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Jicama - "Loud, aren't they?"

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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [18:46] Setsuna offered the man a low bow, before straightening herself. As always, she remained in bright spirits, the sadness she had displayed moments prior fading away quite quickly.
  3. "I hope you've been well, Adar. I was wanting to introduce you to my friend, Tobi."
  5. The Qilin gestures to the blonde-headed youth.
  7. "Tobi, this is Adar, the friend I was telling you about. He lives on the mountain, I believe, but is a wanderer much like ourselves."
  9. Setsuna spoke in a cheery tone, her posture laid-back and not all that serious. Content for the time being, happy to be around her friends.
  11. "He is also a survivor from the fall of Dusk."
  12. (Setsuna Ukitake)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [18:50] Reggie says, "No, no. As in, interactions between people are unique."
  16. [18:50] "I am Tobias Ulrich." he introduced himself. Setsuna calling him by his nickname wasn't sufficient, it seemed. He stepped around the fire and approached the younger refugee, offering his open hand in order to execute a firm handshake.
  18. "I didn't know that you were like me. It is nice to meet you, Adar."
  19. (Tobias Ulrich)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [18:51] James Strider exclaims, "Reggie!"
  23. [18:51] James Strider says, "I must ask if you saw Kabu anywhere"
  24. [18:56] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  25. [18:57] Calista Shimasu whispers something.
  26. [18:58] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  27. [19:01] Elyon Hirai whispers something.
  28. [19:01] Elyon Hirai whispers something.
  29. [19:01] Calista Shimasu whispers something.
  30. [19:01] Elyon Hirai whispers something.
  31. [19:01] Despite having previously shown composed and clearly aware of Setsuna's presence, Adar suddenly begun acting surprised - poorly so. Like he hadn't acknowledged her presence earlier at all.
  33. "Oh, Suna! Y-Yeah, It's good to see you. I said I'd come, didn't I?"
  35. His eyes bolted from side to side, nervously. Making him look slightly paranoid, stressed, perhaps even overworked. In spite of this, his still drowsy gaze would soon meet Tobias'. A few seconds were spent in a pause, as Adar tied up some loose ends.
  37. Particularly, he recalled the conversation Setsuna and Siegfried had on the northern mountains, the day the astronavigator and the Qillin had met. A small tint of surprise would become noticeable on the pale young man's features, a gaped mouth being the most obvious one.
  39. "Tobi…" He mumbled, before snapping back."It's… a pleasure meeting you."
  41. The both of them hadn't made acquaintance prior to this very day, even if they did reside in the same post-valmasian metropolis. Not uncommon, since Adar was particularly shielded from contact, in hiding - swallowing books.
  43. "How is, your training...? Are you well?"
  45. Awkward, as usual. Yet, the question seemed genuine. Adar was worried about his fellow orphan of Dusk's wellbeing.
  46. (Adar Gutt)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [19:01] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  50. [19:01] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  51. [19:02] Elyon Hirai whispers something.
  52. [19:02] Calista Shimasu whispers something.
  53. [19:02] Eshmun Hirai whispers something.
  54. [19:03] Eshmun Hirai says, "You can answer me later."
  55. [19:03] Elyon Hirai says, "Will tell you when I return-- in a bit-- yeah."
  56. [19:05] "Oh yeah, Adar was present when I had my discussion with Siegfried on the mountain."
  58. Which would explain how he knew about Tobi's training, if anything. Having revealed her meeting with Siegfried to Tobias during her drunken rambling, she hoped that he wouldn't be upset.
  60. It was one friend caring for another, even if he was focused on hurting himself.
  62. "Anyways-"
  64. The Qilin moves down the steps now, in a slow fashion. She stands next to the pair, light blues not focused on anyone in particular.
  66. "I'm glad to see you again, Adar. I was wondering when you'd make your down here. You did promise, after all."
  67. (Setsuna Ukitake)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. [19:09] Tobias withdrew his hand upon not receiving the handshake he had offered, clearing his throat awkwardly. It would also seem like the teenager before him knew more about Tobias than Tobias knew about him, which was also a bit embarrassing. He grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.
  72. "Oh- my training?" he asked, slowly glancing over to Setsuna and speaking through his gritted teeth. "Funny that you know about that." he continued, with a tone and expression that seemed to suggest that he was going to scold Setsuna after this.
  74. He returned his gaze to the boy, nodding his head. "Yes, I've been better. I feel as if I have been making progress, which is a good thing. Thank you for asking." he spoke politely now.
  76. "You.. are from the mountains, she said? How is that?" he asked. It was awkward to change the subject to fixate on Adar. The dynamics were different here. Adar knew aboutTobias, yet Tobias didn't know about him.
  77. (Tobias Ulrich)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [19:18] Perhaps he was simply too distracted thinking about that particular conversation to notice Tobias' extended hand, only realizing once he had effectively withdrawn it. This prompted him to stutter and slightly shake uncomfortably - having the urge to explain himself and apologize, but not being able to decide whether it was appropriate or not.
  82. A single soft nod was given in reply to the exposition of his hard work, perhaps in relief.
  84. "It's… chilly. But I enjoy living in the heights - you get a clear view of the sky up there. You should come visit, maybe you'll like it."
  86. Adar stopped himself from talking further, unsure of where else to take the conversation. His furrowed, worried gaze met Setsuna's seeking complicity. He had certainly started off on the wrong foot.
  88. Now what should he say?
  89. (Adar Gutt)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92. [19:22] James Strider says, "Kabu sir"
  93. [19:24] Kabu asks, ".....Yes?"
  94. [19:24] James Strider asks, "Can i get the medium building permit?"
  95. [19:25] Kabu says, "I usually gives those out to those I've seen frequently about."
  96. [19:25] "Oh- I've visited! Quite a few times, actually. I quite enjoy wandering when I can. Unfortunately, no one ever seems to be around whenever I make the trip. Unfortunate indeed." he replied to Adar. The atmosphere that the two shared was somewhat uncomfortable, and a tiny bit disingenuous.
  98. It's the kind of air that this kind of situation usually gave off. When a mutual friend introduced two people together. There wasn't much common ground they could find, or talk about.
  100. "Hm.." he trailed off. Yes, this was sure to be the most painful part of their relationship. The part where they didn't know a damn thing about one another. Tobias could see clearly that Adar didn't seem comfortable in his own skin right now. He needed to think of something. Anything. A conversation starter.
  102. "If you could be any vegetable, what vegetable would you be?" was what he asked after a long pause. That's what he came up with.
  104. What?
  105. (Tobias Ulrich)
  106. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  108. [19:29] Perhaps it was because she spoke of each to one another, or maybe it was that she arranged this meeting... Whatever it was, Setsuna took full responsibility for the awkward encounter.
  110. Her right hand going to her nape, she nervously rubbed it, before giving a chuckle.
  112. "I think you guys will be fast friends. I believe the term I've heard here in Gehenna was 'bros.' Or something akin to that."
  114. The Qilin smiled brightly, shifting between each male.
  116. "If I could be a vegetable, I would be a potato!"
  117. (Setsuna Ukitake)
  118. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  120. [19:29] James Strider exclaims, "Thanks!"
  121. [19:30] Kabu says, "Dom"
  122. [19:30] James Strider exclaims, "You can visit us sir!"
  123. [19:30] James Strider exclaims, "Ill go there to build!"
  124. [19:30] Kabu says, "Don't build anything that isn't Gehennan/"
  125. [19:30] Kabu says, "And. Don't block the road."
  126. [19:36] Sure, the air was clearly tense. This however was not vastly dissimilar to every other social encounter Adar. It was simply the energy he constantly gave.
  128. In a way, he lamented Tobias was being victim to his poor timing and ineloquence. Not that… there was much to be done to solve this. His reply was brief and unorthodox. Obtuse even. So much so that it sounded premeditated, like Adar had thought about this several times over before this conversation had even occurred.
  130. "I'd be a Jicama."
  132. A what?
  133. (Adar Gutt)
  134. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  136. [19:40] Tobias spoke immediately after Adar was finished, as if he was preparing his answer regardless of what he was going to say. "Oh, that's cool," he started, having not even processed whatever incredibly obscure vegetable that he had answered.
  138. "I think I'd be corn." he answered simply, before pausing. He let Adar's statement settle for a long time, and with each passing second he squinted and turned his head further. "Wait-.." he finally brought attention to it.
  140. "What is a Jicama, even? That doesn't sound real."
  141. (Tobias Ulrich)
  142. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  144. [19:40] Keitaro says, "...Hm."
  145. [19:42] Declan Caelum says, "The chosen son has came home..."
  146. [19:42] Nyx asks, "...Laddie...Welcome home ya'?"
  147. [19:42] Declan moves over to try to hug his friend, his buddy, his nigga - Laddie.
  148. (Declan Caelum)
  149. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  151. [19:42] Nyx says, "Eternally tired, But we're glad you've made it home truthfully."
  152. [19:44] Nyx asks, "Ah..Going to see ya' old pops?"
  153. [19:45] Keitaro says, "..."
  154. [19:45] Keitaro says, "Declan, why are you shirtless."
  155. [19:45] Declan Caelum asks, "Why aren't you?"
  156. [19:45] Nyx says, "Indeed, he' here soon we're sure of it."
  157. [19:45] Keitaro says, "I-"
  158. [19:45] Keitaro says, "...Hm."
  159. [19:45] Laddie says, "Then I shall stay here for awhile, mhm."
  160. [19:45] Keitaro says, "Well, for starters, that's not a sight for just about anyone."
  161. [19:46] Declan Caelum says, "If you can-"
  162. [19:46] Keitaro says, "I don't just go about flashing that."
  163. [19:46] Declan Caelum asks, "Are they not ready?"
  164. [19:46] Eerie silence followed for a few minutes, though Adar seemed unaffected. Close to disconnected.
  166. "It's a... Yam bean." He elaborated, though no further explanation was made as to why this had been his choice. All that could be heard for a while were the noises from the faraway chicken coops, as well as the casual conversations from bystanders one could pick up.
  168. "Loud, aren't they?" It was hard to tell which he'd be talking about specifically. Though no deliberate malice was there to be picked up.
  169. (Adar Gutt)
  170. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  172. [19:48] Tobias Ulrich says, "Absolutely."
  173. [19:48] Declan Caelum says, "Pity."
  174. [19:49] Declan Caelum asks, "Do you have a water crystal?"
  175. [19:50] Keitaro says, "I have something better..."
  176. [19:50] Keitaro says, "An idea where to find water crystals."
  177. [19:48] Adar Gutt says, "Sorry, I'm not good at this. Though it is nice knowing you - don't get me wrong."
  178. [19:50] Tobias Ulrich says, "Yeah, nice meeting you."
  179. [19:52] Adar Gutt says, "Uhm - sorry. Alright, see you around..."
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