Xenos Hunters Session 12

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  1. Session Start: Sat Jun 25 19:02:47 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. 03[19:02] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
  4. [19:09] <antoine> You stand on a prefabricated landing pad in Lensberg, the Tyranids arrival affecting the planet's weather system causes a strong wind to blow past, flags snap in the wind and the stench of the dead wafts in the air. You have just seen from afar Sinbad, the Watch Captain and Patriclus off to one side talking, Sinbad returns with the Watch Captain as Patriclus salutes his master and turns on...
  5. [19:09] <antoine> ...his heel to head back to your barracks. Inquisitor Tellion also stands nearby, the slight mortal looks like she is about to be blown over any minute.
  6. [19:10] <antoine> You are also joined by a Space Wolf and a battle brother of the Knight's Teutonic. They arrived a mere 4 hours ago and now stand alongside you on the landing pad.
  7. [19:12] <antoine> Watch Captain raises his hand to get your attention as he returns, "Brothers, we go now to save this world. We have sacrificed much" he looks at the two new members of the kill team, "but we are bound by duty to expunge this threat from the imperium."
  8. [19:13] <antoine> "Make your last minute wargear checks and prepare for departure, the Caestus Assault Ram will soon arrive."
  9. [19:13] <Cadmus> "Understood sir. I am eager to finally put an end to these xenos scum." Cadmus says happily.
  10. 10[19:14] * Anselm snorts, and folds his arms across his chestplate.
  11. [19:15] <antoine> Decimus can be seen jogging over at the last minute, the black-shield has his usual plasma pistol, power sword armament.
  12. [19:15] <Balmung> You have a problem with the son of Guilliman's eagerness for battle brother?
  13. 10[19:15] * Sinbad recites prayers in his native language before nodding to Cadmus
  14. 10[19:15] * Omniel begins one last diagnostics test on his weapon, ensuring the machine spirit is well pleased in anticipation of the upcoming battle.
  15. [19:16] <Bellerophon> "Captain, Inquisitor, I have had a few considerations regarding our assault.  I feel installing a pict-recorder and a cartograph onto my armor would be a source of valuable information."
  16. [19:16] <Bellerophon> "In addition, I am curious as to where we intend to board with the Caestus."
  17. [19:16] <antoine> Inquisitor Tellion raises an eyebrow before turning to the Watch Captain, "That would be useful for my research."
  18. 10[19:17] * Cadmus sets about checking his upgraded heavy bolter, ensuring that its spirits are pleased by the modifications, befoe adding 'I for one look forward to examining the Norn Queen's corpse."
  19. [19:17] <Anselm> "No, I haven't any qualms with him," Anselm calmly says aside to the Space Wolf. "But I have my own worries."
  20. [19:18] <Cadmus> "Worries are to be expected, but i am confident we of the Emperor's Chosen will overcome anything the xenos throw at us."
  21. 10[19:19] * Anselm rests his arms on the dual sheaths of his blades.
  22. [19:19] <antoine> Oeris nods "You are given permission, the Inquisitor will have her servants bring out the necessary equipment.". "Our best tacticians say a hive ship is just like one of our own, except with biological mockeries of the holy machines we use. We expect engines below decks, weapons on the prow, port and starboard and the bridge to be positioned higher than the rest of the vessel."
  23. 10[19:19] * Sinbad listens carefully
  24. [19:20] <Anselm> "And has the Tacticae had the opportunity to examine a hiveship before?" Anselm sardonically asks.
  25. 10[19:21] * Bellerophon consults the vast tracts of the Codex he has memorized
  26. [19:21] <antoine> The Inquisitor speaks into her micro-bead and a few minutes later recording equipment is brought by her servants. Oeris continues as this happens, "Since we intend to hit both the bridge and the enemy batteries we will be landing halfway between the port weapon batteries and the bridge."
  27. 10[19:21] * Cadmus nods as he takes this in.
  28. [19:25] <Sinbad> "My apologies; will this bio-filth mockery-ship be piercable by the mighty Caestus?  Or shall it heal around it?"
  29. [19:26] <antoine> In the distance you see the Caestus Assault Ram descending and racing towards you, looking up you see faint shapes of Imperial craft high above Rahas, the wind blowing away the clouds and clearing your view of the strike force.
  30. [19:26] <Bellerophon> "Would it not make more sense to attack their spawning pools primarily, to cut off their supply of fresh xenoforms, then proceed to destroy their foul drop pod analouge, and then onto the queen, now stripped of reinforcements?"
  31. [19:27] <Cadmus> "A good plan Bell."
  32. [19:27] <antoine> "Our tacticians suggest they may be near the underside of the ship, near where they are launching their atmospheric spore pods."
  33. 10[19:28] * Sinbad nods, and looks over his melta weapon
  34. 10[19:28] * Bellerophon installs the pict-recorder and cartograph onto his helmet
  35. [19:28] <Balmung> "There will be many of the beasts near that area we should expect heavy resistance"
  36. [19:28] <antoine> Oeris responds to Sinbad's question,
  37. [19:29] <Anselm> "My thoughts are the vessel shall engulf the ram once we breach the ship." Anselm takes his helm by its horn from atop a crate and begins locking it in place. "What will be our extraction if that's the case?"
  38. [19:29] <antoine> "The enemy ship has the ability to heal rapidly, our craft may be stuck."
  39. [19:29] <Cadmus> "They will fail to halt us, no matter the resistance."
  40. [19:29] <antoine> Decimus pipes up at this, "I have a solution" he holds up a teleport homer, "We can extricate ourselves from the doomed ship using the dark sons strike cruisers teleportarium."
  41. [19:29] <Balmung> "Brother Anselm we shall leave the same way we got in, by ramming our way out!"
  42. [19:30] <Bellerophon> "Decimus speaks wisdom."
  43. [19:30] <Sinbad> "Ooh.  Good thinking, Brother Decimus."
  44. [19:30] <Cadmus> "Agreed."
  45. [19:30] <Bellerophon> "From my experiences battling the hive fleet over Maccrage, we discovered that the tyranid presence prevents teleporting in."
  46. [19:30] <Bellerophon> "With the queen dead, however, we will be free to teleport out."
  47. [19:31] <Bellerophon> "But can we bear the loss of a Caestus?"
  48. [19:31] <Balmung> *stares uneasily at the teleport beacon*
  49. [19:32] <antoine> The Caestus Assault Ram comes down, legs extending and the whine of the engines dips only slightly as the craft impacts on the landing pad and the two booms ramp-doors descend.
  50. 10[19:32] * Anselm amusedly grunts. "The Caestus is a machine to be used. It will serve its purpose; we are far more valuable than it could hope to be."
  51. 01[19:33] <Omniel> "This Caestus has been in service for untold centuries. Its sacrifice will be chronicled for many more, if that is what must be done."
  52. [19:33] <Cadmus> "Not to worry, it has served us faithfully in the past, and will continue to do so." Cadmus says before moving up the ramp and strapping in.
  53. [19:34] <Sinbad> "Brother Bell, we shall succeed.  Once we do, we will be able to recover the sacred Caestus at our leisure, barring the beast does not devour it."
  54. [19:34] <Balmung> "Our Primarchs and the Emperor watch us, we must not fail them."
  55. 10[19:34] * Bellerophon puts on his helmet to ensure proper integration of the pict-recorder and cartograph
  56. 10[19:35] * Anselm enters the ram, and straps in. "Dominatus Imperialis."
  57. [19:35] <Bellerophon> ++Your faith is admirable.++
  58. [19:35] <Cadmus> "Lion bring us glory." Cadmus says to himself as he secures the last of his straps.
  59. 10[19:35] * Sinbad enters, and checks over his equipment, praying silently
  60. [19:36] <Balmung> *straps into the seat on the Caestus with a large power axe across his lap*
  61. [19:36] <Sinbad> "Bisal-Malik, Brothers."
  62. 10[19:37] * Omniel nods and heads up the ramp after Cadmus, patting the bulkhead in hopes of assuaging the machine spirit as he straps himself in.
  63. [19:37] <antoine> Oeris and Decimus enter and strap themselves in, Tellion giving the 8 Deathwatch marines a solemn nod before walking backwards as the ramps raise themselves and the engines wind up again.
  64. 10[19:38] * Bellerophon picks up his two ammo cans and backpack supply, his heavy bolter, although any inspection of it reveals it to be of different manufacture than the one he had been using previously, and a banner with the heraldry of Watch Station Opherius, nods to the Inquisitor, and takes his position
  65. [19:39] <antoine> The craft raises itself before angling upwards. Suddenly it feels like a ogryn is sitting on your chest as the sharp deceleration pushes the craft towards the heavens.
  66. [19:40] <antoine> acceleration*
  67. [19:40] <Sinbad> "Glory to the Throne!  To the God-King of Kings!"
  68. 10[19:42] * Cadmus quitely looks forward to all the xenos he'll kill and then later examine.
  69. [19:43] <antoine> Your helmet links into the onboard pict watching the outside. The 180 degree field of view is slightly odd but as you break through the inner atmosphere you see the mighty space battle occurring above you, the strike cruiser and its supporting Imperial Navy craft are engaging three tyranid escort vessels, lance fire, torpedoes and macrobatteries reach and impact spore defense minefields
  70. 10[19:44] * Cadmus wishes their comrades in the navy victory in their battle.
  71. [19:44] <antoine> Soon you see a squadron of fury interceptors come into formation, ++This is 'Stache' coming in on your right, we've been sent from the Steel Talisman to see you in.++
  72. [19:45] <Cadmus> ++Your cover is much appreciated.++
  73. [19:45] <antoine> The craft accelerate towards the massive hive ship that is slowly moving to face the imperial battle line.
  74. [19:48] <antoine> Their autocannons, heavy bolters and lascannons erupt in fire and being to smash a hole through the spore defenses for you to pass through. ++Foxy, break left! *shhhhzzzttt* Noooo!!++, ++Come around again Gamma two, you missed one++, ++Copy that 'Stache'... Got it, they have a clear run++... ++Good luck and The Emperors speed++ The flight leader calls out on the vox while giving a quick wing...
  75. [19:48] <antoine> ...wobble salute as he and half of his squadron limp back towards imperial lines.
  76. [19:50] <antoine> The hive ship looms before you.. growing larger and larger until you can no-longer see space. The melta guns fire a second before you hit and the grand vessel crashes into the ships outer hull, boring itself into the underside of the vessel.
  77. [19:50] <antoine> The ramps struggle to open before finally overcoming the resistance and your clasps disengage, releasing you from your harness.
  78. 10[19:51] * Sinbad slips over his camo-cloak
  79. 10[19:51] * Anselm draws his power sword and hand flamer.
  80. [19:51] <Sinbad> ++Scout, or shall the auger spirits go first?"
  81. [19:51] <Sinbad> ++
  82. 10[19:51] * Bellerophon engages his battle standard, letting the Deathwatch Black fly
  83. [19:51] <Anselm> ++I advise augery first.++
  84. [19:53] <Cadmus> ++Sinbad, scout ahead. We'll follow.++
  85. [19:53] <Balmung> *Balmung hefts his battle axe on to his shoulder*
  86. [19:53] <Cadmus> ++Begin scanning as you wish.++
  87. 10[19:53] * Bellerophon engages the magseals of his backpack ammo supply, links the feed into his heavy bolter, and engages the fire selector mechanism for his two ammo cans, now secured to his weapon
  88. [19:54] <Anselm> ++I follow,++ Anselm says, and activates his sword's power field.
  89. [19:55] <antoine> More vibrations rumble through the ship as boarding torpedoes and thunderhawk gunships deliver their payloads. The first thing you feel as you enter is the heat and the dark. It is pitch black and you can feel the heat through your armor.
  90. 10[19:55] * Bellerophon racks in the first bolt with a loud thump.
  91. [19:56] <Bellerophon> ++Brothers, engage your preysense.++
  92. 10[19:57] * Cadmus triggers his low-light vision and overlays his preysense sights over it.
  93. [19:57] <Balmung> growls through his vox grille++I would have thought we would be attacked imediately++
  94. 10[19:57] * Omniel raises his weapon cautiously, activating his newly-installed auger array.
  95. 10[19:58] * Anselm activates his helmet's preysense mechanisms, and looks around at the area surrounding the breach.
  96. [19:59] <Bellerophon> ++Our first task is to destroy the spawning pools.++
  97. 10[19:59] * Bellerophon follows behind Sinbad
  98. [19:59] <Sinbad> ++Anything, Brother Techmarine?  Else, I shall try for visual confirmation.++
  99. 10[20:00] * Cadmus nods in agreement as he sweeps the area with his weapon, following behind.
  100. [20:00] <Balmung> ++We should make haste then, I have a feeling our entry won't go unnoticed++
  101. 01[20:00] <Omniel> ++Agreed.++
  102. [20:00] <Bellerophon> ++Quickly, then.  We have little time to waste.++
  103. [20:01] <antoine> The Watch Captain and Decimus step out of the craft, they land on the same chitinous and fleshy ground you do, the slight squishiness is unnerving.
  104. 10[20:01] * Sinbad slips out slowly, surveying the area
  105. [20:01] <Anselm> ++Odd that we are not being attacked already. One would think a vessel like this would be loaded with xenoforms,++ the Knight notes as he falls into line towards the front of the group.
  106. 10[20:01] * Omniel disembarks with weapon ready, on alert.
  107. [20:02] <Balmung> Falls in line with the other Marines
  108. [20:02] <Bellerophon> ++Captain.  To the end of the beginning.  We shall see you on the other side.  God-Emperor speed.++
  109. 10[20:02] * Bellerophon offers an Ultrabro salute
  110. [20:04] <Sinbad> ++Brothers, for now, there is nothing aside from the vileness of this place.  It beats irregularly.  To our front, there is some sort of valve.  It snaps shut and open with the xenos-muscle."
  111. [20:04] <Sinbad> ++
  112. [20:05] <Balmung> ++Why not cut it open brother?++
  113. [20:05] <Bellerophon> ++I believe the ship is alive.++
  114. [20:05] <Bellerophon> ++Any pain would betray our presence.++
  115. [20:05] <Sinbad> ++Cutting it may summon the..."immune system" should you understand, Brother."
  116. [20:06] <Sinbad> ++I dislike this.  Shall we press forwards?  Which way is "down?"++
  117. [20:06] <Bellerophon> ++The only way out is forward.  I shall take point.++
  118. [20:06] <Cadmus> "Agreed, this ship is one giant living thing, so that is a very accurate analogy.++
  119. [20:06] <Balmung> ++They will know we are here eventually it's only a matter of time before a patrol finds us.++
  120. [20:07] <Bellerophon> ++They will when the Captain and Decimus link with the Dark Sons.++
  121. [20:07] <Bellerophon> ++If the ship believes there is only one hostile presence, it will make our work easier.++
  122. [20:07] <Balmung> ++That is true++
  123. [20:08] <Bellerophon> ++For now, we move.++
  124. [20:08] <Anselm> ++Would you run from battle, Brother?++ Anselm asks, a hint of agitation appearing in his tone. ++I, for one, would not see the Watch Captain overburdened into his grave.++
  125. 10[20:08] * Cadmus nods and covers their rear as the team begins moving.
  126. 10[20:08] * Bellerophon continues forward, his head panning continuously, making sure to provide ample video for Justilla and the Captain
  127. 10[20:09] * Sinbad moves over to the closing and opening valve
  128. 10[20:09] * Sinbad times himself
  129. 10[20:09] * Sinbad jumps through, almost being caught on its close
  130. 10[20:10] * Bellerophon observes the...doorway
  131. [20:11] <Sinbad> ++Nothing of note on the other side.++
  132. 10[20:11] * Omniel frowns at the sight of it, finding the whole thing distasteful.
  133. 10[20:12] * Bellerophon rocks himself back and forth, preparing himself for the leap through
  134. [20:13] <Bellerophon> ++Wait.  Cadmus, you are clearly the intellectual among us.  Can you divine the pattern?++
  135. [20:16] <Cadmus> ++Unfortunatetly no. Maybe if i had more time to examine it.++
  136. 10[20:17] * Balmung snarls and readies his axe
  137. [20:17] <Balmung> ++Let me cut through it++
  138. [20:18] <Bellerophon> ++Patience, brother.++
  139. [20:18] <Bellerophon> ++Cadmus is an Apothecary with the Deathwatch.  There are no finer minds.  He will solve the puzzle.++
  140. 10[20:19] * Omniel clears his throat and waggles his servo-arm.
  141. [20:19] <Bellerophon> ++Brother?++
  142. [20:19] <Cadmus> ++Thank you for the compliment Bell.++
  143. [20:20] <Sinbad> ++Is very...uninteresting on this side.  Brother Apothecary, your medical knowledge would be appreciated.++
  144. 10[20:20] * Bellerophon nods
  145. [20:20] <Balmung> ++While we wait here staring at this asshole the Captain is fighting for his life and the lives of billions++
  146. [20:20] <Cadmus> ++I believe if we follow the largest vein-like structures on the wall we will move deeper into the ship.++
  147. [20:20] <antoine> These veins lead towards Sinbad
  148. 10[20:21] * Sinbad waves through the opening and closings of the valve
  149. [20:21] <Sinbad> ++He--lo.++
  150. [20:21] <Bellerophon> ++Then we are on the right path.++
  151. 01[20:22] <Omniel> ++The pattern is irregular. It appears we must take a risk either way.++
  152. 10[20:22] * Bellerophon captures Sinbad waving on pict, ensuring the memory lasts
  153. 10[20:22] * Bellerophon jumps through. hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
  154. [20:24] <antoine> Cadmus jumps through but mis-times it getting caught in the cords and is now stuck as his arm is trapped and being crushed. With the foreign object in them the cords can no longer properly open, keeping cadmus pinned.
  155. 10[20:24] * Cadmus leaps trough next and is caught by the valve, cringing in pain as it partially crushes his legs.
  156. 10[20:24] * Anselm peers in through the opening. ++Are you alright, Brother?++
  157. [20:25] <Cadmus> ++Emperor curse this xenos filth! Someone cut me out!++
  158. 10[20:25] * Balmung chuckles and swings his axe
  159. [20:25] <Sinbad> ++Wait, wait!  See if you can massage the muscl---!++
  160. 10[20:26] * Cadmus flexes his mucles and gets out on his own.
  161. [20:26] <Sinbad> ++Impressive, Brother Apothecary.++
  162. [20:27] <Sinbad> ++Well, that should be a lesson to us all.  When in doubt, use your might.++
  163. [20:27] <Cadmus> ++Dirty, vile xenos refuse.++ Cadmus curses as he patches up the damage the valve did to his arm.
  164. [20:27] <Anselm> Though uneased by the sight of the Dark Angel caught, Anselm steps up. ++I well attempt it next.++
  165. [20:28] <Sinbad> ++By his will, His Astartes will not be stopped by a...a...glorified automatic door!++
  166. [20:28] <Anselm> ++No, they will not, Brother.++
  167. 10[20:28] * Anselm leaps forward.
  168. 10[20:29] * Anselm lands on the other side.
  169. 10[20:29] * Omniel tucks his servo-arm down and makes a quick leap through after Anselm.
  170. [20:30] <Sinbad> ++Very nice, Brother Techmarine.  I underestimated the speed of your body.++
  171. [20:30] <Cadmus> ++Agreed, nicely done.++
  172. 10[20:31] * Balmung leaps through the door neatly
  173. [20:31] <Anselm> ++I do not wish to disappoint Captain Oerius. I say we should hurry. ++
  174. 01[20:31] <Omniel> ++My locomotive systems are anointed daily, to ensure proper function.++
  175. 10[20:31] * Sinbad shows his Battle-Brothers around the room
  176. [20:31] <Balmung> ++Can we please continue with our mission brothers?++
  177. [20:31] <Sinbad> ++I could not find any new entrance.  What is the plan?++
  178. [20:32] <Bellerophon> ++We are to follow the...veins on the walls.++
  179. 10[20:32] * Cadmus nods in comfirmation.
  180. [20:32] <Bellerophon> ++Onwards.++
  181. [20:32] <Sinbad> ++Wait, saw a tunnel.++
  182. 10[20:32] * Bellerophon reestablishes point, continues forward, constantly panning
  183. [20:32] <Sinbad> ++There, to the right!  I did not press to far forwards while I awaited you all.++
  184. 10[20:33] * Cadmus watches behind them for ambushes.
  185. 10[20:33] * Bellerophon sweeps his heavy bolter into the tunnel, making sure it's clear before proceeding into it
  186. 10[20:33] * Omniel tracks his weapon around the hallway, falling in with the others.
  187. [20:34] <antoine> As you continue onwards, follow the vein you come across a dizzy array of chambers, tunnels, ducts and chimneys going in all directions.
  188. [20:34] <antoine> following*
  189. [20:34] <Bellerophon> ++Hmm.++
  190. [20:34] <Sinbad> ++Definitely a bio-form.++
  191. 10[20:34] * Cadmus looks for the largest veins as they enter the room.
  192. 10[20:34] * Bellerophon tries to consult his cartograph for any information
  193. [20:34] <Anselm> ++A summary observation of the hull might have suggested such.++
  194. 10[20:35] * Sinbad runs his hand along the veins
  195. 10[20:36] * Omniel once again engages his Auger array, scanning for lifeforms.
  196. [20:37] <antoine> As you enter a larger chamber you see a set of huge columns, half transparent they each hold a mycetic spore destined for Rahas. The muscle surrounding them suddenly contracts and sends the spore out into space towards the planet and a new spore is slowly pushed into position via peristalsis.
  197. [20:38] <Cadmus> ++I think we've found the spore launcher.++
  198. [20:38] <Anselm> ++Yes, our destination, Brothers.++
  199. [20:38] <Sinbad> ++Convenient.++
  200. [20:38] <Cadmus> ++The spawning pools should be nearby as well.++
  201. [20:39] <Sinbad> ++Shall we lay waste to it now, or head to the spore pools?  It may lead the beast to send only small resistance to us at a time, should we handle in that fashion?++
  202. [20:39] <Balmung> ++Should we destroy these before moving on to the spawning pool?++
  203. 10[20:39] * Cadmus turns to the mission leader bell for his decision.
  204. [20:39] <Bellerophon> ++We will destroy these.  The tubes must lead to the spawning pools.++
  205. [20:39] <Anselm> ++With pleasure...++
  206. 01[20:39] <Omniel> ++Understood, Brother Leader.++
  207. 10[20:39] * Sinbad pulls his power sword
  208. [20:40] <Sinbad> ++Which first, and how?++
  209. [20:40] <Sinbad> ++Indescriminant, or with precision?++
  210. [20:40] <Bellerophon> ++The healing properties of a tyranid vessel are unknown to me.  Better we lay such waste that not even the strongest of bacteria could survive in the ruins.++
  211. [20:41] <antoine> there are five main columns in this room, large and bulbous where the spore is as the muscle is stretched to accommodated the size.
  212. 10[20:41] * Anselm stabs his power sword deep into the tube.
  213. [20:41] <Bellerophon> ++Brothers.  I have an idea.++
  214. [20:42] <Bellerophon> ++What if we were to seal those...hatches.++
  215. 10[20:42] * Anselm looks back. ++What, then?++
  216. [20:43] <Bellerophon> ++If we use our repair cement to glue them shut, there will be no place for them to go.++
  217. 10[20:43] * Sinbad looks at his toothpaste tube-sized ration of repair cement
  218. [20:43] <Sinbad> ++...I don't think I have enough.++
  219. 10[20:44] * Balmung chuckles ++They will probably burst also spilling spores all over the room++
  220. [20:44] <Balmung> ++Which could work in our favor if they explode++
  221. [20:44] <Bellerophon> ++Better here than on Rahas.++
  222. [20:44] <Cadmus> ++There are three main cords that wrap around the launcher and help maintain its shape, if we cut them the launcher will fire the spores off into space Brothers.++
  223. 01[20:45] <Omniel> ++A surgical approach seems prudent.++
  224. 10[20:46] * Sinbad walks over to the peristaltic launcher
  225. [20:46] <Bellerophon> ++I agree.++
  226. [20:46] <Sinbad> ++Say which, Brother Apothecary.++
  227. [20:46] <Bellerophon> ++Are we to use our grenades?++
  228. 10[20:46] * Sinbad raises his power sword
  229. 10[20:46] * Cadmus indicates teh cords.
  230. 10[20:46] * Anselm withdraws his blade from the tube. ++I personally think a simple cutting will do the work well enough.++
  231. 10[20:48] * Sinbad sighs
  232. [20:48] <Bellerophon> ++Brothers.  Trouble approaches.++
  233. [20:48] <Bellerophon> ++Cut the spore launchers.  I will destroy them as they approach.++
  234. 10[20:48] * Sinbad swipes his sword across the cord
  235. 10[20:48] * Anselm readies his flamer and power sword. "These creatures shall know flame and blade!"
  236. 10[20:49] * Omniel hefts his multi-melta, preparing to lay down some supporting fire.
  237. 03[20:49] * antoine changes topic to 'Sinbad, balmung, Anselm, Belle, Omniel, Cadmus, gribblies'
  238. [20:49] <Balmung> ++FINALLY! I get to kill something!
  239. 10[20:51] * Sinbad pulls his camo-cloak and draws his own multi-melta
  240. 03[20:55] * antoine changes topic to 'balmung, Sinbad, Anselm, Belle, Omniel, Cadmus, gribblies'
  241. 03[20:55] * antoine changes topic to 'balmung, Sinbad, Anselm, Belle, Cadmus, Omniel, gribblies'
  242. 10[20:58] * Balmung hefts his axe and swings hard at each of the cords
  243. [20:59] <antoine> Balmung's swings of his power axe slice through each of the think fibrous cords and the spore suddenly distends outwards and off to one side. A moment later the muscle contracts and send the spore off in a random direction into the depths of space.
  244. 10[21:01] * Sinbad moves to the right, and fires a single meltabeam, then recovers into his concealment
  245. [21:01] <Bellerophon> ++I will handle the north horde with Anselm.  Cadmus and Omniel you will engage the west horde.  Sinbad, Balmung, engage the east horde.++
  246. [21:01] <Cadmus> ++Understood team leader.++
  247. 01[21:03] <Omniel> ++Acknowledged.++
  248. [21:04] <antoine> The meltabeam punches a hole through the enemy ranks, vaporizing the melee warriors as the energy beam cuts through them and melts their chitinous bodies.
  249. 10[21:05] * Anselm charges the nearest pack of gaunts to close the gap.
  250. [21:08] <Anselm> ++Know death!++ he shouts under the roar of his jump pack, and swings as soon as he comes upon the xenos.
  251. [21:10] <antoine> Anselm cuts three down in quick succession, his upwards and downwards strokes cutting off limbs and heads of the bioforms.
  252. [21:11] <Bellerophon> ++Duck, brother!++
  253. 10[21:11] * Bellerophon brings his heavy bolter to bear and begins to decimate the horde
  254. 10[21:14] * Bellerophon sweeps his barrel across the horde, placing each round of metal storm ammunition in exactly the right spot to cause the most damage
  255. 10[21:15] * Cadmus sights on the gaunts approaching from the west and opens up on them, spitting hot death.
  256. [21:15] <antoine> The hurricane of fire sweeps through the horde doing horrendous damage to the lesser xenos.
  257. 10[21:19] * Omniel adds some extra-hot death to the death stew he and Cadmus are cooking up.
  258. [21:27] <antoine> Anselm, Balmung and Omniel are all rushed by the hormagaunts, the rain of razor sharp attack relentlessly pounding upon their armor. The occasional attack breaks through and scrapes the lone warriors.
  259. [21:28] <antoine> attacks*
  260. 10[21:35] * Balmung swings his axe in a flurry slaying a beast with each strike while howling through the external vox amp
  261. [21:35] <antoine> balmug fights back like an angry god, his power axe slicing through a tyranids head before he kicks it off and spins, loping off another gaunts legs before driving the weapon through it's skull. His constant motion is born of a barely controlled fury that sweeps aside every tyranid that challenges him.
  262. 10[21:37] * Sinbad lets loose another actinic meltabeam through the chitinous mass
  263. [21:38] <antoine> the sweep of the beam plows through, taking half of the remaining nids, barely more than 10 remain.
  264. 10[21:44] * Anselm launches a burst from his hand flamer upon the horde of gaunts. "Burn!"
  265. 10[21:44] * Anselm then swings into the mass with his blade.
  266. [21:47] <antoine> Anselm pushes forward, flame sweeping to his left and his cuts a swathe through those in front and to his right with his powersword, the blade sings and it cuts true.
  267. 10[21:48] * Bellerophon exterminates the rest of the horde with extreme Ultramarine Devastator prejudice. There were no survivors.
  268. 10[21:50] * Cadmus fires another burst into the gaunts assaulting Omniel
  269. 10[21:55] * Omniel drops into a guarded stance, his Servo-arm lashing out at the swarm in front of him.
  270. [21:57] <antoine> A tyranid warrior emerges behind each swarm, charging into melee.
  271. [22:03] <antoine> Anselm is struck by warrior, slicing through his armor with ease, while Balmung and omniel manages to hold off their warriors with ease
  272. [22:06] <Bellerophon> ++No fear, brothers!++
  273. [22:06] <Cadmus> ++I don't know the meaning of the word.++
  274. 01[22:07] <Omniel> ++Fear was not part of our training.++
  275. 10[22:10] * Anselm simply growls in rage over the vox.
  276. 10[22:15] * Sinbad twists about to the warrior on Balmung
  277. [22:16] <Sinbad> "Burn in hell, xenos-thing!"
  278. [22:18] <antoine> Sinbad's Meltabeam is narrowly dodged by the creature, the chitinous wall taking the brunt of the damage.
  279. [22:18] <Sinbad> "Damn!"
  280. 10[22:24] * Bellerophon flips his fire selector from genocide to execution, levels his magnificent weapon at the warrior Anselm just violated, and attempts to destroy it in a single moment
  281. [22:28] <antoine> The warrior doesn't stand a chance, the hurricane of bolt rounds tear it apart, ripping it limb from limb, organ from foul organ. The beast doesn't even have a chance to screech in terror or denial of its sudden demise.
  282. 10[22:28] * Bellerophon captures this moment for eternity on his pict-recorder
  283. 10[22:29] * Anselm has gained newfound respect for his Brother-Devastator.
  284. 10[22:29] * Cadmus follows Bell's orgy of death by opening up on his warrior as well
  285. [22:31] <antoine> Cadmus' follows Bellerophon's example cutting the warrior Omniel is holding off in a hail of bolt rounds, the last of which detonates in the beasts abdomen, spraying hot ichor over Omniel's helmet.
  286. [22:32] <antoine> cutting down*
  287. [22:32] <Cadmus> ++My apologies Omniel.++
  288. 01[22:34] <Omniel> ++Apologies are not necessary, Brother. The blood of our foes is suitable anointment for this blessed armour.++
  289. [22:36] <antoine> Omniel strikes out with his servo-arm, crushing several more of the beasts and popping their weak organic bodies between it's claws.
  290. [22:41] <antoine> Balmung is distracted by the smaller creatures and a single strike from the tyranid warrior breaks through to hit him in the chest.
  291. 14[22:44] * Sinbad ( has left #XenosHunters
  292. 10[22:46] * Anselm , with no warrior attacking him any longer, fires his jump pack and charges agaisnt the one assaulting his Space Wolf companion.
  293. [22:48] <antoine> Anselm makes a powerful strike to the warriors body, cutting deep into the creature and eliciting a roar in defiance from the xenos breed.
  294. 10[22:48] * Anselm screams at the Warrior: "Suffer the fate of your species!"
  295. 10[22:49] * Bellerophon eradicates his second warrior of the day in seconds
  296. 10[22:54] * Bellerophon records his skillful show of murder part 2
  297. 10[22:54] * Anselm steps up to one of the slain Warrior-beasts.
  298. [22:54] <antoine> The last warrior goes down hard and the Kill Team purges the remaining gaunts.
  299. 10[22:55] * Omniel slowly wipes the gore from his armour. ++Well done, Brothers.++
  300. [22:55] <Cadmus> ++Agreed. Now lets take care of these launchers.++
  301. [22:56] <Bellerophon> ++Verily.++
  302. [22:56] <Bellerophon> ++Are there any indications that there are more spore launchers on board?++
  303. [22:57] <Anselm> ++Logic.++
  304. [22:58] <Anselm> ++We are aboard a vessel that is several kilometers long. There will be more.++
  305. [22:58] <antoine> The ship shakes heavily and a random vox message comes through ++Dear god, she has swallowed The Steel Talisman whole!++
  306. 10[23:00] * Cadmus starts severing the launcher cords, his face grim at the news.
  307. 03[23:00] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58_driving
  308. [23:01] <Anselm> ++Interesting that it could consume something that large.++
  309. 10[23:02] * Anselm rips a talon off the Warrior's corpse, and turns its length over in his hand. ++Setting a ship's plasma drive to detonate on a timed charge would be a good way of killing this thing from the inside.++
  310. [23:03] <Balmung> ++And most likely everyone on board this vessel++
  311. 03[23:29] * Anselm is now known as Staffen
  312. 02[23:32] * Balmung (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  313. 03[23:33] * Cromwell (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  314. 03[23:33] * Cromwell is now known as Balmung
  315. Session Time: Sun Jun 26 00:00:00 2011
  316. 03[00:00] * Derek58_driving is now known as Cadmus
  317. 03[00:01] * Staffen is now known as Anselm
  318. 03[00:07] * Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  319. [00:08] <Sinbad> ++The...the damn thing swallowed an entire ship?  While we still assault within?!++
  320. 10[00:08] * Bellerophon gets images of the spore tubes now that they have been severed
  321. [00:09] <Anselm> ++It doesn't seem to know, or care, that we're here, Brother.++
  322. [00:09] <Cadmus> ++Those poor sailors.++ Cadmus says
  323. [00:09] <antoine> The peristalsis continues to bring fresh spores that are sent out into the void, the autonomic systems continuing mindless to the damage.
  324. 01[00:09] <Omniel> ++Then we shall avenge them, by completing our mission.++
  325. [00:09] <Balmung> ++At least they died with honor++
  326. 10[00:09] * Cadmus starts severing the launcher cords with his regular bolter.
  327. [00:10] <Balmung> ++I agree we should not make it so their deaths were in vain++
  328. [00:11] <Anselm> ++You're right.++ Anselm puts the talon under his belt. ++Let's not make their deaths in vain. In fact, let's take advantage of this instance...++
  329. [00:12] <Bellerophon> ++The macrobatteries would be capable of cutting through the ship.++
  330. [00:12] <Bellerophon> +Should it be intact, recovery might be possible.++
  331. 01[00:12] <Omniel> ++We would need to locate the ship, however.++
  332. [00:12] <Bellerophon> ++The salvation of an Imperial Navy destroyer and the destruction of the hive queen will bring us much honor.++
  333. [00:12] <Cadmus> ++Let's take care of this first Brothers.++ Cadmus says as he fires at the launchers.
  334. 10[00:12] * Anselm grumbles to himself.
  335. [00:13] <Bellerophon> ++Are they not destroyed?  Spores are being launched haphazardly into the void.++
  336. [00:13] <Balmung> ++Come brothers let us make our Primarchs proud!++
  337. 10[00:13] * Sinbad gives a cheer
  338. 10[00:14] * Bellerophon tries to raise...anybody on the voxlink
  339. [00:15] <Sinbad> ++Brother Omniel, it seems we will take the spawning pools next.++
  340. [00:15] <Sinbad> ++Could you quickly modify the multi-melta's machine spirits to microwave on wider band?++
  341. [00:15] <Cadmus> ++That would be good, less xenos between us and the queen.++
  342. [00:15] <Bellerophon> ++This is Battle-Brother Bellerophon, leading Kill-Team Beta of Deathwatch Watch Station Opherius.  Can anyone read me, over.++
  343. 01[00:15] <Omniel> ++Of course, Brother. It will take only a moment.++
  344. 10[00:21] * Bellerophon repeats himself again to no avail.
  345. 10[00:21] * Omniel finishes with the multi-melta, then patches into the vox channel, linking his own transmitter with Bellerephon's in an attempt to boost the signal.
  346. [00:21] <Bellerophon> ++The signal requires boosting.++
  347. 01[00:22] <Omniel> ++Try again now, Brother Leader.++
  348. [00:22] <Bellerophon> ++This is Battle-Brother Bellerophon, leading Kill-Team Beta of Deathwatch Watch Station Opherius.  Can anyone read me, over.++
  349. [00:23] <antoine> ++This is Captain Manuel Lyons of the Steel Talisman, by the God Emperor it is good to hear your voice.++
  350. [00:24] <Sinbad> ++They yet live?!++
  351. 10[00:24] * Sinbad makes the sign of the Aquilia
  352. [00:24] <Bellerophon> ++Captain Lyons, di-..was your ship not consumed by the hive queen?++
  353. [00:26] <antoine> ++*in the background, "They've breached deck 82 through 97 sir"* I am afraid we were dragged in by one of their escort ships, we stuck inside, most systems are non-operational.++
  354. [00:27] <Sinbad> ++Damn it!  We should go save them, before the foul xenos pierce their hull and devour the souls inside!++
  355. [00:27] <Bellerophon> ++Where in the tyranid xenoform are you and your ship?++
  356. [00:27] <Cadmus> ++I agree. Let's quicky take out the spawning pools, then go help them.++
  357. [00:28] <Anselm> ++Yes, help them...++
  358. 10[00:29] * Omniel moves to the other end of the chamber, hoping to triangulate their position through the vox signal.
  359. [00:29] <Balmung> ++We must make haste then if we are to rescue the crew++
  360. [00:29] <Cadmus> ++Your orders, Team Captain?++
  361. 10[00:30] * Omniel looks up at the ceiling. ++Brother Leader, if I may interject. I've traced their signal to roughly 1.6 kilometers above us.++
  362. [00:30] <Bellerophon> ++We destroy the spawning pool, then to the Steel Talisman.  We will join with Captain Lyons and his crew, and create a new plan.++
  363. [00:31] <Bellerophon> ++Captain Lyons, before your ship was struck, did your auspexes detect any activity from the spore tubes?++
  364. [00:32] <Bellerophon> ++Come, brothers.  We must destroy the spawning pools before the Talisman is overrun.++
  365. [00:32] <antoine> ++*Crash* Their spore defenses are still online, the dark sons are fighting their way there or have perished on the way. The atmospheric ones were firing off into space for some reason, I presume boarding actions.++
  366. 10[00:33] * Cadmus nods and looks for a large vein leading out of the room.
  367. [00:34] <Bellerophon> ++That was us.  It seems this was their primary, perhaps only, spore launcher.++
  368. [00:35] <Bellerophon> ++We have brought respite to Rahas, at least temporarily.  Brothers Cadmus, Omniel, have you any insight on the best way to reach the Talisman or the spawning pools?++
  369. [00:36] <Cadmus> ++I see an artery leading into a tunnel to the east, Brother Leader.++
  370. [00:37] <Bellerophon> ++Arteries lead away from the heart...following it in reverse would lead us to the source of its foul power.++
  371. [00:38] <Bellerophon> ++We will go.  Reload, Marines.  There will be more.++
  372. 10[00:38] * Sinbad draws his bolter in one hand, power sword in the other
  373. 01[00:38] <Omniel> ++Understood, moving out.++
  374. [00:38] <Sinbad> ++HA!  For his Grace.++
  375. 10[00:38] * Bellerophon takes point and leads his marines onwards
  376. 10[00:38] * Cadmus nods and moves to cover behind the group again.
  377. 10[00:38] * Anselm puts away his hand flamer, and draws his second sword, then follows along.
  378. [00:39] <Balmung> ++I would like to get out of this retched place sooner than later++
  379. [00:44] <antoine> You follow the pulsating artery towards its source, it winds upwards towards the core of the ship, early on you pass by some transparent blisters that you can view the battle from. The struggle continues as the imperial battle lines try to hold against the still more powerful hive ship. You also pass by more 'valves' before coming up to a massive cavernous chamber. Part hatchery, part...
  380. [00:44] <antoine> ...spawning pool, the place reeks of the tyranids who sleep in their oversized sac-like eggs.
  381. 10[00:45] * Anselm puts one sword away and takes out a grenade. ++Now, this, I feel, is a proper use of grenades.++
  382. 10[00:45] * Cadmus looks for any guards or such.
  383. 10[00:45] * Sinbad shoulders the modified multi-melta
  384. [00:46] <Sinbad> ++By your go, Brothers. I can begin to fry these disgusting eggs.++
  385. [00:46] <Bellerophon> ++Hold a moment.++
  386. [00:46] <antoine> There are no guards, other than some other large creatures that also sleep.
  387. [00:46] <Bellerophon> ++We must strike in such a way to cripple it.++
  388. [00:47] <Balmung> ++What if we were to destroy the large window back there?++
  389. [00:47] <Bellerophon> ++Venting the room into the void might work.++
  390. 01[00:47] <Omniel> ++We must take care not to vent ourselves as well.++
  391. [00:47] <Sinbad> ++It might also take us with it...++
  392. [00:47] <Balmung> ++That is true, it was meerly a suggestion++
  393. [00:48] <Bellerophon> ++Brother Cadmus, Omniel, have you any suggestions for the complete and utter destruction of this monstrosity?++
  394. 10[00:51] * Sinbad gently pokes an egg with the toe of his bot
  395. [00:51] <Sinbad> *boot
  396. [00:51] <Sinbad> ++Disgusting things.  Anything, Brother Apothecary?++
  397. [00:51] <Cadmus> ++The pools are probably vulnerable to my toxin, Brothers.++
  398. 01[00:52] <Omniel> ++I must defer to Cadmus on this matter, as it regrettably falls outside my expertise.++
  399. [00:53] <Bellerophon> ++What about promethium?++
  400. [00:53] <antoine> There are at least 500 eggs here and two large snake-like creatures sleeping here.
  401. [00:53] <Bellerophon> ++If the other brothers vented their flamer tanks into this...mixture, perhaps we could send the entire thing up in flames.++
  402. [00:54] <Balmung> ++it might be wise to kill the beasts while they sleep++
  403. [00:54] <Bellerophon> ++Hmm.  Omniel, would it be possible to use our flamers to dispense the toxin as well as fire?++
  404. [00:54] <Bellerophon> ++That which does not die from the fire will from the poison.++
  405. [00:55] <Cadmus> ++The flame would render the toxin useless.++
  406. 01[00:55] <Omniel> ++Agreed. The toxin would likely not be effective in such a way.++
  407. [00:55] <Bellerophon> ++I agree about the guards.  Brothers Balmung, Anselm.  You are the most skilled with a blade.  Kill them.  Quietly.++
  408. 10[00:55] * Sinbad readies his multi-melta
  409. [00:55] <Balmung> ++With pleasure++
  410. [00:56] <Sinbad> ++I will boil these filthy things upon your successes, Brothers.  Throne be with you.++
  411. [00:56] <Cadmus> ++Bell, you and i should cover the creatures with our Brothers do their work.++
  412. [00:56] <Cadmus> *with our heavy weapons whilw our
  413. [00:57] <Bellerophon> +I agree.++
  414. [00:57] <Bellerophon> ++How long will the toxin take to affect the ship?++
  415. [01:00] <Cadmus> ++Around an hour, Brother Leader.++
  416. 10[01:01] * Cadmus has the creature Balmung's going for covered with his weapon.
  417. 10[01:01] * Bellerophon gets into position to cover Anselm
  418. 10[01:03] * Anselm steps up to one of the guardians, and draws his swords.
  419. 10[01:04] * Omniel levels his multi-melta, preparing for the worst.
  420. [01:09] <antoine> Balmung raises his power axe and then brings it down, neatly severing the creatures head, before the body slumps over you have a perfect view of it's neck's internal structure. Anselm also sheers off the second beasts head, it flops down, splashing into the viscous bile that you stand in. Sudden movement erupts in the nearby eggs.
  421. [01:09] <Sinbad> ++Brother Leader!  Permission to start the cooking process!++
  422. 10[01:09] * Balmung drags the corpse to Bell showing it to him
  423. [01:09] <Bellerophon> ++Given.  Kill them all.++
  424. [01:10] <Balmung> ++Here's something to tape++
  425. 10[01:11] * Balmung straps the beasts skull to the back of his jump pack
  426. 10[01:11] * Sinbad begins to let loose the meltabeam into the water, hoping it will boil and cook the xenos in their own lifejuice
  427. 10[01:12] * Cadmus starts putting botl pistol shots into the various eggs in the room.
  428. 10[01:12] * Omniel unleashes the full fury of his multi-melta into the eggs as well.
  429. 10[01:13] * Sinbad sighs, not seeing any change to his melta beam, and just runs it about the room to egg clusters
  430. 10[01:13] * Bellerophon records for posterity
  431. 10[01:15] * Cadmus pours his toxin into the center of the pool once everyone is finished firing.
  432. [01:15] <antoine> The eggs closest to the melta quickly melt down, the occupants destroyed but as the heat radiates outwards and dissipates many more trash inside their eggs even more rapidly, breaking through their eggs with heads filled with inhuman eyes.
  433. [01:15] <antoine> thrash*
  434. 10[01:15] * Sinbad runs the melta over them as they birth, or burst forth
  435. [01:15] <Sinbad> ++Yes, yes, welcome to life.  Bye, now.++
  436. [01:16] <antoine> This only exacerbates the problem as even more of the pool is given latent heat to give birth to more. exponentially increasing the birth rate.
  437. 01[01:16] <Omniel> ++Perhaps grenades would prove more effective.++
  438. [01:16] <Cadmus> ++Ceace firing Sinbad!++
  439. 10[01:16] * Sinbad holds back, and switches to his bolter
  440. [01:17] <Sinbad> ++Curses!++
  441. 10[01:17] * Sinbad fires a burst into some egg clusters
  442. 10[01:17] * Cadmus focuses on the active ones.
  443. [01:17] <antoine> As the screeches reach your ears of the dying young a shape emerges from the other side of the pool, a floating creature with a bulbous head and a snake like tail followed by 6 genestealers emerging beside it.
  444. [01:17] <Bellerophon> ++Frag grenades, brothers.++
  445. [01:17] <Bellerophon> ++Curses!  Brothers!++
  446. [01:17] <Sinbad> ++Genestealers!++
  447. 10[01:17] * Balmung pulls out a grenade
  448. 10[01:18] * Cadmus whips out his heavy bolter.
  449. 03[01:20] * antoine changes topic to ' sinbad, cadmus, balmun, anselm, belle, omniel, big and small gribblies'
  450. [01:21] <Bellerophon> ++Balmung, Anselm, delay your attacks.  The genestealers must cross the kill zone we have established.  Omniel, Sinbad, take the genestealers.  Cadmus, focus fire on the bulbous one.  I will do the same.++
  451. 01[01:21] <Omniel> ++Acknowledged.++
  452. [01:21] <Cadmus> ++Understoon.++
  453. [01:21] <antoine> as they rise lots of tiny creatures burst forth from their eggs, the resultant mass of movement is a carpet of mass below the bile lake.
  454. 10[01:22] * Sinbad lowers his bolter and aims for a genestealer
  455. [01:22] <Sinbad> "We meet again, filth-spawn!++
  456. 01[01:23] <Omniel> ++Sinbad, you know these Xenos?++
  457. [01:24] <Sinbad> ++Their cousins.  They nearly devoured us, remember?++
  458. [01:25] <Bellerophon> ++I was on the brink of death.++
  459. [01:25] <Anselm> ++Balmung... these are the disgusting creatures that killed our Battle-Brothers,++ Anselm warns.
  460. [01:25] <Sinbad> ++Right, my apologies.++
  461. 01[01:26] <Omniel> ++Ah, I see the resemblance now.++
  462. [01:26] <Balmung> ++I am not blind brother++
  463. 10[01:26] * Sinbad unloads a burst at one of the genestealers
  464. [01:28] <antoine> Sinbad sprays wildly but the shot that does hit buries itself in the genestealer before ventilating it's torso.
  465. [01:35] <antoine> Cadmus rounds fly through the air and look like they will all hit home before they stop less than a meter from the beasts face, hovering mid air before dropping to the lake below.
  466. [01:36] <Sinbad> ++What...what sorcery is this?!  It stopped all those bolts!++
  467. 10[01:36] * Sinbad yells in incredulous anger
  468. [01:36] <Cadmus> "You dirty Emperordamned xenos." Cadmus growls.
  469. [01:40] <antoine> The beast's beady little eyes focus on you, its rows of razor sharp teeth grind in anticipation.
  470. 10[01:40] * Cadmus throws a rude gesture back at it.
  471. [01:45] <antoine> Balmung sends two quick balls of plasma at the creature, by-passing its defenses and burning great chucks of its chitinous hide.
  472. 10[01:54] * Bellerophon turns his heavy bolter onto its floatyness, and then destroys it.
  473. [01:58] <antoine> The rounds slam into the field, again and again as the rate of fire sends the weapon buckling in Bellerophon's hands before the field suddenly flashes in the darkness and with a thunderclap it ceases to function.
  474. 10[01:58] * Sinbad points his sword in mockery at it
  475. [01:59] <Sinbad> "I hear your warp-magicks broken, xenos!"
  476. 01[01:59] <Omniel> ++Brother Leader, I believe its protection has been shattered.++
  477. [01:59] <Cadmus> ++I can hear it begging for death.++
  478. [02:00] <Sinbad> ++...You're an empath psyker, Brother?++
  479. [02:00] <Bellerophon> ++KILL IT!  4KILL IT!++
  480. [02:00] <Cadmus> ++...I'm joking Sinbad.++
  481. [02:00] <Sinbad> ++I'm glad.++
  482. 01[02:01] <Omniel> ++I'll take that as an order, Brother Leader.++
  483. 10[02:06] * Omniel switches his aim, focusing the center of his multi-melta's fury on the Zoanthrope in hope of putting it out of its misery.
  484. [02:06] <antoine> Omniel's multimelta flashes in the darkness, the massive beasts head collapses under its own weight and splashes into the bilious liquid below. A pressure building in the back of your mind eases and 3 more genestealers are also caught in the blast falling the the deck as they hide sloughs off their agile frames,.
  485. [02:07] <Sinbad> ++Brillant, Brother Techmarine!++
  486. 01[02:07] <Omniel> ++Praise the Emperor!++
  487. [02:07] <Cadmus> ++The Lion would be proud.++
  488. [02:08] <Balmung> ++Brothers there are still more beasts to be slain save your celebration for our return to base++
  489. [02:09] <antoine> The lone genestealer dives under the bile, between you and the dead genestealers there must be a depression it can run into.
  490. 01[02:09] <Omniel> ++There are always more beasts to be slain, unfortunately.++
  491. [02:09] <antoine> The swarm of little creatures begin attacking each other under the bild, a horrible scene of xenos flesh being torn apart in a ravenous fashion.
  492. [02:10] <antoine> bile*
  493. [02:16] <antoine> Sinbad chases the genestealer with his bolter rounds, clipping the beast and bringing it down. As it floats to the surface the toxin takes full affect, one by one each little creature's head starts expanding, slowly but surely to relatively gigantic proportions before exploding throwing ichor and xenos brain matter everywhere. This happens all around you, the pops in quick succession as the...
  494. [02:16] <antoine> ...last of the xenos life expires after mere moments of existance.
  495. [02:16] <Sinbad> ++Brother Apothecary...your toxins are suitably horrific to die from.  I am overjoyed at the xenos' suffering.++
  496. [02:16] <Sinbad> ++At least...what I hope is suffering.++
  497. [02:17] <Cadmus> ++Thank you Brother.++
  498. 10[02:17] * Anselm sheaths his swords, and steps forwad. ++Nicely-done, Brother-Apothecary.++
  499. 01[02:17] <Omniel> ++Excellent work.++
  500. [02:19] <Balmung> ++There shall be a round of Fersian mead for all of you when we return to base++
  501. 01[02:22] <Omniel> ++Your offer is appreciated. I shall make the necessary alterations to my subsystems beforehand.++
  502. 03[02:22] * Sinbad is now known as Slashdun
  503. 03[02:23] * Slashdun is now known as Mir
  504. 03[02:24] * Anselm is now known as Staffen
  505. 03[02:26] * Omniel is now known as Scoops
  506. 03[02:27] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58
  507. 02[02:27] * Balmung (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Quit: Balmung)
  508. 02[02:28] * Mir ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
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