Bugzilla bug dependencies bearability stylesheet

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  1. #bz_show_bug_column_1 tr:nth-child(17) td:last-child a:not(#dependson_edit_action),
  2. #bz_show_bug_column_1 tr:nth-child(18) td:last-child a:not(#blocked_edit_action),
  3. .bug_urls a {
  4.   display: table-row;
  5. }
  7. #bz_show_bug_column_1 tr:nth-child(17) td:last-child a:not(#dependson_edit_action)::after,
  8. #bz_show_bug_column_1 tr:nth-child(18) td:last-child a:not(#blocked_edit_action)::after,
  9. .bug_urls a::after {
  10.   content: attr(title);
  11.   font-size: smaller;
  12.   padding-left: 1em;
  13.   display: table-cell;
  14. }
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