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  1. <scott25O> tazzmo
  2. <scott25O> this is really poor
  3. <scott25O> why does jong get more ops than me?
  4. <+Jong> why
  5. <+Jong> do you
  6. <+Jong> compare
  7. <+Jong> me to you ?
  8. <+Jong> you don't even meet my standards
  9. <+Jong> Its like putting a Lion and a Chicken in the same category
  10. <+Jong> Im the lion your the chicken
  11. <+Jong> You are way below me in the food chain buddy
  12. <hesus> hey jong
  13. <hesus> lets fight next age you scrub
  14. <hesus> i need some lion alike opponents
  15. <+cerberus> 01160922 /hesus> im the one that keeps Fogtopia warm at night <-- you keep him warm with lit weed? :P
  16. <hesus> yes i blow at night
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  18. <+cerberus> hello scott25O =)
  19. <scott25O> jong
  20. <scott25O> hi cerberus!
  21. <hesus> my prov next aeg will be called hesus of V
  22. <scott25O> wanna join AA?
  23. <hesus> u can recognize me by opening the land charts
  24. <hesus> and look on top
  25. <+cerberus> who are AA
  26. <scott25O> no but seriously why does jong have more ops than me?
  27. <scott25O> i bet this is all down to australian favoritisnm
  28. <hesus> he has more skills
  29. <+cerberus> because Jong > you
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  31. <+CloudPalace> plus more importantly
  32. <+CloudPalace> jong rhymes with ding dong
  33. <scott25O> how can jong have more skills than the leader of AA?
  34. <hesus> jong has a lot more provinces on bf than you
  35. <scott25O> i am the fucking leader of AA
  36. <hesus> so he has a greater part in keeping the game alive
  37. <scott25O> and i am a FUCKING AMERICAN
  38. <+cerberus> lol
  39. <+cerberus> 01162217 /scott25O> how can jong have more skills than the leader of AA?
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  41. <+cerberus> someone put that in topic
  42. <+cerberus> :D
  43. <scott25O> if it wasnt for america
  44. <scott25O> you guys wouldnt have internet
  45. <+cerberus> right
  46. <+cerberus> lol
  47. <+cerberus> if it wasnt for europe there wouldnt be an america
  48. <+cerberus> so you stfu and continue sniff your russian glue
  49. <scott25O> hey stop hating on america
  50. <scott25O> i love uncle sam
  51. <+cerberus> im not hating america
  52. <+cerberus> i hate stupid ppl
  53. <scott25O> im not stupid
  54. <scott25O> im american
  55. <scott25O> !!!
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  57. <+cerberus> 01162311 /scott25O> if it wasnt for america
  58. <+cerberus> 01162333 /scott25O> you guys wouldnt have internet
  59. <+cerberus> thats stupid
  60. <scott25O> how stupid is that
  61. <scott25O> al gore invented the internet
  62. <scott25O> and hes american
  64. <scott25O> you know what you're just jealous because your country serves food in smaller, less obesity-inducing portions than mine!
  65. <+cerberus> russian glue... you should stop sniff it mate
  66. <hesus> i will make a V-n00bs alliance too so more ppl can join
  67. <scott25O> i only sniff AMERICAN GLUE
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