Celestia/Luna Greentexts: Take the Fucking Hint (Part 1)

Apr 19th, 2015
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  1. >Another fine morning here in Canterlot Castle.
  2. >Celestia's raised the sun nice and high, just like every other morning.
  3. >You get up, get yourself showered and dressed, and head to the dining room.
  4. >As usual, at the table are seated Celestia and Luna.
  5. >"Good morning, Ano-"
  6. >"Good morning, Anonymous!~"
  7. >Luna glances at her older sister, but otherwise shows no signs of irritation at her interruption.
  8. >"Please, take a seat next to me, Anonymous~"
  9. "Don't mind if I do, Tia."
  10. >The sun princess giggles at your nickname for her.
  11. >Luna called her that sometimes, though, so what was with the giggling?
  12. >"How are you this morning?~"
  13. "Just fine, princess. What's for breakfast?"
  14. >"It's a surprise~" she tells you with a sly grin.
  15. >"Didn't you say it was-"
  16. >Without even looking away from you, Celestia's hoof firmly presses itself against her sister's muzzle to silence her.
  17. >You can hear Luna groan from under the hoof.
  18. >"So, what have you been up to, Anonymous?~"
  19. "Uh...y'know, just...sitting around the castle."
  20. >"That is really interesting. What else?~"
  21. >You hum in thought, racking your brain for anything else you may do around the castle.
  22. "Oh, I've been in the process of making a new friend. I know that's something you try to push a lot."
  23. >"I do, Anonymous. What's his name?~"
  24. "Bright Sky. He's one of the guards."
  25. >"I know him. He enrolled within the guard just last month~"
  26. >Newbie.
  27. >A cart with a silver platter rolls out to the dining room, chef pony rushing behind it.
  28. >Glasses of orange juice, milk, and water are set down along with the food.
  29. >"Breakfast is served, your majesties. Anything else you need?"
  30. >"That will be all, thank you."
  31. >Luna is unable to respond, Celestia's hoof still covering her mouth.
  32. >"Then bon appetit, miladies!"
  33. >Give him a fedora and he'd be complete.
  34. >The chef runs back into the kitchen.
  35. >The lid on the food comes off to reveal sliced fruits, small portions of scrambled eggs, and...
  36. "Heart shaped pancakes?"
  37. >Celestia nods with a smile.
  38. "Hm, the chefs must be getting artistic."
  39. >"Do you like them, though?" she asks almost too quickly. "I can have them make normal pancakes next time."
  40. "No, these are pretty neat looking. I'll eat them."
  41. >You grab for a bottle of syrup, but find that Celestia has beaten you to the bottle with her magic, also picking up a butter knife and a butter dish.
  42. >"Let me get that for you~"
  43. >Celestia proceeds to set two pancakes on your plate, then hums gleefully as she spreads butter on both of them.
  44. >When that's finished, she pours syrup on the pancakes in a slow drizzle, then cocks her head to look at you.
  45. >"Too little? Too much?"
  46. "I think that's good."
  47. >A fork and knife find their way to your sides, and before you can serve yourself some fruit and eggs, they too are served onto plates for you by Celestia.
  48. "Man, you're really generous today, Tia."
  49. >She lets out another cute giggle.
  50. >Luna taps her hoof on the table, impatiently waiting for her chance to get some food.
  51. >"Need anything else, hon-" she stops herself, "Anonymous!?"
  52. >That was a little louder than you thought it should have been.
  53. "I think I'm good. Thanks, princess."
  54. >"It's my pleasure~"
  55. >Celestia serves herself, then lets Luna have what's left.
  56. >That is to say, not much.
  57. >An irritated sigh escapes Luna's lips, but she eats anyways.
  58. >After a bit of eating, Celestia decides to speak again.
  59. >"So, Anonymous, I was thinking...~"
  60. "Yeah?"
  61. >"Oh, well," she presses her hooves together, trying to come up with words, "would you be interested in...going with me...to the park today? Just the two of us?"
  62. >An expectant smile and a wild blush cover her face.
  63. "You know I'd love to Celestia-"
  64. >You're interrupted by a hopeful gasp from the sun princess.
  65. >"R-really!?"
  66. "Uh, well, I wasn't exactly finished."
  67. >"O-oh, I'm sorry. Please, continue," she says, waving her hoof at you.
  68. "Thanks. I was gonna say that, I'd love to, but Bright Sky and I actually planned a meetup at a hoofball game today. We both got tickets to the game from a contest and I am NOT letting them go to waste, y'know."
  69. >Silence permeates the room.
  70. >You swear you can hear something break in two.
  71. >Specifically from Celestia...
  72. >Weird.
  73. >"Oh," Celestia replies robotically.
  74. "Yeah, sorry about that. Maybe some other time though."
  75. >"No, that's okay," she answers, her hoof moving in a small circle on the table. "I can wait for next time."
  76. >Whenever that was.
  77. >Luna wears an uncomfortable frown as she glances at her sister, then you, then back at her.
  78. >She looks almost as though she's trying to signal something to you.
  79. >You were never that good at these nonverbal hints, though.
  80. >Finishing your food, you set your silverware on the plate.
  81. "That was delicious! Give my compliments to the chef, could ya?"
  82. >Celestia doesn't answer you, her head hung low as she stares at her half-eaten food.
  83. >"I-I will be sure to do that, Anonymous," the blue alicorn answers for her sister.
  84. "Awesome. I'll see you girls later."
  85. >You head for the door, but before leaving, pump your fist.
  86. "HOOFBALL!"
  87. >Then you make your exit.
  89. >You are Princess Luna.
  90. >Anonymous has just left the dining room.
  91. >Your sister continues to give her food a vacant stare.
  92. >You've seen this before, though.
  93. >3.
  94. >2.
  95. >1.
  96. >She sniffles, and you see a tear run down her cheek.
  97. >"What am I doing wrong, Luna?"
  98. "Absolutely nothing, sister. He had plans. It's not your fault."
  99. >"I suppose. But," she sniffs again, "e-excuse me for sounding selfish, but I thought he would drop everything to be with m-me."
  100. >She sobs.
  101. >You put a hoof on your sister's back and rub.
  102. "There, there, sister. You'll get him eventually."
  103. >"B-but how? I've tried so hard, dropped so many hints, but," she sobs, "b-but," another sob, and also a squeak, "b-but..."
  104. >She lays her head in her hooves and cries on the table.
  105. "Why not try being direct?"
  106. >She lifts her head, and her eyes are already red and puffy.
  107. >"Be-because what if he rejects me then, too?" She sobs, whimpering. "Th-then there'll be no way to s-salvage it."
  108. >Another sniffle comes from your sister.
  109. "But what if he accepts you? You'll be much happier. I would assume taking the risk is worth it, provided it goes your way."
  110. >"I-I just can't, Lulu..."
  111. >Her head hits the table as she continues to cry.
  112. >You pat her back.
  113. >She'd been pining for Anonymous for so long.
  114. >You didn't feel the same way about anypony, but you could empathize with your sister.
  115. >Royal duties may have to be cancelled for the rest of the day.
  116. >Comforting your sister came first.
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