Lost at Sea

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  1. The black iron handle burns as you wrap your hand around it. Pain prickles your shoulder as you try to lift your arm. Placing your other hand on it you tense your whole body, putting what strength you have left into moving it. With a squeak the handle relents. Picking up your pouch you slide it over the spout. With exaggerated full-body movements born of exhaustion you pump water from the well. Bracing yourself against the pump you wonder if the water will last until the next rain. It’s been a while since the last; the crops could sure use it. With one last crank the last of the water spurts out. Pulling the pouch away you cup your other hand underneath the spout, catching the last trickle, nursing your sore hand. Last drop caught you slap the hand down on top of your head massaging it as water trickles down your scalp. It only brings a slight relief as even the well water is warmed under this searing heat. Taking what you can get you raise the pouch to your mouth. Taking slow small sips you try to soften the hard crag of your dry mouth. The almost alien feeling of wetness induces a coughing fit. Taking pause for a moment you rub your forearm across your forehead. Like rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together the grit covering you scrapes and scratches in protest of being removed. Peeling your shirt from your chest and fanning it you think to yourself, Gods what you wouldn’t give for a nice cold shower, a dip in a lake, anything. Looking around you, all is a rolling sea of pale green. Your little empire of young wheat ripples in the sweltering heat as if to a stiff breeze that isn’t there.
  3. The daily chores are finished. There’s no way you’re getting anything else done today so you set sights on the only sanctuary in this inferno. No, not your little run-down shack. With the sun beating down that place is a furnace even with all the doors and windows wide open. No, your feet start carrying you down the dirt path to a small hill rising slightly higher above the rolling plains. Atop that hill stands the old elm tree, the only tree as far as the eye can see. The closer you get to the hill the harder the sun beats down and the more your muscles ache. Climbing up the hill is an endeavor all its own. You didn’t realize just how much the heat has gotten to you as your head grows a bit dizzy under the exertion. Huffing you pump your sore legs as up the hill you go. Finally reaching the shade you flop down hard, not caring to brace your fall. You wiggle your way back between two roots and set your head against the base with a sigh. A breeze sure would be nice right about now. But you’ll settle for some relief from that hot sun as you close your eyes, quickly slipping into dream.
  5. But even in dreams the heat still plagues you. You gently stir, shifting your leg. Suddenly you are met with a burning sensation. Recoiling your leg you look around to find burning hot sands in every direction. Flopping back down you look up at the sky. It’s a bright blue as if mocking you; you quietly curse at it and lay there still, the heat not letting you do much else. A gurgling sound hits your ears as you figure you’re probably hungry, that is until a cool sensation touches your heel. Looking down you are rejoiced to suddenly find an ocean, its waves now lapping at your feet. Your legs twitch and you shiver as the water touches your ankle. Each time the wave moves in it reaches just a little bit further. Too exhausted to move you simply lie back down and relish the cool sensation as the waves creep higher. Slowly up your calves the water laps, soothing burn from the sand you got earlier. Up the back of your thighs reaching your butt, another tingle of coolness races up your spine as the water reaches your back.
  7. You can feel your heels now sinking slowly with each wave into the sand. Soon your calves follow suit. Gently the sand massages your legs as they sink deeper. All aches and tension being swept away every time the wave recedes. Every time the waves come in you are filled with a cool, numb, blissful relaxation. Higher and higher the water flows. Your sore back is sucked down into the sands kneading it in a way so satisfying. Water strokes over your legs now leaving little tingles of pleasure as you shudder when the water laps at your balls. Deeper you sink into the sand as it sucks away all worldly cares, your mind awash in the sensation of the water stroking your head and playing with your hair. The water now spilling over your torso you feel the sands, firm caress lessen until it disappears only to reappear a moment later as the water recedes. The water gently tugs at you pulling you further out, out to sea. Briefer and briefer you touch the sand until you are floating there awash in the cool sensation. The rhythm of the waves now takes you. You slowly sink, higher and higher the water reaches up your neck, up your head, up your face, until it envelopes you in its sweet soft coolness. You drift in bliss for a moment until you notice a burning sensation in your chest. Gently sweeping your arms down you make for the surface. However the shimmering rays of light from the surface grow dimmer and farther away. Burning growing greater you try to swim harder but your limbs are so thoroughly relaxed you can only move them gently and slowly. Farther and farther the surface floats away.
  9. You jerk from your slumber gasping for breath. But your lungs are not rewarded with fresh air. Instead something gooey fills your nose and mouth. Slamming your tongue back against your throat you hold your breath. Panicking you look around you and see a warped reflection of yourself naked and terrified, the world has turned red. Craning your neck around you see a trail of your clothes leading up the hill to the elm tree. You lean forward but it doesn’t bring you any closer to the surface. You try to put your legs beneath you to stand but they touch upon nothing as do your arms. Desperate you flail about noticing wherever your limbs move the water flows too.
  11. “Woah! Hey calm down!” A feminine voice suddenly reverberates in your ear as you pause for a moment bewildered. “You’re alright, just relax and breathe deep.”
  13. Not heeding the mysterious voice’s words you continue to thrash about as the world dims. Lungs on fire you can stand it no longer and suck deep the goo. You feel it run down your throat and start to enter your lungs then suddenly stop as a burst of air fills you. You noisily hack and cough as you grow accustomed to the mucky intrusion. You notice a funnel of air now extends to your mouth and nose from the surface.
  15. “Sorry about that.” The voice returned. “I was just passing through and spotted you sleeping there. This heat has been so hard on my body and I just couldn’t resist having myself a taste. You were so good and you seemed to be really enjoying it so much that I just got a bit carried away.”
  17. She’s a slime. Oh gods you’ve been eaten by a slime! You resume your struggle to get out but as before, being suspended within her you can’t gain any sort of traction.
  19. “Hey take it easy, I’m not going to hurt you or anything.” She tries to reassure you.
  21. You slump, muscles completely burnt out now. You’ve put up the last fight you had left in you and lost.
  23. “See, there you go. Just reelaaaxxxx”
  25. You try to speak but it’s completely muffled by the slime in your throat.
  27. “Shhh there there now. It’s okay, just leave it to me.” She coos.
  29. You suddenly feel a slow, gentle ripple of pressure roll across your back. The ripple spreads out over your shoulders, up your neck, around your head, down your arms, across your chest, down your sides, over your thighs, down your calves and under your feet. All over your burning muscles and sore tendons are being gently massaged by her savory coolness in a slow rhythm like those waves in your dream. You tense at first but can only hold it for so long under her rub-down. Slowly you are swept up in that gentle rhythm as you melt in her caress. It feels so deeply satisfying you involuntarily moan as below something stirs.
  31. “Hmhmm, I’m glad you’re really enjoying it.” She giggles. “Hey! I’ve got an idea for how to make it up to you for that little scare earlier! Don’t worry, it’ll feel really good, trust me.”
  33. Before you can do anything you suddenly feel some sort of rubbery tube slide down your now hardening cock. Shocked you look down only to find your bare naked form. You can’t see anything around your member. Yet it has an odd shape to it like there is something wrapped around it. You reach down to grip your cock and nothing else.
  35. “Oh don’t trouble yourself, it’s my treat remember? You just relax and leave it alllll to me.”
  37. Suddenly the phantom tube slides up and you can see your cock enlarge from the base up, veins puffing out. Down again it slides effortlessly eliciting another moan from you. It begins a slow rhythm just like the waves, in and out. Suddenly a rib strokes down and up your cock, then two, then three. Packing in tighter and tighter the ribs increase their thrumming over the head of your cock as you pant. The ribs also change shape from pointy to square to round, from big to little, from tall to short as if experimenting on you. Soon the ribs are changed to bumps and the process repeats, big to small, densely packed to sparse, pointy to dull, tall to shallow. You squirm under her assault as the pleasure builds. Back through again with the smooth, ribs and bumps this time varying her tightness. You can’t help but meekly thrust your hips in time with her slow rhythm. Unable to resist her magical transforming onahole you erupt into her. The cum quickly disperses like fog in the morning sun.
  39. “Mmmm~ wow.” She moaned. “I mean, I knew from the sweat that your cum would probably taste pretty good but boy is that yummy.”
  41. You feel the ground hug your back as you’re gently set down. She recedes from your upper body pulling her slime from your throat causing you to hack and wheeze. Your mouth feels dry with her slime no longer in it. As her slime draws back you wince as you’re struck by an oppressive heat, her cool body no longer enveloping you.  You stroke your forehead finding that it no longer possesses any sort of dirt or grime. Marveling at the smoothness you realize she’s thoroughly cleaned your body. You can feel her slime pull away from your legs as well, for the most part anyway, her slime still touches your butt and hips. Your former captor morphs into the form of a deliciously supple looking woman with fat thighs, wide hips, slim waist and a very ample bosom. Her ruby body shimmered in the sunlight as she smiles down at you. On all fours she’s hunched over your body.
  43. “Ehem hmmmh.” Clearing your throat you ask timidly, “S-so, what happens now?” You know in your state you don’t stand a chance against her. You’re completely at her mercy.
  45. “Hey, don’t look at me like that.” She replied, looking a bit hurt. Her voice no longer echoed around you. “I just got a bit thirsty, that’s all. I’m not some mean monster who’s going to drag you off somewhere and rape you to death.” Her body was dripping onto yours. Spots of cool relief blossomed where she dripped.
  47. “I-I’m sorry, it’s just, that wasn’t exactly… the best first i-impression.” You apologize not wanting to get on her bad side.
  49. “I said I was sorry.” She pouted.
  51. A bit flustered you try your best to keep her happy. “I-It’s fine! It’s fine! You just really… startled me is all.”
  53. “Really?” Her face brightens. She gloms on to you her body a welcome relief from the heat. You lick your parched lips. “You look pretty thirsty.” She notes. “Hey, how about an exchange then? Quid quo pro. You give me some of your fluid and I’ll give you some of mine.” With a salacious grin she added, “I’m really good at pleasing men you know. I promise it’ll feel even better if we do it again.” She caught herself, “But I’m not going to force you or anything. It’s up to you of course. I won’t eat you this time if that’s what you’re worried about.” With innocent pleading eyes she awaits your answer.
  55. Should you really get mixed up anymore with this girl? She almost drowned you… even if that was an accident. Gods you’re thirsty. You don’t have much water left. Her body feels so nice. Maybe just once. She said even better, I wonder what that’d feel like.
  57. Slowly pushing into her ass your ‘answer’ made itself clear.
  59. “Great!” She exclaimed giddily. “Now just lay back, relax and let me do the work, this is going to feel so good.”
  61. Plopping herself down onto you she soon melded with your hips. You feel that familiar tube slide down your cock and she soon sets off at her same natural rhythm. Only unlike before the texture inside her is more complex this time. Ribs, bumps and smooth slime alternate, crisscross and swirl in fixed patterns about you tightening and loosening as they change shape. She strokes her hands up and down your chest. Her eyes are locked on your face the entire time she slowly rises up and falls on you. You notice the pleasure of her textured hole growing stronger and stronger. Looking up into her eyes you realize she’s been studying your reactions to her fucking. Each little twitch inside her betrays your desires. Little by little she’s slowly tweaking her pussy to drown you in pleasure, fine tuning her folds to leave you begging for more, dialing in on every little weak spot you have. With time the texture grows in complexity as does the pleasure it gives. Her big round tits swell as she pants hard now, thoroughly enjoying herself and your reactions to her. She’s relentless, higher and higher you’re pushed until you crash through the point of no return. Sensing your impending ejaculation she clamps down tight, a wave of pressure works its way up your cock as she begins milking you for all you’re worth. Under such bliss what can you do but gush deep into her? She falls on top of you, moaning loudly, breasts squishing into your chest. She presses her big juicy lips to yours as something gooey slips between your lips. It’s covered in what can only be described as some type of sugary sweet cherry flavor. Your tongue entwines with hers as you greedily suck deep her juices. You feel your thirst soon begin to evaporate under her passionate kiss. The last of your cum is wrung from its source you part lips, a thin red string hanging between you two.
  63. “Mmmm you’re so scrumptious~” She said in a husky voice. “I could just eat you all up.” Eyeing you hungrily.
  65. You unconsciously recoil from her.
  67. “Kidding!” She teased a big grin on her face. “Since you’ve been such a good sport about this, how about I give you a little… extra special service? What do you say, would you like that?”
  69. Still winded and mind clouded from your powerful orgasm you take a moment to respond. “Well- *huff* I- *huff* don’t know. *huff* What sort *huff* of service?”
  71. “You’ll love it, I promise. All you’ve got to do is close your eyes. Trust me if you thought that was great wait until you get a load of this.”
  73. Breathing heavy you consider her offer. In your state you’re not sure how much further your body can go. You do admittedly feel refreshed though after imbibing her. She just keeps getting better and better at it too. Maybe you should stop before you become spoiled by it, unsatisfied with anything but her. You wonder if that isn’t already the case. Aw hell, in for a penny in for a pound at this point. You close your eyes. You feel her cool touch across your eyes wrapping around the back of your head. “What are you doing?” You ask.
  75. “Making sure you don’t peek.” She replies. Her cool body disappeared from yours.
  77. You test your eyelids and sure enough find them unable to open.
  79. “Now, let me know when you hear something you like.” She whispers into your ear.
  81. You move your hands towards your face to inspect the blindfold but before they reached it they were snatched together by a hard claw and pinned above you. Multiple hard appendages dig in on either side of you lifting you up close to its smooth hard form.
  83. “My, my, what do we have here? Poor little human wander into one of my webs? Oh I’d just love to tie you up and milk you dry.” The voice was sultry and completely different from the slime’s.
  85. “H-hey if this is a joke or something I’m not laughing.” You spout shaking a bit.
  87. “Hmmm, didn’t like arachne eh? Okay how about…” It was the slime after all you breathe a sigh of relief.
  89. She lowers your arms which are suddenly pinned to your sides as leathery scales dig in to your skin swirling around you as they hug you tighter and tighter.
  91. “Offering yourself to me prey? How sweet. Such obedience deserves… a reward.” She hissed.
  93. “Ummm... this feels a bit uncomfortable…” You groan.
  95. The coils disperse. A sudden weight impacts your midsection as what feels like wet furry paws grab and roughly yank your arms outstretched. You feel points scrape along your thigh.
  97. “Mmmm, your fear is so sweet. I’m going to love milking you dry with my tail-pussy.” She moans.
  99. “Uhhh, do you have anything less… aggressive?” You ask.
  101. “No predators huh, something a bit more gentle…” She ponders. “Alright, how about…”
  103. Arms suddenly envelop you, wrapping around they’re covered in little mouths that suck and kiss at your skin.
  105. “There, there did the big bad monsters scare you. It’s okay honey, let me hold you. Ara ara what’s that poking me down there?” She coos.
  107. “A little less... clingy please.” You request.
  109. “Hey there sugar, do you mind helping me with something?” A sweet girly voice asked. “These udders of mine have been giving me nothing but trouble all day. Do you think you could maybe lend me a hand with milking them? They’re so sore I can’t stand much more of it”
  111. Your cock twitches as it’s standing tall.
  113. “Ohoho we have a winner.” The slime girl teased. “Should’ve figured a farmer would have a thing for cowgirls.”
  115. “You’ll help me? Well thank you so much!” The sweet girl returned. “Now you just lay right there and I’ll just… set these right here.”
  117. You feel two large mounds of flesh set down on your pelvis engulfing your cock. You can feel the faint beating of a heart, causing your dick to twitch. She’s good at this.
  119. “Now if you could just massage them a bit I think we can get the milk flowing.” She said as soft hands grasp your own bringing them up and pressing them into her big soft tits.
  121. Her voice causes her breasts to vibrate around you heightening your joy immensely and she hasn’t even moved yet. You marvel at the soft texture the slime girl has created for you. Silky smooth skin swallows your fingers as they sink deep into her melons. Your fingertips glide over them stopping to lightly circle around her engorged nipples. She lets out a deep guttural moan that reverberates all around your penis. She lifts herself up stroking your cock with her dirty pillows before dropping them back down. Up and down she sweetly grinds you in her soft valley.
  123. “Mmmm, that’s it sweetie, I can feel it, mmmmmoo” You feel the cool liquid run down your sides as she erupts with ‘milk’.
  125. You squeeze her breasts harder and more of the liquid spills over you. Her moans grow louder as do the vibrations now quickly bringing you towards climax. A tongue suddenly circles around your head buried deep in her cleavage. That’s all you can take as you spurt into her hungry tits.
  127. Feeling her lips drop over you she sucks away all your cum.
  129. “Ohhh thank you sugar you’ve been such a big help.” She says. Her marshmallow prison releases you as you still feel that liquid dripping across your waist. The dripping moves higher now climbing up your chest. “You know, it’d be a shame to let all this milk go to waste.”
  131. A nipple nuzzles your lips and you quickly latch on to it, sucking ravenously. Cherry flavor gushes into your mouth and down your throat. Around your hips you can feel wet fur slide along your sides as her crotch suddenly meets with yours. She grinds herself against you as your hands play with her breasts. You’re soon brought to full mast again, perhaps with the help of her juices.
  133. “Ahhh sweetie, you’ve gotten me all hot ‘n bothered. Please… take me.” She pleads.
  135. Not waiting a moment longer you grasp her hips and shove them down. You plunge into her and your whole body goes stiff. The slime girl’s tailored pussy is back with a vengeance. Like a glove it fits perfectly around your form only now it’s no longer just some great texture to be thrust up and down. Now it’s come to life, squirming, spinning, squeezing and stroking around you, it even vibrates now. You wail in pleasure as she draws her hips up, pussy staying right on you all the way up, punishing every weak spot with pleasure. Any gentle demeanor from her previous milking sessions is gone. This is her in her true form. She’s ruthlessly grinding more and more pleasure into you now. Her slow rhythmic roll of her hips an absurd contrast of the fury unleashed beneath the surface. In this place, stamina and control are concepts which cannot possibly exist. You arch your back and unload white hot cum into her relentless pussy. But that doesn’t quench its thirst it continues its assault milking jet after jet of your seed from your cock for what seems like hours as the ecstasy washes all thought from your mind.
  137. With a gurgle the attack ceases. She collapses on top of you losing her form. She melts over you moaning.
  139. “That was fantastic~” The slime girl mumbled, still savoring her meal.
  141. You lie there for a while panting as her coolness washes over you. She then speaks.
  143. “S-say, d-do you th-think you ever might need… you know… an extra hand around here?” She asks, uncharacteristically shy of her. “I can help out with chores, keep you cool, quench your thirst when you need…… keep you company.” She trails off.
  145. Putting strength back into your body you manage to sit upright, her slime running down off your back and chest. Planting your feet underneath you, you stand up.
  147. “I’ll have to think about it.” You answer her.
  149. “O-okay.” She says, a hint of dejection in her voice.
  151. Looking around you, you feel the sun searing you, pushing its hot weariness deep inside all down your body. That is except for your lower legs. A pleasant coolness laps at them. A breeze picks up throwing dirt across your face and in your eyes. You look behind to your trail of clothes laid on the hill.
  153. “Ah, who the hell am I kidding?” You spread your arms out and fall back landing with a splat. The world turns rose as breasts nuzzle the sides of your neck. Smooth stomach caressing your back as legs rub along your sides. Arms wrap around your chest. Shimmering lights danced across the sky lull you into sleep and as it heaves and rolls you spot a reflection of a beautiful girl. She wore the sweetest smile as she embraced her lover.
  155. And the waves take you.
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