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May 14th, 2017
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  1. >You are Crown Jewel
  2. >A filly who only wants to be happy, and make everypony happy too. Because the world is better off that way!
  3. >And things were that way mostly kinda. Especially when Mommy and Daddy gave you your new tiara. It made you oh so happy!
  4. >But then, after awhile, a new school opened in Ponyville. A very exclusive and high end school for fillies.
  5. >And Grandma Rich made it happen. She made it that you were accepted despite being the youngest filly there. And it made mommy and daddy very happy.
  6. >A-and if it makes them makes you happy.
  7. >But you haven't been feeling happy since you was taken out of Miss Cheerilee's class.
  8. >My new teacher is super serious and grouchy
  9. >My new classmates. They all look at you as if you're weird. And they don't let you play any games with them. They even made fun of you when you brought your doll Mr.Bunnyhead. They say dolls aren't allowed in school anyway.
  10. >Everyday doesn't make you feel too happy. But as long as you don't say anything. Mommy and Daddy are happy. and that makes you happy.
  11. >But everyday. it gets harder.
  12. >AJ noticed you weren't too happy sometimes. So he did things to make you laugh.
  13. >Illustrious? He doesn't seem to notice...
  14. >But he did help you last night with a very important report you were having trouble with. It was worth a lot of grades. And he knew a lot about the subject. And, he was very nice about teaching you everything he knew. He's so smart, you just wish sometimes he wouldn't get so mean if you forgot something. B-but he never gave up on you.
  15. >He helped you so much. That in the end, it got you a perfect grade. You were the only one who managed to get it too.
  17. >And two other ponies noticed. A Unicorn and Pegasi. They were always together and always ignored you or gave you bad looks. But when you got that grade. They started talking to you and being nice to you. And you felt happy. You made new friends.
  18. >Today, they were taking you to their secret club. You were going to be a member...and finally be accepted.
  19. >The Unicorn, the leadery one, her name was Crystal Dust. She had a nice pretty blue mane and darker blue coat with diamond shiny purple eyed. The pegasi, Immaculate. just sorta followed Crystal Dust and everything she said. But that's ok. She was pretty with a nice and long black mane and peach coat with brown eyes.
  20. "How much closer to the secret club?"
  21. >"Oh, we're almost there Jewels. Almost there, just gotta get behind these bleachers next to the track and the trap door will be right there" Crystal said
  22. >"Yeeeah, right there" Immaculate said with a giggle.
  23. >You were so excited! New friends!
  24. >You followed them all the way to the bleachers with super awesome excitement smiles.
  25. >They went in first to open the trap door. It was kind of hard to see with how it was kinda facing the sun. But when they waved to you to come in. Oh, you knew it'd be great either way!
  26. "Yay! I can't wait!"
  27. >"Oh, we know you can't. Just come here and step right there" Crystal said, she was hiding somewhere all of a sudden. Probably under the door.
  28. >"You can do it Jewels!" Immaculate cheered you on.
  29. >Yeah!
  30. >When you turned right from the seating bar under the Bleachers. You suddenly fell.
  31. >But not into the trap door.
  32. >You fell in...
  33. >Mud
  34. >then your new friends...
  35. >They were laughing
  36. >Laughing at you
  38. >You looked up at them with sad eyes, you didn't understand.
  39. "W-what happened? W-where's the door?"
  40. >"HAHA! Crystal, she hasn't realized it yet! That's hilarious" Immaculate laughed.
  41. >You could see the mud dripping in front of your eyes, from your hooves, from your saddle bag, it was everywhere.
  42. "W-what do you mean realize? What happened?"
  43. >Crystal Dust walked over to you with a scary grin and tilted your head up to look at you "You happened, you dirty little cheat. And I do mean dirty." she snickered
  44. "C-cheat? W-what do you mean? I d-don't-"
  45. >"Shut it clown!" Crystal suddenly snapped at you "What a joke. Us, friends with a little cheat like you? A little weirdo without a cutie mark and still plays with dolls?"
  46. >You started to cry, nothing was making sense
  47. "I-I don't-"
  48. >"I SAID SHUT IT!" Crystal barked at you "How dare you come to our school, to MY class, and outdo me on that report? Do you realize. DO YOU REALIZE THAT THE PONY WITH THE BEST REPORT WOULD GET TO MEET PRINCESS TWILIGHT HERSELF?! HOW DARE YOU RUIN THAT FOR ME YOU NO NOTHING WEIRDO!"
  49. >That would have happened? Y-you didn't know. Was it a secret thing?
  50. "I'm s-sorry, I didn't know. I just...I just wanted to be friends."
  51. >"Look Crystal, she's really crying now. Hah!" Immaculate...she was being so mean.
  52. >Crystal Dust stomped her hoof on the mud. Making it splash on your face. "Weirdo. Don't act like we don't know. Your father is a freak, and so is your grandpa! We know their the real reason you got that grade. Nopony is THAT smart without having to cheat!"
  53. >W-why? Why did she think that?! You didn't do that!
  54. >But, you couldn't say any words anymore. They wouldn't listen. And they were calling you mean names. You wanted your daddy. Daddy would protect you.
  55. "D-daddy"
  56. >"Aha! So you admit it. CHEATER CHEATER!" Crystal cried
  57. >"CHEATER CHEATER" Immaculate cheered
  58. >What could you do..but cry?
  59. >Then suddenly. There was a light...and a big explosion that made them scared and step back.
  61. >"YEAAAAAAH!" Screamed a mysterious pony. "THAT WAS THE COOLEST TELEXPLOSION EVER!"
  62. >He was covered by the smoke from the explosion. But when it cleared. There stood your brother. AJ. He seemed pretty happy about something. H-he was using his horn thingy Grandpa gave him again...
  63. >And you felt your heart drop. W-why was he here?...He was going to see you...see you cry..
  64. >You felt so ashamed.
  65. >"Jewel! Hey Jewel! You around?! Wasn't that cool! Wasn't it? Oh you know it!" AJ was hopping around happily.
  66. >H-he was looking for you?
  67. "A-AJ..what are you doing here?"
  68. >You asked him with big sad eyes.
  69. >"Well, I had to show SOMEPONY my super cool way to make an entrance. And since Illustrious would just yell at me, I thought you would super apprec-...Jewel?" He tilted his head in confusion "Why are you in that puddle?"
  70. >That made you cry even worse. You felt so ashamed.
  71. >"Ugh, is that the mini freak? That's her brother right? The mini freak with that freaky horn thing?" Immaculate asked Crystal.
  72. >"I think so. Whatever.." Crystal said before calling out to AJ "Hey Mini freak, why don't you go on home before we decide to get you in trouble for being on school grounds?"
  73. >But AJ ignored them as he just...looked at you. He didn't look so happy anymore. "Jewel...what's wrong? I-I thought you hated mud. Why do you look so sad? Mud is awesome!"
  74. >He didn't understand. And it made you cry some more.
  75. >"HEY, WE'RE TALKING TO YOU!" Crystal was yelling angrily now.
  76. >But AJ? He just dove into the puddle with you with a big happy grin and splashed around "See, isn't this fun?"
  77. >But when he saw you were still sad. He really started to worry. " not want to play in the mud? Did something happen? Illustrious didn't mess up that report thing for you right?"
  79. >He was trying so hard. It made you cry so much, and you dove right into him and sobbed.
  80. >"I knew it. Illustrious is so dead!" AJ said with anger.
  81. " wasn't him. don't have to be here"
  82. >He didn't need to see you like this.
  83. >"What? Of course I do. I'm your big bro. And it's my job to make you smile...I can't teach you much. But erm, I can make you smile! I'm good at that. So tell me what's wrong, huh?" AJ, he didn't even realize how bad you felt.
  84. >But it didn't matter to him. All he cared about was making you feel matter how bad you felt.
  85. >But you just couldn't say a word. You only sobbed as he tried to figure things out.
  86. >"Look at them. What a pair of freaks" Crystal said with disgust
  87. >Suddenly AJ stopped
  88. >He heard her
  89. >And he was taking a moment to comprehend it
  90. >He then turned around, confused "Woah woah...did you say. Pair of freaks? Like two?"
  91. >"Duh, moron" Crystal told him.
  92. >You thought that would make him cry. But he gently took you out of the mud and then looked at them with an angry scowl. "Moron...maybe. Freak? Kinda...but call me sister any of those things and you're gonna get hurt! You're the ones who made her cry. Aren't you?"
  93. >"Oohh, he's a real smarty. Isn't he Crystal?" Immaculate snickered
  94. >"Oh yeah. A real genius." Crystal said sarcastically "So what if we made her cry? What are you going to do about it? You're on OUR turf and we can just report you and you'll be done."
  95. >"Report?" AJ didn't quite understand, but he stepped towards them with a really scary aura about him "I wouldn't know anything about a report. But if you don't stop insulting my sister. Then I'm going to pound you both into dust!"
  98. >Suddenly, Crystal and Immaculate froze. They were scared.
  99. >"H-he's bluffing, r-right Crystal?" Immaculate stuttered.
  100. >"Y-yeah..h-he has to be" Crystal gulped
  101. >AJ snickered "I don't even know the meaning of the word bluff"
  102. >And that was it, he took another step, and they took off running. He made them so scared.
  103. >then he sat down and looked at you confused. "No, seriously....what does bluff mean?"
  104. >You just sat there in awe as your mane dripped with muddy water.
  105. >He was willing to hit girls, a mega big no no for boys, just to protect you.
  106. >You started crying again as you rushed up and hugged onto him
  107. "A-AJ! Y-you saved me!"
  108. >"Pfft, course I did. I always will. Not gonna let a couple of colts mess with my sister!" AJ snickered as he hugged you back.
  109. >That made you stop, then blink a couple of times before looking at him.
  110. "Erm..those were fillies"
  111. >"....they were?....ohhh....erm. Don't tell mom or dad I threatened fillies ok? Spppeeecciiaallly mom."
  112. >you smiled, you felt a little warm. And you hugged him again. He saved you...
  113. "I promise AJ..I won't tell them"
  114. >"Cool, cool...let's umm..go home so you can take a bath. I know you don't like mud and all."
  115. "O-ok"
  117. >AJ let you ride on his back all the way home. He tried telling you a few jokes as he carried you. And some of them made you laugh. But then...he had to say it.
  118. >"So, what DO we tell mom and dad?" He asked.
  119. >Oh no...
  120. "W-we can't tell them anything..."
  121. >"Why not?"
  122. "Because then they'll be sad at me. They really want this whole school thing to work. And I really really don't want them to be sad."
  123. >"But, what about your friends back in class? They miss you. But you're always kind of studying or doing special things now. It makes me miss playing with you right after school. Illustrious misses you too you know"
  124. "...No he doesn't"
  125. >Illustrious..he was always busy sneaking off to see Scrappy. It's why he could never get into any special school. He just didn't care for them even though he always overqualified.
  126. >and he didn't really care too much about being around you. He wasn't a bad brother. But he never really liked hanging out.
  127. >"Yeah he does. Sure he can be a dumbface. But he's been saying that he's been feeling more down than usual since he hasn't seen your smiling face for when he does decide to stay the whole class"
  128. "R-really?"
  129. >Illustrious...cares about your feelings like that? Or..well, you knew with him. That was the mostest you could get from him.
  130. >"Yep! So why not just-"
  131. >But you interrupt him, with a little meanness in your voice. You didn't want to sound mean. But they just couldn't know.
  132. "I can't! I can't tell them!..ok? Please? Please don't tell them..I just...I just want to go home and take a bath."
  133. >"O-ok Jewel...I was just saying...erm" AJ kind of went silent after that. He took you home, and snuck you through the mansion until he reached the bedroom. And then took you into the bathroom and started the warm bath for you. "Jewel, are you sure you don't want me to say anything?"
  134. >You nodded as you slowly hopped into the shower, then hung yourself from the side to look at him.
  135. "It's...better this way"
  137. >"Ok...But hey, if you ever need a smile. You know where to look..also Pinkie Pie!" He said with a big happy grin
  138. >It made you feel a little better.
  139. >And then it made you think
  140. >There was something he could do to help.
  141. "AJ, can you bring Chyrssy? That will help..."
  142. >"Huh? Yeah sure! Just give me a second!" AJ ran off to bring your favorite doll to you.
  143. >You hoped you didn't make AJ feel bad. It wasn't him at all. But he just didn't understand why mommy and daddy couldn't know.
  144. >But Chryssy would. If you tell her what happened. She'd know just what to do.
  145. >You asked AJ to leave Chryssy up on the sink so you could look at her.
  146. >And, because you did feel bad for getting kind of mean. You ask AJ to come closer and give him a kiss on the nose and then smile at him. To show him you weren't really sad anymore. And it worked. He have you a pat on the head and left you alone.
  147. > were still sad.
  148. >You sat there, splish splashing the water a little bit. But you didn't really bother cleaning yourself.
  149. >You looked at Chryssy. And you got worried...nothing was happening. She wasn't saying anything.
  150. >You started to tear up, and silently cry. Maybe you really did screw up super bad.
  151. >You sobbed silently
  152. >You messed up
  153. >You messed up
  154. >You messed up
  155. >You messed up
  156. >You mess-
  157. >"Are those tears I see? How strange, the beautiful Princess Crown Jewel shouldn't be crying like this"
  158. >You felt a familiar warmth from behind that stopped your thoughts.
  160. "Chryssy!"
  161. >She was here!
  162. >Sometimes she was a doll to hide from ponies.
  163. >But when she felt it was safe. She went into her real form!
  164. >A Beautiful alicorn with snow white fur and a golden flowing mane and tail. Her wings were so majestic and pretty. And she had a magic ring above her head. She was a real guardian angel. And whenever you were in trouble. She always helped you when you really needed her.
  165. >You turned and gave her a big big hug.
  166. "You're here! I'm so so so glad you're here!"
  167. >She gently held you close as she spoke in such a pretty angelic tone "And I'm glad to be here my Princess, does appear you are feeling rather distressed. Whatever is the matter? It's not that school again, is it?"
  168. >You tensed when she mentioned it. She knew....somehow..she always knew.
  169. >You looked down and away from her.
  170. "Something like that..."
  171. >Then you felt her gently massaging your head and soaping it up with shampoo. "It is that. But this much worse than before. Did somepony hurt you in some way?"
  172. "Someponies...actually"
  173. >You couldn't hide anything from her even if you wanted to.
  174. "Two ponies were calling me weirdo and freak. And pushed me into the mud...and...and"
  175. >you started to tear up just thinking about it
  176. "And called me a cheater, and made fun of AJ, and were just..plain mean!"
  177. >You felt...anger. You didn't like being angry. But they were so mean!...y-you had to calm down.
  178. >"I see...such cruelty. Did you perhaps, try retaliating by destroying them?"
  179. >you look back at Chryssy with a sad whine
  180. "Chryssyyy, you know I don't like seeing other ponies get hurt. It's wrong..."
  181. >"Yes..ahrm...merely a joke. But, something must be done."
  183. "That's the problem...I don't know what to do"
  184. >You lean into Chryssy, she goes from massaging your head to just holding you as you press yourself into her fur.
  185. "What can I do? Mommy and Daddy will be sad if I tell them anything. And if their sad, then it'd be my fault because I told them something that made them sad. Then I'll be sad....Everypony will be sad"
  186. >You start to tear up again at the very thought
  187. "I'd rather be sad alone, than anypony else being sad because of me"
  188. >Chryssy held you close hugging onto you, trying to help you feel better as the tub was filled to your belly with warm water. No matter how soothing it all felt. It just wasn't enough to make you feel relaxed.
  189. >"Those are rather dark thoughts, selfless, but for all the wrong reasons." Chryssy said as she continued to cuddle you
  190. >Wrong reasons?
  191. >You look straight up into her face, confused
  192. "Wrong reasons? B-but, they'll be happy if they never know."
  193. >Chryssy laughed at that. Why did she laugh?
  194. "W-why is that funny?"
  195. >It worried you, usually a laugh like that was because you said something dumb.
  196. >"Because my precious little princess, your parents have a deep love for you. Yes, a love so deep and pure that if they should ever find out what is happening with you or even sense something is amiss. They would be worse than sad, they'd be worried. They might not even know what to do."
  197. >No! That had to be wrong. How could they ever know if you never said anything?
  198. >It made you upset, enough to feel some anger at the thought of being wrong. It was too important. You couldn't let them worry or be sad.
  199. "Y-you're wrong! I-if I never say anything they'll never ever know!..t-thats.."
  200. >You sniffed as you began to sob
  201. "That's how i-it has to be. T-they said they're really proud of me. It makes them happy. T-that's all I want...for everypony to be happy."
  203. >"Oh my little princess, it is so unlike you to be so sad. To tell you the truth, this isn't really your fault at all. Your parents only wanted what was best for you. But they didn't realize that sometimes the best isn't what one needs. If they saw you as you are now? Yes, indeed...they'd be sad. But if you don't change anything then you'll always be sad and they will eventually see it. Sadness you see, is a very readable emotion. And one as happy,loving, and carefree as you should never ever feel this kind of sadness for long. And it will only get worse if you keep hiding it."
  204. >Only get worse?
  205. >You wanted to say she was wrong.
  206. >But Chryssy...she was never wrong.
  207. >You look up at her, crying,
  208. "Please Chryssy. Please. Can you fix this for me...please?"
  209. >Chryssy sunk and laid on her back as she plopped you on her belly, giving you a look similar to your mother's. One of seriousness and worry. "Sadly, I am but a divine being who exists to help and advise you when things are dire or grim. This would be one of those times. But..." Chryssy gently wiped your tears, and gave you a gentle smile "I do have a solution. You'll have to do it yourself of course. But it will certainly help."
  210. "P-please...tell me..please?"
  211. >You'd do anything to fix it...anything.
  212. >"If you wish for me to help you. You must promise to do exactly as I say, no matter what it is. You must also feel no more sadness. Instead, I wish to see and feel hope emanating from you."
  213. >But,, what if?
  214. "I..I don't know..what..what if it doesn't work? Maybe, I shouldn't do it..."
  215. >"Shhh" She gives you a gentle pat "I haven't even told you what it is yet. Don't despair little one. If you really want to make things right. You must trust me, I have never lied to you show me a smile"
  217. >It's true. She's never lied.
  218. >In fact, she always seemed to know what was going on. She always seemed to know what daddy,mommy, or really anypony was going to do at any time.
  219. >It was scary
  220. >But if your mommy and daddy ever found out you wanted to leave school or you got hurt.
  221. >That was scarier
  222. >You tried to smile.
  223. >You closed your eyes and tried to force it
  224. >But you still felt so sad.
  225. >"Take a deep breath my little one. Think happy little thoughts, trust in me, you will be alright. I promise, things will go back to how it once was. But only if you trust in me" She spoke gently, stroking along your back gently as she did. It felt nice.
  226. >Everything would go back to how it was?
  227. >Well, mommy and daddy always seemed happy with you before you went to that other school
  228. >And AJ did say even Illustrious would be happier to see you more often.
  229. >AjJ...Maybe hwas right.
  230. >Chryssy was right. Maybe ponies would be happier if you did this.
  231. >You still found it hard to smile, could feel hope.
  232. >You looked to Chryssy, feeling scared, but ready to do whatever she wanted you to do.
  233. "O-ok..I'm ready. Please tell me."
  234. >She giggled at you as she booped your nose "But you're not smiling. I did ask for that, didn't I?"
  235. >She did...
  236. >You look down, feeling bad that you couldn't smile. But before you could even apologize. She put a hoof around you, and started to explain her plan anyway. "The key is your father. See, your mother and grandmother wish to see you succeed. And therefore would be reluctant to act. Although you could tell your mother about those bullies. All that would result in would be her taking action on them. No, what you should do is ask your father to take you out of that school, and tell him why. He'll be much more likely to do it. In fact, I can guarantee he'll do it"
  237. >That didn't make you smile. That made you even more scared.
  238. "Tell Daddy? B-but..he wanted me in the school too!If he finds out, he'll....erm.."
  240. >Actually, you didn't know what he'd do. Daddy was kind of weird sometimes. Sometimes he'd do things even ponies wouldn't do. Like if he was some sort of other thing. You remembered one time Daddy used a weird thing called a "robot" to try to teach AJ some advanced words. You thought Daddy would try to do it himself like other Daddys. But he said the "Robot" would be able to do it in ways he couldn't. Then Daddy got depressed a few minutes after the robot blew up trying to teach AJ math. Daddy got really silent after that.
  241. >"Can't think of a reason? That's perfectly alright. I can understand why you're worried. But your father is fairly simple to deal with."
  242. "A-are you sure? Daddy is pretty smart..."
  243. >You don't know why she was. But Chryssy was laughing a lot when you said that. She even gave you a big big hug as she did.
  244. >"Oh, that's so adorable. But. No no, don't worry. It'll be fine. Believe it or not, your father has a few weaknesses you can exploit. All you need to do my dear. Is act very cute as you explain to him why you don't want to be at that school."
  245. >What?
  246. "Very cute? what does that mean?"
  247. >"It means act cute. Give your father pouts and big sad eyes, bury your face into his coat, tell him how much you love him without overdoing it, ask for hugs, try to be as close as possible to him physically. Your father is particularly weak to these kinds of things"
  248. >that sounded weird. But, what if it did work?
  249. "I-I guess I can try that. But...will that really work?"
  250. >"I promise it will. And an angel never breaks their promise" She gives you a gentle poke on the side. It makes you smile, but so did that promise. Chryssy doesn't lie. So that'd never break.
  251. "Ok, I'll try it.I'll do my best!"
  252. >You felt better now. With an angel's promise on your side. You couldn't lose!
  253. >"I know you will sweetie. Ahh, by the way. what we're the names of those two fillies who bullied you?"
  254. "Crystal Dust and Immaculate, why?"
  256. >"Oh, no real reason. Just wanted to know. As your guardian angel, I need to know these things for my..erm..Records"
  257. >Well, that sounded ok. Keeping records was pretty important.
  258. "Oh, ok"
  259. >Chryssy grinned after you said that. and gave you a pat. "Very ok. In fact, things should be VERY ok come tomorrow. I'd even wager that those bullies might realize what could have been had they decided to be genuine friends with you. Yes indeed, I'm sure even if a friendship is never forged, they will be VERY SORRY at the least."
  260. >That, you weren't too sure of. They were really mean.
  261. "I don't know about that."
  262. >"Shhhh, don't think negatively like that. You'll never know until it happens. Now then, let's get you cleaned up. And remember, you must speak to your father alone. That way success will be guaranteed."
  263. >Although you were sure those two meanie ponies would never change. You had full hope in Chryssy's plan. You would do what she says. and hope for the best.
  264. >You were feeling better. So much better that you hugged and cuddled into her belly.
  265. "I love you Chryssy..thank you..for being there for me."
  266. >"I will always be there for you my princess. As long as you love and believe in me, I'll always be there"
  267. >You felt warm and safe in her embrace. You always hoped she'd be there. To watch over you, and even your family if they ever ever needed her help.
  268. >After the bath. Chryssy went back to being a cute dolly. You took her back into the room and put her on the bed next to Mr.floppsy. He'd keep her company while you spoke to daddy.
  269. >You knew Daddy would be in the study during the late afternoon.Mommy put him in charge of planning a big big dinner with some business ponies. Daddy had his horn so it should be ok. But he's been there for a long time everyday because he said he didn't want to make a mistake for when the big dinner came.
  270. >When you walked into the study. Daddy was sitting on the sofa. He pulled it in front of the fireplace and laid on it as he thought.
  272. >"Could try "importing" some McDonalds fries. It ain't fancy but I remember those things tasting good, I'd have to compare it with the Hayburger's fries just to be sure"
  273. >Daddy was talking to himself about weird things again. What was a "McDonalds"? Sounded kinda stinky.
  274. >You hesitated, slowly approaching the sofa from the rear and stopping at it's side.
  275. >Maybe you should head back.
  276. >Maybe things would be fine
  277. >Maybe...
  278. > were wrong.
  279. >You were wrong to doubt Chryssy after giving her your word. She was your guardian angel. She'd never tell you to do anything bad.
  280. >She wasn't bad
  281. >And neither was Daddy or Mommy. They cared about you. Maybe they didn't understand all the time. But if they didn't care, then their hugs wouldn't feel so cuddly.
  282. >You had to do this...You had to do this to make everypony happy.
  283. >To make yourself happy.
  284. "Daddy? C-can I talk to you?"
  285. >You walked from the side and walked to the front of the sofa and sat down as you looked up at him.
  286. >Daddy looked so smart, even when he nearly fell from the sofa. He looked surprised. Maybe you accidentally spooked him?
  287. >"Jewely?! Whew, almost thought you were your mother." He chuckled nervously "She's been a little antsy since I'm taking so long with the whole dinner plan."
  288. "Daddy...we're you not doing your job?"
  289. >He usually gets in trouble when he does a job for mommy and then doesn't do it. It doesn't happen a lot. But when it does, Mommy sure does get mad.
  290. >"I mean..I was, I just been having trouble figuring out what the dinner guests would like to eat and...well. Heh, tried to think of a simpler solution. Anyway, what's up Jewely. Something bothering? Or did you come for a Daddy back ride?"
  291. >You did like Daddy rides...but..this was more important.
  292. >And you had to be cute...
  293. >So you gave him big shimmering eyes as you traced your hoof along the ground.
  294. "Actually Daddy, there is something bothering me..."
  296. >Daddy looked pretty worried when you said that. He always seemed worried whenever you seemed sad. This is what you didn't want to happen.
  297. >But she said in the end, it'd be ok.
  298. >you sure hoped so.
  299. >"What's wrong Jewely? You didn't get a bad grade on that report thing did you? Because I'll tell you right now.; I don't care what grade you got. five pages is no joke for a little filly like you and you did a great job in my eyes."
  300. >He gave you a grin. And expected you to smile.
  301. >But you didn't
  302. >"Jewely?"
  303. "'s not the report. It's something else. Something...that might make you mad at me"
  304. >It could...
  305. >"Mad? Jewely. There's nothing you could do that could make me mad at you. I don't think I've ever been mad at you sweetheart."
  306. "Daddy..this might make you mad. Or really sad. I'm kind of scared to tell you"
  307. >You were
  308. >"Jewely. C'mon, it can't be that bad. Whatever it is, I'm sure it can be fixed like..super easy."
  309. >You shook your head. and made a whimpering noise. Hoping it made you seem "Cuter" like Chryssy suggested.
  310. "D-daddy...I...erm..C-can.."
  311. >You leaned on the sofa and raised your hoofs up and shook them as you gave your daddy sad eyes.
  312. "C-can I have upsies?"
  313. >"Of course you can have upsies" Daddy wasted no time in grabbing you and gently raising you up onto his belly. You immediatly laid down upon it, laid into a weak little slump as you continued to look right at him. "What's the matter Jewely?"
  314. "It's just. Daddy, I, and please don't get mad but I...I"
  315. >You tensed up. No, it was too hard. He was gonna get mad.
  317. >"Jewely...Jewely" He gave you a warm smile as he wiped your tears. He hugged you gently. The kind of hug that made you feel like nothing could hurt you. Because Daddy was there to protect you. "Nothing you can tell me will make me mad. I, in fact? I Super Duper Pinkie Promise"
  318. >A Super Duper Pinkie Promise...
  319. >Those are like...the bestest kind of promises. How could he get mad at you after making one of those?
  320. >And yet, it was still scary.
  321. "R-really?"
  322. >"Really, so whatever it is. Tell me. I'm all ears"
  323. >You hesitated at first. But, after what Chryssy said? And that promise?
  324. > had to try! At least once.
  325. "W-well. I kind of got bullied at school today."
  326. >"Bullied?!" Daddy suddenly got angry. But it wasn't at you. He was checking for marks as he growled "Who bullied you?! Darnit! That kind of school was supposed to be one of those hoity toity ones and it has freaking bullying? What kind of shiiiii" Daddy looked into your eyes before he finished his words "iiiiiinigamipoop is that?"
  327. >Shinigamipoop? Well, that was Daddy. Always with the weird words sometimes.
  328. "I-it wasn' I..I didn't like being bullied. And it''s not even just that. The teachers aren't nice, ponies don't like me even after I tried being super nice to them, and nopony there wants to be my friend...It's lonely."
  329. >Daddy looked around for a second. He started into the fireplace, then back at you "So, we'll just put you back in Cherilee's class then. You don't mind right? Unless you have a reason that you want to stay in that school."
  330. >W-what?!
  331. "D-daddy? Y-you want to take me out?. B-but, you wanted me in so badly. W-what?"
  332. >Daddy just smiled, which made things even more confusing. At first he seemed mad. Now he's smiling?
  334. >"Of course I want to take you out of that class. The only reason I wanted you in was the same reason your mother wanted you in. For your education. But trust me Jewely, your dad knows, in a saturday sort of sense. I know you don't get what I mean. But if the entire school is like that. Then I know it's not going to get any better" He brings you closer to the underside of his muzzle and gently puts his head over yours as he hugs. "I just wish you told me sooner Jewely. If I knew, I'd have never EVER had let you go through that kind of thing. Same for AJ and Illustrious. That' was one of my biggest fears. That, and some sort of pixie demon spiriting one of you away with promises of wishes and candy.."
  335. >You didn't understand what he meant by Saturday. Nor pixie demons. But, you didn't expect him to be so open to taking you out of that dumb school. You thought he'd be mad..or sad about it.
  336. >But you could feel him shiver as he hugged and apologized.
  337. >He wasn't sad because you wanted to leave. He was sad because of what had happened. And wanted to make things better for you.
  338. >Chryssy was right.
  339. >You nearly doubted her, but she was right as always. Almost as if she knew Daddy herself. But that can't be. She must be super fortune tellery thanks to her angel magic.
  340. >You started to cry. Daddy really was the hero colt of legend. Well, he was the Hero Stallion now. At least in your eyes.
  341. >He promised to talk to Mommy later tonight. For the rest of the day, he just let you lay on his belly while he asked exactly what was bad about the school. You told him everything.
  343. >Soon after that. You had found yourself put back in miss Cheerilee's class. With your friends and brothers. And it made you super happy. Especially when everypony told you how much they missed seeing you.
  344. >And AJ was right. Even Illustrious missed seeing you during the daytime. He tried not to act too happy about it. But when you hugged him, he was hugging back even though he was acting like he didn't like it. You knew he did.
  345. >And those two meanie ponies? Crystal Dust and Immaculate? They showed up at the mansion one day. They looked really scared for some reason. But they probably we're just shy about apologizing.
  346. >That's right! They apologized! In fact, they said they were going around apologizing to everypony they made fun of. That's probably why they were so nervous. They weren't used to being nice before. They even gave you a bag of nothing but your favorite candy. It was great! It made you happy enough to ask them if they wanted to be friends.
  347. >But, the sad part was that they didn't. They said they were leaving Ponyville the next day. Which was weird because you thought they came to Ponyville for the school. Hrn, maybe that school wasn't good for anypony after all.
  348. >Though, it was kind of weird the way they were acting. When you held Chryssy, who was a doll at the time, up so you could introduce her to them. They really freaked out, and apologized some more and walked really fast away. Or maybe that was running. But then..why would they run?
  349. >Well, whatever it was, you were happy. Especially since Daddy, and then Mommy understood.
  350. >And it was all thanks to Chryssy, your doll
  351. >Your guardian angel
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