Berserker Masamune

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  1. Quick Pastebin to show off the consistent Masamune manipulation with Robo for Firepunch and Crono Berserked.
  2. This works for 100% and Any%, Any% No LSS might be able to use this but I am not sure.
  4. 1. We need Robo in the party and in 3rd position and Lucca on Flame Toss memory
  5.     -I have been doing this during End of Time Save Anywhere
  6.         -Marle for Robo, Robo for Lucca
  7.     -Or in the Cathedral if you fail
  8.     -Lucca should be set to Flame toss, but just in case R series didn't go as planned make sure to set it in Heckran's cave.
  9. 2. Crono Needs the Berserker + tabs & Robo needs Miragehand + Powerglove
  10.     -I do this all in one menu when skipping Tata cutscene
  11.         Marle sightscope
  12.         Crono Berserker
  13.         Robo Powerglove, Mirage hand
  14.         Items, organize, tabs on Crono
  15.         Save & Reload (Mash load)
  16.     -Note: we are skipping the shopping section here and will do it in Porre after.(no shop text either)
  17. 3. Mash load will get you in one of 2 windows
  18.     -Mash, only see black screen (never see save select screen)
  19.     -LateMash/EarlyBright (save screen flashes but never becomes fully bright)
  20.     -If you see the save screen fully appear, reset, you were late
  21. 4. Ogan fight
  22.     -Depending on the window you load into this fight is different
  23.     -we want a final Battle RNG of 2d
  24.     -Watch Crono's DMG on first attack, always right Ogan. (If attack the left reset)
  25.         -202 Lucca tap x to atk quick, Robo open menu run (set Robo to tech)
  26.             -we want to increment the Battle RNG by 2 before running
  27.             -you cannot have the Ogan or Crono attack or you will be off
  28.             -you must linger in the menu longer than normal for the runaway to work
  29.         -204 Lucca mash flametoss wait for crono to atk
  30.             -set Robo to tech if he is not already.
  31. 5. Mountains are nice.
  32. 6. Masa & Mune
  33.     -Crono atl left Lucca hit for 34
  34.     -Quick menu Lucca (If Crono atks early it will be the wrong one)
  35.         -Cast fire left
  36.         -Robo X attack left
  37.     -Crono atk x2, gets hit
  38.     -Quick Lucca Fire
  39.     -ends on 78
  40. 7. Masamune
  41.     -All attacks MUST be input during animations. (before the numbers finish bouncing(and Masa starts))
  42.     -If you are late for any input early you will most likely die.
  43.     -You will know you did things correctly if Crono attacks before Lucca's Fire
  44.         -This cheats about a 1/4 of an ATB bar for Crono and lines up the rest of the fight.
  45.         -If Crono attacks early or late both strings are very bad and will most likely die
  46.             -so again, MAKE SURE YOU INPUT DURING ANIMATIONS
  48.         -wait for crono to atk x2 input PF
  49.         -wait masa to punch robo, rocket punch, fire
  50.         -wind on crono,
  51.         -wait crono x2 PF
  52.         -wait crono x2 FP, masa punch lucca
  53.         -wait crono x2 FP
  54.         -crono x1
  55.         -quick FP (if Crono attacks again it is OK)
  57. 8. Post Masamune
  58.     -Shopping in Porre
  59.         -Same thing mostly
  60.         -take berserker off crono
  61.         -no shop text
  62.     -Cursed Woods
  63.         -Swap Robo out before cutscenes to save 1.5 seconds
  65. 9. Notes.
  66.     -If you are doing any% you can skip de equipping Marle, we don't use her anymore saves 4-6 seconds
  67.         -not sure about 100%
  68.     -things I'm not sure of:
  69.         -If you shop after Frog cutscene you can eq Magicscarf and skip that later
  70.             -it is about 5 seconds more walking on the world but makes the Ayla menu before Nizbel shorter.
  71.         -I'm currently putting whatever on Crono and putting magicscarf on before Nizbel
  73. 10. Profit
  74.     -Saves about 15-20 seconds over the old way
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