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  1. Thaumcraft Research Requirements
  2. Feel free to add anything you know. I forgot most of the requirements, but am adding anything I do know
  4. List of Essentia:
  5. Praecantatio: Carved Sandstone, Greatwood, Shards, Blaze Powder
  6. Ignis: Coal, Lava, Blaze Powder, Anything Cooked
  7. Machina: Redstone
  8. Potentia: Redstone, Coal, Cocoa Beans
  9. Aqua: Lily Pad, Sugarcane
  10. Permutatio: Seeds(any), Eggs (Not to be confused with Mutatio. Permutatio is Exchange, Trade, Barter), Saddle
  11. Mutatio Netherwart (Not to be confused with Permutatio. Mutatio is Flux, Chaos.)
  12. Motus (Rubber [From IC2], Any type of door, Piston),
  13. Visum (Carrot, Glowstone/dust)
  14. Imperito (Bronze Ingot, Blue Xycorium, Rubber)
  15. Veneum (Quicksilver, Spider eyes)
  16. Instrumentum (Tools, Flint)
  17. Fabrico (Crafting tables, steel ingots)
  18. Aura (Feathers, Air shards)
  19. Tutanem (Any type of armor, leather)
  20. Magic (Vis Shard, Chiseld Sandstone, a crapton of other stuff)
  21. Tenebris: Obsidian
  22. Carus: Diamond, Gold, Lapis Lazuli
  23. Purus: Diamond, Silverwood
  24. Fungus (Mushroom, Toadstool, Fungi): Mycellium, Mushrooms
  25. Vinculum (Bind, Imprison, Trap): Amber, String
  26. Vitreous (Glass, Cryst
  28. Tier 1: Wand of the Apprentice
  29. Thaumometer: Cognito, Machina, Praecantio?
  30. Nitor: Ignis, Lux, Potentia
  31. Alumentum: Fractus, Ignis, Potentia
  32. Thaumium: Metallum, Praecantatio
  33. Magic Tallow: Corpus, Praecantatio
  35. Transmutations:
  36. Gold: Metallum, Carus, Permutatio
  37. Iron: Metallum, Permutatio
  38. Silver: Mettalum, Permutatio (I think they are same)
  39. Copper: Metallum, Victus, Permutatio
  40. Tin : Metallum , Vitreus, Permutatio
  41. Lead: Metallum, Vacuos, Permutatio
  42. Gunpowder: Fractus, Ignis, Permutatio
  44. Unified Thaumic Field Theory: Praecantio, Mutatio (netherwart), Aura, Cognitio, Ignis, Solum, Aqua.
  46. Tier 2: Wand of the Adept
  47. Warded Jar: Vitreus, Vacuous, Vinculum
  48. Hungry Chest: Motus, Vacuos
  49. Brain In A Jar: Malum, Cognito, more I forgot
  50. Wand of Fire: Ignis, Praecantio, more
  51. Wand of Lightning: Praecantio, Potentia, Telum
  52. Wand of Excavation: Praecantio, Instrumentum
  53. Wand of Equal Trade: Instrumentum, Permutatio
  54. All Golems: Motus, Imperito, Permutatio
  55. Portable Hole: Permutatio, Motus
  56. Basic Flux Research: Mutatio, Purus, Machina, Permutatio, Imperito
  58. Tier 3: Wand of the Thaumaturge - I don't think its researchable
  59. Praecantio?
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