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  1. Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
  2. [Switching to Thread 0x7fff79b40700 (LWP 29787)]
  3. isGridObjectDataLoaded (this=0x7ffe89d14000, p=...) at /root/mangos/src/game/Map.h:283
  4. 283             bool isGridObjectDataLoaded(uint32 x, uint32 y) const { return getNGrid(x,y)->isGridObjectDataLoaded(); }
  5. #0  isGridObjectDataLoaded (this=0x7ffe89d14000, p=...) at /root/mangos/src/game/Map.h:283
  6. #1  Map::loaded (this=0x7ffe89d14000, p=...) at /root/mangos/src/game/Map.cpp:433
  7. #2  0x00000000006bcc94 in Map::MessageBroadcast (this=0x7ffe89d14000, obj=0x7fff57a32080, msg=0x7fff79b3f700) at /root/mangos/src/game/Map.cpp:379
  8. #3  0x000000000080e506 in Unit::SendThreatRemove (this=0x7fff57a32080, pHostileReference=0x7ffe39925e00) at /root/mangos/src/game/Unit.cpp:11824
  9. #4  0x00000000008b3791 in ThreatManager::processThreatEvent (this=0x7fff57a33af8, threatRefStatusChangeEvent=<value optimized out>) at /root/mangos/src/game/ThreatManager.cpp:539
  10. #5  0x00000000008b3a2e in HostileReference::setOnlineOfflineState (this=0x7ffe39925e00, pIsOnline=<value optimized out>) at /root/mangos/src/game/ThreatManager.cpp:172
  11. #6  0x00000000008b396e in invalidate (this=0x7ffe89d14000) at /root/mangos/src/framework/Utilities/LinkedReference/Reference.h:83
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