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  1. [2019-05-17 22:45] Altamira: So you want transformation. You're into the idea of Altamira's Hermaphrodite project?
  2. [2019-05-17 22:45] Alisme: Sure. It's mundane, but I'll take it!
  3. [2019-05-17 22:46] Altamira: How is it mundane?
  4. [2019-05-17 22:46] Alisme: It's just dick growth! I've done so much more with body alteration, a chick with a dick seems like the norm to me now. :P
  5. [2019-05-17 22:47] Altamira: Listing all the sexy transformations in the profile would scare too many people away.
  6. [2019-05-17 22:47] Altamira: Just like why I don't list scat on my profile.
  7. [2019-05-17 22:47] Alisme: Oh, you're into that?
  8. [2019-05-17 22:47] Altamira: And many other things that aren't listed.
  9. [2019-05-17 22:48] Altamira: People tend to think if it's listed, it's required. So they stay away from the ones they don't like.
  10. [2019-05-17 22:48] Altamira: And browse past you.
  11. [2019-05-17 22:48] Alisme: That also leads to people being led on.
  12. [2019-05-17 22:49] Alisme: If discovering you're into scat would've made me shy away, a whole two weeks of on and off talking would've gone to waste!
  13. [2019-05-17 22:49] Altamira: Not listing something on a profile does not equate to ambushing someone with a surprise fetish.
  14. [2019-05-17 22:50] Altamira: I'm not leading anyone on.
  15. [2019-05-17 22:50] Alisme: You're also sacrificing part of your own pleasure, unless you're fine with getting only what is listed.
  16. [2019-05-17 22:51] Altamira: If it isn't listed, people ask. My NO's are clearly stated.
  17. [2019-05-17 22:51] Altamira: A profile is an advertisement. You don't put poop all over your advertisement just to collect a niche group.
  18. [2019-05-17 22:52] Alisme: What if you want partners tailored to your tastes?
  19. [2019-05-17 22:52] Alisme: Your goal isn't to generate views, it's to have fun. Right?
  20. [2019-05-17 22:53] Altamira: Ok. If you really want to get into it.
  21. [2019-05-17 22:54] Altamira: It's a numbers game. You need a lot of hits before you get a bite. And you need a lot of bites to get one you like, one that is compatible. I'm looking to cast a wide net. I don't want to scare away people with what are generally considered STANDARD No's.
  22. [2019-05-17 22:55] Alisme: So you are willing to sift through the masses.
  23. [2019-05-17 22:55] Altamira: People are very picky.
  24. [2019-05-17 22:55] Altamira: I'm eve pickier.
  25. [2019-05-17 22:55] Altamira: I need a large net.
  26. [2019-05-17 22:55] Alisme: Sure, to each their own!
  27. [2019-05-17 22:57] Altamira: I could post something that is more specific to my taste
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