Second Life flooded with griefers, stalkers, Sota Atoll 2016

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  1. Second Life public chat exposing ("Random") trolls destroying lives making paying customers leave Second Life for good.
  3. This month's target (by the same people under assorted accounts) - Sota Atoll SIM
  5. *** This public chat log was shared with me through SL and I am keeping this here for future reference regarding how horrid public SIMs are managed and how controlled they are by griefers, stalkers and internet trolls ***
  7. Sota Atoll is a crappy SIM flooded with griefing internet trolls and stalkers who follow people from place to place just to cause them grief and attack their avatar with weapons.  Do not support Sota Atoll or any of their stores or shops.  See other reports for other locations in Second Life in which to completely avoid and other names to ban and mute from your life if you are in Second Life.  Thank-you.
  9. To Dale Kidd of Sota Atoll.   3/4/2016
  11. We met earlier today after I was violently attacked by a griefer (previous report).  The trolls with crazy trollish profiles are back.
  13. Previous report:
  14. [20:10]  Tiernan McLaglen: Griefing people for simply talking nicely and greeting them is wrong.  You seem to have spies from 2013 (Pinky's) on your land using weapons against your guests.
  15. [20:10]  Tiernan McLaglen: I've let my family and friends know their names and what happened and where.  TY.
  16. [20:11]  Dale Kidd: Pinky's?
  17. [20:11]  Dale Kidd: whats that?
  18. [20:11]  Tiernan McLaglen: Long gone, yeah.
  19. [20:11]  Dale Kidd: and who was doing that to you?
  20. [20:11]  Tiernan McLaglen: Note card, I sent you.  :>
  21. [20:12]  Inventory item offered
  22. [20:13]  Dale Kidd: you sent me this before?
  23. [20:13]  Tiernan McLaglen: Yes, about... 5 mins ago.
  24. [20:13]  Tiernan McLaglen: You might have 2 now.
  25. [20:13]  Dale Kidd: ohh, i got it just now
  26. [20:13]  Dale Kidd: no, i looked
  27. [20:13]  Tiernan McLaglen: OK odd.  Anyway, one for sure.  :>
  28. [20:14]  Tiernan McLaglen: I was trolled with words of attack... then caged and shot skyward.
  29. [20:14]  Tiernan McLaglen: Could not come back here until they left with their weapons.
  30. [20:14]  Dale Kidd: ><
  31. [20:14]  Dale Kidd: stupid ppl
  32. [20:14]  Dale Kidd: was it both of them doing it?
  33. [20:15]  Tiernan McLaglen: The lady "***LAUGHS HARD***" after threatening me as I was shot.
  34. [20:15]  Tiernan McLaglen: So open to some interpretation there I guess.
  35. [20:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: It was all passive-aggressive word games stating things about me I never did at first.
  36. [20:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: "I'll bet you were blah blah blah...." both of them.
  37. [20:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: Just making guesses and threats as I said "I'm just saying hi.... yikes"
  38. [20:17]  Tiernan McLaglen: They were both together talking and alone... so came to say hi is all.... the new kid, 6 days old or whatever.
  39. [20:17]  Tiernan McLaglen: Caleb arrived and started making threats to attack me 'somehow'.... "I can do whatever I want to you" kinda crap.
  40. [20:18]  Tiernan McLaglen: Said he was going to throw me into the ocean.
  41. [20:18]  Tiernan McLaglen: I ended up skyward, you know the type of attack.... frozen... locked out of all controls.
  42. [20:18]  Tiernan McLaglen: Had to reboot.
  43. [20:19]  Dale Kidd: im sorry you had to put up with that  :(
  44. [20:19]  Tiernan McLaglen: TY
  45. [20:19]  Tiernan McLaglen: Just jerks.
  46. [20:19]  Dale Kidd: there is not much i can do about it now, i dont even know who these two are
  47. [20:19]  Dale Kidd: yeah
  48. [20:19]  Dale Kidd: ill send out a group notice about greifing etc
  49. [20:19]  Tiernan McLaglen: But you know their names and have my report at least.  :>  For whatever later.
  50. [20:19]  Dale Kidd: thats about all i can do
  51. [20:20]  Dale Kidd: yeah
  52. [20:20]  Tiernan McLaglen: TY for listening and caring.  That's rare.  :>
  53. [20:20]  Tiernan McLaglen: Mind if I come over?
  54. [20:21]  Dale Kidd: sure of course
  55. [20:21]  Tiernan McLaglen: TY - kinda paranoid now about greeting anyone...
  57. They are stating things about me that are blatantly untrue without invitation and even threatened my life and more harm but after I told them off about that kind of violent talk at Sota they later said "It might have been a joke" (back-peddling).  They openly invited their friends to come harass me and as each arrived they did so.  All talk was directed at me calmly standing my ground as they aggressively tried to get a reaction from me.  Their characters are obvious and should be handled as such by friends and family everywhere.
  59. Update: [23:57]  Gyprock: oh Schilar is a will known trouble maker.
  61. [23:00]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): hi Dragon man
  62. [23:01]  Tiernan McLaglen: heheh
  63. [23:01]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): wats up?
  64. [23:01]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): :o
  65. [23:01]  Tiernan McLaglen: How are you? I am passing by.
  66. [23:01]  Romie (jeromie12): not lott
  67. [23:01]  Romie (jeromie12): just rlaxing
  68. [23:01]  Romie (jeromie12): hello lzzard
  69. [23:01]  Tiernan McLaglen :>
  70. [23:02]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): wats that armband?
  71. [23:02]  Tiernan McLaglen: A family thing. :>
  72. [23:03]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): i think ur peen is popping out :P
  73. [23:03]  Micmak (micmakmikmac) blushes
  74. [23:03]  Tiernan McLaglen: What's that?
  75. [23:03]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): ur... wiener
  76. [23:03]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm not good at English sometimes.
  77. [23:04]  Tiernan McLaglen: Ohh... well, I'm pretty tall... and large.... and it's inside me... don't worry about that.
  78. [23:04]  Romie (jeromie12): lizzards are not sapost to know engilsh silly
  79. [23:04]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): lol
  80. [23:04]  Tiernan McLaglen: I know most English :P
  81. [23:04]  Tiernan McLaglen: hehe
  82. [23:04]  Tiernan McLaglen: Just not all.
  83. [23:04]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): xD
  84. [23:04]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): how big :o
  85. [23:04]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): holy :o
  86. [23:04]  Tiernan McLaglen: Hmm?
  87. [23:05]  Micmak (micmakmikmac) looking at it ~ giggles ~ runs behind romie
  88. [23:05]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): i dare u to touch it lmao
  89. [23:05]  Romie (jeromie12): a lizzerds sexual parts  does noting for me
  90. [23:05]  Tiernan McLaglen: hahahaha :D you guys.
  91. [23:05]  Tiernan McLaglen: hehe
  92. [23:07]  Tiernan McLaglen: Is he trying to land on you? heheh
  93. [23:07]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): :o o oh
  94. [23:08]  Schilar: heyy micmak
  95. [23:08]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): hiya dad :o
  96. [23:08]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): thanks for the drone-icecream
  97. [23:08]  Schilar: hah yw, it was from a classy  place, cost a fortune
  98. [23:08]  Romie (jeromie12): hehess hey
  99. [23:09]  Schilar: jer, i harldy recongnized u.. heh hey :)
  100. [23:09]  Romie (jeromie12): how ya been doing/
  101. [23:09]  Romie (jeromie12): ye
  102. [23:09]  Romie (jeromie12): frends made me over
  103. [23:10]  Schilar: with a mullet, almost .. grins
  104. [23:10]  Schilar: see micmaks hair, like a prince
  105. [23:10]  Schilar: lol
  106. [23:10]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): heya Eru ^^
  107. [23:10]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): wants some icecream?
  108. [23:11]  Micmak (micmakmikmac) runs over n trips n spills it on ur tux :o
  109. [23:11]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): oops
  110. [23:11]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): No rp, and Schilar is mine. ^_^
  111. [23:11]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): But you already knew that, huh.
  112. [23:11]  Schilar: lol now now everyone be nice
  113. [23:11]  Micmak (micmakmikmac) giggles :P
  114. [23:12]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): Besides, my hair is the cutest here, even more than yours, Schilar, sorry!
  115. [23:12]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): the flakiness of ur tux doesn't ruin the flavor of my icecream ~ phew!
  116. [23:12]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): I'm not wearing a tuxedo, it is a suit.
  117. [23:12]  Schilar: a tux like the linux penguin :p
  118. [23:12]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): You've hit the nail on the head 'flake'. ^_^
  119. [23:12]  Romie (jeromie12): ooo mer stud muffin!
  120. [23:12]  Romie (jeromie12): pff
  121. [23:12]  Romie (jeromie12): a sute a tux what is diffrance
  122. [23:13]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): What is up with you 'reptoid'?
  123. [23:13]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): haha
  124. [23:13]  Eru Dragovar (eru.males): Your days are numbered mofo.
  125. [23:13]  Romie (jeromie12): that is a lizzard
  126. [23:13]  Tiernan McLaglen: Muted
  127. [23:13]  Tiernan McLaglen :>
  128. [23:13]  Schilar: why even bother saying muted unless ur striving for attention
  129. [23:13]  Tiernan McLaglen: Chat saved for Dale.
  130. [23:14]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): lol
  131. [23:14]  Tiernan McLaglen: That's 2 passive-aggressives down.
  132. [23:14]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): i think its a man in a dragon costume
  133. [23:14]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): cuz his peen is popping thru the costume hole
  134. [23:14]  Tiernan McLaglen: Is this an attack I can share with Dale?
  135. [23:14]  Tiernan McLaglen: :>
  136. [23:14]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): whos dale?
  137. [23:15]  Tiernan McLaglen: Staff I know.
  138. [23:15]  Tiernan McLaglen: He was here today and LIKES me as I am.
  139. [23:15]  Tiernan McLaglen: He's tired of people being jerks here.
  140. [23:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: So he likes news about foul mouthed assholes.
  141. [23:16]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): did u tp mom dad?
  142. [23:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: :>
  143. [23:16]  Romie (jeromie12): i just rightclick a nd derender his pp
  144. [23:16]  Romie (jeromie12): i dont have to see it
  145. [23:16]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): wtf
  146. [23:16]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): how are we being foul mouthed?
  147. [23:16]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): ur foul mouthed threatening us
  148. [23:16]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): u jerk
  149. [23:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: Micmak, not you, so far.
  150. [23:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: OK then, maybe you are too.
  151. [23:16]  Tiernan McLaglen: :>
  152. [23:16]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): >_>
  153. [23:17]  Tiernan McLaglen: Threats of physical harm have been logged.
  154. [23:17]  Tiernan McLaglen: And ganging up as a tag team brings people together in file form.
  155. [23:17]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): LMAO
  156. [23:17]  Tiernan McLaglen: Passive-aggression adds to your case.
  157. [23:18]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): waaaat this escalated so fast :o
  158. [23:18]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): lmao
  159. [23:18]  Tinnara  Sunstone (tinnara) is Online
  160. [23:18]  Tiernan McLaglen: Calm the fuck down and behave and all is well.... except for the harsh words against me from Eru and Schilar ?
  161. already on file for Dale.
  162. [23:19]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): holy cow chill out Tiernan :o they wer probably just joking sheesh
  163. [23:19]  Tiernan McLaglen: Racism and threats are not 'jokes' here,
  164. [23:19]  Tiernan McLaglen: Very poor taste.
  165. [23:19]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): racism?
  166. [23:20]  Tiernan McLaglen: Care to apologize before I file this report?
  167. [23:20]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): ur not a man in a lizard suit?
  168. [23:20]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): ur a black man in a lizard suit?
  169. [23:20]  Tiernan McLaglen: So childish and passive-aggressive... and you have to live with yourselves, in your own bodies..... tsk.
  170. [23:20]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): weird Eru u laugh like a little kid
  171. [23:21]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): hehe
  172. [23:21]  Tiernan McLaglen: You COULD have been nice here, as per the general rules. I'll check with Dale again next time I see him about ?
  173. these kinds of harsh foul words of violence here.
  174. [23:21]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): harsh foul words of violence xD
  175. [23:22]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'll bet he will have much to say regarding the words spoken.
  176. [23:22]  Tiernan McLaglen: (and actions possibly)
  177. [23:22]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): omg Eru ur Logan
  178. [23:23]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): lol
  179. [23:23]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): my dad got me guessing everyone isn't who they say they are
  180. [23:23]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): like this lizard
  181. [23:23]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): is a man in a lizard suit
  182. [23:23]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): o oh
  183. [23:23]  Tiernan McLaglen: Passive-aggressive trolling by Micmak
  184. [23:24]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): waaaaaaahhhhhhht
  185. [23:24]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): xD
  186. [23:24]  Tiernan McLaglen: I remain quiet and trolls keep feeling insecure and coming after me because I stand my ground with honour. :>
  187. [23:25]  Tiernan McLaglen: It's not always just the avatar that's a child, but the mind of the adult behind the screen.
  188. [23:25]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): heya Ethan
  189. [23:25]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): hehe long time no see
  190. [23:25]  Ethan (ethanevans): yo
  191. [23:26]  Ethan (ethanevans): omg a naked lizard!
  192. [23:26]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): yah that's what i said
  193. [23:26]  ENZZO (enzzo1962) is Online
  194. [23:26]  Tiernan McLaglen: Careful not to act like a troll here.
  195. [23:26]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): but i think its aman in a lizard suit poking his whole thru a hole inthe costume
  196. [23:26]  Micmak (micmakmikmac): poking his peen*
  197. [23:27]  Tiernan McLaglen: Fake actions from a distance does not render you 'god' no matter how hard you try to convince yourself of that ?
  198. illusion. :>
  199. [23:27]  Ethan (ethanevans): Is it still furry if theres no...fur?
  200. [23:28]  Tiernan McLaglen: Dale is keeping a copy of all chats here, other than those I have muted already.
  201. [23:28]  Tiernan McLaglen: You are all now linked together in this report for him. Thanks for making this easy to track and define here ?
  202. and anywhere else your name appear for other networks.
  203. [23:29]  Tiernan McLaglen: 5 muted
  204. [23:40]  тєєcαkє тuєsdαч (teegaria.triellis): sorry
  205. [23:40]  тєєcαkє тuєsdαч (teegaria.triellis): hii
  207. Names:  (Both those who called other trolls and the trolls who arrived after being called):
  208. Micmak (micmakmikmac)
  209. Schilar
  210. Eru Dragovar (eru.males)
  211. Ethan (ethanevans)
  212. Romie (jeromie12)
  214. Associate:
  215. тєєcαkє тuєsdαч (teegaria.triellis)
  217. -------
  219. Hendrik Rhode Numbers (hendrikb) (staff at Sota Atoll) has been muted for the following reasons and I suggest you consider the following date carefully.
  221. [22:19]  HendrikB: (Saved Sat 05 Mar 2016 05:00:16) Hello - You were reported by multiple people as being a problem at Sota, a safe sim for child avatars, which explicitly has a no-nudity policy. Thus you are now banned.
  223. [22:23]  Tiernan McLaglen: You are reported by several people as being a SIM that permits long term stalker trolls with MULTIPLE accounts from 4chan to create false charges in order to manipulate people in SL 'for the lulz' and therefor your SIM is reported as such off the SL server through several independent groups for this.  Thank-you for falling for griefers and internet trolls in order to bring down your own SIM both financially and politically.  Enjoy your own actions and lack of care or actual research.
  225. And that's how I get 'banned' by fucking passive-aggressive internet trolls because staff are fucking RETARDS who fall for 'MOB RULES' (majority tricks by multiple account 4chan internet hacking trolls and griefers), which is why my profile clearly states: ""Banned" by HYPOCRITES everywhere (FU)"
  227. -------
  229. PROOF Dale Kidd (Sota Atoll staff) has NO PROBLEM with me being there (as I am) as we'd spent an hour together in person.  TWO staff at the same time present.  Here's a clip from public chat:
  231. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Dale Kidd: busy with RL stuff
  232. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Molee Gopheller: Hi ㋡ Tier
  233. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Tiernan McLaglen: Hey there :>
  234. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Dale Kidd: hey Tiernan
  235. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Molee Gopheller: yeah i guess
  236. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Tiernan McLaglen: How are you?
  237. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Dale Kidd: doing ok
  238. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Dale Kidd: u?
  239. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Tiernan McLaglen: Hey Dale, TY for listening before. :>
  240. [2016/03/04 20:22]  Dale Kidd: does Flo still even DJ there?
  241. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Molee Gopheller: yeah he does a bit
  242. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Dale Kidd: ohh i see Rai on a lot now
  243. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Tiernan McLaglen: Wasn't major... but you know, better to know the one person was a troll from another place long ago.
  244. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Molee Gopheller: and Rai does too a bit
  245. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Molee Gopheller: hes a big help
  246. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Dale Kidd: yeah we had trouble with a girl called Donna something before
  247. [2016/03/04 20:23]  Dale Kidd: thought maybe it was the same one
  248. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Tiernan McLaglen: Ah ha.. hhmmm.
  249. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Tiernan McLaglen: DonnaVera?
  250. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Molee Gopheller: no not her
  251. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Tiernan McLaglen: ahh ok
  252. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Dale Kidd: na some other donna
  253. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Dale Kidd: Molee kjnows  lol
  254. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Tiernan McLaglen: Ma-donna? :D hehe
  255. [2016/03/04 20:24]  Dale Kidd: noooooooooooo
  256. [2016/03/04 20:25]  Tiernan McLaglen: So nice here to just relax by the fire over there.... I have a thing for campfires and resting.
  257. [2016/03/04 20:25]  Molee Gopheller: kool
  258. [2016/03/04 20:25]  Molee Gopheller: you wont gettoo close tho, right?
  259. [2016/03/04 20:25]  Molee Gopheller: youll overheat
  260. [2016/03/04 20:25]  Dale Kidd: most ppl are good, u get the odd moron though  lol
  261. [2016/03/04 20:25]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm used to fires. :>
  262. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Molee Gopheller: you had the three stooges here the other day too
  263. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Dale Kidd: ok i gota afk for a few mins ... friend is coming to pick up a fridge
  264. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Dale Kidd: bbs
  265. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Molee Gopheller: They were at UC too
  266. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Tiernan McLaglen: Dale, that's very true. :> They left after I didn't return for 7 mins due to having to reboot, so they knew they were on the edge.
  267. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Molee Gopheller: i kicked them immediately
  268. [2016/03/04 20:26]  Tiernan McLaglen: OK
  269. [2016/03/04 20:27]  Tiernan McLaglen: Sad when just talking nicely to strangers can lead to griefing from them if we don't say exactly what they want to hear like little Hitlers.... just sad.
  270. [2016/03/04 20:27]  Molee Gopheller: yup
  271. [2016/03/04 20:27]  Tiernan McLaglen: If I get cranky I just leave.
  273. Sota Atoll is a crappy SIM flooded with griefing internet trolls and stalkers who follow people from place to place just to cause them grief and attack their avatar with weapons.  Do not support Sota Atoll or any of their stores or shops.  See other reports for other locations in Second Life in which to completely avoid and other names to ban and mute from your life if you are in Second Life.  Thank-you.
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