Absurd Silliness In Space

Oct 2nd, 2012
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  1. [02:44:17] * Jazz heads back to Fran! "Hey, Fran! Do you know of any...ancient language experts on board?"
  2. [02:45:58] <~Giantree> Everyone in the Leenzone, move in here~
  3. [02:46:26] * Jazz places the hunk of Pod on Fran's desk.
  4. [02:46:50] <~Giantree> Gamma sees the room change into a spacious one filled with circle-shaped tables surrounded by also-circular chairs. But much to his dismay, or maybe even not, there are two other people there in addition to the redhead behind the desk.
  5. [02:47:08] <Leen> Leen, the little robogirl, is anxious! WHAT'S IT SAY, WHAT'S IT SAY, that's what's on her mind!
  6. [02:47:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Where is the vending machine?" Gamma looms.
  7. [02:48:11] <~Giantree> She, who has expanding-and-contracting data-rings in her eyes, staaaaaaares at it. "4Okay, let's see! Analyzing analyzing analyzing.... ooh, there's someone with that designation here! Commencing seaaaaaaaarch..."
  8. [02:49:12] <~Giantree> She SLAMS her hand down on a holoscreen, cackling, and spins around on her chair behind the desk before pausing and blinking. "4Oh, vending machines? Vending machines.... I think the Excel has those... do you need me to bring up a map, mysterious stranger? I, Françoise, am an ally of all those in need!"
  9. [02:50:04] <Leen> A-ah! Scary scary! ...Just kidding. She's not scared at all. Bodyguards don't get scared, and there's justice right over there. There's no reason to be scared, or even remotely feeling any different. In any case, more waiting--even more waiting! B-but she can wait though!
  10. [02:51:03] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Excellent! You are a helpful and straight-thinking receptionist and an ally of Order!"
  11. [02:51:08] <~Giantree> "4... Okay, there! We have a linguist, Mr. Jazz... you know how to get to the bridge? Do I need to map that one too? I have lots of maps... more maps than I can count... maps maps maps..."
  12. [02:51:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I was told to go and speak with an android."
  13. [02:51:42] <~Giantree> "4Oh, I'm an android!" Her hand raises in glee.
  14. [02:51:48] <~Giantree> "4... Oh."
  15. [02:51:53] <Jazz> "Er...All three of us are androids."
  16. [02:52:06] <~Giantree> (AAAAAAWKWAAAAAAARD)
  17. [02:52:20] <Leen> "Hi!"
  18. [02:52:27] <~Giantree> "4... Oh, are you? ... That's right, isn't it? ... Huh."
  19. [02:52:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will avoid being rude. A protein brick from each of you, please."
  20. [02:52:48] <~Giantree> "4A protwhat?"
  21. [02:52:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I do not wish to leave someone out from performing their function."
  22. [02:52:56] * Jazz scratches the back of his head. "Protein...brick?"
  23. [02:53:03] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "A protein brick. It is both grey and nutritious."
  24. [02:53:58] <Leen> "Protein...brick...who...would eat a brick? A...grey brick? Is it...just protein?" She's confused, but seems to have a vague idea of what protein is. That's good, right?
  25. [02:54:12] <~Giantree> "4Things that are grey.... memorydatabankssearching.... Things that are nutritious... searchingsearchingsearching."
  26. [02:54:15] <~Giantree> Her data-rings spin around.
  27. [02:54:18] <Leen> "Whatever it is it probably tastes like...a..."
  28. [02:54:40] <Leen> "......huh, I don't remember having eaten anything. Yet at the same time I don't think I have to, so..."
  29. [02:55:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Taste is not required. It distracts one and prompts gluttony." He fidgets, remembering the feast.
  30. [02:55:21] <~Giantree> "4Nope! Nothing of the sort existing on this ship. I can start searching planets... ohrightthelinguist."
  31. [02:55:34] <Jazz> "Well, none of us have any 'Protein Bricks', okay, guy?"
  32. [02:56:08] * Jazz has to look up quite a lot to look Gamma in the face.
  33. [02:56:35] <Leen> "It's only gluttony if you eat too much! Just enough isn't too much, it's in between just enough and 'your belly hurts'. At least that's what my databanks say. For some reason. ...And distractions are OK, aren't they?"
  34. [02:56:40] <~Giantree> "4Apologies, mysterious stranger! Now..." Her data-rings expand/contract as she picks the hunk of pod up, staring. "4I totally can't read a word of this. Are these words? Is this a language? Hmm..."
  35. [02:56:47] <~Giantree> "4OH, right, that's not my job!"
  36. [02:56:53] <~Giantree> "4Silly me, I forgot."
  37. [02:57:56] <~Giantree> She coughs. A mock-cough, because androids can't real-cough. That'd be silly! "4So you want this translated, right, Mr. Jazz?"
  38. [02:58:33] <Jazz> "Yeah, I think it'd help Leen out..."
  39. [02:58:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What? You're all empty?"
  40. [02:58:43] <Leen> "...My databanks tell me that you're filling in a lot of conditions for 'being cute', so I'll just say you're cute! Good work!" She gives Franny a thumbs up.
  41. [02:58:56] <~Giantree> :D "4Thanks!"
  42. [02:59:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will find the nearest authority and ensure you are all refilled, worry not." Gamma pats Leen on the head, because she's short.
  43. [02:59:36] <Leen> And returns her attention to the strange tall guy. HUEG. "Empty? I might have been empty before but I'm all full now I think."
  44. [02:59:41] * Jazz lets the two Girl Androids talk, and turns to Gamma. "Hey, we're not 'Empty'! And to be honest, I don't think any of us know what you're talking about."
  45. [02:59:51] <Leen> ...She totally appreciates the headpattings, though.
  46. [02:59:59] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Pat pat pat ruffleruffle.
  47. [03:00:00] <~Giantree> "4Mhm... yeah, my energy supplies're full too... oh, they're going down a little? Weird..."
  48. [03:00:37] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Pardon, is this an interruption? Please, allow me to help, what can I do?" Gamma feels just terrible for these vending machines.
  49. [03:01:09] <~Giantree> "4Okay Lean, Mr. Jazz... If you want directions to the bridge, they're on this map. But be polite, okay? There're busy people in there! ... That's how I'm supposed to say it."
  50. [03:01:29] <~Giantree> Françoise indeed pulls out a holomap and hands it to either-or between Leen and Jazz.
  51. [03:02:13] <Leen> Jazz has been on this ship longer, so he gets the map! Or at least, Leen doesn't get the map.
  52. [03:03:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh, by the by. What is cute?" This is asked of Leen
  53. [03:03:44] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *by the way
  54. [03:03:59] <~Giantree> (I like by the by more)
  55. [03:06:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *by the by
  56. [03:06:39] <~Giantree> The map instructs to head behind one of the two doors to either side of Françoise's desk...
  57. [03:06:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (fine :P)
  58. [03:06:45] <~Giantree> ...
  59. [03:06:47] <Leen> "Cute is...huh, it just registers as 'cute' for me...going through the dictionary files says 'attractive in a pretty or endearing way', and I'm sure that doesn't grasp everything...but it should be enough for now, right?"
  60. [03:06:54] <~Giantree> Wait a second, that's it. The bridge is RIGHT THERE.
  61. [03:07:32] <Jazz> "...We AREN'T Vending machines!"
  62. [03:07:58] <~Giantree> Franny's still enjoying this. "4I vend knowledge~"
  63. [03:08:02] <Jazz> "We're Androids! Synthetic life-forms! Not snack dispensers!"
  64. [03:09:05] <Leen> "There's also some other definition of cute but I don't get the words and--oooooooooooooooh--h-hold on! I've got this. Fran--yeah, she vends knowledge, Jazz vends justice, and I...I...hmmmm..."
  65. [03:09:44] <Leen> "...Do I vend cuteness? But Fran does that too...vending bodyguard services just sounds weird...hmmm..."
  66. [03:10:11] <Leen> "E-either way, we don't vend what you seek, and we have much more functions!"
  67. [03:10:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Attractive in a pretty or endearing way? So, like a fine memorial arch?"
  68. [03:11:29] <Jazz> "N-No! Arches aren't pretty or endearing!"
  69. [03:11:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I think you are all endearing. Therefore, you are all cute."
  70. [03:11:49] <~Giantree> "4Oh! But I'm not an arch, mysterious stranger..."
  71. [03:12:01] <~Giantree> She looks up in contemplation. "4... Am I an arch?"
  72. [03:12:07] <Leen> "See, it doesn't grasp the entire definition! The dictionary doesn't get it at all--but we are--oh right, what's your name, anyway?"
  73. [03:12:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma crosses his arms across his chest, nodding in satisfaction, "Things can be cute besides arches, redheaded helpful receptionist."
  74. [03:12:13] <~Giantree> "4Was I an arch my whole existence, and never a Françoise?"
  75. [03:12:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, your structure might possess arches, but I suspect you are more than an arch."
  76. [03:12:33] <~Giantree> "4Oh okay! Because I didn't think I was an arch. That's good to know!"
  77. [03:12:37] <~Giantree> "4..."
  78. [03:12:43] <~Giantree> "4By the way, who are you anyway?"
  79. [03:12:44] <Leen> "And you're not an arch, Fran. You're definitely a Françoise." Nod nod.
  80. [03:13:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Personal Designation: Gamma Vert Septem-Septem." He sounds as if he has said this several times today, "Although I am coming to believe you really do mean something different."
  81. [03:13:28] <Jazz> "That's...a weird name. Is that like, your serial number?"
  82. [03:13:33] <Leen> "Soooo...Gamma, then?"
  83. [03:13:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Correct! For the first time today!"
  84. [03:14:05] <~Giantree> "4Nope, that's actually what I meant! Registering... okay, it's in my databanks now! Nice to meet you, Gamma Vert Septem-Septem, I'm F-2436! But 'Françoise' sounds nicer."
  85. [03:14:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "GAMMA-type, Vert unit, number seven of unit seven."
  86. [03:14:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *squad
  87. [03:14:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "If my opinion was asked, I would say that you are charming either way."
  88. [03:15:20] <Jazz> "Yeah, we've all got serial numbers and stuff, but those aren't names. Like, i'm 'Wright Robotics PAR-01", but my name's Jazz."
  89. [03:15:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "However, I am somewhat unsure of what to do next. I have visited androids, and they are very pleasant, and apparently I am now a Barbarian, so I will dwell here, if that is alright."
  90. [03:16:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah. Names are for real people. We do not get them."
  91. [03:16:10] <Leen> "Oh, I guess since we're all robots--even though you don't seem like a robot at all but the number makes me think you're more like one from my limited experience--then I'm VMU 737, but that's all stuffy and calling me that would be weird, I like Leen more!"
  92. [03:16:43] <~Giantree> "4Searching... 'Barbarians'... organism native to underdeveloped planets in the listed sectors.... Oh, I see! So you're from a UP3 violation, Gamma Vert Septem-Septem?"
  93. [03:17:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Should I find a shortened personal designation that does not match the full one? I will need to ponder it."
  94. [03:17:13] <Leen> "And...huh what? Not a real person? UP3 violation?"
  95. [03:17:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Er, a what violation, F-2436?"
  96. [03:17:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "My apologies, Francoise."
  97. [03:17:35] <Jazz> "That's the thing to protect unexplored planets, right...?"
  98. [03:17:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Our world is not unexplored." :|
  99. [03:17:58] <~Giantree> "4Yeah! Like, somebody who came from an underdeveloped planet even though they weren't supposed to know about space yet. It's all here in the data I was given..."
  100. [03:18:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We have space travel." :|
  101. [03:18:26] <~Giantree> "4Oh, then I guess you're not!"
  102. [03:18:32] <~Giantree> Françoise smiles innocently.
  103. [03:19:05] <Jazz> "Anyway, yeah! What do you mean by 'real people'? You seem real to me. Even robots get names, most of the time..."
  104. [03:19:29] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Actually, that phrase was mentioned in my hearing. I may have inadvertently committed such a violation when my evacuation pod crashed. Although I was unaware, your customs mandate voluntary self-termination, correct? Do you have stations for such?"
  105. [03:19:51] <~Giantree> "4Oh um, we have an airlock..."
  106. [03:20:08] <Jazz> "W-What?"
  107. [03:20:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah. Am I supposed to use it if I commit a UP3 violation? I will require directions."
  108. [03:20:54] <Leen> "Huh. ...Either way, if you're not a real person, then..." ... "...You're a real robot? You have to be a real something--n-no suicide! I'm pretty sure that's not a custom here! If it is, I'll just go back into my--oh right Jazz took that apart huh...well, it isn't, so it isn't! And you're not, so don't worry about it!"
  109. [03:20:56] <~Giantree> "4Well we don't follow the UP3 HERE, so it doesn't matter! Maybe you'd do stuffy things like that if you were on a Federation ship... but that's 'cause all my data says they're really stuffy people."
  110. [03:21:11] <Jazz> "No, don't jump out of an Airlock!" Jazz says, his voice getting higher!
  111. [03:21:48] <~Giantree> "4... Oh yeah. Weren't you guys going to get that translated?"
  112. [03:21:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "This was explained to me, robots are not produced in vats, and my flesh is biological."
  113. [03:22:00] <~Giantree> Françoise stares at the pod-piece.
  114. [03:22:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Therefore I am not an android."
  115. [03:22:06] <~Giantree> It's like World of Golden Toho all over again.
  116. [03:23:15] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I confess, I am disturbingly relieved not to have to exit via the airlock. I should examine such worrying tendencies towards selfishness before they become a habit." He sounds worried.
  117. [03:23:17] <Leen> "...A real...clone, then! You're a real clone. If you were fake then" She doesn't pause, instantly poking Gamma lightly. "my hand would be going straight through you because you aren't really there, and there's someone else dictating everything you do." Nod nod.
  118. [03:23:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "But a clone is not a person." Confused again.
  119. [03:24:01] <Jazz> "...Sure they are. Aren't they?"
  120. [03:24:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "They are not. Otherwise, we would not be tasked with keeping Order."
  121. [03:24:40] <Leen> "Then you're a real clone. ...And clones are copies of people, but that just makes you a real person, because it's a copy of a person, and it doesn't change the real status at all..." ... "...Oh right! Let's go already!" Antsy, antsy. "You follow too, OK?, Gamma? I'll call you Gamma for now, I'll think of a different name later."
  122. [03:25:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "If you insist, miss...Leen, correct?"
  123. [03:25:16] <~Giantree> Jazz has the map! The map that says the bridge is literally right behind the doors to either side of Frannie. Yep.
  124. [03:25:29] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Leen and Francoise and Jazz."
  125. [03:26:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, what is this?" Gamma pokes the pod fragment with the tip of the oversized, clawed gauntlet on his left hand.
  126. [03:26:13] <Leen> "Yep, my name is Leen, and that's Jazz, and I think you slightly mispronounced her name so just call her Fran it's easier and she doesn't mind ok~?"
  127. [03:26:58] <~Giantree> Everyone begins their K-On journey through a single door...
  128. [03:27:04] <~Giantree> MEANWHILE
  129. [03:27:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Fran." Through the door~
  130. [03:27:53] <Leen> "Oh, that's part of the thing I was in when I woke up for my second time. The first time was weird but the second time being different and all was even weirder. It might very well not have been my second time for all I know! And the first might not have been the first! It's confusing!"
  131. [03:29:01] <Jazz> "...Well, even if you're a clone, you can think, right? Have opinions? That sort of thing? That makes you a person. At least in my book..."
  132. [03:29:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Interesting."
  133. [03:29:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will give it thought."
  134. [03:29:54] <Anise> (fucking hell)
  135. [03:29:55] <Anise> (what'd anise miss)
  136. [03:30:07] <~Giantree> (I didn't start yours yet, don't worry~)
  137. [03:30:11] <~Giantree> (but I am right now)
  138. [03:30:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Leen and Fran kissed under the space-mistletoe)
  139. [03:30:37] <~Giantree> Spica! On the comm department at the bridge, this has been an ordinary, boring day. For the most part. A few hours ago there was an emergency alarm, which Stella was in charge of and was yelled at to turn it off at the captain's direct request. She hasn't shut up about it all day. ... In fact, maybe now's a good time to describe the scene in better detail!
  140. [03:30:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Gamma and Jazz took the Oath of the Peach Gardens with Cael and set out to defeat Space Cao Cao)
  141. [03:31:23] <~Giantree> To the right, the silver-haired fellpool sits in her seat. She's been energetic on the job since she started working-- Stella Vates, that is. And today's been an especially prattly day for her, since she's been handling lots of weird calls like that.
  142. [03:31:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma put his helmet back on at some point, incidentally.
  143. [03:32:19] <~Giantree> Directly underneath your control center, and forward a bit, sits a silver-haired Realian - a pseudo-android, everybody calls her - who is known for slacking off a lot. Today's no exception. Croselie is... is that a cookie she's eating at the desk?
  144. [03:32:56] <~Giantree> And finally to the left are the elegant, glorious wings of Prince Norman... okay, his name's just Norman, but he likes to act over-the-top and pretend he's the best worker when he really slacks off just as much as the other two.
  145. [03:33:25] <~Giantree> Behind your own station is the captain's chair, but she's been out doing -SOMETHING- today.
  146. [03:33:57] <~Giantree> But what else is there to call it, but a busy day?
  147. [03:34:46] <~Giantree> Stella's tail wags. There's a little tail-portion in the seat, she was really glad to get it installed a few months ago. "And so she was like 'THERE'S NOT AN EMERGENCY YOU IDIOTS!' and it REALLY seemed like my fault!"
  148. [03:35:24] <~Giantree> Croselie: "... But it just happened an hour ago. You've told us that four tiiiiiimes."
  149. [03:35:28] <~Giantree> *munch*
  150. [03:35:49] <~Giantree> Stella: "But it was ACTUALLY somebody else's fault!"
  151. [03:36:32] * Spica is working hard, but at the same time thinking longingly of the packet of spicy hot squid she's got hidden among her things. "Don't worry, it'll all turn out fine. Either it was an emergency all along, or not a big deal and we don't have to worry about an emergency."
  152. [03:36:35] <Spica> "Pretty neat, huh?"
  153. [03:37:02] <~Giantree> Norman's palm has been on his face the whole time. "But what if it really WAS an emergency? I can't believe it..."
  154. [03:37:14] <~Giantree> Stella: "You bet, chief!"
  155. [03:37:26] <~Giantree> Croselie raises a fist to the air and takes another loud CHOMP.
  156. [03:37:42] <~Giantree> ... It's around this time that one of the doors slides open.
  157. [03:37:48] <~Giantree> Who knows, maybe it's actually both of them?
  158. [03:37:58] <Spica> "Well if it was, then Stella was right."
  159. [03:38:13] <Leen> "So you...don't do that stuff? Well, you can do that, so it's OK, right?"
  160. [03:38:27] <Spica> "Huh?"
  161. [03:38:51] * Spica spins around in her chair to face Leen.
  162. [03:38:57] <~Giantree> Norman leans back in his seat. His hat falls off too.
  163. [03:39:03] <~Giantree> ... Why was he even wearing a hat?
  164. [03:39:34] <Leen> It's clear that she was talking to someone else on her way in. That door is probably their door, soyeah! Of course on being addressed, she turns. "Oh, hi! Are you a linguist?"
  165. [03:39:40] <~Giantree> Leen & pals enter through... either the left or the right, that's up to them, but it leads pretty much directly to the comm room.
  166. [03:40:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I can apply my mind to all sorts of diverse strategic and peacekeeping matters and react flexibly if there is no procedure in place, is that what you mean?" She's followed by seven feet of bone-white power armor with an ominous gleaming horizontal viewslit. Because that's the sort self-respecting minions have. :|
  167. [03:41:15] <~Giantree> Stella: "Oh hey, do we have visitors? We totally have viiiiisitoooors!"
  168. [03:41:16] <Spica> "That'd be me. (Completely unrecognized) Doctor Spica Venant at your service."
  169. [03:41:23] <Spica> "Who's the chess piece?"
  170. [03:41:49] * Spica is now ON BREAK, clearly, so she grabs her squid snacks. :D
  171. [03:42:02] <~Giantree> The others PICK UP THE SLACK and get to work.
  172. [03:42:09] <~Giantree> ... Which means.... do what they always do.
  173. [03:42:16] <~Giantree> Flutter, chomp, wag.
  174. [03:42:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Personal Designation: Gamma Vert Septem-Septem." He sighs, looking ruefully through his helmet at the green shield on his breast with the bronze 7-7 on it. How many times will he be repeating it today.
  175. [03:42:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Suggested abbbreviation, Gamma."
  176. [03:43:02] <Spica> "Gammy, huh? That's pretty neat."
  177. [03:43:08] <~Giantree> Stella spun around to wave frantically at the newcomers. The others...
  178. [03:43:09] <Spica> "What'd you need us for, Gammy?"
  179. [03:43:20] <~Giantree> Norman: "Elie, get my hat for me?"
  180. [03:43:28] <~Giantree> Croselie: "'Kaaaay."
  181. [03:43:36] <~Giantree> The hat levitates onto the birdman's head.
  182. [03:43:41] <~Giantree> Just totally in the background.
  183. [03:43:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I have no need of you at this time. Go about your business in peace, citizen."
  184. [03:43:44] <~Giantree> Norman: "Thank you."
  185. [03:44:09] <Jazz> "So uh...Yeah, sorry for interrupting. I'm Jazz, by the way. I helped that station with the pirate problem a few days ago."
  186. [03:44:29] <Spica> "Jaaaazz. Okay, that's pretty cool." Munch.
  187. [03:44:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...You are an ally of Order?"
  188. [03:44:54] <Spica> "What, is this philosophical debate hour and no one told me?"
  189. [03:44:57] <~Giantree> Croselie sneaks a glance back and times her munches in perfect synchro with the chief.
  190. [03:45:00] <Spica> Munch munch.
  191. [03:45:04] <Spica> "Squid?"
  192. [03:45:05] <~Giantree> Munch munch.
  193. [03:45:11] * Spica holds out the bag.
  194. [03:45:18] <Leen> "Hi, Spicy! I'm Leen, pleased to meet you~"
  195. [03:45:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You are welcome to participate, but you will be relieved to understand that this android is not a vending machine, and requires your aid."
  196. [03:45:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Again, he pats Leen on the head. She's just the ideal height for it.
  197. [03:46:30] <Leen> "...wait what. ...W-we can address this after someone translates that thing Jazz has, OK?"
  198. [03:46:37] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Jazz is too, but isn't it forbidden for a man to pat another man on the head?
  199. [03:47:06] <Spica> "...Woah, is this one of those 'this is not a tube' things?" Blinkmunch. "Didn't know we got the high level philosphizers already."
  200. [03:47:14] <Spica> "...Anyway, what is it?"
  201. [03:47:21] <~Giantree> Norman turns to the also-silver-haired helper- that is, the one with bored, glazed-over eyes. "So why did they come here, again?"
  202. [03:47:28] <~Giantree> Croselie: "I dunno, let's slack off."
  203. [03:47:29] <~Giantree> Chomp.
  204. [03:47:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Correct, Leen is not a tube, Doctor Venant."
  205. [03:48:21] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem nods. Finally, someone is making sense. If he takes it slowly, maybe both sides will come to understand each other.
  206. [03:48:31] <~Giantree> What Leen brought looks to be part of an escape pod... well, maybe that's not obvious from looking at it, but it IS. Regardless it has mostly-worn writing on it.
  207. [03:49:01] * Spica pulls a jeweler's loup out of nowhere, places it to her eye, and squiiiints.
  208. [03:49:20] <Spica> "Hmmm, yes, yes, very interesting."
  209. [03:50:22] <Jazz> "I dunno, I don't really mind if people pat me on the head...A-Anyway, here's the thing." Jazz says, holding out out.
  210. [03:50:52] * Spica takes it, and squiiints at the writing, too.
  211. [03:51:22] <Leen> There are things said in quotation marks and there are things not said in quotation marks. Be sure to tell them apart next time!
  212. [03:54:05] <Spica> "Iiiiiinteresting."
  213. [03:54:13] * Spica pauses for dramatic effect.
  214. [03:54:16] <Spica> "It says..."
  215. [03:54:25] <~Giantree> Stella, Elie, and Norman all turn around and gasp too.
  216. [03:54:29] <~Giantree> For extra dramatic effect.
  217. [03:54:37] <Spica> "It says August 1, 2092."
  218. [03:54:48] <Spica> "In one of the old Human dialects."
  219. [03:54:51] * Spica nods, sagely.
  220. [03:54:55] <Spica> SO. COOL.
  221. [03:55:07] <~Giantree> The onlookers BURST INTO APPLAUSE!
  222. [03:55:24] <~Giantree> ... Just kidding. Stella claps a bit, Elie claps ONCE and takes a bite, and Norman shakes his head.
  223. [03:55:34] <~Giantree> His hat falls off again.
  224. [03:55:42] <~Giantree> Norman: "Elie?"
  225. [03:55:47] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Sure."
  226. [03:55:51] <~Giantree> Levivivivivitate.
  227. [03:56:01] <Leen> "Uh...what year is it now then?" That's recognizable as a date!
  228. [03:56:40] * Jazz frowns.
  229. [03:56:52] <~Giantree> Croselie: *chomp* "Ayt sixfee."
  230. [03:57:04] <Spica> "Yeah, that."
  231. [03:57:09] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem applauds when Stella does, and actually makes it a good, appreciative clapping
  232. [03:57:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He does it rather clumsily though, as if it's a new thing
  233. [03:57:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> and with a riot shield on one arm and an oversized war-gauntlet on the other it isn't really QUITE the same, but the sentiment is there
  234. [03:57:58] * Spica nods her head deferentially to Gammy and squidmunches.
  235. [03:58:11] <Leen> "...Eight six three?" THIS IS CONFUSING.
  236. [03:58:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is that you're eating, Doctor?"
  237. [03:58:57] <Jazz> "...Oh, hey. You've got a shield, too" Jazz says, noticing Gamma's shield.
  238. [03:59:37] <Spica> "Squid."
  239. [03:59:38] <Spica> "Want some?"
  240. [03:59:42] * Spica holds out the bag again.
  241. [04:01:13] <Leen> "...but...863 and 2092 are like, far away! And 2092 is more ahead! And the pod is old. Did I go through a time warp or something? But you called it an ancient language, so even that doesn't make sense...even though timewarps don't make sense..."
  242. [04:01:13] <~Giantree> Croselie watches this display and fiercely protects her cookies from anyone who comes near.
  243. [04:01:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I'll...try it." Gamma removes his helmet, shakes his hair back from his face...really should get it cut soon...and reaches delicately into the bag with his shield hand so he doesn't shred it. He puts the shield down, no wacky slapstick right now, no sir. He pops a handful of squid into his mouth, chews it once, and stops, "You have given me a gift I do not deserve, Doctor."
  244. [04:02:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "This is...this is truly..." His forehead creases, "I am overwhelmed with gratitude, please pardon me."
  245. [04:02:58] <~Giantree> Stella's wagging tail stops. "Chief, is this guy for real?"
  246. [04:03:04] <Spica> "Beats me."
  247. [04:03:18] * Spica shruuug. "Still, there are worse ways to suck up to people."
  248. [04:03:50] <Leen> "...Protein blocks must taste terrible, huh? N-not that I have anything wrong with that squid stuff! Even though I haven't eaten anything ever. I think I'll make my first meal special!" Nod nod.
  249. [04:03:56] <~Giantree> Croselie nodnods at this statement and lazily drifts her eyes to stare at Norman. He looks offended and holds onto his hat.
  250. [04:04:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is sucking up? I am afraid that that sounds inappropriate and, frankly, indecent. A doctor should be more of an example to her community and subordinates!"
  251. [04:04:43] * Spica turns back to Stella. "...Hey, is this guy for real?"
  252. [04:04:44] <~Giantree> Norman: "Anyway, did NONE of you study history? It's only SD 860, for starters."
  253. [04:04:57] <~Giantree> Stella: "Beats me!"
  254. [04:05:07] * Spica nods.
  255. [04:05:12] <~Giantree> Stella nods back.
  256. [04:05:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Maybe whoever this is has a different calendar?"
  257. [04:06:06] <Spica> "Well uh."
  258. [04:06:10] <Leen> "...S...D?"
  259. [04:06:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "After all, there is no universal order here to promote the use of a unified timekeeping system, as is proper."
  260. [04:06:30] <~Giantree> Norman: "You know, stardate," he tries to sound as matter-of-factly as possible.
  261. [04:06:47] * Spica lets Norman handle this one. :3 munchmunch
  262. [04:07:13] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem munches slowly on his shrimp to savor what food that is actually intended to perhaps be tasty tastes like.
  263. [04:07:22] <~Giantree> Croselie turns to the wingman - ha ha I make joke - and munches again. "So then what?"
  264. [04:07:30] <~Giantree> Norman: "Uh... well..."
  265. [04:07:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "After all...the year is 5443 to me."
  266. [04:08:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *543."
  267. [04:08:32] <Jazz> "There must be some other calenders. That's the only way to explain it."
  268. [04:08:33] <~Giantree> Stella's tail goes back to wagging frantically. "So like, you're all time travellers?!"
  269. [04:09:05] <Spica> "Of course there are other calenders."
  270. [04:09:33] <Leen> "...Sure, I guess." She gets it, though in the end she's left with more questions than answers. "...So...simply knowing what it says isn't helping us at all, huh? We'd need someone good with history to know where it came from...or maybe someone that's just good at analyzing relics of the past, like......a lot of people good with history, maybe?" Shrug!
  271. [04:09:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Then would it not make ideal sense to find a civilization in whose calendar the year is 863?"
  272. [04:10:54] <Spica> "My gueeeeessssssss is that this was from before the stardate system was established, but why would that sort of thing still be floating around?"
  273. [04:11:32] <Leen> "But that wouldn't even be the right one! Unless we really did travel through time...nevermind that it sounds pretty implausible to me, but hey, I'm in space on a...spaceship, anything goes."
  274. [04:12:10] <~Giantree> Stella: "You mean you weren't always on a spaceship? There're people like that?"
  275. [04:12:15] <~Giantree> Croselie: *chomp*
  276. [04:12:38] <Spica> "You people are completely blowing my mind."
  277. [04:13:08] <~Giantree> Norman: "My guess is somebody hired comedians to come here as a prank."
  278. [04:13:19] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Least we get to slack off." *chomp*
  279. [04:13:20] <Leen> "Nope, I woke up in a place that wasn't a spaceship once, but then I woke up in a pod in here and it's all very confusing." Nod nod.
  280. [04:13:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I still want to know what sucking up means. Is it a rude term?" Gamma looms just a little bit.
  281. [04:13:48] <Leen> "Y-you shouldn't slack off, even if you have nothing to do!" At least she's sure about this one.
  282. [04:13:57] <~Giantree> Stella: "Ooh ooh! Me me! I wanna give an example!"
  283. [04:14:26] <~Giantree> Stella spins around in her chair. "Hey chief, your ear-fins are really shiny today!"
  284. [04:14:31] <~Giantree> "... Can I get a raise?"
  285. [04:14:38] <Spica> "Aww, thank-"
  286. [04:14:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "If I am under accusation, I will defend myself honorably. Also, Leen is right! You three are betraying Doctor Venant's trust with your treacherous behavior! Be thankful she does not have you thrown into the black void of space for your transgressions!"
  287. [04:14:40] <Spica> "Nope!"
  288. [04:14:44] <~Giantree> "Worth a try!"
  289. [04:14:57] <~Giantree> She coughs. "... And that's sucking up."
  291. [04:15:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is enforcing Order!"
  292. [04:15:11] <Jazz> "...C-Calm down, okay?"
  293. [04:15:17] * Spica leans away from chess piece.
  294. [04:15:23] <Jazz> "They're just friendly people."
  295. [04:15:34] <Spica> "Hey Norman, is this guy for real?"
  296. [04:15:35] <Jazz> "It's not like we're in the middle of a battle, or something..."
  297. [04:15:46] <~Giantree> Norman: "Beats m- hey, don't get me doing it too!"
  298. [04:15:53] <Spica> "Aww."
  299. [04:15:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "But they are disobeying orders and being paid for idleness!"
  300. [04:16:06] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Beats me. ... .... Oh right." *chomp*
  301. [04:16:19] <Spica> "When they need to, they're the best of the best. That's why I keep them around." Munchchomp.
  302. [04:16:25] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, sucking up, it is enforcing order?"
  303. [04:16:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah, so they are resting, then?"
  304. [04:16:40] <Spica> "Sure."
  305. [04:16:55] <Jazz> "No, uh...Sucking up is giving a compliment you don't really mean, just for praise or recognition."
  306. [04:17:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, they are your subordinates to command..."
  307. [04:17:06] <~Giantree> Stella nodnods along. "Yeah, that!"
  308. [04:17:17] <~Giantree> Croselie: "I think I could survive in space for a few hours..."
  309. [04:17:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Who would give a compliment like that? Such is foolishness."
  310. [04:17:31] <Leen> "G-Gamma's for real, even though he calls himself a fake person even though he isn't. And...hey, do they actually need the slacking off time? And if they do, you just pay them for when they're good, right?"
  311. [04:18:04] * Spica slowly looks around at her subordinates.
  312. [04:18:07] * Spica shrugs.
  313. [04:18:15] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "One's obedience and loyalty should be genuine, otherwise it is treachery. The same holds true for admiration."
  314. [04:18:20] <Spica> "You know I'm not the one in charge of payroll right?"
  315. [04:19:07] <~Giantree> Stella nods. "Yeah! Even I knew that!"
  316. [04:19:12] <~Giantree> (she didn't)
  317. [04:19:15] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...She could put them to work scrubbing floors and hatchways. Would that impede their ability to perform their true functions?"
  318. [04:19:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It would be an efficient use of time."
  319. [04:19:36] <Spica> "But then what if an emergency call came in?"
  320. [04:19:44] <Jazz> "Anyway, I guess...Do any of you people in here know who I should talk to about this "Seekers Guild"?"
  321. [04:19:47] <~Giantree> Norman: "How dare you even SUGGEST that! Chief, I hope you're not planning on taking this nonsense seriously."
  322. [04:20:05] <~Giantree> Croselie: "The new girl..." *chomp*
  323. [04:20:09] <Spica> "Nope."
  324. [04:20:16] <Leen> "Then report them to whoever is in charge of you once you get free time, I guess~" She takes work seriously, apparently. Nevermind that she hasn't worked a day in her life. That she remembers.
  325. [04:20:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "True, if an emergency call came in, they couldn't very well be doing something else."
  326. [04:20:35] <Spica> "Not really taking this seriously, don't worry."
  327. [04:20:40] <Spica> Muuuunch.
  328. [04:20:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You three! Stay alert and slack off to be well-rested in case of emergency! The safety of this vessel is reliant on your vigilance."
  329. [04:20:59] <~Giantree> Stella: "Yeah, I just answered an emergency call today! ... And then the captain called and she was like 'IT'S NOT AN EMERGENCY YOU IDIOTS' even though it wasn't my fault for calling it in..." ;_;
  330. [04:21:00] * Spica stares into the empty bag and tosses it. :<
  331. [04:21:27] <~Giantree> Elie points at the empty bag and sets it down neatly in a corner where nobody will notice it with telekinesis.
  332. [04:21:32] <~Giantree> She then nods proudly at herself.
  333. [04:21:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Sometimes superiors are that way. Take comfort in your vigilance, you did the correct thing."
  334. [04:21:38] <~Giantree> And realizes she's also out of cookies.
  335. [04:21:49] <~Giantree> The look in her eyes is one of pure hate.
  336. [04:21:55] <~Giantree> Hate for the world.
  337. [04:21:59] <~Giantree> Hate in all that ever was.
  338. [04:22:06] <~Giantree> Meanwhile the other two are actually kind of working.
  339. [04:22:41] <Spica> "Anyway, the Seeker's Guild is us! Well, you know, not us exactly, but everyone on the ship and stuff."
  340. [04:22:53] <Spica> "And we seek out trouble and shoo- wait no, that wasn't right."
  341. [04:23:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, I will be joining you then?'
  342. [04:23:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "
  343. [04:23:18] <Spica> "I dunno, probably?"
  344. [04:23:21] <Spica> Shruuuug
  345. [04:23:25] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I assume I am to work to earn my keep."
  346. [04:23:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> His voice suggests that this is definitely the case.
  347. [04:23:51] <Jazz> "Oh. Well, you guys sound pretty great. I mean, i've been dedicating a lot of time to tracking down Pirates and stopping them from harming innocents recently, but with some backing, and assistance with finding them, I might be able to stop unfortunate incidents before they happen..."
  348. [04:23:53] <Spica> "Why does everyone think I'm in charge of payroll all of a sudden?"
  349. [04:23:55] <~Giantree> Norman: "Hmph. The chief joined the Guild because she knows she can trust us while she's away."
  350. [04:24:21] <Spica> "Talk to the captain or - oh hey, where'd the captain go?"
  351. [04:24:22] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Just gotta look like you're working." She munches thin air, thinking something's there, but frowns at it.
  352. [04:24:33] <~Giantree> Stella: "Somethin' about salads!"
  353. [04:24:50] <Spica> "And she didn't get one for me? Heartless."
  354. [04:24:55] * Spica siiiiiiiigh
  355. [04:25:05] <Spica> "Hey Norman, next time you're on break, get me a salad."
  356. [04:25:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Jazz, you strike me as small for a combatant, but your exploits have a pleasant ring to them."
  357. [04:25:24] <Leen> "...Hmmmmmmmm...I guess that means I'm already a part of it, doesn't it...It beats nothing, I guess! Soon as I get back, gonna ask Fran if there's a person that does sciency stuff on board and someone to talk to about getting a job here...." She's muttering to herself.
  358. [04:25:36] <~Giantree> Norman: "Fine, I'll get two. S-Since I wanted one today anyway."
  359. [04:25:48] <Spica> "Oooh, even better."
  360. [04:25:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You are not an enforcer of law, yet you protect civilians. Why? You consider yourself as a person, correct?
  361. [04:26:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma tilts his head a little.
  362. [04:26:04] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Get me cookies too."
  363. [04:26:09] <~Giantree> "Or some of those pork buns..."
  364. [04:26:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is a cookie?"
  365. [04:26:35] <~Giantree> Croselie: "My heart and soul."
  366. [04:26:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Or a pork bun. They are food, yes?"
  367. [04:26:46] <~Giantree> Nod, nod.
  368. [04:26:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Are they nourishing?"
  369. [04:26:52] <Spica> Nod, nod.
  370. [04:27:03] <~Giantree> Croselie nods again. Stella does it too.
  371. [04:27:32] <~Giantree> Norman just sighs and goes to work. Croselie points at his hat and it slides off when he isn't paying attention.
  372. [04:27:37] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Are they like the gift Doctor Venant gave me?" And the feast. That feast. ;_; "Do they produce that sensation on the taste buds?"
  373. [04:27:46] * Jazz turns to answer Gamma's question. "Well...I do it because sometimes law enforcement can't. I'm a tool of Justice, and I've dedicated my life to stopping evil, no matter where or why it happens."
  374. [04:28:01] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Better than squid?"
  375. [04:28:16] <~Giantree> Stella leans over with a loud whisper, "Shh, don't say it's better than squid or she'll dock your pay!"
  376. [04:28:22] <~Giantree> Norman: "But she isn't in charge of..."
  377. [04:28:25] <~Giantree> "..."
  378. [04:28:31] <~Giantree> Norman: "Elie?"
  379. [04:28:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...I would like a cookie as well, if that can be arranged."
  380. [04:28:47] <~Giantree> Croselie: "'Kaaaay." She levitates his hat from the ground back onto his head.
  381. [04:28:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I certainly am willing to pay for it out of my eventual salary."
  382. [04:28:52] <~Giantree> Norman: "Thank you."
  383. [04:29:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Justice. I have heard that word before...what is it?"
  384. [04:29:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is it a group?"
  385. [04:29:21] <Spica> "Heeey, you said it wasn't philosphy hour."
  386. [04:30:19] <Leen> Leen takes this time to at least idly look around. Might as well get used to the surroundings!
  387. [04:30:58] <Spica> "Anyway, why don't I give you guys a tour or something?"
  388. [04:31:00] <Jazz> "'s hard to describe. It's not a group, or a person. It's an idea. An idea that all people should be safe, happy...That everyone should be able to live their lives without having to worry about pirates, or monsters, or me at least. It's...hard to descrie."
  389. [04:31:08] <~Giantree> Leen seeeeeeeees... well, cookie crumbs under Croselie's desk, a few stray feathers under Norman's.... better not even look at Stella's. There's actually a ramp leading downward where there are some androids on comm work, but they clearly aren't as talkative.
  390. [04:31:36] <Spica> "Hey Stella, I'm going on break, okay? Work hard while I'm gone."
  391. [04:31:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma looks at Jazz for a long moment, then repeats the word, "Justice...huh?"
  392. [04:31:46] <~Giantree> Upon closer observation some of them are doing the work the other three are supposed to be doing. What a surprise.
  393. [04:31:53] <~Giantree> Stella: "Can do, chief!"
  394. [04:32:11] <~Giantree> Her tail wags, looks like she genuinely means it.
  395. [04:32:16] <~Giantree> ... Croselie's already asleep.
  396. [04:32:29] <Spica> The sleep of VIGILANCE
  397. [04:32:40] <Spica> Nah Spica's just gonna end up doing the catchup like she usually does
  398. [04:32:41] <Leen> Those poor things. Leen mumbles a 'good work' to them. "O-oh, a tour sounds nice!"
  399. [04:33:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So it does. Say, Jazz. You tell me more about justice sometime, understood?"
  400. [04:35:53] <~Giantree> Oh yeah, if Leen was exploring that much she'd also see the big captain's chair at the top of the room, looking very captain-y. From that position it's possible to see the projector screen ahead, which presumably has holograms or cameras or something sometimes. But mostly it's just for the captain to look snazzy.
  401. [04:35:57] <~Giantree> It's a really snazzy chair.
  402. [04:36:02] * Spica slides out of her chair and stands up, rubbing at her eyes. "Okay, so this is the communications department. We're in charge of analyzing incoming data - calls, sos beacons, that sort of thing - and deciding who needs to be told what."
  403. [04:36:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah, that does sound productive, actually."
  404. [04:37:02] <Spica> "I also make sure the in-ship communications systems are up and running, and program new lanugages into the communicators when need be. Language is important!"
  405. [04:37:19] <Spica> "And being able to talk to anyone you meet is the most important thing in the world!"
  406. [04:37:22] <Spica> "Remember that."
  407. [04:37:34] * Spica seems...unusually fired up
  408. [04:37:46] <~Giantree> Stella is still paying attention, and turns around again. "Communicators are the BEST! Everyone should have one with them!"
  409. [04:37:56] <Leen> Nod nod! She's totally paying attention! "Even if they don't want to talk or can't hear?"
  410. [04:38:08] <Spica> "Especially then."
  411. [04:38:11] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You should still attempt communications."
  412. [04:38:29] <Spica> "Oh, that reminds me."
  413. [04:38:33] <Spica> "Speaking of."
  414. [04:38:41] <Spica> "Hey Norman, what'd you want on your salad?"
  415. [04:38:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "A sternly worded HALT AND IDENTIFY has done more to quell insurgency than gas cannisters, I think"
  416. [04:38:57] <~Giantree> Norman: "Hmm... hey wait, I thought I was getting it?"
  417. [04:39:09] <Spica> "Well, I'm taking my break now sooooo."
  418. [04:39:14] <~Giantree> He sighs. "Surprise me."
  419. [04:39:15] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Actually, that may be questionable data."
  420. [04:39:42] <~Giantree> Croselie: "Get my cookies too, Chief."
  421. [04:39:46] <~Giantree> "..."
  422. [04:39:53] <~Giantree> "pls"
  423. [04:39:59] <Spica> "Oh boy."
  424. [04:40:01] <~Giantree> Can't even muster a 'please.'
  425. [04:40:09] <Spica> "Oh, yeah, right."
  426. [04:40:29] <Spica> "Suuure."
  427. [04:40:34] <Spica> "Shall we?"
  428. [04:40:43] * Spica leads the way right out again. :D
  429. [04:40:43] <~Giantree> Stella: "Ooh, get some cake too!"
  430. [04:40:59] <Spica> "You know you shouldn't be eating cake at your desk."
  431. [04:41:08] <~Giantree> "Yeah, that was a joke!"
  432. [04:41:13] <~Giantree> "AhahahahAHAHAHahahahahah!"
  433. [04:41:14] <Spica> "The last time you got icing in the touchpad it was a week before I got it working again."
  434. [04:41:16] <~Giantree> "Hahaha..."
  435. [04:41:17] <~Giantree> Sniff.
  436. [04:41:19] <Spica> "Brownie?"
  437. [04:41:23] <~Giantree> "Please~"
  438. [04:41:27] * Spica nodnodnod
  439. [04:43:01] <Spica> "All right then. Grand Excel Tour, here we go."
  440. [04:43:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Exceptional, we get to inspect the grounds."
  441. [04:43:31] <Spica> "Oh, by the way, this ship's the Excel. It stands for something but I can't remember what at the moment."
  442. [04:43:34] <~Giantree> The doors to the outside slide open!
  443. [04:43:37] <Spica> "We just call it the Excel all the time anyway."
  444. [04:44:05] <~Giantree> "4Hi!" Françoise waves at the door before anyone even comes out of it.
  445. [04:44:31] * Jazz smiles. "Hey, again, Fran."
  446. [04:44:51] <Spica> "Hey, Franny."
  447. [04:45:00] <Leen> "Hi Fran~"
  448. [04:45:02] <Spica> "When's the next Philosophy hour?"
  449. [04:45:11] <~Giantree> "4Did you all learn anything?"
  450. [04:45:11] * Spica ignores that that totally wasn't a thing before now.
  451. [04:45:26] <~Giantree> She responds to the question by pushing a button. All the lights turn off.
  452. [04:45:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Salutations again, Fran." He thinks for a moment. Conversation is not really...not a skill he's been taught, "Squid is delicious."
  453. [04:45:41] <~Giantree> She holds a holographic flashlight-kinda-thing to her face. "5Right now."
  454. [04:45:50] <~Giantree> The darkening of text was intentional.
  455. [04:45:53] <Spica> "Ooooh."
  456. [04:46:00] <~Giantree> All the lights come back on. "4Just kidding!"
  457. [04:46:07] <Spica> "Awww."
  458. [04:46:32] <~Giantree> "4... The Cap'n said she likes my sense of humor so I can do stuff like that every now and then. Ooh, I think Jassy's drunk! I can call him for philosophy hour!"
  459. [04:46:50] <Spica> "Well, maybe after this tour."
  460. [04:47:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will be certain to attend."
  461. [04:47:08] <Spica> "Don't really want to scare the newbies off quite yet~"
  462. [04:47:36] <~Giantree> "4Tour? Ooh~" Her eyes sparkle. "4Well good luck, everyone! Be careful!"
  463. [04:47:57] <Leen> "We learned that there was a date--the time kind of date--on that thing Jazz had, but it's a weird calandar and doesn't match up to any of these dates. ...If you know someone that can analyze stuff to get an idea of how old they are, that'd be cool! ...Though I'd only have time to visit after the tour!"
  464. [04:48:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I'll ensure everyone's safety, citizen. Rest your mind at ease."
  465. [04:49:01] <Spica> "I mean we'd have to wait until we were like really far out so they couldn't get away..." Spica's not paying attention.
  466. [04:49:50] <~Giantree> Françoise nods. "4Okay, Lean! I'll see if anyone can do that while you're gone."
  467. [04:50:50] * Spica stands there looking thoughtful for a bit before she snaps out of it. "Oh, right. Anyway."
  468. [04:50:57] <Spica> "Onward."
  469. [04:51:39] <~Giantree> There're two exits toward the residential district from the lobby, and also entrances to the shops. It's all symmetrical. Huh!
  470. [04:52:17] * Spica goes toward the SHOPS
  471. [04:52:21] <Leen> "Alright~" Onward!
  472. [04:52:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...It's like an entire district on a ship."
  473. [04:52:32] * Jaz is now known as Jazz
  474. [04:53:02] <Jazz> "Wow...This is a pretty nice place. How hard is it to get a room?"
  475. [04:53:03] <~Giantree> The way the shops work is that on either side of the lobby is an elevator going down... really need to draw a map of this already.
  476. [04:53:49] <Spica> (do you want me to just abstract it :3c)
  477. [04:53:50] <~Giantree> Either way, it's a floor below and it looks like a fancy neon shopping mall! Kinda! And the ships that are obviously for equipment have that kind of PSO vibe to them, but an easier way to explain it is that they're just counters with all kinds of stuff in the background.
  478. [04:53:58] <~Giantree> (that'd be cool too)
  479. [04:54:05] <Spica> (okay I'll do that for now)
  480. [04:54:25] <~Giantree> At least, Din's back at work in one, mostly behind the counter checking on weapons. There are a LOT of guns.
  481. [04:54:51] <~Giantree> There's also a clothing store that's as spacey as you can possibly imagine space clothing stores being.
  482. [04:55:02] <Spica> "These are the shops, you can spend your pay on anything from new weapons to things for your quarters to just about anything, really, so long as it's not food - you go to the cafeteria for that."
  483. [04:55:07] <Spica> "Heeeey Din."
  484. [04:55:09] <~Giantree> And A MYSTERIOUS THING TREE FORGOT TO PUT ON THE PAGE.
  485. [04:55:25] <Spica> "Did you get that stock modification I asked about in yet?"
  486. [04:55:25] <~Giantree> Din: "Mmm... mmmm...."
  487. [04:55:29] <~Giantree> Sparks go flying!
  488. [04:55:49] <Spica> "...Well, maybe later."
  489. [04:55:54] <~Giantree> Din: "Whoa! You scared the livin' shit outta me!"
  490. [04:55:57] <~Giantree> "Uhh..."
  491. [04:56:01] <~Giantree> "..."
  492. [04:56:04] <~Giantree> "Check back tomorrow."
  493. [04:56:11] <Spica> "Okay."
  494. [04:56:20] <~Giantree> "'Kay? 'Kay." The gruff-looking fairy gives a thumbs-up and flies back behind the counter.
  495. [04:56:25] <Leen> Leen looks around in wonder, since OH GOD THE LIGHTS AND SHINY THINGS. THIS IS THE PLACE OF SHINY THINGS AND STUFF.
  496. [04:56:35] * Spica nods. "It's not that important, just whenever you have a moment."
  497. [04:57:18] <Spica> "That's Din, she runs the weapon shop. Don't ask about her real name - we just finished getting the scorch marks out of the walls from the last time someone asked."
  498. [04:58:29] <Spica> "Anyway, moving on!"
  499. [04:58:52] * Spica hops in one of the elevators.
  500. [04:58:58] <Spica> "This way, this way."
  501. [04:59:06] <~Giantree> Somewhere a fashionable bear sheds a single tear.
  502. [04:59:58] <Leen> Leen follows! Her owner is tired but this shouldn't be a big problem. It's a tour, she can afford a limited ability to respond properly!
  503. [05:00:27] <Spica> (actually I'm getting pretty done too, do we just want to say AND THEN THE REST OF THE TOUR HAPPENED)
  504. [05:00:51] <~Giantree> (if you guys want to that's probably fine, or hell, you could just play parts of it whenever it's a pickup)
  505. [05:01:06] <Spica> (okay that sounds good)
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