[PlayboyPlus] Linda - So Fresh (2016)

reliz-boy Aug 21st, 2016 88 Never
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  1. Ukrainian beauty Linda is as fresh as it gets in this set from photographers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev. Linda’s just the sort of girl you’d love to share a picnic lunch with—young, beautiful and all natural, down to earth and sweet, she’s more than welcome here on Playboy Plus. Petite and all natural, with blonde hair and warm brown eyes, Linda’s the girl next door—if you happen to live in Kiev, that is. “The day I shot this video, I turned 20 years old,” says Linda. “It was a very big day for me! Shooting for Playboy Plus was the best birthday present! This is my dream!” Give a warm welcome to new model Linda, only on Playboy Plus.
  3. Linda - So Fresh (2016) [] - HD 720p
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