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  1. These are some guidelines you should follow for the Calamity Team video, in case you are stuck on what to say. Please note that you don't need to strictly follow these, as they are mainly pointers.
  3. 1. Please include your alias/nickname for people to refer to you by, as well as an image/profile picture that represents you if you'd like.
  4. 2. You may wish to include some footage, whether its just you goofing off or showcasing your contributions to the mod/team. It is recommended that there is no audible voices in the footage, as it would conflict with your separate introduction voicing and I would need to turn down the volume quite a bit. The footage doesn't need to relate to testing/development, it just needs to be related to you or what you are talking about.
  5. 3. You do not need a mic. You can always type up a script and forward it to me, describing how you want it to be read.
  6. 4. You can always opt out, but keep in mind that all the Developers should be included as it is primarily about them.
  7. 5. Recommended time for introductions is about 2 minutes or less. There are a lot of us, so it would not make sense for someone to rant about why they hate tacos for 10 minutes straight.
  8. 6. Try to mention things you are a part of for the mod or the server, some major stuff you have done, and other noteworthy things that you like. Providing examples of these for the video would also help (i.e. sprites, in-game mechanic footage, etc.)
  9. 7. For those using mics, try to put emotion into your speech. Monotone is not really entertaining.
  10. 8. Be very friendly, state something you wish for people to hear, or just say what you like to do in your free time! Anything goes.
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