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  1. Leave Wellington @4pm Sunday 17th November (NZ time)
  2. Arrive in Sydney @5.35pm Sunday 17th November (Sydney time)
  3. Leave Sydney @9.45pm Sunday 17th November (Sydney time)
  4. Arrive Dubai @5.15am Monday 18th November (Dubai time)
  5. Leave Dubai @2.30pm Thursday 21st November (Dubai time)
  6. Arrive London @ 6.20pm Thursday 21st November (London time)
  7. Start Topdeck tour @6am Saturday 23rd November (London time)
  8. End Topdeck tour @6pm Monday 16th December (London time)
  9. Travel to Lyon @x:xx Friday 20th December
  10. Leave Lyon @x:xx Tuesday 24th December
  11. … Havent Decided yet (Maybe visit spain?)
  12. Leave from Switzerland @ 9.55pm Tuesday 7 January (Swiss time)
  13. Arrive Dubai @7.10am Wednesday 8th January (Dubai time)
  14. Leave Dubai @8.55am Wednesday 8th January (Dubai time)
  15. Arrive Bali @10pm Wednesday 8th January (Bali time)
  16. Leave Bali @4.30pm Saturday 11th January (Bali time)
  17. Arrive Auckland @5.35pm Sunday 12th January (NZ time)
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