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  1. "How does climate affect where you live and the people who live there?"
  3.         There is no doubt in anyones mind, that climate affects where people live, and that it has an effect on the people whom inhabit these areas. The question is , how?
  4.         Originally being from the suburbs south of Chicago, I can say for certain, that one of the main reason my family decided to relocate to Florida , was the unrelenting cold during the winter seasons up north. Florida provides an escape from this cold, with the temperature being more balanced between the winter and summer seasons.  Of course this is no secret to the general public, and I am sure is a factor when the majority decide where to relocate.
  5.         Climate also affects the actual environment in which we live. In some ways an environment may benefit from a certain climate, and in other ways it may be affected negatively. Some examples of how Florida benefits from the warm climate, are in the form of certain plants, crops, and animals that thrive here in the warmth, but would not survive in a colder environment.  Orange trees, palmetto trees, lizards, snakes, and alligators are a few examples. Florida is also affected negatively by the climate through tropical storms, hurricanes, overwhelming heat during the summer, as well as a dry season that often is the cause of brush fires.
  6.         Last would be the question of how climate affects people individually. I believe there is evidence that shows, climate has an influence on the behavior, and characteristics of humans. While spending time in juvenile detention, I was in shock over how cold the facility was at all times.  It was obvious that this cold was artificial, since it was winter in Florida and was colder inside the facility than it was outside. After some online research, I found that detention centers, jails, and prisons often intentionally make their facilities cold, due to warmer temperatures being linked to aggressive and wild behavior. In comparison to Illinois, Florida also seems to have a substantially higher crime rate, as well as a noticeable difference in the mannerisms, interests, and ideals compared to the north, which supports the argument that warm temperature provokes a certain behavior, and perhaps characteristics of individuals.
  7.         In the end, climate will always be a major influence on where, and how people live their lives.  You may decide to move to Florida to escape the cold, or you may move out of Florida to escape the crime, snakes, alligators, and hurricanes. It all depends on what sacrifices you are willing to make, or what is most important to you when deciding where to live. Climate will always have positive, and negative consequences, no matter where you live.
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