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  1. The Ketamax ships from the EU, you don't have to sign for it. Remeber anyone can send a letter to anyone. The guy I buy my stuff from only accepts bitcoins (See links at bottom) as its the only truely anon payment method. The price of the Ketamax is ฿9.20 per Ketamax (Liquid Ketamine) 10ml (0.5g HCL) vial, the bitcoin rates fluctuate daily but are normally around 10$USD per coin, So its more expensive than I thought, However in a few days depending on the exchange rate, the price will get altered accordingly, in 3 days the item could be ฿2.90 then a few days later ฿19.20, its hard to explain how the currency works so read the links at the bottom. I might order one for myself tho in a few weeks, cant do anything till I get more Bitcoin balance.
  3. Im just waiting on my smoke and cid currently, If the cids good I will be getting more of that and gonna order some XANAX too, However I need to buy some coins first.
  5. www.bitcoin.org
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin
  7. https://mtgox.com/ (Buy bit coins and see exchange rate, at time of writing this its 11.19 USD but that could drop to 8 USD in seconds then go to 12USD seconds later. )
  9. Personally if I was you, Id wate for the exchange rate to drop a bit
  11. Are thos tabs you got the same as the ones on buckledbonzi etc?
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