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  1. <b><color=#98FB98>[</color><color=#D8BFD8>US EAST</color><color=#98FB98>]</color><color=#98FB98> - </color><color=#B1DB9F>AfterLife Gaming </color><color=#98FB98>-</color> <color=#B1DB9F>SCP</color></b>
  2. <color=#98FB98>-------------------------</color>
  4. <b><color=#D8BFD8>Hey! Join the Discord:</color></b>
  5.     <color=#B1DB9F></color>
  7. <color=#98FB98>-------------------------</color>
  9. <b><color=#D8BFD8>Server Rules</color></b>
  10.     <color=#B1DB9F>1. Bullying, harassment and other forms of toxicity are not allowed and will be dealt with appropriately. This includes any actions meant to harm, diminish or discriminate against other members of the server. Use common sense when following this rule.</color>
  12.     <color=#B1DB9F>2. Racism, racial slurs, and homophobic slurs will lead to a warning, then a temporary ban. Music and the players own ethnicity do not bypass this. Apply common sense when following this rule.</color>
  14.     <color=#B1DB9F>3. Camping in an area over a long period of time will result in a warning if it is delaying the match, if you have broken this rule in the past, the punishment may be a temporary ban, if necessary.</color>
  16.     <color=#B1DB9F>4. Hacking will result in an immediate IP ban, given evidence. This will be followed by a global ban, issued by the SCP:SL official staff.</color>
  17.     <color=#B1DB9F>4a. Abusing in-game exploits, bugs or glitches excessively will incur a warning. If this persists, you will be temporarily banned.</color>
  19.     <color=#B1DB9F>5. Keep micspam to a minimum, you can be expected to be muted by individual players, or if it becomes a major problem, temp-muted from the staff.</color>
  21.     <color=#B1DB9F>6. Ban evasions are not allowed or tolerated. If caught evading, you will have to serve a worse punishment.
  22.     <color=#B1DB9F>6a. Attempting to bypass any rules through a loophole, will be dealt with appropriately, and your punishment will be either worse, or equivalent to the rule you attempted to avoid.</color>
  24.     <color=#B1DB9F>7. Respect our staff. Staff disrespect is a nogo and will result in a temporary mute in-game and in discord (depending on where this occurred). We’re here to help you and make the game better for you. </color>
  26.     <color=#B1DB9F>8. Have fun y’all! Go make friends, kill a dboi or ten!</color>
  28. <color=#98FB98>-------------------------</color>
  30. <b><color=#D8BFD8>Microphone Guidelines</color></b>
  31.     <color=#B1DB9F>1. Avoid Mic Spam (Punishment: Mute)</color>
  32.     <color=#B1DB9F>2. Avoid some uses of Racist and/or Offensive Language</color>
  34. <color=#98FB98>-------------------------</color>
  36. <b><color=#D8BFD8>Special Functions</color></b>
  37.     <color=#B1DB9F>The server has a number of additional functions and add-ons which increase some entertainment for players. These  
  38.     include, but are not limited to:</color>
  39.         <color=#83BA6C>- Better Disarming Functions</color>
  40.         <color=#83BA6C>- Modified Player Health</color>
  41.         <color=#83BA6C>- Longer Intercom (For you lovely speakers)</color>
  43. <color=#98FB98>-------------------------</color>
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