Need the gigabytes!

pcathey02 Sep 8th, 2015 4 Never
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  1. [17:53:47] You are joining a chat with Me
  2. [17:53:48] Patrick: Thank you for chatting with Verizon Tech Coach! My name is Patrick. How may I assist you today?
  3. [17:54:27] Me: How do I get one gigabyte app back on to my phone
  4. [17:54:48] Patrick: It's definitely important to be able to get any application back onto your device! As your Tech Coach I will be more than happy to assist you today!
  5. [17:54:50] Patrick: Before we begin, may I please have your full name and the phone number for the device that we will be working with today?
  6. [17:55:11] Me: Z
  7. [17:55:26] Me: How do I get my gigabytes back on to my phone apps
  8. [17:56:33] Patrick: Just to clarify are we needing to increase storage on your device, or is there an application that we're trying to download?
  9. [17:57:16] Me: Christie
  10. [17:57:50] Patrick: Fantastic! I appreciate it, and is it okay if I call you by your first name today?
  11. [17:58:28] Me: Adam I get my megabytes back on the phone apparently not I must have pushed the wrong button or something to and I lost the app for the Gigabyte so I just don't know how to put it back on there that's all
  12. [17:59:15] Me has exited the session.
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