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  1. <a1n2o3n> i'm having a problem with my internet connection (when i log onto kali) ... if i described the symptoms, could you tell me if i 'm in monitor mode or not?  maybe i'm in monitor mode by default or something...
  2. <a1n2o3n> maybe i should just try turning monitor mode off
  3. <steev> it doesn't go in to monitor mode by default
  4. <a1n2o3n> also, persistence mode is super slow... which seems weird as no other persistent live install ever was for me
  5. <a1n2o3n> steev: well, the internet connection is weird as hell...
  6. <a1n2o3n> steev:  like, i can access google, but that's it.  i can search, and even access google's cached pages, but that's it as far as web browsing goes.  
  7. <a1n2o3n> steev:  and i can use wget, but not apt-get.
  8. <a1n2o3n> i think it must be in monitor mode, but also it's possible of screwy drivers, or screwy interactions between the drivers and the network connections program
  9. <steev> do you have a proxy set up?
  10. <a1n2o3n> no
  11. <steev> do you even know what monitor mode is?
  12. <a1n2o3n> yes
  13. <a1n2o3n> basic understanding
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  15. <balding_parrot> obviously you don't
  16. <a1n2o3n> lol
  17. <a1n2o3n> okay
  18. <a1n2o3n> tell me why my internet can access google and no other websites
  19. <steev> dns server is messed up?
  20. <balding_parrot> if you did you would know that you cannot be in monitor mode and connect to an ap at the same time
  21. <balding_parrot> DNS
  22. <balding_parrot> default gateway
  23. <a1n2o3n> i CAN"T connect to an ap
  24. <balding_parrot> you can if you can get to google !
  25. <a1n2o3n> that's why i ask
  26. <a1n2o3n> whatever
  27. <a1n2o3n> okay
  28. <a1n2o3n> thank you for teaching me?
  29. <a1n2o3n> i appreciate the lesson
  30. <a1n2o3n> i can't connect to anything
  31. <a1n2o3n> with very very very few exceptions
  32. <a1n2o3n> that 's why i asked
  33. <balding_parrot> how the hell do you think you are getting google magically in your browser if you are not connected to an ap
  34. <s3ntaur> steev Yes, galaxy note 10.1
  35. <a1n2o3n> you're right
  36. <a1n2o3n> i am connected to an ap
  37. <a1n2o3n> my bad
  38. <balding_parrot> telepathy
  39. <a1n2o3n> you were right
  40. <steev> s3ntaur: i make the image, you're not able to see network connections with networkmanager?
  41. <balding_parrot> so the last few statements about you net connection were wrong and show you don't know
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  43. <a1n2o3n> yep
  44. <balding_parrot> so can't say the drivers are screwey
  45. <a1n2o3n> i made a mistake
  46. <a1n2o3n> why
  47. <a1n2o3n> why not?
  48. <balding_parrot> and reading all your scrollback just shows me even more that you don't know what you are talking about or actually mean at all
  49. <a1n2o3n> why do you think it's the DNS ...
  50. <a1n2o3n> i'm here to learn
  51. <balding_parrot> because that's what DNS does
  52. <a1n2o3n> not profess my intimate knowledge
  53. <balding_parrot> you should have these basic *nix skills already
  54. <balding_parrot> not learn them on kali
  55. <a1n2o3n> trying to take the standpoint of that, sorry for "making statements" i be trying to ask questions.
  56. <a1n2o3n> look man
  57. <a1n2o3n> i'm just trying to get the internet to work on kali
  58. <balding_parrot> don't you look man me
  59. <a1n2o3n> ok
  60. <a1n2o3n> i'm just trying to get the internet to work on kali
  61. <s3ntaur> steev i guess i should have been more specific, I can connect to wireless networks, I just cannot enable monitor mode
  62. <a1n2o3n> internet works fine on other linux distros
  63. <balding_parrot> it does work, you just screwed the settings up
  64. <a1n2o3n> i didn't do anything to the settings
  65. <steev> s3ntaur: using an external wifi card?
  66. * town (~town@ has joined #kali-linux
  67. <steev> the internal card isn't going to
  68. <a1n2o3n> and when i do mess with them, it doesn't make it work either
  69. <s3ntaur> no I was curious if there was any support for internal cards yet..
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  72. <s3ntaur> but I think I will do the external card for now.  What brand is recommeded?
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  74. <balding_parrot> I mean why install a network manager when there already is one there ( even though you said there wasn't)
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  76. <a1n2o3n> i never said there wasn't
  77. <a1n2o3n> i don't think it's the dns
  78. <balding_parrot> and the network manager works
  79. <a1n2o3n> because if it was the dns, wouldn't my internet not work on other distros?
  80. <balding_parrot> ok if you obviously know more than me then
  81. <a1n2o3n> isn't that outside of my entire system?
  82. <balding_parrot> oh and someone else who said exactly the same as me
  83. <a1n2o3n> i'm the one at my computer
  84. <a1n2o3n> i don't think i implied that...
  85. <balding_parrot> your having DNS problems..... so obviously the problem can't be DNS
  86. <s3ntaur> haha
  87. <balding_parrot> do you even understand DNS
  88. <a1n2o3n> and, may I humbly ask, what led you to the conclusion that it Must be my DNS?
  89. <a1n2o3n> no
  90. <a1n2o3n> i don't
  91. <a1n2o3n> is it outside of my system or inside?
  92. <a1n2o3n> am i correct that it's outisde...?
  93. <balding_parrot> you don't know what it is yet you say it's not a dns problem
  94. * sonofflynn not sure if trolling or...
  95. <balding_parrot> how do you come to that conclusion
  96. <a1n2o3n> i said "i don't think it is, because i think it's outside of my system"
  97. <a1n2o3n> can you just answer my question?
  98. <a1n2o3n> tell me i'm wrong
  99. <a1n2o3n> tell me it's not outside of my system and i'm wrong
  100. <a1n2o3n> i will say okay
  101. <balding_parrot> your wrong
  102. <s3ntaur> agree
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  104. <balding_parrot> it's both inside and outside
  105. <balding_parrot> your inside don't match what it should be for anything sane
  106. <balding_parrot> that is why you can do 1 or 2 things and not the millions of other things
  107. <a1n2o3n> okay
  108. <balding_parrot> pastebin ifconfig
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  110. <a1n2o3n> does it need to be from kali...?
  111. <balding_parrot> ffs no it needs to be on my neighbors mac
  112. <a1n2o3n> http://pastebin.com/pDcknXbw
  113. <balding_parrot> what do you want fixing
  114. <a1n2o3n> well
  115. <a1n2o3n> i'll be back after restarting twice then
  116. <balding_parrot> also I need to know what your default gateway and DNS settings are
  117. <a1n2o3n> okay...
  118. <a1n2o3n> how do i obtain that for you...
  119. <balding_parrot> this is why kali isn't for you
  120. <balding_parrot> you don't know the basics
  121. <a1n2o3n> you'd rather me learn all this stuff on arch?
  122. <s3ntaur> start with ubuntu on a windows VM buddy
  123. <a1n2o3n> xD
  124. <balding_parrot> a pentesting distro is not the place to learn the basics
  125. <a1n2o3n> you'd rather me learn all this stuff on arch?
  126. <balding_parrot> it will only set you back a long time
  127. * opamp (~opamp@d149-67-4-188.col.wideopenwest.com) has joined #kali-linux
  128. <a1n2o3n> i know myself...
  129. * balding_parrot removes channel operator status from a1n2o3n
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  131. * You have been kicked from #kali-linux by balding_parrot (Oh ya... they're feeling the love)
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