john carmack on "no clipping"

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  1. one time i asked john carmack about why he called static collision "clipping"/called the walk through walls cheat "no clipping" and heres what he said -@me_irl
  3. From: @me_irl
  4. To:
  5. Subject: Origin of term "no clipping"
  6. Hey John,
  8. I've been wondering, when you wrote Commander Keen, what inspired you
  9. to call the cheat that turns collision detection off "no clipping
  10. mode"? I'm used to "clipping" referring to culling/not drawing
  11. elements which aren't visible to the user, so I don't understand this
  12. usage of the term.
  14. Thanks,
  15. [@me_irl]
  17. From:
  18. To: @me_irl
  19. Subject: Re: [JC] Origin of term "no clipping"
  21. I always considered it "clipping a movement vector", but you aren't alone in finding the terminology a bit off -- there are a couple game developers that still complain about that and some of my other terms today.
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