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  2. Faction Name:
  3. Enemy Force:
  4. Mobilized Troops: Regular troopers x5,000
  5. Snipers x500
  6. Imperial Recon x500
  7. Sith War Droid Mark I x1,250
  8. Imperial C-series War Droids x500:
  9. Sith Juggernauts x3
  10. Imperial Crawler Tanks x20
  11. Terminus-class Destoyer x1 (520 crew)
  12. -x40  Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters
  13. -x10 B28 Extinction-class bombers
  14. -x10 shuttles
  16. Casualties:
  17. Regular troopers x4,320
  18. Snipers x462
  19. Imperial Recon x472
  20. Sith War Droid Mark I x800
  21. Imperial C-series War Droids x300
  22. Sith Juggernauts x3
  23. Imperial Crawler Tanks x20
  24. 60 crew from Terminus-class Destroyer
  25. -x30  Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters
  26. -x10 B28 Extinction-class bombers
  27. -x10 shuttles
  29. Remaining Forces(from the Mobilized Troops):
  30. Regular troopers x680
  31. Snipers x38‬
  32. Imperial Recon x28‬
  33. Sith War Droid Mark I x450
  34. Imperial C-series War Droids x200
  35. Terminus-class Destoyer x1 (490 crew)
  36. -x10  Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters
  37. -x10 B28 Extinction-class bombers
  38. -x10 shuttles
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