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  1. Key: Fortidogi2
  2. Character: Billy
  3. Skill(or transformation): Third Eye (Human ASC1)
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation): Im pretty familiar with Homo Sapiens.
  5. Reasoning:  Billy is unsettled by the death of Zhou Liu, and his inability to fight against the tides of fate that grip Aurholm. His cheer and love for life, previously found and cultivated in Minobu, are slowly slipping away from him-- he begins to get it into his head that the city is better off without him, that energy spent protecting him is better off spent elsewhere. With a sad smile on his face, he descends to the surface again, this time for good.
  6. What is the moment: After saying his goodbyes and leaving his signature hat with Keaton, Billy departs for the abandoned town southwest of the gate, where Zhou Liu had sacrificed his life to deal the final blow to the masked devilbeast at the center of a disturbingly deranged community. Were those people monsters? Were they humans, living their lives under the stress of corruption and survival until their sanity could no longer bare it? If that were so, what was stopping Minobu from becoming that way-- what was stopping him? These revalations felt like a surge of weight that he had only been able to avoid by ignorance.
  8. While wandering that place, he met Jaganu, a wandering Ifrit who had journeyed there from a cave that now connected the plains to the desert. While he had known of the existence of the Garuda, for reasons involving his father's past exile, they'd never seemed so close before...
  10. Through the cave where the corrupted root had sprouted, Billy emerged into Garuda territory. He met many who shunned him-- this he expected-- but also many who welcomed him, like the solemn, silent Vine, the odd Peach, and the metal titan Rowan. Together with Jaganu, the young man entered the tent of the newly-christened chieftain Yal, showed his humble respect, and explained his wish. Even when offered solidarity and a place within the tribe, however-- an offer which brought him nearly to tears-- he couldnt bring himself to accept.
  12. Billy will spend the next five years in the outskirts of the Garuda desert, in a camp of his own making. He makes a living by selling monster and beast parts to Rowan and the townsfolk, but otherwise lives off the land, as he did before coming to Minobu. He is welcome within the tribe, and when it calls for help, he will answer, but Billy otherwise distances himself from others. Before he can return to his former self, he must first wrestle with the questions that plague his mind. Is humanity truly more moral than the monsters they fear? Does Aurholm have a future, a hope of peace? And if it does, where does his role lie?
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