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  1. As a player I would like to see a more balanced environment. I find it very frustrating when I die to something out of my control. An example of this that happened to me recently is losing a close range gunfight with someone because they had all level 3 gear and an M416 and I had all level 2 gear and a SCAR-L. The combination of his greater damage mitigation from a lucky airdrop and my lower DPS gun makes this fight unwinnable against a competent opponent.
  3. I think every player should get the exact load out they desire if they loot a decent amount.
  5. The player who knocked someone should get the kill regardless of who finished them.
  7. I also think there is too much randomness in sprays. I would like to see less horizontal recoil earlier in sprays.
  9. I think sniper rifles need a buff. Whether it's increased ADS speed, bolt speed, or bullet velocity sniper rifles are currently far behind DMRs in terms of usefulness. DMRs gained the ability to equip AR attachments, snipers lost the ability to break a level 2 helmet in 1 shot, full auto 5.56 rifles no longer 1 shot knock someone with no helmet at 100hp these are all things that made snipers worse.
  11. The armor system needs to be reworked. The difference in vest levels should be more about durability rather than damage mitigation. I believe there needs to be a system to regain armor durability, whether it's an item or a system similar to Apex Legends. In Apex Legends when you kill someone and loot their body their armor is back to full durability. If you are forced into fights because of the circle you should not be at such a huge disadvantage vs a team that gets to sit in a compound all game for free.
  13. I also have an issue with plane path RNG coupled with the faster circles in SUPER. Teams that loot central locations never have bad planes therefore they always have good rotation timing to get a central position in circle 1, this sets them up to get a good spot circle 2 and the rest of the game. You can see how big of an advantage this is by looking at the loot spots of all the qualified global teams. During FGS there were far more Pochinki/Pecado teams than any other loot spot. One way to fix this issue would be to have 2 plane paths that you could choose from that are parallel to each other but fly in opposite directions. This would heavily reduce the negatives of bad plane paths making the game more fair.
  15. I believe adaptation is a big part of PUBG, but for an esport competitive fairness is the most important thing. Good aim, positioning, teamwork, and reflexes should win you games, not RNG loot and plane paths.
  17. Now I would like to talk about some non gameplay related topics to help PUBG esports. In NA gaming culture one of the biggest driving forces behind playing a game is grinding a ranked system. Without one, the game gets extremely boring as you don't feel any accomplishment from playing. A ranking system will also bring attention to the esport scene because casuals will have a better understanding of how much better these players are and how different the game plays in a real competitive environment, not because they can play the same map.
  19. Games like CS:GO have a built in feature that automatically bring you to the esport stream when you open the game. This is a great way to gain viewers. Couple this with a system that gives viewers in game rewards for watching X amount of hours and you have a huge improvement.
  21. Lastly I would like to see a change to the way NA PUBG is broadcasted. I think the featured teams segment they do takes up WAY too much time and is FAR too redundant. Viewers do not want to hear casters say the same thing over and over about the same teams, they want to watch PUBG. An example of a new system I would like to see is: play a game on erangel, very short bathroom break/commercial break for stream, play another game on erangel immediately, now have a halftime segment to talk/show highlights from games 1 and 2, after that game 3 on erangel folllowed by another short bathroom/commercial break and then the 4th and final game of the day on erangel again. You could then do a very short post game segment/interview with the MVP or winning team.
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