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  1. <markm_> and were you the OG board owner?
  2. <dog_whistle> yes
  3. <markm_> alright
  4. <dog_whistle> I do /workrelated/
  5. <dumbgoy> Is his cock ctillem
  6. <squid92> i liked your typefaces, copypaste, but why did you have to turn around and act like such a nigger?
  7. <dumbgoy> Crippled
  8. <dumbgoy> Too
  9. <copypaste>
  10. <YT-info> Twitter » Yes Mark I understand it.  Jim Watkins pays you $2000/mo.  Jim Watkins understands you're using the money he pays y… · by Fredrick Brennan 🔣🇵🇭✝ on 2019-10-22 · ♻ 0 ❤ 0
  11. <zof> yep
  12. <zof> his only thing going for him was the typefaces
  13. <zof> why must the midget burn it down
  14. <zof> based highlight of me tho
  15. <PatMan> copypaste, explain how is "controlled opposition"
  16. <PatMan> It's not really opposing anything
  17. <dumbgoy> Hello l
  18. <dumbgoy> Help
  19. <zof> it's literally a false accusation
  20. <dumbgoy> Flop down the stairs you fuckin dumb commie glob
  21. <dumbgoy> Let me have my imageboard
  22. <zof> I'd really love to interview Jim on this tbh
  23. <zof> why is copypaste so mad
  24. <markm_> because Jim yelled at him once
  25. <markm_> also because of a google search
  26. <markm_> pathetic
  27. <owo> sorry was busy
  28. * moopy (~qwebirc@D77CC82B.30E54D83.F5A5F984.IP) has joined
  29. * LiftLeft ( has joined
  30. <owo> wb markm_
  31. <LiftLeft> what is this?
  32. <PatMan> copypaste is sperging out because he exists, and mark came in here.
  33. <PatMan> Oh
  34. <PatMan> This is the #8kun chat
  35. <LiftLeft> do you guys hate the jews as much as I do?
  36. <PatMan> How much do you hate the jews?
  37. <LiftLeft> hitler didn't go far enough
  38. <markm_> I was just checking in on JEWSS
  39. <owo> markm_ i emailed you about my shared secret but didn't get a response
  40. <markm_> I had no intention of talking to copypaste
  41. <LiftLeft> he didn't even gas them
  42. <PatMan> Of course not. The holocaust never happened, LiftLeft
  43. <markm_> he's dead to me
  44. <markm_> owo did you email ron?
  45. <PatMan> That's fair
  46. <copypaste> pucker up :D
  47. <squid92> so is he only going to communicate passive-aggressively through twitter urls?
  48. * LiftLeft is now known as TheWebmaster
  49. <squid92> IT TALKS
  50. <owo> markm_: no because i don't know my secret
  51. <markm_> talk to him
  52. <owo> ok
  53. <markm_> if he doesn't respond to you then talk to me
  54. <dog_whistle> everybody knows ur secret, owo
  55. <owo> ty
  56. <PatMan> >tfw a BO who only gets 1 or 2 posts every month knows their shared secret
  57. <owo> dog_whistle: 😒
  58. <markm_> if you have solid proof then I'll get you on the list
  59. <dog_whistle> 😆
  60. <PatMan> >tfw owo and Aux don't
  61. <PatMan> Oh right.
  62. <owo> i never even heard of it til the tweet saying i should send him it
  63. <dog_whistle> I didn't realize vch was on webring
  64. <owo> i missed some memo apparently
  65. <dog_whistle> till rn
  66. >markm_< I'm the BO. Just thought I'd check on that.
  67. <PatMan> owo, it should've been in one of your emails.
  68. <owo> i checked
  69. <markm_> If I ignore someone does that mean I can't see their messages?
  70. <owo> it wasn't
  71. <TheWebmaster> is JEWS a bot?
  72. <owo> what should it have said?
  73. <markm_> no JEWS is a real person
  74. <PatMan> markm_, yes
  75. <owo> yes markm_
  76. <PatMan> It does mean you can't see their future messages
  77. <chronos> jesus fucking christ
  78. <chronos> hey mark
  79. <markm_> meaning?
  80. <TheWebmaster> does he have highlight notification disable?
  81. <markm_> like I don't want to speak to fredrick ever again
  82. <chronos> STFU and leave the chat. I suggest you have jim hire a attorney on libel law or a media specialist
  83. <markm_> I don't wanna see his messages
  84. <robi> top LEL
  85. <dog_whistle> 😆😆
  86. <Pringles> markm_: fight me on fightcade
  87. <TheWebmaster> is JEWS a jew?
  88. <robi> MAD
  89. <robi> 12
  90. <markm_> Pringles: see me in GGPO fgt
  91. <zof> based
  92. <robi> GAME
  93. <robi> OVERS
  94. <markm_> but seriously, is JEWS okay?
  95. <robi> TWELVE
  96. <robi> GAME
  97. <robi> OVERS
  98. <Pringles> markm_: We can make this happen. SF3?
  99. <robi> i can blindfold 1cc touhou FDF lunatic
  100. <markm_> perhaps, but not right now
  101. <Pringles> Let me know
  102. <markm_> I'm too pissed off, I didn't want to speak to fredrick
  103. <markm_> I'm going to leave now
  104. <owo> yes markm_
  105. <markm_> You have an IRC that fredrick isn't a part of?
  106. <owo> JEWS is fine
  107. <markm_> ok good
  108. <TheWebmaster> I really want to know if JEWS is a jew
  109. <markm_> that's all I'm here for
  110. <markm_> have a good day
  111. <markm_> no comment, ask him
  112. <owo> cheers
  113. <t--manyt-c-unt> NTT is truly the cutting edge of technology
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