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  1. This is what I'm assuming happened. Except my Chase account showed that I was overdrawn by like $9 million dollars.
  2. I'll dig up a screenshot on a few minutes for everyone.
  3. e - Here's what I saw waking up one morning.
  4. e2- This was during my college days. I worked a rather shady job (I'm 99% convinced it was a front for the Russian mob, but that's another story) and my boss wrote a check from the wrong account or something along the lines of that. I had already withdrew money for rent that week and I woke up one morning to Chase blocking access to my account with that.
  6. e3- Okay ladies and gentlemen, y'all asked for it so here it goes. I'll mention the red flags I noticed (and promptly ignored because I was young and dumb).
  7. So, I was probably 18-19 at the time, attending college, and was 3 weeks overdue for rent. I really needed a job so I turned to Craigslist. I emailed a bunch of different manual labor/warehouse jobs as I only had experience in the food/retail industry and I've had more than enough of that for one lifetime. It didn't take too long to get a response from a job listing that pretty much advertised itself as an office job in a warehouse dealing with customer accounts. Whatever, a job's a job so I went into the interview.
  8. I drove my shitty beater car over to the address, which was very isolated and in the industrial section of the neighborhood; no biggie, I thought, it's a warehouse after all. When I pulled up, I noticed there were 3 cars parked in front. One was an Aston Martin and the other two were big black Escalades. First red flag. I didn't think much of it because hey, rich people gonna be rich, no? I walk inside to an entirely empty warehouse, make my way up these stairs to one of those overhanging offices that sit inside the warehouse, and (second red flag) was pat down by a silent man in a puffy jacket and jeans. At this point, even 18-19 year old me was a bit sketched out but I needed money. I walk into the office to (third red flag) three more silent people standing around playing with their phone and a man in a polo shirt sitting at a table. I sit at the table and this man with a very slight Russian accent interviews me as I bullshit my way through the interview because I was super nervous but needed the job. He explains that it's an oil recycling company and what the job entails. He thanks me for my time, said he'll call me, and I left to drive home. On the drive home, (fourth red flag) I get a call from the interviewer telling me I'm hired which made me fucking ecstatic because $$$.
  10. Now, fast forward to my first day at work. The warehouse is still empty but the office now has actual furniture and computers and the usual office stuff. My responsibilities are explained to me (cold calls to nearby restaurants, managing new accounts, etc.) briefly but this guy made it very clear that I was to (fifth red flag) never ever enter this one room that is connected to the office. I tell him I understood and I get to working.
  11. Throughout the first month, I started noticing weird shit going on. The first was that I was being paid via personal checks from different bank accounts. No biggie, rich people gonna rich... I guess. The warehouse started filling up with those big oil drums; some sealed, some empty. I didn't think much of it until I noticed that (sixth red flag) the drums were being filled with big garbage bags that were being dropped off by vans rather than those oil sucking trucks with the big hose (I don't know what they're called, but I'm sure someone out there knows what they are) and I'm 100% sure you cannot properly transport oil of any sort in garbage bags. Being a curious ass 18-19 year old, I started peeking out of the window more and more instead of working (like how I'm on reddit more and more instead of working). The garbage bags were indeed being placed inside the drums but the employees also poured in some fluid/liquid inside the drums along with the garbage bags and the garbage bags did not appear sealed/tied up (hindsight- seventh red flag as I learned this could have been a way to prevent rust in firearms being stored/shipped).
  13. Now onto the second and last month for me (I guess this is the final red flag and the only red flag I really registered during my time working there). This is where my suspicions shot up to 99%. I started seeing people entering the forbidden room being escorted by the puffy-jacket-pat-down man from the interview. Some would enter with bags or briefcases and leave without them, some would enter with nothing and leave with bags or briefcases. At this point, young and dumb version of me decided to work for a few more paychecks and get the fuck out of there before I get caught up in something I couldn't get out of.
  14. A few weeks later, the man who interviewed me showed up with another person. I didn't recognize the interviewer at first because he was wearing a full suit instead of shitty polo shirt, but I did notice the other person was pale as fuck and looked terrified. Mr. Interviewer came into the office, told Mr. Pale to enter the forbidden room, and then told me to take the rest of the day off as puffy-jacket-pat-down man came in and they both went into the room.
  16. I grabbed my hiring documents with personal information, left the warehouse, went to a Sprint store to change my phone number, and immediately went home never to return to that job again.
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