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  1. Involuntary Absorption - Right hand
  3. Voluntary Limited Expulsion - Left hand
  5. Doki is able to absorb solid matter with his right hand through physical contact, it is also completely out of his control and as far as he is aware, not able to be turned off. He however cannot absorb anything that he is already comprised of as a human. That being flesh, bone, hair, blood, etc, as long as his body still has everything attached.
  7. Any material that is going to be absorbed will then be adopted by his body, fundamentally altering his physiology at a molecular level. Eg. If he were to absorb a knife with his right hand, his right arm would then attain steel-like properties for up to twenty four hours. Which by then his body begins to reject foreign objects and matters that he has incorporated into his form. Causing him to become violently ill.
  9. His hands, both right and left, glow a subdued greenish-turquoise color whenever they are Absorbing or Expelling.
  11. His absorption functions off of a 'cap' system. His body can only hold so much of a certain material before he becomes saturated and 'capped.' Which is why he is unable to absorb organic materials such as flesh, so long as he is 'capped' on that organic material. Meaning that if he loses his left arm he can absorb enough material to regain the lost limb and return to that cap.
  13. The density of a material governs how much he is able to absorb before he hits that cap, so denser materials like metal and stone will cause him to only be able to absorb small quantities before his body is fully saturated. While lighter materials such as wood and cloth, are able to be absorbed in vast quantities and are easier for him to stockpile.
  15. He is also able to absorb energy and non-solid states of matter; excluding gasses. However, energy is a very very dangerous thing for him to absorb as he has no protections from it wreaking havoc on his body. Fire, when absorbed will burn his right arm and cook him from the inside out if not expelled quickly. And if he were to become 'capped' on it he would be burned alive in a matter of moments. Electricity is quite the opposite, however. As a sudden influx of massive amounts of electricity being absorbed, and bringing him to his cap very quickly will cause him to skip straight to automatically expelling it from his body, as happens when he becomes capped on something that would cause his body to lose shape, such as water. While smaller amounts of electricity will course through his nervous system; frying it, and eventually killing him.
  17. The expulsion from his left hand is, unlike his right. Entirely voluntary. He can decide when and if he wants to exclude an acquired material from his body. Depending on the density however, it can prove incredibly painful. Even if he has gotten used to the pain after years of power usage.
  19. Expelling an object causes it to leave out of his left hand and arm, and depending on how much he has stored can take from anywhere between five minutes to an hour to fully rid himself of. Also, the heavier an object, the slower it is expelled.
  21. He cannot control where his absorption allocates the new mass, and it will prioritize morphing his arms, torso, and legs before moving up to change the properties of his head. As when his head begins to be covered in material it then signifies that he is 'capped'.
  23. Things that are pushed from his left hand can be forced out at a high rate depending on how light the material is. He can also control the shape of the items that are expelled.
  25. This ability also allows him to store things on his person. Such as glass containers full of liquid, or a box full of items.
  27. - more to be added and removed since balancing such a broken power is hard :( -
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