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  1. A Hunt is a story-based Roleplay that borrows elements from the Monster Hunter and Dungeons & Dragons franchises. It is an "experience" that has a set beginning and end, ranging from two to three hours depending on various factors. In the RP, there is a DM (Dungeon Master) who controls the narrative of the roleplay, defining the background of the RP and creating a world for the Players to interact with - the party of Hunters. This means that while it is similar to a D&D campaign, there are no dice rolls: instead, the DM decides the outcome of various events and guides the Hunt down a path that is entertaining and challenging for the group. The various "targets" have ranged from creatures in Monster Hunter, to various cameos in games such as Bloodborne and Dark Souls - as well as The Witcher or Final Fantasy. There are only two rules in the Hunt. Do not attempt to one-shot the monster (as this diminishes the DM's setup work) and do not attempt to single-handedly control the flow of the roleplay (often times, the DM is guiding the fight towards a specific goal, like a scripted event). Aside from these two rules, all approaches to the Hunt are encouraged - and the Monster's strength will scale accordingly to the abilities of the party. This means that instead of relying on overpowered abilities, using your head and operating as a team will generate better results. If you have any questions, please ask an Owner, or Tentou if he is available.
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