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LX Jon. I 2016 (Amerdansk)

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Mar 11th, 2016
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  1. LX Jon. I 2016 (Amerdansk)
  3. 1. The purpose of this Act is to annex Amerdansk as a Territory of Austenasia.
  4. 2. The 20 by 18 foot area of land directly north of West Cottage, Glenduckie, Fife, the eastern border of which runs perpendicular to the eastern wall of said property, is hereby annexed by and to the Empire of Austenasia as the Territory of Amerdansk, by the wishes and with the consent of the owner of said land.
  5. 3. Amerdansk is in the Province of Ousten, which is in the Duchy of Lowland, which is in the Region of Outer Austenasia.
  6. 4. In accordance with Article XI, Section J of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011: Kit McCarthy, MAO is hereby appointed Baron of Amerdansk; HH Princess Consort Hannah is hereby appointed Duchess of Lowland; the noble title Count or Countess of Ousten shall for now remain vacant, but Parliament hereby gives its permission for the Monarch to appoint on its behalf an individual to said position by means of an Imperial Decree or Imperial Edict.
  7. 5. Lord Kit McCarthy, Baron of Amerdansk is hereby appointed Governor of Amerdansk, and shall hold responsibility for the maintenance and enforcing of Austenasian law within the Territory.
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