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  1. ==========================================
  2. Verse 1
  3. ==========================================
  4. It's a no brainer.
  5. Impaitence is another way of punishing yourself
  6. and future opputnities for later
  7. Are you gonna branch out
  8. or continue to rant out loud and complain remain where it's safer at the back of the crowd
  9. where no one knows your name.
  10. No cost to the labour
  11. fuck fear and what ever your afraid of
  12. Frequently underestimated.
  13. Like a ghost unseen, underdog and unoticed off the radar.
  14. Tell me what your made of.
  15. I Consume homebrew by the bottles
  16. down under in the land of Australia
  17. we wear flip flops or sandals. Come on cobba
  18. you don't understand
  19. In matters of survival It's smart to be afraid  
  20. Your looking at an animal, top of the food chain
  21. Ready to fight, wreck em'  
  22. Out of sight bending light spectrums
  23. like the predator
  24. Inside my brain theres no limits
  25. except for the ones you set yourself.
  26. Do what you gotta do to make sure your
  27. ambition and will power never wavers
  28. My brain I lost it It's like a moshpit.
  29. Aussies desecendents of convicts.
  30. all in the big house
  31. It could be any day.. any time.
  32. till my heart malfunctions.
  33. fuck assumptions
  35. To be honest sometimes the devil my accomplice.
  36. Ready to bomb, throw fists in a fit of rage.
  37. like a fucking hand grenade
  38. all over the place. fuck the hate
  39. We all need a vice need a fix.
  40. Let them think they run shit
  42. My thoughts and feelings on exhibition  
  44. in typical explosive fashion with lyrical ammunition
  45. For fiends it's hard.. to ration.
  46. Better hope that you stashed one.
  47. Over five hundred times now
  48. swore it was the last one.
  49. No compassion.
  50. for my thinking device already
  51. showing signs it's on fritz.
  52. So I turn this into a rhyme
  53. flip my wig and hit the switch.
  54. coming for you bitch I'm a natural glitch
  56. =================================================
  59. One of my philosophies..
  60. stay away from gossiping
  61. when rumours start blossoming.
  62. It's easy to get lost up in.. peoples opinions.
  63. They recruiting
  64. devils adovactes, dominions.
  65. Born Hellspawn.. to the devil drawn..
  66. like gravity, pulling me in.
  67. It's eatin' at me, over time..
  68. like sugar decayed teeth, cavities.
  70. Is it a travesty what happend to me?
  71. So comfortable with nothing
  72. at all but insanity close to me.
  73. hot and bothered at the bottom
  74. looking at my reflection
  75. in another empty bottle.
  76. All about survival
  77. Can't live on auto pilot for ever.
  78. wrong balance of bravado.
  80. Keep my cards close to my chest never know what's next always on guard the only progress
  81. keep building that wall then watch them fall like dominos.
  83. ==============================================================================================
  84. switch on my brain like a mobile hotspot
  86. Doesn't stop like pop rocks
  87. first on the agenda wake and bake then eggs and bacon
  88. usually Start the morning so high.. get more stoned then a bag of rocks
  91. I'm the big boss, big ben of all clocks
  92. tick tock doesnt stop lost friends over time I forgot
  94. Alarms goes off
  95. brand new day thoughts invade my brain
  96. like an unsecured hotspot
  97. Punch in, Punch out on the dot
  101. I'm a bit of a hard nut like a cashew
  102. but most people don't take notice
  103. usually I'm a man of few words standing in the background like a statue
  105. These animal instincts only come out
  106. when I'm cornered like a mouse
  108. the author of my own script
  109. captain of my ship
  110. Master of the wheelhouse
  115. These feelings are so real comforting and close can almost hold it in my hand.
  116. If I give up now the only goals sinking alcohole in this household then  cursing ghosts
  117. ==================================================================
  118. We all get old but that's how it goes.
  119. Out of practice naturally distracted that's when they pounce, get ya.
  120. I hear the demons calling louder and louder more and more.
  121. Automatically ignored like the law whyen I'm behind the wheel
  122. If the cops feel the need to pull me over immediatly start stalling.
  123. Speak like I'm half asleep and my brain is filled with concerete.
  125. In a drunken state I'm easy to convince and persuade  make some suggestins
  126. and in the wind watch me sway.
  127. I'm easy to convince
  129. I try hold back tears
  130. My rage is deeper then what you see on display
  131. Iceberg, open the flood gates embrace my wrath get drowned in words
  132. I wear a mask to hide the fact that perhaps my heart might be soft
  135. Genoriousity comes at a cost if your all about that quick cash grab money in the hand
  136. then I don't want no strings attatched.4
  138. ============================================================================================================================
  139. Tell me is it so bad that curiousity killed the cat
  140. When you find the love of your life it hits you like a whiplash
  141. Mishmash of emotions missplaced passion.
  142. Unconditional devotion. Ambition is like an itch you got to scratch
  143. like an itch to scratch or the persistance of a fly buzzing in your face all day.
  144. until you take action and swat it, once it's switched on
  146. I'm a Leaking faucet. Do you put more gas on a fire to stop it?
  147. or do you wait until those mindless zombies run out of energy.
  150. Before you realise it's already to late. I'm already inside like an intruder through your computer.
  151. Gained access from the unsecure wifi.  
  154. Sometimes my reach exceeds my grasp
  155. Alarms goes off
  157. hit that switch fly swatted
  159. =======================================================
  160. BEEP BOP!
  161. BEEP BOP!
  167. on my brain like a jumping spots like games of hopscotch
  169. wifi hotspot
  170. Punch in, Punch out on the dot
  171. No obsticle even the cops and there roadblocks
  172. Non-stop it continues pop rocks
  174. go through you like an unsecure wi-fi hotspot
  175. first on the agenda wake and bake then eggs and bacon
  176. usually Start the morning so high.. get more stoned then a bag of rocks
  177. I'm the big boss, big ben of all clocks
  178. tick tock lost friends over time I forgot
  182. sign from god didn't see the light until I got my bell rang
  183. venomous motherfucker
  185. Keep it real mang
  189. and through these words feel my fangs
  190. More deadly then a bycycle kick from Lu-kang
  192. It's a brand new day
  193. have my brain switched on
  194. or those devils be on there way
  195. thoughts invade my brain like pirates on a ship
  196. the wheelhouse
  197. Let me tell ya feel what I'm about
  199. Karma is like a boomer-a-rang
  200. I'm a broken man
  201. living in the land,
  203. of satins basement like summer camp for mental paitents
  206. watching the sand fill the bottom the of the hourglass
  207. it doesn't last
  208. don't get to attached life is for rent.
  209. Only temporary
  211. look at all these mindless zombies
  212. they flock like sheep
  213.  Not easy to control I'm a one man moshpit
  214. Careful who you trust
  215. or get crossed
  216. generousity comes at a cost
  217. Obviously can't measure my velocity
  219. sign from god didn't until my bell rang
  220. venomous motherfucker
  221. and through my words feel my fangs
  222. More deadly then a bycycle kick from Lu-kang
  223. curiousity killed the cat
  225. if im on the freeway driving fast and i hear the sirens
  226. i put my foot on the gas quick to dash
  228. these thoughts invade my wheelhouse like pirates
  230. =================================================
  231. sometimes i loose contact
  237. On auto pilot, spiraling.
  238. Stuck in a tailspin.. It begins..
  239. back against the wind
  240. Feel my fury expressed through words and idioms.
  241. Kingpin of disobedience
  242. I go unoticed in the background style of chameleon.
  243. disguised as a demon
  244. crossbreed mix between
  245. an angel with broken wings.
  246. Difference on all levels of mediums.
  247. Know to break the law a few times
  248. just a teeny bit.
  249. The judge let me off, to lenient.
  250. For fiends it's to easy
  251. the need to keep feeding it.
  252. Tendencies to be violent.
  253. Only natural we flip over
  254. a few cars and start riot.
  255. Flee at the sound of sirens.
  256. Still smiling but hostile inside
  257. like a hungry lion.
  258. Weary in uncharted territory, deep waters.
  259. If you come in my backyard intruders get slaughtered.
  261. millenials today so ungrateful by nature
  262. got all this technology at there finger tips
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