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  1. i wrote up a ban appeal already
  2. Full In-Game Name: _Durpy
  3. Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Server is down Person
  4. Who Banned You: Lefik
  5. Length of Ban: Perm
  7. Appeal: Hello, you may remember me from a few years ago. I believe it has been 2 years​, Im here because Ive been wanting to play your server for about a month and really wish you will read what I have to say. Im assuming you will ban this account after you see this was posted and you dont want to read and I understand. What I did could never, ever be forgiven and how I disrespected people and harrassed the staff was not ok. I have never truly regretted something more than how I acted twards you. Im Sorry, Truly im so sorry and I hope you can give me 1 chance. Just one and I promice I have grown up, I was young and rude and bratty and for that im sorry. I know we cant just shuve the past in a box and forget about it but I really hope we can move on and just give me 1 last chance. ~ Love you the most sisters Durpy I want to say in sorry to thomas5200 and poogan aswell, I think i acted the worst to you guys and am truly sorry what I put you though. Lefik, always knew you would be a admin at one point and i would like to congragulate you :smiley: You really deserve it from what I can remember of you.
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