxerion> yes.
  1003. [00:47:24] <SilverFlight> Ok then
  1004. [00:47:32] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Byzantinefire left earlier while we were discussing the Disney WIki articles.
  1005. [00:47:39] <SilverFlight> the KHWikiImage template?
  1006. 01[00:47:56] <+Luxerion> it's just because, in a realistic world, no one is going to scroll all the way to the bottom to see a template. so it's best to put it at the top where everyone will see it regardless.
  1007. 01[00:48:04] <+Luxerion> yeah.
  1008. [00:48:08] <FifteenthMember> Yes
  1009. [00:48:16] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yep
  1010. [00:48:38] <SilverFlight> Ok
  1011. [00:48:39] <FifteenthMember> I'd say articles like "Gameplay in Kingdom Hearts" which has images we screenshotted should have the same treatment
  1012. [00:48:57] <FifteenthMember> So final point: affiliation with DisneyWiki
  1013. 01[00:49:12] <+Luxerion> i dunno about screenshots, anyone can get them, but meh, i just want the gifs accredited cuz those took me years to make.
  1014. [00:49:20] <FifteenthMember> I thought the Keyhole was already affiliated with DisneyWiki?
  1015. 01[00:49:29] <+Luxerion> keyhole is, isn't.
  1016. [00:49:35] <KeybladeSpyMaste> This was brought up back in November during the incident. At the time, I assume it was ignored because of it.
  1017. [00:49:52] <FifteenthMember> I thought we only affiliate with independant wikis or something like that?
  1018. [00:49:53] <SilverFlight> You don't have to be affiliated with the wiki. It's your choice
  1019. [00:49:54] <FifteenthMember> Like SEIWA and NIWA
  1020. 01[00:50:08] <+Luxerion> hold on
  1021. [00:50:09] <FifteenthMember> I don't really know the policy :P
  1022. [00:50:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste>
  1023. 01[00:50:24] <+Luxerion> yeah we are affiliatied with wikia wikis
  1024. [00:50:39] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, there are a couple, like the Fanon Wiki
  1025. 01[00:50:41] <+Luxerion> which also reminds me, i need to rework that...
  1026. 01[00:51:17] <+Luxerion> apparently some of our affiliates don't link back?
  1027. [00:51:37] <FifteenthMember> I don't really know anything about affiliates so I don't have an opinion on the matter
  1028. [00:51:37] <FifteenthMember> Either or
  1029. [00:51:50] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Byz had mentioned to me earlier this afternoon that we could use the affiliation with Disney Wiki to increase community activity, though I'm not sure how that would work.
  1030. 01[00:52:29] <+Luxerion> We should also go over our affiliates while we're at it.
  1031. [00:52:44] <KeybladeSpyMaste> It came up while we were discussing affiliating with KHInsider.
  1032. 01[00:52:46] <+Luxerion> since i gave myself the title of community manager (:p), I'll take care of that.
  1033. [00:52:57] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I agree.
  1034. [00:53:12] <KeybladeSpyMaste> (All sorts of things need a look over)
  1035. [00:53:13] <FifteenthMember> Remember: "royal jester"
  1036. [00:53:30] <+Cheisa> I was gone ffor 2 hours and now I have no idea what topic we are on
  1037. [00:53:52] <FifteenthMember> tbh, affiliation sounds like a staff to staff thing
  1038. [00:53:57] <FifteenthMember> idk
  1039. [00:53:57] <FifteenthMember> UC, affiliating with DisneyWiki
  1040. 04[00:55:19] <FifteenthMember> So Luxerion, what will you do?
  1041. [00:55:40] <FifteenthMember> Decide now whether to affiliate with DisneyWiki or decide with the staff?
  1042. 01[00:57:22] <+Luxerion> i'll ask the staff and see what they say then we can go ahead with the affiliation if it's a yes. since byzantine brought it up, i'm assuming the disneywiki is okay with it.
  1043. [00:58:39] <FifteenthMember> Okay
  1044. [00:59:15] <FifteenthMember> Final point: How many edits should a person need to edit the Trinity Archives?
  1045. [00:59:55] <FifteenthMember> I'd say 200 like FA and FU
  1046. [00:59:58] <FifteenthMember> or do we want it higher?
  1047. [01:00:28] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Hey, just a thought. Should we bring back FU?
  1048. [01:00:29] <+Cheisa> people who have made good contributions
  1049. [01:00:49] <FifteenthMember> We don't get enough new users for FU
  1050. [01:01:05] <KeybladeSpyMaste> OK
  1051. 01[01:01:10] <+Luxerion> we are no longer affiliates with the spyro wiki
  1052. 01[01:01:23] <+Luxerion> its 150 for ma, so it should at least be 500
  1053. 01[01:01:32] <+Luxerion> wait no
  1054. 04[01:01:39] <KeybladeSpyMaste> You're going to update the Affiliates page, right Luxerion?
  1055. 01[01:01:49] <+Luxerion> 150 ma, 200 fa/fu, 250 for trinity archives
  1056. 01[01:01:53] <+Luxerion> i'm going to rebuild it, yeah.
  1057. [01:02:03] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Cool.
  1058. [01:02:21] <FifteenthMember> We get a new user who's dedicated to the Wiki every like three months
  1059. [01:02:21] <FifteenthMember> so yeah
  1060. [01:02:22] <FifteenthMember> I'm okay with those values
  1061. [01:02:29] <FifteenthMember> So that wraps up the roundtable?
  1062. 06[01:02:43] * FifteenthMember is happy he doesn't have to write the summary
  1063. [01:02:47] <KeybladeSpyMaste> No, wait one question.
  1064. 04[01:03:03] <FifteenthMember> Luxerion, your job is hard :DP
  1065. [01:03:03] <FifteenthMember> *:P
  1066. [01:03:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I came up with the elements for the Chapter List Template. I wanted to know if there was anymore you guys wanted on it.
  1067. 01[01:03:44] <+Luxerion> pffft, i write the summary as each issue is dealt with
  1068. [01:03:57] <FifteenthMember> link?
  1069. [01:04:04] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Right now, the elements are Title (TP and YP), Episode No., Volume (TP and YP), and Publication date (TP and YP)
  1070. [01:04:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Any others?
  1071. [01:05:59] <FifteenthMember> Don't think so (although this is probably something you should ask Xion and Uxie cos they have the manga) :P
  1072. [01:06:51] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, if there's no other ideas, I'll ask them later.
  1073. 01[01:06:52] <+Luxerion> alright, i'm gonna go post the logs now
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