Computer virus today

Jun 17th, 2016
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  1. the fact that nowadays becoming infected with the virus are exposed not only traditional computers, but also tablets, smartphones, cameras, watches, and even ... irons (more on this later), he knows practically everyone who met with the concept of "Internet of Things ". However, not everyone is aware of the fact that all these devices can be infected with malware even before leaving the production line. The problem relates primarily to the cheaper Chinese gadgets that are increasingly willing to buy at online auctions
  3. Smartphone with a twist
  5. STAR N9500 is a great smartphone with Android. Good processor, low price ($ 100-150) and attractive appearance made for the purchase of this device decided to thousands of customers. In addition to numerous advantages, this smartphone has an additional surprise - has installed a Trojan.
  7. A problem associated with the Chinese smartphone for the first time informed specialists from the company G DATA Software, who decided to take a closer look at the device. The result of their analysis was frightening. They found that the smartphone has been infected with a virus factory Android.Trojan.Uupay.D. The main task of this Trojan was stealing and uploading to servers controlled by hackers private data, such as the content of the talks, login credentials, as well as photos taken with the camera.
  9. How STAR N9500 has been infected with a virus? There are many hypotheses. One of them says that the company knowingly infecting Star one of their smartphones.
  13. It's not over yet
  15. In recent weeks, the internet circulated information about problems with Chinese scanners and terminals used by courier companies around the world. According to a report by TrapX these devices have been infected by a Trojan Zombie Zero, which automatically send data to servers located at the (note) jednejz Chinese schools!
  17. Experts say that in this case the theft of logistics data, is not the only problem we have to deal with the company benefiting from the unlucky devices.
  19. Malicious "worm" had the opportunity to study a network of companies with the infected device, which in turn gives the attacker access to further information.
  21. China is not the only country which in recent years has met with accusations of stuffed electronic devices malicious software.
  23. A few months ago one of the television stations reported that under the cover of one of irons sold in Russia found a spy chip that allowed malware to infect computers connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, as well as spamming.
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