the silver dove

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  1. >be me
  2. >be exploring innawoods on the other side
  3. >find a long stretched clearing of trees
  4. >the ground is patted flat
  5. >definitely not natural
  6. >look to my left
  7. >nothing but the trees reforming the woods in the distance
  8. >look to my right
  9. >she the reflective shine of something metalic
  10. >judging by the distance, is something big
  11. >fuck why didn't i bring my binoculars
  12. >run my ass off towards whatever was at the end of the stretch of land
  13. >it's an edification
  14. >a small square concrete building with a big metalic semi cilinder like structure connected to it
  15. >on closer inspection it looks like the semi cilinder structure has 3 strips of solar panels running along it
  16. >finaly get to the front of the concrete building
  17. >the door is slightly opened
  18. >i peek inside, it's dark as drow's asshole in there
  19. >pull out hi-power and tacticoolingly open the door with pistol trained
  20. >holy shit it fucking reeks in here
  21. >there's no movement at first glance
  22. >just shadowy silhouettes
  23. >look for a light switch
  24. >it's next to the door
  25. >flick it up
  26. >the lights slowly brighten up
  27. >look around the room once again
  28. >shit my pant
  29. >theres and old man staring at me from a rocking chair on the corner
  30. >he looks like he is on his 70's
  31. >hair gone completely white
  32. >freeze in shock from a moment
  33. >he's not moving, he has his bloodshot stare on me
  34. >what the fuck? his skin is kinda blueish
  35. >slowly make my way around a desk between the man and me
  36. >he doesn't follow me with his eyes
  37. >he's focused on the door
  38. >walk up to him
  39. >notice his eyes are glassy and dim
  40. >he isn't breathing either
  41. >oh
  42. >oh shit
  43. >wave my hand in front of his face
  44. >no responce
  45. >poke him in the arm
  46. >no responce
  47. >pat him in the back
  48. >he slumps forward and falls to the floor
  49. >yep, defenately dead
  50. >inspect the man's body
  51. >there are no wounds nor sings of struggle
  52. >considering his age he most likely sat on his chair to relax and ended up kicking the bucket
  53. >damn it really do be like that sometimes
  54. >look around the room
  55. >there's a tall cabinet next to a bunk bed without and upper matress
  56. >open the cabinet
  57. >there are a bunch of tools inside
  58. >including a shovel, an axe and some rope
  59. >perfect just what i need
  60. >grab the stuff and throw it outside
  61. >search the body of the old man again
  62. >finds a key ring with a key and a small botton
  63. >find he has dog tags around his neck
  64. >oh shit
  65. >"Jeremy D. Basker" i read his tags out loud
  66. >there's more or there was more but it seems that everything but his name was scratched off
  67. >flip the tag to the other side
  68. >the u.s. navy logo is painted on
  69. >weird
  70. >welp, im sorry mister Basker but looks like you left this plane of existance far from home
  71. >drag his body outside and beging to dig a grave for the old man
  72. >even i have standards for the death after all
  73. >i take the next 15 minutes diggin a grave deep enough so that heavy rain won't expose the corpse in the soon to come rainy seasons
  74. >i carefully place the corpse of Jeremy in the hole
  75. >he's eyes still wide open
  76. >if he really died relaxed on his chair, why does he have that expression on his face?
  77. >catch myself wondering off
  78. >stop myself and get back to my bussines at hand
  79. >close his eyes and climb out of the hole
  80. >i start shoveling dirt back on the ditch
  81. >goodbye mr. Basker, you seemed like a good guy
  82. >after pilling the dirt back i start to compact it down with the shovel, making sure nothing is loose
  83. >put the shovel aside and grab the axe
  84. >run towards the forest
  85. >start hacking at some thick branches of a nearby tree
  86. >fuck this would have been easier if i had found a hatchet instead of this
  87. >after much effort i run back
  88. >axe in one hand and 2 big branches under the other arm
  89. >beging to bury one end of a stick on one side of the fresh grave
  90. >make sure it's sturdy enough
  91. >put the other stick perpendicular to the first one, forming a cross
  92. >attach them together with the rope
  93. >before i finish tying the makeshift cross i pull out this man's dog tags out of my pocket
  94. >i tie them to thightly the middle of the cross and continue with the rope over the dogt tag's chain thingy
  95. >i step back to admire my work
  96. >a dirt grave with a wooden cross with an old navy man's dog tags dangling from it's center
  97. >oh and the old man himself under all of it
  98. >i walk back to the building
  99. >im thinking about making it home
  100. >i have nothing to return to so might as well right?
  101. >this man's misfortune has given me an oportunity
  102. >thank you mister Jeremy D. Basker
  103. >enter again
  104. >the smell is still lingering
  105. >fuck's sake i have to clean this
  106. >go to the cabinet again
  107. >find a broom, mop, bucket and powder cleaner
  108. >look around for a source of water
  109. >theres a small bathroom with only a toilet and a sink
  110. >fill the bucket with water from the sink
  111. >get cleaning
  112. >good thing my granma taught me well
  113. >spend the next 20 minutes sweeping and moping the place
  114. >after im done i take the chair and put it outside
  115. >clean it with a piece of cloth and the rest of the soapy water
  116. >leave it out on the sun to dry
  117. >head back inside
  118. >in my way notice that the semi cilinder structure has big doors
  119. >oh shit
  120. >once inside i look for the keys of the old man
  121. >oh fuck i can't find them
  122. >realize i had put them on my pocket
  123. >fuck
  124. >head outside
  125. >click the botton on the keyring
  126. >light shines through the windows
  127. >the door begins to slide open
  128. >[visible anticipation]
  129. >the light assaults my eyes
  130. >fuck it's brighter than i thought
  131. >cover my eyes
  132. >hear the electric engines of the door stop with booming thunk
  133. >slowly uncover my eyes
  134. >as my eyes adjust i start to identify a distinctive silver-ish silhouette
  135. >fully uncover my eyes
  136. >admire what is standing in front of me
  137. >it's a silver f/a-18e super hornet
  138. >it's canopy is open and the acces ladder is deployed next to the cockpit
  139. >feel something crawl down my neck
  140. >oh shit, im drooling
  141. >wipe it off me
  142. >step inside the hangar
  143. >it way larger than it should for just a single f/a-18
  144. >get my answer as to why is that
  145. >there's a lot of things for the plane inside, fuel deposits, external fuel tanks mounted on a rack, a bunch of big wooden boxes with different labes
  146. >i assume those are spare parts
  147. >there is a weird generator looking thing connected to a big hose
  148. >i guess thats a fuel pump
  149. >there's a big fancy desk next to a wall
  150. >there's an assortment of papers on top of it
  151. >spot a thick wad of papers stapled together that has the photo of an f/a-18 on the front
  152. >pick it up
  153. >it's titled "personal manual of operation of an f/a-18 superhornet"
  154. >"plus some things you should know" is written in tiny lettering under the title
  155. >and the autor...
  156. >"By: Jeremy Dove Basker"
  157. >ah, so that's what the D. stood for
  158. >walk towards the front of the plane with papers on hand
  159. >open the little book on the first page
  160. >there's a paragraph titled "before we begin"
  161. >it reads "hi, my name is jeremy basker, if you are reading this, that means that you've been chosen to pilot my beloved f/a-18 super hornet, but keep in mind that this aircraft is capable of incredible things and it should NOT be flown recklessly, in the following page you will find an index on every step nescessary to pilot this aircraft, it's arranged in the order of the stages required to operate it, nothing should be skipped and no procedure should be rearranged, fly safetly."
  162. >yeah, """chosen"""
  163. >under the paragraph there's a photo of the old man, smiling and looking more alive
  164. >in the next page there's an index divided in stages with each stage divided in different procedures
  165. >close the book
  166. >i climb the narrow stairs and look inside the cockpit
  167. >it's extremely clean and the controls labels look like they haven't been touched since this plane came out of the factory
  168. >impressive that a lone man was capable on mantaining this aircraft all by himself
  169. >could i really fly this thing?
  170. >i've flown cessna 172 before but this is completely different bird
  171. >uh?
  172. >there are some words printed on the fuselage along the rim of the canopy
  173. >Maj. Jimmy "silver dove" Basker
  174. >aw
  175. >climb down
  176. >walk around the plane
  177. >there are 2 hardpoints on each wing but nothing attached to them
  178. >the plane has no insignias nor markings of any kind
  179. >steping back i notice that there is something on the stabilizers
  180. >it's a callsing, "SDJ0539"
  181. >so that would be Sierra Delta Juliet 0-5-3-9
  182. >i'll have to keep an ear out if i ever have to use the radio
  183. >walk back outside the hangar
  184. >i don't know why i never realized that this long clearing was supposed to be a runway
  185. >it seems pretty obvious considering there's a hangar on one end
  186. >yeah guess that "metalic semi cilinder" thing was just as stupid
  187. >it's getting dark really quickly
  188. >i click the botton
  189. >the doors give out a thunderous creaking as they move
  190. >closing with that booming thunk again
  191. >see the light turn off through the windows
  192. >if im gonna live here i better bring my stuff i left back at my temporary camp
  193. >it's just a tent, a minicooler and a cooking kit but i rather have those handy than leave them out in the wild
  194. >pull out pda, cheap piece of junk i bought from a tech savvy dwarf because it has drawn a map of the area
  195. >something modern phones don't currently have acces to
  196. >mark the airfield on the map and head to another mark named camp
  197. >arrive pretty fast since i just walked to it in a straight line thanks to pda
  198. >there's my stuff and an extinguished campfire i made in the evening
  199. >grab the cooking kit and put in inside my backpack
  200. >look inside my tent to see if i left anything in
  201. >my bedroll aparently
  202. >roll it up and strap it to the top of my pack
  203. >take the metal supports from my tent
  204. >put them in my backpack
  205. >they stick out a little
  206. >that's fine
  207. >take the cloth that is my tent and roll it up too
  208. >strap it under my backpack
  209. >now i have a big roll of cloth on top of my backpack and a smaller one under it too
  210. >grab minicooler with one hand and head back to the airfield
  211. >it has gone pretty dark now
  212. >the moon is brightly shinning tonight but the treetops deprive me of that natural light
  213. >i just see the outline of foliage that form patches of light where moon passes through
  214. >it quite beautiful and relaxing
  215. >today was a good day
  216. >suddenly i see a shadow hastily move along the patches of light
  217. >it passed right above me
  218. >too small to be a bird but too big to be a gargoyle
  219. >feel like being watched
  220. >scan the sky a little
  221. >pull out hi-power out of hip
  222. >continue walking
  223. >pistol at the ready in case anything tries to fight me
  224. >i can hear the distant sound of the animals of the forest
  225. >rustling in the distance keeps me on the edge
  226. >hear heavy rustling above me
  227. >drop minicooler and aim up to confront whatever is coming at me
  228. >see a dark figure with intense amber eyes falling on me
  229. >before i can let out a round the figure falls on top of my chest
  230. >knocking the pistol out of my hands
  231. >i wince in pain
  232. >i look to my right
  233. >my pistol is in the dirt next to me
  234. >i extend my arm to reach it
  235. >my finger tips are gracing the slide
  236. >c'mon c'mon
  237. >i get my finger to grip the slide a little
  238. >try to drag the pistol closer to me with my finger
  239. >but before i can get even get it an inch closer a talon lands on my hand, immobilizing it
  240. >fuck, it pierced the webbing between my thumb and index finger
  241. >i look up to see my assaulter
  242. >just to find those same amber eyes right in front of me
  243. >it's a harpy, a big one
  244. >with brown plumage
  245. >that with her size and eyes, i think she's an owl harpy
  246. >guess that's how she got the jump on me
  247. >stealthy bitch
  248. >before i can try anything i get hit in the chest again
  249. >she has let herself fall on me
  250. >arch myself backward to get her off
  251. >my head bumps with the metal support poking out of my backpack
  252. >wild idea appears
  253. >"mmmmh, you are not as punny as the men from the caravan, you'll make a decent slave"
  254. >fuck you bitch
  255. >i go for the fake push, inflating my chest and putting my hand on her stomach
  256. >she inmediatly grabs my hand and forces it to the ground next to my head
  257. >yes, just as planned
  258. >stop pushing
  259. >she lets go and chuckles
  260. >"that's right, the less you resist the gentler we'll be so just sit back and wait for friends to come over"
  261. >i whisper nothing at her
  262. >she leans closer to me
  263. >"huh? you said anything"
  264. >whisper gibberish again
  265. >"come on, speak up i ain't that heavy"
  266. >she gets closer
  267. >"bad move bitch"
  268. >i grab one of the metal rods and pull it out of my backpack
  269. >the harpy recoils from the sudden movement
  270. >she tries to move her head back to dodge my iron rod of vengance
  271. >but she's too slow
  272. >thwack her across the face
  273. >she falls to the ground on her side
  274. >as quick as i can i gat up and grab my pistol
  275. >the harpy tries to get up again
  276. >tackle her as she tries to plant her talons on the ground
  277. >i sit on her chest and begin to choke her with my free hand
  278. >she grabs my hand with her weird feathery hand things at the tip of her wings
  279. >pistol-whip her in the forehead 3 times
  280. >she has stopped resisting
  281. >i get up from her
  282. >she rolls onto a fetal position and covers her head
  283. >she's sobbing
  284. >i can see blood rolling down her face
  285. >"if i had even considered letting you live, the best thing you could do is tell your filthy kin to stay the fuck away from me"
  286. >she tries to get up again
  287. >kick her in the hip to down her again
  288. >i aim for her head
  289. >her sobbing has turned to all out crying
  290. >she stares at me with those big amber eyes filled with tears
  291. >i feel no sympathy for her
  292. >she attacked me first
  293. >before i can finish the flying gobling off i hear more rustling coming from the treetops and from several directions
  294. >shit
  295. >they're in the fucking trees
  296. >open fire on anything that moves in the trees
  297. >my magazine gets emptied quick
  298. >time to run
  299. >start running as fast as i can
  300. >to where?
  301. >fuck if i know im just running for my life
  302. >run for around 7 minutes
  303. >i don't know if they are following me
  304. >didn't bother to look back
  305. >jump over a fallen log on my way
  306. >land on my feet and use the momentum to slide onto my side
  307. >oof
  308. >not as easy as the movies
  309. >lying on the ground i remove my backpack and throw it agains the fallen log
  310. >roll onto the log as well
  311. >my breathing gets heavier as i rest from all that running
  312. >pull out pistol and reload it with a mag i had in a belt pouch
  313. >reach for my pack and press it against my chest
  314. >fuck, i've lost my bedroll, some metal supports and my minicooler
  315. >shit, it was full of bottles of stella artois too
  316. >now im more pissed than worried at those garbo bird women
  317. >if i ever find bombs for the jet im testing them on their settlement
  318. >if i can fly the jet that is
  319. >fuck, now im inspired to learn
  320. >[activate west coast personality module]
  321. >"finna fuck up some feathered ass if i get the chance"
  322. >...
  323. >......
  324. >uh....
  325. >where am i by the way?
  326. >pull out pda
  327. >looks like i ran north from where i was assaulted
  328. >i was supposed to head south-east to get to the airfield from my now non-existant camp
  329. >about that
  330. >delete the camp marker from my map
  331. >this map has a route feature which mean i can trace my movement route to the airfield instead of going in a straight line
  332. >if by what i heard from some locals before venturing innawoods
  333. >the harpies have a large settlement right by the beach
  334. >that patrol probably headed back to care for their injured friend
  335. >so, trace a wide swing into the deeper forest to avoid more potential encounters with the harpies
  336. >this will probably take like 40 minutes walking
  337. >better start now
  338. >i rather skip the explanation of the walk, absolutely nothing happened except it got dark as hell
  339. >i see the clearing amongs the trees
  340. >to not expose myself to any airborne threats i walk through the rim of the clearing
  341. >under the cover of the trees
  342. >once near the building i prepare my pistol
  343. >run like hell from the tree line and into the door
  344. >open the door with the keys and lock it behind me
  345. >i fall on my ass from the exhaustion
  346. >this wasn't that good of a night
  347. >it's like 9:20, my gorka is full of mud and i haven't had dinner yet
  348. >i was supposed to forage for food but then found the hangar
  349. >guess i forgot about that
  350. >i don't worry
  351. >i have some spare mre's in case i didn't find food
  352. >throw my backpack to the wall
  353. >start to undress from the filthy one piece gorka
  354. >in dinning on my underwear tonight
  355. >pull out my boots, gloves and gorka
  356. >i am now only on my underwear and socks
  357. >grab bag and place it at the foot of the desk
  358. >realize the my hands and head are still smeared with mud and droplets of harpy blood
  359. >go to the bathroom and clean myself as much as i can on the sink
  360. >this bathroom doesn't have a shower pad
  361. >fuck it, i'll find out how to shower tomorrow
  362. >open up backpack splotching my hands with mud again
  363. >fuck
  364. >pinch mre with pinky finger and thumb as to not contaminate it
  365. >pinch out canteen too
  366. >pull it out and drop it on the desk
  367. >wash my hands again
  368. >pull closer an office chair that was next to the desk
  369. >open mre up
  370. >main course is 3 cheeses lasagna
  371. >prepare the main course on it's heating bag
  372. >look for a rock or something to lay it on
  373. >look under desk
  374. >my foot bumps onto something under the desk
  375. >there's a small box labeled "office supplies"
  376. >could be useful
  377. >grab it
  378. >open it up
  379. >it's filled with dynamte sticks and paper clips
  380. >big ones
  381. >......ok?
  382. >slide the box to where it was
  383. >open a drawer on the desk
  384. >there's a stapler and a notebook
  385. >grab the stapler and set it on top of the desk
  386. >set mre on it
  387. >wait
  388. >open the drawer again and pull out notebook
  389. >it's a red leathered notebook with no markings
  390. >it's the journal of old man Jeremy
  391. >oh shit
  392. >should i read this?
  393. >would that be disrespectful?
  394. >if it gets to private i'll stop
  395. >open the book on the first page
  396. >the first log is dated to july of 2008
  397. >woah there buckaroo
  398. >fuck that
  399. >skip to 5 months before today
  400. >nothing really interesting except for a very notable exception
  401. >in an entry the old man acknowledges that he's not long for this world and that he desires to seek out a new pilot to take the stick of his hands and to help him out on his last years
  402. >the way he wrote makes it sound like he's calm and that he has come to terms with this reality
  403. >i think that's pretty noble, but damn is it depressing
  404. >3 months before today
  405. >at this point the old man has started to write his custom manual for his aircraft, he mentions "a few modifications" that would make the start up faster and easier
  406. >2 months
  407. >he speaks of a sudden health condition, he never says exactly what it is but does mention "spontaneous exhaustion, weakness on the legs, and not being able to pull as many G's as before"
  408. >a week
  409. >his writing has become desperate, he claims that his time is coming faster than expected and how he should start to look for new pilot sooner than what he anticipated
  410. >yesterday
  411. >"i have a plan for today, it's going to be one of my last flights, i shall take off at noon and head to the new airport of the so called kingdom of champions, can't quite remember it's name but that doesn't matter to me, the new airport should attract pilots from all over the continent, once there i will recruit a worthy pilot and escort him to my airfield where i shall teach him all i know and once proven i will inherit all my everything to him."
  412. >"i have readied the plane and loaded it with more than enough fuel to go and come back, it most likely will take over a day away to find a true successor but it will be worth it, i know it."
  413. >"i will take to the skies after a quick read of the papers on my chair."
  414. >"oh my dear dove, is my time to leave you really approaching that fast?."
  415. >...
  416. >the following pages are empty
  417. >shit
  418. >i think i left the lasagna on too long
  419. >i pull it out of the heating bag and tear it open
  420. >i eat it with the spoon that comes in the package
  421. >leave everything else of the mre
  422. >just the fucking main course
  423. >i'll eat everything else for breakfast
  424. >after eating i get up and walk towards the bed
  425. >i lay down and look up to the ceiling
  426. >i didn't notice there was a ceiling fan here
  427. >get up and look for a way to turn the ceiling fan on
  428. >go back to bed
  429. >slowly drift off to dreamland
  430. >get woken up by a strange feeling
  431. >it's dark as fuck
  432. >i don't remember turning the lights off
  433. >weird
  434. >hear muffled metalic creaking coming from the walls
  435. >wtf?
  436. >jump out of bed and grab pistol and pda from desk
  437. >check pda
  438. >it's 3:47 in the morning
  439. >slowly walk outside
  440. >still only in my briefs and in the dark
  441. >the doors of the hangar are slightly opened and light is escaping through
  442. >there's something inside and it turned on the lights
  443. >rack slide of pistol
  444. >i walk inside the hangar blinding myself in the process
  445. >once my eyes adjust to the light i see something soul crushing
  446. >the plane is gone and in it's place there's a gigantic 55.77 feet tall woman in a silver dress sitting on the floor
  447. >no
  448. >she turns her attention to me
  449. >"oh, hello there, are you jimmy's apprentice?"
  450. >nononononononono
  451. >"are you ok? you looked scared, don't be, im Dove, what's your name?"
  452. >i drop to my knees in defeat
  453. >i shout to the heavens for punishing me this way
  455. >wake up on a cold sweat and breathing heavily
  456. >jump out of bed
  457. >grab my pistol and keys to the hangar and run outside
  458. >the sun is already up and i can hear the hopefullly not harpies chirping in the distance
  459. >click the hangar control and wait for the doors to open
  460. >the lights come on
  461. >the plane is there
  462. >and it has not become a giant anime woman
  464. >sigh in relief
  465. >close the hangar door and walk inside for breakfast
  466. >never sleep right after eating ever again
  467. >eat the crackers and peanut butter for breakfast, along with the coffee i didn't eat yesterday
  468. >look at my gear on the corner of the room, still covered in mud
  469. >after eating i head to the tool cabinet
  470. >i belive i saw a rubber hose in there yesterday
  471. >open it
  472. >cash, there it is
  473. >grab the hose and take it outside
  474. >pull my backpack upside down
  475. >empty it's contents on the floor
  476. >my phone flies out and lands on a towel i had packed
  477. >oh shit
  478. >check it
  479. >it's fine, it got a soft landing
  480. >leave phone on the desk
  481. >grab the keyring and towel
  482. >throw gorka, boots and backpack outside
  483. >there's a water spout on the outside of the hangar
  484. >connect the hose to it
  485. >open the hangar door
  486. >douse my gear with the hose
  487. >scrub the mud of with my hand
  488. >throw my soaking wet gear to the clean hangar floor
  489. >dropping it to the ground would have been counterproductive
  490. >take my man-pants of and throw them to the floor too
  491. >beging to shower with the hose like a dog
  492. >im standing in the open butt ass naked throwing water at myself
  493. >and it feels fucking great
  494. >dry myself with the towel once done
  495. >put my same underwear again
  496. >walk into the hangar
  497. >if the old man lived here then he must ha-AHA!
  498. >there's a wooden closet next to the big ass boxes
  499. >the has to be clothing in there
  500. >run towards the closet
  501. >platplatplatplatplat.mp3
  502. >open it
  503. >there's an olive green jumpsuit along with some weird vests with a lot of shit attached to them
  504. >there's a pilot helmet resting at the bottom of the closet next to some boots
  505. >oh, this is the flight gear
  506. >put the flight suit on
  507. >it fits me a bit loose but i think it's okay
  508. >then there are the boots
  509. >shit im barefooted
  510. >run back to get my socks
  511. >platplatplatplatplat.mp3
  512. >get my socks from the small building and run back
  513. >platplatplatplatplat.mp3
  514. >put my socks and the boots on
  515. >they fit me snugly
  516. >nice
  517. >this will do for now
  518. >i feel good, i feel inspired
  519. >today, i'll fly
  520. >but first how do i put this fucking vest on?
  521. >after much struggling to get the survival vest on i decided to check the manual
  522. >open the manual on the "pilot" section
  523. >after a careful read i have come to the conclusion that i am, in fact, a fucking idiot
  524. >let's speed up the learning process with a cheesy 80's training montage
  526. > [Embed]
  527. >proceed to equip gear as described in the manual
  528. >except the headgear and gloves
  529. >wait, if im gonna leave for maybe 1 hour or less, then i should close down the place
  530. >waddle out of the hangar
  531. >fuck, walking with this is uncomfortable as fuck
  532. >loosen some of the zippers of the g suit
  533. >much better
  534. >grab my pistol and pda
  535. >lock down the place to ensure nothing getting looted whilst im away
  536. >run back inside the hangar
  537. >strap pistol to my thigh with one of the straps of the g suit
  538. >put pda on one of the pouches of the survival vest
  539. >grab my head gear
  540. >put cranial cap on
  541. >dramaticaly walk to the plane with the helmet on one hand and the manual on the other
  542. >climb up to the fuselage of the plane via boarding ladder
  543. >before jumping in the cockpit i realize
  544. >"wait, if im gonna be inside, the who is gonna remove the ladder?"
  545. >fuck, this is what ground crew are for
  546. >unhinch the ladder and push it out of the way
  547. >make sure it fell away enough to not get stuck on the landing gear
  548. >jump into the cockpit
  549. >fucking hell, the leg space is absolute shit
  550. >cramped as fuck
  551. >don't mind it, ill get used to it
  552. >right, so, starting the aircraft
  553. >open the manual
  554. >follow the diagrams on the pages to make sure everything is up to spec
  555. >the wall circuit breakers are in place and no switches are out of order
  556. >acomodate the hearing protection on my cranial cap
  557. >connect helmet to the plane and put it on
  558. >engage the batteries to on
  559. >the voltage gauge jumps up to 24 volts on both batteries
  560. >that's more than enough so i guess that's good
  561. >flip the oxygen on
  562. >god i can't belive im actually doing this
  563. >turn on the hud, the ddi's and the mpcd
  564. >the manual goes into detail about "the automatic startup assistant"
  565. >it basically runs must of the preigniton procedures automatically
  566. >it declares that this saves 15 minutes of the startup
  567. >nice
  568. >flip the apu on
  569. >hear the ats start up
  570. >close the canopy to reduce the noise coming in
  571. >the manual say that to acces the automatic startup assistant i must click the scs button 5 times in a row
  572. >i do so
  573. >a lot of prerecorded warnings start to test themselves
  574. >i look through the rearview mirrors how the control surfaces start to aline properly and then move erratically
  575. >this is normal, they are testing themselves
  576. >right then, the plane is ready for start up
  577. >crank the left engine and give it a little power for it to spool up
  578. >do the same with the right engine
  579. >disengage the parking brake
  580. >taxi out of the hangar and aline with the runway
  581. >turn anti-skid on
  582. >probably doesn't matter, the runway is grass, i'll be sliding like a wet bitch covered in baby oil
  583. >pull out the keyring out of my pocket and close the hangar
  584. >almost ready for take off
  585. >set left ddi to fuel monitoring system
  586. >the central and wing tanks make a total of 7200 pounds of fuel
  587. >i know there's fuel gauge on the console but that shit is tiny and almost unreadable
  588. >set right ddi to the attitude indicator because i can't understand the hud for shit
  589. >hmm what else?
  591. >unlock the wings and fold them out
  592. >move a side mirror to see the wing tips
  593. >they are fully extended
  594. >good, lock them in place
  595. >what else?
  596. >oh my g suit!
  597. >thighten the g suit to ensure i don't pass out on the stick (the g suit doesn't prevent this it just slightly lowers the possibilities of that happening)
  598. >i am almost set to fly
  599. >to be honest im shitting bricks right now
  600. >"come on anon, you have flown before, this is just like a cessna but faster"
  601. >no it's not, it's the polar opposite but encouragement is welcomed
  602. >even if it's my own
  603. >ok, here we go
  604. >down the flaps to half a notch
  605. >push the brakes
  606. >throw the power to 80%
  607. >i hear as the afterburners come alive
  608. >the plane starts to move but so slow that the speed indicator rapidly switching between 1 and 0
  609. >fucking shitty grass runway
  610. >disengage the brakes
  611. >as soon i feel the plane rolling i push the balls to the wall
  612. >full throttle, the engines roar is muffled by the canopy and ear protection yet the sounds is very much empowering
  613. >the fast acceleration is making me sink on my seat
  614. >the entire cockpit is shaking because of THE FUCKING GRASS RUNWAY
  615. >the speed indicator is climbing numbers much faster than what i had anticipated
  616. >once it reaches 184 knots i beging to pull on the stick
  617. >oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck
  618. >the sudden pressure makes me feel dizzy
  619. >yep, those are the g's
  620. >the plane has stopped shaking
  621. >i am no longer in contact with earth
  622. >my pull on the stick loosens as i clear the line of trees at the end of the runway with a lot of distance to spare
  623. >get the landing gear up
  624. >once above 3000 feet switch the flaps to auto
  625. >i've done it
  626. >i've actually managed to take off in a jet i'd never flown before
  627. >with difficulty but i did it
  628. > starts to play on my head
  629. >level the plane out and reduce power to 60%
  630. >im leveled at 5400
  631. >i wish to go a little higher
  632. >not now first im gonna check the view
  633. >i can see a lot from here
  634. >the coast and it's nearby mountains and cliffs
  635. >on the other side of the cockpit i can see very distant villages with a very big city on the horizon
  636. >man, this feels amazing
  637. >and it would feel better if i didn't feel like im about to turn inside out
  638. >im gonna fly down the coastline
  639. >the airfield is relatively close to the beach so it'll be easier to find my way back than to venture inland
  640. >aline myself with the coastline
  641. >im traveling at about 310 knots
  642. >the ride is surprisingly smooth once up high
  643. >all of this feels nice
  644. >you know what would mix well with this peaceful cruise?
  645. >80's power rock
  646. >pull out my pda from pouch with one hand still on the stick
  647. >switch from map to multimedia player
  648. >find the song that im looking for
  649. >man i never thought i'd listen to this in this contex
  650. >
  651. >yeah, all that i need now is some monster zero ultra
  652. >bank slightly so i can look at the beach below me
  653. >see it gradualy transform from a calm sandy beach to a rocky shore
  654. >the rocky shore climbs to become a seaside cliff as i approach montanous landscapes
  655. >mumble to the song out of reflex
  656. >"hm hm raging fire mmm sky tonight, i wanna ride on a silver do-"
  657. >"OH!"
  658. >oh wow
  659. >i hadn't noticed that
  660. >hmm, i wonder if the old man like cheap trick?
  661. >hmmm
  662. >oh hold on,is that an island that i see?
  663. >yes it is, an off-shore island
  664. >and it seems inhabited
  665. >there's a big structure on the shore on the island
  666. >might be worth cheecking out
  667. >i reach for one of the bigger pouches in the vest
  668. >i think there were some binoculars in there
  669. >yeah, i found them
  670. >pull them out and adjust them to maximum zoom
  671. >they are pretty shitty but serve their function decently enough
  672. >holding the bank angle i spy the large structure on the beach
  673. >it's a beached ship, and the residents are scrapping it for metal
  674. >i move my sight to the main town
  675. >i see the telltale sign of this place's nature
  676. >a bunch of humanoid shapes flying around
  677. >that has to be the harpy settlement the locals mentioned
  678. >and by the decorations on the buildings, i say they are holding some form of celebration
  679. >get a flashback to those amber eyes trying to kidnap me
  680. >a plan of vengance starts to formulate in my head
  681. >"how about we spice these party up then?"
  682. >descent down to 1300 feet
  683. >the sea still looks distant but the clifftops look relatively close
  684. >continue flying straight
  685. >far enough so the island doesn't seem recognizable
  686. >start a wide swing of a u turn
  687. >wide enough so that the forces won't churn my insides
  688. >aline my flight path right over the island
  689. >i may not have ordinance but i do have a different type of boom
  690. >the target speed is 666.73 knots
  691. >devil's speed as my father would call it
  692. >damn i miss my dad's flying lessons
  693. >what was the safe distance for supersonic shockwave?
  694. >i think it was something along the lines of 2,200 feet of distance minimum
  695. >how about we make it 500 feet
  696. >im low enough that i can see cliff's face when i look to the side of the cockpit
  697. >once i think im in a good distance i throw the power to the max
  698. >i can hear the afterburners roar again
  699. >my insides begin to shift to the back of my body
  700. >oh god
  701. >i don't think i thought this through completely
  702. >fuck it, im invested in blowing everybody's eardrums
  703. >i can see the island rapidly approach me
  704. >"c'mon man, hold your shit together"
  705. >589 knots
  706. >"icandothis icandothis"
  707. >im so close
  708. >break 600
  709. >nope nope nope
  710. >feel like im about to implode
  711. >pull the throttle back down
  712. >the island passes down beneath me
  713. >the afterburners close
  714. >the sudden deaceleration throws me forward
  715. >the harness yanks me back in the seat
  716. >ended up flying over the island at 610 knots
  717. >that won't blow out anybody's eardrums
  718. >but im sure i rattled some hollow bones down there
  719. >look at fuel
  720. >3600 pounds left total
  721. >god damn those afterburners just chug gas
  722. >gonna fly back to the airfield now
  723. >i've had enough fun today
  724. >hope those feathered bitches got the message to not fuck with me again
  725. >follow the coast line until i see the clearing and the hangar down below
  726. >on this angle i can see a little river not too far from the hangar
  727. >i didn't see it taking off because it was behind me at that moment
  728. >that'll be a good place to forage for food
  729. >i turn wide to aline myself with the runway on the opposite side of the hangar
  730. >the maximum landing speed for a military jet is around 180 knots
  731. >but the manual said the maximum safe landing speed for this airfield is 140
  732. >i'm starting to get nervous
  733. >i descend to 200 feet
  734. >remember that the height on the hud is above the ocean surface so 0 is not my landing height
  735. >the airfield strip was 83 feet above the ocean surface is i remember correctly
  736. >i pull the throttle to a minimum
  737. >my speed is 210 knots
  738. >that's in the safe speed to lower the landing gear
  739. >lift the airbrake
  740. >the change in surface makes the nose of the plane pitch up
  741. >i counter it with the stick
  742. >when i slow down to 160 i lower the airbrake
  743. >lower flaps to full
  744. >i have a controled descend speed that's around 150 feet
  745. >the landing gear is pubic hairs away from scraping the tree tops
  746. >if i could clench my anus anymore it would collapse into a black hole
  747. >i reach the clearing
  748. >as soon as i leave the trees behind i pitch up to both slow down and descend
  749. >i end up touching down at 138 knots
  750. >the touch down was hard and my spine could tell you all about it
  751. >it wasn't a smooth landing but atleast i didn't break anything
  752. >i think...
  753. >i pull on the brakes and the plane starts to slow down on it's roll
  754. >stop some distance away from the hangar
  755. >pull out keyring from pocket and press the button
  756. >the hangar doors open and the lights inside shine
  757. >taxi the plane inside
  758. >to kill the engines i pull on a tap on the throttle levers and pull them all the way down
  759. >wait a few seconds for the engines to stop
  760. >open the canopy and pull the oxygen mask off me
  761. >fold the wings up
  762. >turn everything else off
  763. >wait, how am i gonna back out of the hangar?
  764. >...shit
  765. >fuck it, i’ll find a way later
  766. >disconnect the mask from the oxygen tank and climb out onto the fuselage
  767. >i jump off the plane and with my pistol and big ass manual still strapped to my legs
  768. >waddle away from the plane and undo the g suit
  769. >walk to the gear that i threw on the floor before leaving
  770. >take everything off me and dump it on the fancy desk inside the hangar
  771. >put gorka, boots and backpack on, grab pistol and pda of fancy desk and pack them
  772. >grab the towel and drape it over my shoulder
  773. >walk out and close the hangar
  774. >walk into adjacent building
  775. >for convenience i’ll call it house from now on because i ran out of ways to say small concrete building next to the hangar
  776. >open the tool cabinet looking for something i saw and didn’t mind earlier
  777. >a plastic bucket with a lid
  778. >upon further inspection i realize the plastic bucket has in fact a slightly smaller tin bucket inside
  779. >oh this is perfect, i thought that i’ll had to do 2 trips to the river
  780. >that’s right
  781. >were eating river food tonight
  782. >take the buckets and get out of the house
  783. >start pda and check the map
  784. >the river is not on the map
  785. >wut?
  786. >doesn’t matter
  787. >just go straight into the tree line and i’ll stumble with it
  788. >no fear
  789. >i can’t get lost with this mighty device of mine
  790. >as long as the batteries don’t run out
  791. >start the walk
  792. >it takes me about 15 minutes to get to the river
  793. >its waters are very clear and beautiful
  794. >get naked
  795. >pile up all of my gear on the riverside
  796. >jump into
  797. >oOOooOooOh fuuUUuuUuuUuck
  798. >its cold ass fuck
  799. >climb out of the river and grab tin bucket
  800. >walk along the shallows
  801. >flip a rock
  802. >two crawfish crawl out
  803. >yes! We got crustacean presence!
  804. >spend the next 30 minutes collecting crawfish
  805. >end up collecting 37 little packets of meat
  806. >fill their bucket with a little bit of water so that they don’t die on transit
  807. >i don’t want food poisoning, thank you
  808. >put their bucket besides my gear and grab plastic bucket and its lid
  809. >dip the bucket on the deeper end to collect drinking water
  810. >i spot the shadow of a fish swimming in this direction
  811. >the waters are clear but due to the angle i have on the surface of the water i can only see a dark shape
  812. >lightbulb.jpg
  813. >once i have enough water i keep the bucket submerged
  814. >the fish darts it to my direction
  815. >yes, come to papa
  816. >i don’t know what scared it to swim so fast so suddenly but that’s good for me
  817. >when the gets near i lunge the bucket and scoop it up
  818. >immediately close the lid
  819. >achievement unlocked: tactical fishing
  820. >walk out of the river feeling awesome
  821. >take a victory piss on a nearby tree
  822. >dry myself with the towel and get dressed
  823. >walk home with both buckets in hand
  824. >i can hear something hitting the lid of the plastic bucket from time to time
  825. >must be the fish trying to jump out
  826. >get home
  827. >open the front door and step inside
  828. >realize that there are still stains of mud on the floor and the desk
  829. >how i didn’t see those earlier i don’t know
  830. >i’ll clean that later
  831. >grab my cooking kit and go outside again
  832. >fuck i forgot the axe
  833. >retrieve axe and start collecting fire wood
  834. >15 minutes later i’m starting a campfire with my lighter next to Jeremy’s grave
  835. >it’s starting to get dark
  836. >surrounded the fire with rocks so i don’t accidentally set the entire runway on fire
  837. >drain the crawfish’s water into a pot
  838. >put pot over some red charcoals
  839. >after about 2 minutes the water begins to boil
  840. >the only seasoning i have with me is a salt shaker and a little bottle of olive oil
  841. >pour some salt into the roaring water and mix it with a metal spoon
  842. >pour the crawfish onto the boiling water
  843. >it starts to foam
  844. >after 7 minutes of boiling i take the pot out of the fire and set it of the grass
  845. >the grass sizzles to the touch of the pot
  846. >i scoop a single cooked red crawfish with the spoon and blow on it to reduce the heat
  847. >take it with my hands and crunch its tail off
  848. >slurp the meat of the tail
  849. >do the same with the claws
  850. >the meat of the claws is pretty insignificant but it’s still something
  851. >the salt really sunk into the crawfish and its meat is soft and slightly creamy
  852. >its almost melting in my mouth
  853. >toss the inedible part into the fire
  854. >eat another 3 the same way
  855. >the delicious crawfish along with the rising moon and the sounds of the forest and the crackling fire make for a comfy atmosphere
  856. >yes, this feels nice
  857. >ooh i almost forgot I have a big fish on the bucket
  858. >i open the lid of the bucket and then reach for my frying pan
  859. >i splashing sounds followed by a long gasp for air
  860. >wut?
  861. >i slowly turn around to see what could have made that sound
  862. >a louder splash throws water on my shoulder
  863. >i jump on my feet and completely turn around
  864. >the water in the bucket is shaking
  865. >get closer to see what’s making all that noise
  866. >fish don’t gasp for air so what the fuck is it?
  867. >there’s a shadow on the bottom of the bucket
  868. >try to reach in to grab it
  869. >it suddenly swims up and jumps out of the water splashing me and making me fall on my ass
  870. >wipe the water off my face
  871. >there at my feet is a tiny creature with the upper half of a woman and the body of a fish
  872. >oh shit neggers i caught a river mermaid
  873. >she starts to crawl on the grass breathing heavily
  874. >grab her with one hand
  875. >she tries to pry my fingers open with her hands
  876. >the fish part starts squirming hard
  877. >she looks about 11 inches from head to tail fins
  878. >the woman part has pale skin long black hair
  879. >the fish body is long and eel like with a deep blue coloration
  880. >i put a finger under her chin and raise her head
  881. >she has no gills and breather through her mouth
  882. >weird, what kind of fish woman is this?
  883. >she bites my finger in my distraction
  884. >i flinch and drop her
  885. >she tries to crawl away
  886. >before i can grab her again she stops
  887. >she looks around and begins to panic
  888. >she must have realized she’s nowhere near the river
  889. >i scoop her up with my hands
  890. >she’s sniffling
  891. >d’aaw poor thing
  892. >i’ll throw her back to the river
  893. >hear the howl of wolf in the distance followed closely by many responses
  894. >i’ll throw her back to the river tomorrow
  895. >put her in the bucket again
  896. >she gives me puppy eyes as i put her in
  897. >she must think i’m going to hurt her
  898. >crack the shell of a crawfish and drop it in the bucket
  899. >she hesitates but eats it none the less
  900. >guess there won’t be a main course for dinner
  901. >…
  902. >….what does mermaid taste like
  903. >i’m not gonna test that right now
  904. >i chuck another 3 crawfish into her bucket and eat the rest
  905. >it’s not filling enough but what can i do about it? Eat the mermaid?
  906. >i really could try some
  907. >i could only eat the tail and it would be fi-
  909. >but i am curious
  910. >but not THAT curious so no fish woman for dinner
  911. >…
  912. >…fuck it
  913. >the fire is on and i have my frying pan at hand
  914. >besides, it’s not like a single mermaid gone is gonna impact their population that mu-
  915. >no! dickhead! don’t hurt her!
  916. >why not, she’s just an animal that partially resembles a human, it’s no different than eating any other fish
  918. >snap back into my senses realize that i’ve been twitching and trembling for the last minute
  919. >look back at the bucket
  920. >the mermaid is peeking over the brim with wide eyes
  921. >don’t blame her
  922. >must have looked like i was having a stroke
  923. >i ignore the mental conflict that just happened in my head
  924. >must be the fucking isolation
  925. >get up and use the left over water from the crawfish to extinguish the fire
  926. >sit on the moon light for a bit moving the water of the bucket around
  927. >the mermaid surfaces and stares at me
  928. >pat her head a little
  929. >she looks uncomfortable at first but then eases into it
  930. >”i’m sorry for acting weird but i promise i don’t want to hurt”
  931. >she tilts her head and smiles
  932. >i guess she doesn’t understand english but it looks like she got the message
  933. >through the next couple of minutes i suddenly get this urges to do stupid shit
  934. >like my consciousness randomly telling me too slam my head against the wall, to dig out Jeremy, to bite the mermaid’s head off
  935. >i ignore all of it
  936. >my head begins to hurt
  937. >get a vision of me sticking the muzzle of my pistol into my mouth and pulling the trigger
  941. >stand up and pull out my pistol
  942. >scan the tree lines from both sides of the runway
  943. >that’s when i see them
  944. >2 amber dots among the tree tops in the distance
  945. >they are eyes
  946. >those eyes i’ll never forget and never forgive
  947. >”fucking bitch”
  948. >aim my pistol towards the pair of eyes
  949. >i scream ”I SEE YOU BITCH”
  950. >she jumps out of the tree and lands on the middle of the runway, revealing herself in the moonlight
  951. >it’s the same harpy that attacked me last night
  952. >she has bandages rolled around her forehead with a red spot were the bandages soaked blood
  953. >she is walking towards me with a smug smile
  954. >”my my, looks like my little runaway slave got an upgrade from pathetic grunt to mediocre pilot, and judging by the grave i’d recon that you didn’t kill the old man who lived here no, you found him death and decided to abuse his property claiming that you were “letting him live on with you as a successor”
  955. >that’s…
  956. >…oddly specific and accurate
  957. >”you’ve been spying on me haven’t you?”
  958. >she fakes a surprised gasp and says in a sarcastic tone “oh my, what gave it away?”
  959. >her presence alone grinds my gears and her cunty attitude makes me want to shoot her on the spot
  960. >nothing is preventing me from doing so
  961. >amongst the noises of the forest i hear a faint flap of wings behind and above me
  962. >a splashing sound followed by a surprised “EEK!” from the mermaid warns me of the oncoming attack
  963. >i jump to my right
  964. >a surprised squawk is followed by the thud of a different harpy hitting the ground where i stood
  965. >she has blue plumage and hair and looks way younger than the owl
  966. >i grab her by the scalp and lift her up
  967. >”HEY HOW DID YOU KNO-“
  968. >shut her up by slamming her head to the wall of the house 2 times
  969. >she falls to the ground limp
  970. >”oh wow that didn’t go as planned”
  971. >snap my aim towards the direction of the voice and fire twice
  972. >there’s no one there
  973. >hear her whisper in my ear “behind you”
  974. >sumo kick backwards ala champion gundyr except way less cool
  975. >nothing behind me either
  976. >hear her whistle to my left
  977. >aim at her with my pistol
  978. >she’s standing on Jeremy’s grave
  979. >and she’s holding my mermaid
  980. >she’s struggling to get free as the harpy gives me a toothy grin
  981. >that’s it
  982. >i’ll brake her fucking limbs and throw her into a fire
  983. >she hops off the grave and licks the mermaid across her face
  984. >”mmm what a tasty catch you have here”
  985. >i grind my teeth in anger
  986. >the moment she tries anything i’m shooting
  987. >she winks at me
  988. >my vision fades for half a second
  989. >when it returns i see myself surrounded by a dozen copies of the harpy
  990. >all of the copies are holding copies of my mermaid
  991. >so this is how she was fucking with me
  992. >she’s an illusionist
  993. >i spin around aiming my pistol to any copy that moves
  994. >they all speak at the same time
  995. >”if you figure out which one is the real one i’ll let you aquatic friend go”
  996. >i keep spinning looking for a clue as to which bitch i should shoot
  997. >with a passing sight i notice that one of them has a slightly brighter hue of colors in her plumage
  998. >that has to be it, all the other ones look exactly the same
  999. >i keep moving my head around
  1000. >pretending i didn’t notice her
  1001. >stand still facing a fake illusion
  1002. >ready my pistol
  1003. >snap at the real bitch and pull my trigger
  1004. >my bullet goes right through her left thigh
  1005. >in that same instant all the other fake copies vanish and my vision clears
  1006. >she screeches in pain and drops the mermaid to the ground
  1007. >the mermaid starts to crawl towards me with a scared face
  1008. >the harpy kneels down and clutches her wound
  1009. >she lifts up a shivering palm of her feathered hand
  1010. >”imsorryimsorryimsorry pleasedonthurtmeanymore!”
  1011. >well that was a quick change of mind wasn’t it?
  1012. >fucking cunt
  1013. >feel something tugging at my pants
  1014. >look down to see my mermaid crawling up my leg
  1015. >pick her up with my free hand
  1016. >she has tears swelling in her eyes
  1017. >look at the scar in my left hand
  1018. >stance my right leg back
  1019. >the harpy lifts her head up to face me
  1020. >bad idea bitch
  1021. >roundhouse-kick her square in the mouth
  1022. >the momentum of my feet transferring to her mouth throws her to her side
  1023. >she some drops of blood fly out of her mouth
  1024. >feel like a pro-choice activist
  1025. >I raise my pistol to her head
  1026. >déjà vu
  1027. >we’ve been in this place before
  1028. >she covers her head with her hands
  1029. >”w-WAIT! My entire family knows where I am! If you kill me they’ll get the entirety of harpy city to come fuck you up!”
  1030. >I detect a bit of a threatening tone under all that fear
  1031. >well, she has a point bit still
  1032. >she ain’t leaving intact
  1033. >or more intact than now
  1034. >I kick her again in the stomach
  1035. >she cries out in pain
  1036. >I’m going to restrain her
  1037. >start dragging her by a leg to the house
  1038. >before entering I put the mermaid back into the bucket
  1039. >the harpy puts little fight to being dragged around
  1040. >weird
  1041. >fuck I already used the rope for Jeremy’s grave
  1042. >fuck it
  1043. >drag her outside again and restrain her with the hose I use to bath
  1044. >she sits with her arm-wing things bound to her torso
  1045. >she’s sniffling and the left side of her face is swelling a lot
  1046. >bruises start to appear on the swelling
  1047. >that’s what you get
  1048. >walk towards the other unconscious harpy
  1049. >lift her head up and drag her to the bucket
  1050. >little mermaid is at the bottom of the bucket
  1051. >probably trying to hide from the situation
  1052. >scoop up water and splash garbo bird woman #2 in the face
  1053. >she slowly comes back to her senses
  1054. >when she snaps into what’s going on she begins to trash about
  1055. >plant pistol to the back of her head and scream at her “STAY STILL OR I’LL ICE YOU BITCH”
  1056. >that was quite effective
  1057. >she raises her hands things up and shivers in place
  1058. >I’m going to give these 2 and ultimatum
  1059. >make her walk towards the bound harpy
  1060. >snap my fingers to get her attention
  1061. >she slowly raises her head up to look at me
  1062. >ask the blue one “can you carry her”
  1063. >she gulps saliva before answering “y-yes”
  1064. >”right then, you are going to carry her to where ever shithole you came from and never come to bother me ever again, understood?”
  1065. >she nods
  1066. >the owl harpy throws me a glare
  1067. >”if I ever see any one of you coming to pull bullshit I’ll shoot without warning”
  1068. >I step back
  1069. >pistol still trained on the blue harpy’s head
  1070. >”ok, now get the fuck out of here”
  1071. >she does so, grabbing her friend with her talons and taking off towards the coastline
  1072. >I keep an eye on them until I no longer see them in the night sky
  1073. >I holster my pistol and sigh in relief
  1074. >I really wanted to kill them
  1075. >whatever, hopefully I scared them enough to not come back to bother me…
  1076. >again…
  1077. >I grab the bucket with mermaid and take her inside the house
  1078. >I put her up on the desk
  1079. >she emerges and stares at me worried
  1080. >I smile and pat her little head with my finger
  1081. >she kinda smiles
  1082. >like a worried smile and then just sinks to the bottom
  1083. >she’s still and with her head hidden between her arms
  1084. >I think that’s how mermaids sleep
  1085. >get this weird feeling in the back of my head
  1086. >I’m going to check the hangar
  1087. >just to make sure those bitches didn’t do something stupid before attacking me
  1088. >I click the button
  1089. >the doors open and the lights come on
  1090. >the crates are in order and nothing seems out of place
  1091. >the jet is perfectly fine and it looks like it’s ready to roll out of the hangar
  1092. >the desk is cleaWAIT!
  1093. >the jet is facing the opposite direction that I parked it
  1094. >it looks like I could just climb in and roll out
  1095. >what?!
  1096. >how in the god damn?!
  1097. >I would say something along the lines of I don’t have time to check what could have made this happen
  1098. >but I don’t have a way to apply an excuse like that
  1099. >I move around the plane looking for anything suspicious
  1100. >anything that could have moved the plane
  1101. >after 5 minutes of crawling around I find nothing
  1102. >weird
  1103. >there’s an entire section dedicated to the hangar and runway on the manual
  1104. >I’ll check if it mentions something about this on there
  1105. >I grab the manual of the fancy desk and walk outside
  1106. >close the hangar behind me
  1107. >walk into the house and sit on the chair on front of the desk
  1108. >open the manual on the hangar section
  1109. >start reading
  1110. >fuck it’s hot in here
  1111. >turn the ceiling fan on
  1112. >continue reading
  1113. >there’s plenty of basic information about the entire place
  1114. >remember when said the runway was a long clearing?
  1115. >well, when I said long I meant pretty fucking long
  1116. >its 1.118 miles long! (1799.24 meters for the outsiders on the audience) according to this book
  1117. >also on that note I should probably mention that those big boxes on the hangar are pretty fucking big as well
  1118. >after like 30 minutes of eyeing the book I find what I’m looking for
  1119. >a “gravitational re-accommodator” turns the nose of the plane towards the exit
  1120. >it goes into more detail
  1121. ”the gravitational re-accommodator is a device that functions by stimulating a gravity crystal inside the device with an electrical current, the crystal is bound to the plane to direct its nose to the hangar doors and the wings to their respective side of the hangar, three points of binding to the plane are the minimum amount needed to have a stable re-accommodation”
  1122. >under this paragraph there’s a warning highlighted with yellow
  1123. “Warning: the crystal inside the device is extremely powerful, maintenance or calibration should be made only within the company of a minimum of 1 magic user with extensive experience with gravitational magic devices”
  1124. >besides all of this there’s a note written with pen that reads
  1125. “call Larry the wizard”
  1126. >it has a phone number attached
  1127. >coolio
  1128. >keep reading
  1129. >perhaps there other hidden goodies around
  1130. >a section about the fuel tanks
  1131. >I’ll need this for what I’m planning tomorrow
  1132. >repurposed crate into storage room
  1133. >I’ll check it tomorrow
  1134. >a basement access on the repurposed crate room thing
  1135. >management of solar panels
  1136. >about the water collecting system
  1137. >etc.
  1138. >etc.
  1139. >everything here is certainly useful but I’m starting to get tired
  1140. >I’ll go to sleep soon
  1141. >ooh! TACAN signals?!
  1142. >there’s a list of different signals of nearby locations
  1143. >there’s even a signal for here in the airfield
  1144. >wow, if I’ve actually read this entire thing that would have made my earlier flight a lot easier
  1145. >there’s a signal for and airport on a big city nearby
  1146. >there’s a radio frequency written in pen next to it
  1147. >I’m assuming it’s the airport’s tower frequency
  1148. >awesome
  1149. >I’ll go there tomorrow
  1150. >for now it’s sleep time
  1151. >I undress to my underwear and turn the lights off
  1152. >I lay on the bed and drift off
  1153. >have cool dreams about gobbling genocide
  1154. >the morning comes
  1155. >I wake up naturally with yawn
  1156. >stand up and put on the flight suit
  1157. >walk to the sink and wash my face
  1158. >push my hair into shape
  1159. >pick pda from desk
  1160. >its 8:56 in the morning
  1161. >oh fuck
  1162. >the pda’s batteries are running low
  1163. >pull out phone charger
  1164. >connect it to a wall socket next to bed
  1165. >good thing that dwarf was smart enough to put a standard charging port on this thing
  1166. >leave it charging on my bed
  1167. >I check the bucket
  1168. >little mermaid is there swimming around
  1169. >she looks up and smiles at me before surfacing
  1170. >I pat her head and return the smile
  1171. >I sit down and start to eat my second mre I brought
  1172. >its ham and onion pizza slice
  1173. >I only have one left after eating that one
  1174. >stand up and grab the bucket with mermaid and my pistol
  1175. >I’m going out to release her back into the river
  1176. >I walk outside and lock the door behind me
  1177. >getting to the river is easy
  1178. >just walk in a straight line from the right side of the runway
  1179. >after 15 minutes of walking I find the river
  1180. >walk up it to find where I caught her
  1181. >find the rocks where I laid my clothes the first time I came here
  1182. >and the three where I pissed
  1183. >lower the bucket into the shallows
  1184. >she swims out and looks back at me
  1185. >I pat her head one last time before leaving
  1186. >she hugs my hand and kisses my index finger
  1187. >she smiles one last time and swims off
  1188. >feel a little sad now
  1189. >but it’s the right thing to do
  1190. >maybe I’ll come back to visit another time
  1191. >that is if she stays around here
  1192. >well, now, back to camp
  1193. >getting from the river to the hanger is a little more difficult because even a little deviation can throw you way of course
  1194. >but that’s what I have my… pda… for...
  1195. >…
  1196. >…fuck
  1197. >well…
  1198. >better start walking then
  1199. >as long as I don’t lose my way I should be fine
  1200. >gotta get back to the house to inspect all those cool things I read yesterday
  1201. >4 minutes of walking in a straight line later
  1202. >I hear screams
  1203. >female screams
  1204. >I pull out my pistol and load it
  1205. >speed walk my way through the brush of the forest
  1206. >see some figures moving ahead
  1207. >look like they are in a clearing
  1208. >sneak as close as I can
  1209. >the screams have ceased
  1210. >peek through a bush’s leaves to see a group of 3 goblins shoving a young girl into a cage
  1211. >they have a horse-drawn wagon besides them with 2 horses resting on the ground
  1212. >she’s on her underwear and her mouth has been taped shut
  1213. >she struggles inside the cage as she is loaded in
  1214. >get angry at the sight
  1215. >fucking green niggers
  1216. >analyze their equipment
  1217. >one of the goblins has a hi-point carbine, another has a dagger and the last one is unarmed but is carrying a keyring around
  1218. >none of them seem to be wearing some type of armor
  1219. >I’m going for the ambush
  1220. >I’m going to pop the one with the gun in the head and rush the others
  1221. >concentrate and plan my movements
  1222. >the gobbling with the keys moves to the front of the wagon
  1223. >the other 2 stay behind and appear to be chatting
  1224. >ok
  1225. >now’s the time
  1226. >aim my pistol to the back of the head of the armed nigger
  1227. >get a steady of a grip as I can
  1228. >BANG
  1229. >the gobbling falls to the ground like a brick
  1230. >the gobbling with the dagger screeches at the sight of his fallen comrade
  1231. >emerge from my bush
  1232. >the gobbling screeches once again but in anger as he runs towards me
  1233. >put three holes in his center mass
  1234. >he drops to the ground in pain
  1235. >kick his dagger away from him and place another bullet on his head
  1236. >that’s five bullets out
  1237. >run to the front of the wagon to see the last little green bitch trying to make a run for it
  1238. >steady myself again and shoot him four times
  1239. >two shots miss but the other two find their way to the back of the gobbling
  1240. >he falls with a scream of agony
  1241. >walk toward it and plug the fucker in the forehead
  1242. >welp, that’s the most action I’ve had all week
  1243. >grab the keys from the dead greenskin
  1244. >now to see what I can loot from here
  1245. >oh and to possibly help that girl too
  1246. >on my way there I notice that the horses are completely calm
  1247. >like I didn’t just fire 10 times practically next to them
  1248. >even I can still feel my ears buzzing a little but these fuckers are fine
  1249. >whatever
  1250. >walk to the back of the wagon and climb in
  1251. >there are a lot of creatures in different cages
  1252. >mostly wild animals and some fairies on a glass cage
  1253. >all of them don’t react to my presence except for the girl in the cage
  1254. >as soon as she sees me she begins to shake
  1255. >her cage is on the floor and it’s very cramped
  1256. >she’s clearly hurt by this position
  1257. >I can only see her body and lower face because of the angle
  1258. >I kneel down to level with her
  1259. >notice something furry moving besides her
  1260. >wut?
  1261. >tears are forming in her eyes
  1262. >a pair of canid ears are pressed to the top of the cage
  1263. >her ears
  1264. >oh, she’s a half-beast
  1265. >god damn it
  1266. >here I was thinking maybe I finally found a qt grill to rescue so she would love me
  1267. >instead I’m given a product of systemic zoophilia
  1268. >well, guess I’m not getting a gf tonight
  1269. >open the cage with the key
  1270. >she starts to struggle to get out
  1271. >I help her by pulling her by her arms
  1272. >once she’s out she sits on the cage and breaths heavily
  1273. >I can see her beastly attributes more clearly
  1274. >a tail and ears colored brown like her hair
  1275. >her underwear consist of a form of loincloth similar to that of a sumo wrestler and a simple long strip of cloth wrapped around her upper chest
  1276. >I notice that her hands are bound together by rope
  1277. >I say “English?”
  1278. >she lifts her head up and nods
  1279. >”ok stay here, I’ll help you out” I said as I exited the wagon
  1280. >I see the nigger blade on the ground
  1281. >pick it up and head back inside
  1282. >cut her ties with the nigger blade
  1283. >she immediately pulls the tape of her mouth with a gasp
  1284. >she pants as she rubs around her mouth
  1285. >that must have hurt
  1286. >”t-thanks”
  1287. >she stands up still catching her breath
  1288. >”w-hat’s your name?” she asks
  1289. >”um… anon, my name is anon”
  1290. >”ah, thanks anon, could.. you please pass me those keys you got there?”
  1291. >she points to the keys I picked up from the gobbling
  1292. >I hand them to her “here, no problem, what’s your name”
  1293. >she takes the keys and coughs “Huntress Ablia, formaly, but just call me Ablia”
  1294. >huntress eh?
  1295. >she doesn’t look much like a hunter
  1296. >”is it normal for people around here to call each other with title and all?” I ask
  1297. >she takes a deep breath “yes, but only formally like when meeting a colleague or making business with someone you don’t know personally “
  1298. >honestly that’s a bit unnecessary but ok
  1299. >I’m the outsider here after all
  1300. >I just shrug
  1301. >she opens a footlocker and pull out a pile of hides
  1302. >she unfolds it to reveal the pile of hides is actually a fur cloak
  1303. >she puts it on and pulls out a pair of fur pants which she too put on and straps with a rope
  1304. >finally she pulls out a pair of leather shoes and a stainless steel levergat with black furniture
  1305. >this last item being the most impressive of them all
  1306. >I whistle “nice gat”
  1307. >she looks around her “gat?”
  1308. >I correct myself “gun, gat is a way to call a gun sooo… nice gun”
  1309. >”oh, thanks I guess, I bought it on the big city near here”
  1310. >she hands it over to me
  1311. >the steel and black rifle looks incredibly clean
  1312. >I check the receiver to see make and model
  1313. >on the left side “HENRY REPEATING ARMS-RICE LAKE, WI-MADE IN USA”
  1314. >and on the left “CAL. 45-70 GOV’ T”
  1315. >damn, I think I got a little hard
  1316. >”pretty cool” I said as I handed the rifle back
  1317. >she grabs it and nods
  1318. >”thanks anon”
  1319. >she pulls the front cap of the magazine tube and starts to load cartridges into it
  1320. >I fumble my fingers a bit “sooo… mind telling me what happened”
  1321. >she sighs as she slings the rifle to her back
  1322. >”I’ll tell you outside” she said as she locks the footlocker again
  1323. >she walks to me and signals me to move outside
  1324. >I do so and leave the wagon
  1325. >she exits to and locks the door of the wagon with a padlock
  1326. >where did she pull that one of?
  1327. >”this is my wagon and inside I was transporting the goods I’m planning on selling to a neighboring village”
  1328. >she point on the direction behind me
  1329. >”if you follow the road that way you’ll get to my village, that’s where I came from before getting jumped by those ugly bastards, which again, thanks you for saving me”
  1330. >I just nod with a smile
  1331. >”this way leads to a bigger village where I usually trade the creature I catch for food or potions”
  1332. >”ah, ok thanks, I live alone around here, didn’t know there were villages around so thanks for telling me”
  1333. >she nods before gasping and putting a shocked expression
  1334. >”ANON QUICK! What caliber is your weapon”
  1335. >I say “uh… 9mm”
  1336. >she smiles and her tail start to wag from side to side rapidly
  1337. >she undoes the padlock and jumps inside the wagon
  1338. >she comes back with an ammo can and hands it to me
  1339. >I open it up
  1340. >it’s filled with 9mm
  1341. >drool a bit
  1342. >she smiles “here, take it as a thank you token for helping me out”
  1343. >I snap out of it
  1344. >”are you sure? This seems like quite a lot of ammo”
  1345. >”oh don’t worry about it, I don’t have use for it anyway”
  1346. >she walks to the front of the wagon and jumps on the front bench
  1347. >the horses stand up to her presence
  1348. >“hope to see you around again anon! HI-YA!”
  1349. >the horses start trotting and the wagon moves away
  1350. >”bye Ablia!”
  1351. >well, that was nice
  1352. >so I’ll just mark this road on my maOH FOR FUCKS SAKE
  1353. >my dependence on technology has caused me a problem of substantial size
  1354. >pick carbine because why the fuck not
  1355. >loot the body of the gobbling to find two extra mags filled with 9mm
  1356. >I walk to the bush were I hid to find my way back to the trail I was making to get to my house
  1357. >at least I got a shitty gun, a knife and a box of 9mm out of this little circus stunt
  1358. >oh and somewhere to barter
  1359. >find my footing and walk for another ten grueling minutes
  1360. >this time carrying all this loot
  1361. >finally after so much brush stepping I see a clearing among the trees
  1362. >could it be?
  1363. >step closer and see that the clearing is stretching
  1364. >it is!
  1365. >I’ve finally made my way back!
  1366. >but I’m at the end of the runway
  1367. >fuck
  1368. >walk the 1.118 miles of runway trying not to cry
  1369. >today is clearly not my day
  1370. >reach the front door
  1371. >open it trying not to collapse on myself
  1372. >drop everything off on the desk
  1373. >flight suit and I are soaked in sweat
  1374. >I’m gonna have to rinse it and myself before flying
  1375. >otherwise the cockpit is gonna smell like overdue cheese and feet
  1376. >remember that the harpies left with my hose
  1377. >fuck
  1378. >now I’ll have to bathe with the bucket
  1379. >...
  1380. >...wait...
  1381. >…
  1382. >THE BUCKET!
  1385. >what have I done to deserve this
  1387. >…but now that I think about it
  1388. >if I had walked directly back I would have probably not heard Ablia’s screams for help
  1389. >then I wouldn’t have known about the nearby villages
  1390. >I wouldn’t have gotten a can of ammo
  1391. >and I wouldn’t have been able to save her
  1392. >guess I break even after all
  1393. >I rest for a few minutes
  1394. >In that time I reload the 10 shots I’ve fired today into my mag
  1395. >get up again and make sure to take my pda this time
  1396. >walk directly to the river
  1397. >find my bucket
  1398. >dump the water and fill it up again in the river
  1399. >just to be safe
  1400. >before leaving I look back at the river for a few seconds
  1401. >nothing
  1402. >there’s no movement on the river
  1403. >walk back to the house
  1404. >undress and shove the soaked flight suit into the water
  1405. >pull it out and wring it repeatedly
  1406. >after a few times I wring it as much as I can and open the hangar
  1407. >extend it on the floor and wait for it to dry
  1408. >remember the thing about the crate place
  1409. >walk to the crates
  1410. >eyeing the biggest one
  1411. >one of the sides has a handle
  1412. >twist it and pull
  1413. >the crate is tall enough for me to enter normally but I have less than an inch in headroom
  1414. >the moment I try to stand on my tips I’m busting my head
  1415. >there are some boxes in here
  1416. >one particular box catches my attention
  1417. >it looks pretty old compared to the other ones
  1418. >it has an iron cross painted on it
  1419. >the paint is flaking off but it’s still recognizable
  1420. >with anticipation I slowly open the wooden box
  1421. >and inside there is!
  1422. >another wooden box
  1423. >with a weird sort of leather strapped around it
  1424. >covered with parchment paper and packing foam
  1425. >rip the piece of paper off and pull the box out
  1426. >out of the foam I can see that the wooden box has a weird protuberance with latches on one side
  1427. >the other side slightly curves inwards
  1428. >there’s a different piece of wood sticking from the bottom
  1429. >realize what it is with a gasp
  1430. >open the wood stock and pull out a beautiful pistol
  1431. >it’s a c96!
  1432. >no wait, it has a magazine well and an extra selector
  1433. >oh
  1434. >it’s a shnell-
  1435. >snel-
  1436. >shchnellfoa-
  1437. >snailfürher?
  1438. >it’s a mauser m712 for fucks sake!
  1439. >but where are the magazines?
  1440. >dig around the styrofoam filler to find three empty mags
  1441. >cool!
  1442. >I bet there’s a box of 7,63 mauser around here then
  1443. >I start to dig around not finding anything related to firearms
  1444. >just trinkets and papers and something covered in a tarp among smaller boxes
  1445. >god damn it
  1446. >well, at least I got a cool pistol to look at and not shoot
  1447. >boy that ain’t frustrating at all
  1448. >what are you talking about?
  1449. >…
  1450. >anyway
  1451. >I remember about a hatch
  1452. >it leads to a basement if I recall correctly
  1453. >maybe there are some other goodies there
  1454. >get on my knees and start to look for it
  1455. >why look for a big hatch that’s obviously on the ground?
  1456. >because the ground is covered in a uniform layer of dust and soot
  1457. >it’s completely gray and dirty
  1458. >so yeah I’m crawling all over the dust on my underwear
  1459. >no exactly comfortable but I got nothing better to do
  1460. >moving my hand around I feel a little gap on the floor
  1461. >this must be where the bottom of the crate was removed to accommodate the hatch
  1462. >I move my hand a bit forward to feel something metallic
  1463. >bingo
  1464. >move my finger around the floor in a broom-like motion
  1465. >the dust kicks up making me cough
  1466. >free the hatch from its dusty crust
  1467. >lift it up
  1468. >it’s a concrete tunnel with a rebar ladder going down
  1469. >the void rest at the bottom of this ladder
  1470. >its pitch black down there
  1471. >I’m gonna need a flashlight
  1472. >…or not
  1473. >fuck it
  1474. >stand up and rest my feet on the rebar ladder
  1475. >start my descend
  1476. >if there’s some sort of magical creature bullshit that’s being contained down there then I died like I was born
  1477. >with my nipples uncovered and being a retard
  1478. >at the bottom I can barely see but some walls that lead forward
  1479. >I move with my hands on the walls looking for a light switch of sorts
  1480. >my right hand touches something plastic
  1481. >I move both my hands to the object on the wall
  1482. >feel around the frame and switch
  1483. >flick it on
  1484. >a light dimly flickers before turning on completely
  1485. >the room before me contains a big plastic tank with some panels
  1486. >what is clearly a panel for circuit breakers with some weird schematics plastered on the walls besides it
  1487. >on closer inspection of the panels reveals that the tank contains water from a water collector on the roof
  1488. >weird, it doesn’t seem like there was anything up there
  1489. >there’s a healthy supply of water according to a see-through marker on the tank
  1490. >what’s really interesting is how the water flows and gets distributed to the entire facility
  1491. >it gets collected by the rain catcher and passes through a basic filter
  1492. >it gets stored on the tank and from there it goes to the entire place
  1493. >except the sink in the house
  1494. >that one has its own pathway through a heavier filter that then deposits the water into a smaller tank with mineral rock
  1495. >in short, I can drink from the sink
  1496. >the circuit breakers
  1497. >they are normal circuit breakers nothing outstanding
  1498. >the papers besides it just labels each switch and what controls
  1499. >besides that there was nothing else here
  1500. >so no loot but at least now I know how to check for the basics of this place
  1501. >I turn the lights off and climb out
  1502. >close everything behind me as I walk out to the hangar again
  1503. >take my underwear off and walk outside
  1504. >start pouring water on me from the bucket I had left out
  1505. >wash off all the dust that had collected on me
  1506. >remember I have to refuel the plane before departing
  1507. >oh fuck I’ve never done this before
  1508. >well actually I haven’t done most of anything about this plane before
  1509. >get my towel and dry myself
  1510. >get manual and walk inside the hangar
  1511. >I’ll have to follow the manual again
  1512. >one unnecessary complicated time wrangling the hose later
  1513. >I manage to connect it to the fuel tank
  1514. >connect the end of that hose to the pump
  1515. >and connect the output of the pump to another hose
  1516. >I open the manual to see where I must connect it
  1517. >the manuel says there’s a panel I can lift up on the right of the plane below the cockpit
  1518. >I obey manuel
  1519. >open the panel to see a hole that should fit the hose
  1520. >below it there’s a spooky red circle that I don’t know what it is
  1521. >it may be the self-destruct button so I better not tuch it
  1522. >connect the hose and walk to the pump
  1523. >there’s a panel with buttons on the pump
  1524. >I turn it on and the buttons start glowing
  1525. >CIA buttons
  1526. >manuel tells me that I must input how many pounds of fuel I want to pump
  1527. >I input 4,350 pounds of fuel and press start
  1528. >the pump whirrs and I can hear the fluid start moving through the hose
  1529. >this will take a while
  1530. >but at least now I know how to refuel the jet
  1531. >all because of manuel
  1532. >thanks manuel
  1533. >my ever so loyal macguffin of knowledge
  1534. >I leave the plane to refuel while I go get dressed to fly
  1535. >after getting dressed I pick up the ladder and haul it to the plane
  1536. >spend like 15 minutes trying to set it correctly
  1537. >give up for now and consult manual to see what the fuck am I doing wrong
  1538. >turns out
  1539. >trifling with the fucking ladder in the first place is a mistake
  1540. >the hornet has its own deployable ladder
  1541. >this one is just for maintenance or making adjustments on the cockpit
  1542. >fuck
  1543. >but since I jumped out last time instead of getting down with the ladder now I gotta use this ladder to get on the cockpit to deploy the hornet’s ladder to not have to use this ladder
  1544. >double fuck
  1545. >there’s definitely a way to get it down accessing to another one of the side panels of the plane
  1546. >otherwise how the fuck do they do it on the carriers?
  1547. >it’s just that I’m both lazy and impatient to deal with that kind of autism
  1548. >so I rather fuck about with the ladder and look for a switch that says deployable ladder inside the cockpit
  1549. >this behavior is what’s going to kill me one of these days
  1550. >watch me like, I dunno, get sucked into a turbine because I was too lazy to walk around the plane or sum dumb shit like that
  1551. >anyway
  1552. >after being a retard with the ladder I manage to get it stable
  1553. >I climb in and open the manual to look for the ladder thing-a-ma-jig
  1554. >find no thing-a-ma-jig
  1555. >then how the fuck?
  1556. >look for something else on the manual
  1557. >boarding process, this should do it
  1558. >…
  1559. >…“oh you have to be fucking joking”…
  1560. >…
  1561. >…the boarding ladder can be pulled out without need to board the plane…
  1563. >I…
  1564. >I should really read this whole thing
  1565. >that would reduce my self-inflicted headaches by a lot
  1566. >i begin to climb out of the cockpit
  1567. >my hand touches something that feels like a net behind the head rest
  1568. >climb out and look back
  1569. >there’s a cargo net on the space behind the seat
  1570. >uh, neat, I could put my backpack in there
  1571. >I climb down the ladder and detach it from the plane
  1572. >wrangle it back out of the way again
  1573. >walk back to the plane and check below where the wing protrudes from the fuselage
  1574. >lo and behold, there it is
  1575. >the outline of the panel that covers the ladder
  1576. >there’s a little handle in it
  1577. >I reach it and pull it downwards
  1578. >the ladder set up almost automatically
  1579. >i start to laugh
  1580. >not in a “haha funny” way
  1581. >more in a “I am both frustrated and disappointed at myself I don’t know how to react” kind of way
  1582. >I walk into the house and grab my bag
  1583. >I put everything inside it so I don’t have to strap it to my legs
  1584. >except the thing that go in the vest
  1585. >i.e. flashlight, binoculars, pistol, etc.
  1586. >close everything with locks
  1587. >I walk back to the plane and see the fuel line still attached
  1588. >shit that could have gone wrong
  1589. >quickly detach it and push it aside
  1590. >climb back to the plane
  1591. >hmmm
  1592. >how am I supposed to close the ladder?
  1593. >sit on the wing and pull manual out of the bag
  1594. >keep reading where I left off
  1595. >ah ok, it closes automatically with the Automatic Startup Assistant
  1596. >but it doesn’t mention how it closes
  1597. >if it’s a servo or more magic bullshit
  1598. >doesn’t matter
  1599. >as long as it works
  1600. >put manual back and put bag under the cargo net
  1601. >jump in the cockpit and start up as normal
  1602. >but before starting the engine I configure the left DDI to the navigation tab
  1603. >I’ll set up the TACAN to that nearby airport
  1604. >turn TACAN on and input the signal
  1605. >I memorized it, it’s 87Y
  1606. >the heading needle on the compass starts to go crazy
  1607. >that’s because the signal is being blocked by the terrain
  1608. >it should fix once high
  1609. >continue startup and roll out of the hangar
  1610. >unfold wings and close the hangar door
  1611. >make sure lights turn off
  1612. >put flaps at half
  1613. >slam the balls to the wall and take off
  1614. >oh god I forgot how my internal organs didn’t like this
  1615. >flying at 6000 feet over the sea the TACAN signal gets through better
  1616. >the needle on my electronic compass locks north-east
  1617. >I bank right to get on route
  1618. >at this altitude I’m swimming in between the lower clouds
  1619. >disappearing in the white puff to see the terrain gradually change when I get out is kinda comfy
  1620. >after passing a large cloud I see a very big city in the distance right in front of me
  1621. >that must be it
  1622. >I turn of the TACAN and use the keypad to input the frequency of the airport
  1623. >I nothing comes through yet until I start to hear some background noise
  1624. >“eh- [static]-lie-[static]-can you- [static] with tower?”
  1625. >I have no idea what that man just said
  1626. >“I repeat, callsign Sierra Delta Juliet cero five thirty-nine, can you make contact with tower?”
  1627. >oh shit dat me
  1628. >I connect my mic
  1629. >“this is SierraDelta to tower, I had a bit of static on that first attempt at contact, over”
  1630. >“understood SierraDelta, my radar indicates that you are moving around the 310 knot mark at 6,000 feet, can you confirm this?”
  1631. >the way he speaks is not appropriate to be at tower he sounds disinterested and distracted
  1632. >hopefully he doesn’t make me land into an oncoming plane on the runway because he was being retarded
  1633. >I look to my hud
  1634. >indeed, I’m flying at 313 knots
  1635. >“SierraDelta confirming attitude status, over”
  1636. >“right, imma need you to cut that back to 250 knots chief, you are cruising aggressively right now”
  1637. >???
  1638. >I thought ATC weren’t allowed to speak like east coast beach bros
  1639. >I comply either way
  1640. >adjust the power and open the airbrake for a few seconds until I’m flying at 240
  1641. >at this point I can see the airport
  1642. >it’s fairly large and it has three runways
  1643. >two are parallel to each other
  1644. >the other one is diagonally passing through the other two
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