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  1. mournfulMonstrocity [Arqton Sinque] [MM] joined chat.
  2. MM: ^^^ .o.
  3. MM: ^^^ *dances*
  4. MM: ^^^ *cleans up the we1rd ass house place they were 1n*
  5. MM: ^^^ *where even were they holysh1t*
  6. MM: ^^^ *s1ts on the floor, th1nk1ng a6out what's 1mportant, l1ke sh1pp1ng*
  7. MM: ^^^ *YAY ROMANCE*
  8. MM: ^^^ *what the fuck am 1 do1ng*
  9. MM: ^^^ *why d1d 1 even come 1n here**
  10. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc} [CC] joined chat.
  11. MM: ^^^ ((What the fuck))
  12. MM: ^^^ ((1 am so done w1th you))
  13. CC: {for plots sake I'm going to give your character a stalker}
  14. CC: {I have like 12 trolls and this one needs a life}
  15. MM: ^^^ ((That's really creepy))
  16. MM: ^^^ ((1 don't want Arqton to have a stalker.))
  17. MM: ^^^ ((Therescary))
  18. CC: {She's just a Fantroll}
  19. MM: ^^^ ((-_-))
  20. CC: {Fine. Let's have a fight to the death}
  21. MM: ^^^ ((Why? .n.))
  22. CC: {If you win, you are rid of Crisir for good}
  23. CC: {If I win, she has to put up with him}
  24. MM: ^^^ ((...))
  25. MM: ^^^ ((Are you ser1ous?)
  26. MM: ^^^ )
  27. CC: {Yep}
  28. MM: ^^^ ((1 want to 6e r1d of YOU too))
  29. MM: ^^^ ((No offense 6ut you act l1ke your charactter))
  30. MM: ^^^ *character
  31. CC: {Sounds fine to me}
  32. MM: ^^^ ((.n.))
  33. CC: The house disappears and reforms into an arena, a small crowd of trolls who almost appear to be skewed shadows cheer in the stands, watching them in the unground arena. Crisir stands directly across from Arqton. His grater hammer gripped into his left hand.
  34. MM: ^^^ Arqton glances around the arena, tak1ng 1n the sem1 largeness of the almost 6arren landscape. 1t looked as 1f they had just dug 1t up, chunks of rock were scattered a6out, someth1ng they would have to avo1d lest they wanted to tr1p or stum6le. The crowd made her feel tense, even though any 6attle really d1d. The only d1fference was the ch1ll that made 1ts way up her sp1ne at the1r d1storted features. Look1ng 6ack to her opponent, her eyes narrowed, the gr1p around her Frostwh1p t1ghten1ng.
  35. CC: He grinned widely, giving her form an appreciative once over before chuckling. "You might as well just give up now. I haven't list a battle yet and I don't plan on giving up that title any time soon. Especially for you." He began to slowly make his way to her before his pace quickened to a sprint, traveling across the arena and raising his hammer to strike.
  36. MM: ^^^ She merely sm1led 6ack, her eyes not qu1te hold1ng the l1ght of her sm1le as she watched h1m 6eg1n toward her. "1 don't g1ve up that eas1ly Cr1s1r. Espec1ally when 1 have someth1ng to lose. Underest1mat1ng an opponent could get you k1lled. 1f you surv1ve th1s, remem6er that. 1t could 6e qu1te useful to you 1n the future." She walked forward, match1ng h1s pace 6efore she too 6egan to spr1nt, allow1ng her legs to take her 1nto a run as she ra1sed her own weapon. The long 1c1cle covered tendr1l rose w1th her arm, wh1pp1ng out as she through her arm forward and crack1ng aga1nst h1s hammer to d1vert the 6low, her arm shak1ng at the weapon on weapon contact.
  37. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc}'s connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
  38. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc} [CC] joined chat.
  39. CC: He growled, almost dropping his hammer at the almost painful sensation that traveled up his arm. He moved back to try to get himself together before kicking her in the stomach and taking great pleasure in watching her hit the ground hard. He walked around her as she tried to get her bearings, reaching down to lace his fingers into her long hair, grabbing onto the black locks before pulling harshly and dragging her across the arena with a cruel bark of laughter. He felt accomplished as the crowd oohed for her.
  40. MM: ^^^ She choked, hold1ng onto her stomach and try1ng to catch her 6reath, the hard fall hav1ng knocked the a1r from her lungs. Her 6ack arched when he gr1pped onto her ha1r and dragged her 6ack, forc1ng a cracked cry from her throat, her hands scra66l1ng up to try and pry h1s hand out of her ha1r. She snarled, claws d1gg1ng 1nto h1s flesh and sl1c1ng h1s sk1n to r166ons, try1ng to leave h1s hand noth1ng more than a 6ony mess. She k1cked her legs out, us1ng her heel to get the weapon she had dropped 1n her surpr1se. Once her ha1r was free, she leaped for 1t, gr1pp1ng 1t t1ghtly and turn1ng around, runn1ng forward to punch h1m 1n the face and knock h1m down. She used her wh1p to strangle h1m, t1ghten1ng the frozen rope around h1s neck as t1ght as she could.
  41. CC: He howled in pain, releasing her immediately to save the remains of his hand. He wasn't expecting her to punch him to the ground, the freezing temperature of her whip as is slid around his neck made him shiver before he choked. He could feel his blood running in his face, pounding, eyes wide as he struggled to breath. He raised his hammer, knocking her off and standing. The whip sliding from around his neck as he took a breath, panting a rubbing at the lines he knew were in his flesh. Standing he loomed over her, noticing they were near a wall, his grin made its way back to his face. He walked over to her, claws sinking into her shoulders as he manhandled her into a standing position and forced her over to the wall. He allowed her a moment before turning her head and ramming her horns into the wall as hard as he could, wincing at the noise of both her and her horn cracking, almost feeling it as he repeated the action to both of them.
  42. MM: ^^^ She h1t the ground, her s1de ach1ng from the 6low of h1s hammer. She got to her knees, 6r1ng1ng her wh1p closer and struggl1ng when he gra66ed her. She w1nced at h1s claws 1n her shoulders, not real1z1ng the1r prox1m1ty to the concrete of the walls unt1l they were d1rectly 1n front of one. She almost quest1oned what he was a6out to do, cur1os1ty peeked 6efore he'd turned her head and -PA1N. Oh gods str1ke her down now. The 6low left her almost paralyzed, the loud r1ng1ng 1n her head as the pa1n consumed her ent1re 6e1ng. Her legs gave out, 6ut he kept go1ng, the s1multaneous horn 6ash1ng left her scream1ng 1n agony 6efore her vo1ce shorted out, not 6e1ng a6le to f1gure out the mechan1cs 6eh1nd her vocal chords or l1m6s. 1t wasn't long 6efore the gr1p around her wh1p was t1ght enough for 1t to tw1tch sharply, whack1ng h1m 1n the 6ack of the head. Once he released her, she dropped to the floor, curl1ng up and try1ng to r1d herself of the d1sor1entat1ng plagu1ng her. She felt s1ck, l1ke she was d1e1ng and she was go1ng to destroy that 6astard. Once the r1ng1ng had gone down enough for her to concentrate, her l1m6s no longer num6 to the po1nt of 1mmo61l1zat1on, she stood sha1ly, keep1ng 1n m1nd to check her horns for cracks when th1s was over. She glared at h1m, wh1p curl1ng at her d1stress 6efore 1t flew forward and wrapped around h1s 6ody, squeez1ng h1m t1ghtly. She allowed 1t to squeeze unt1l she knew h1s 6ones were ach1ng, pull1ng 1t 6ack and watch1ng as the 1c1cles tore
  43. MM: ^^^ h1s clothes and flesh, 6lood leak1ng onto the ground and dr1pp1ng from her wh1p.
  44. CC: He would have loved to have watched her suffer under his hands for a while longer, the unexpected pain in the back of his head making him cringe and drop her, backing away to rub at the wound and snarling at her curled up form, the snall traces of green blood on his hand told him he needed to be more aware. He smirked at her pained firm as she stood, she was pathetic. His grin dropped from his face when she had whipped her weapon forward, the freezing whip wrapping around his being and squeezing too tightly. He felt his body getting crushed, bones cracking under the pressure. He yelled out in pain only to screech as she pulled back, the razor sharp ice slashing through his flesh and leaving messy puddles of his blood behind. He panted, anger flaring before he ran at her, hammer swinging fast and ramming into her side. He was going to crush her skull. He would have been faster if his wounds weren't making his body feel like lead. Stiff and shooting pain throughout his nerves.
  45. MM: ^^^ ((6r6))
  46. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc}'s connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
  47. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc} [CC] joined chat.
  48. MM: ^^^ ((Alr1ght. 6ack. Gon' k1ll a 61tch))
  49. CC: {I'd like tO see you try}
  50. MM: ^^^ She flew and h1t the ground, gasp1ng 1n pa1n as she sl1d aga1nst the rocks and d1rt, her flesh scrapp1ng off l1ke rug 6urn. The st1ng1ng made her cr1nge, head st1ll fuzzy from the trauma done to her horns 6efore she looked up at h1m, eyes w1den1ng 1n horror. H1s hammer had 6een ra1sed a6ove her, a1m1ng for her head. 1f she d1dn't move she would 6e crushed. Not1c1ng h1s slowed react1on t1m1ng, pro6a6ly from h1s own wounds, she qu1ckly rolled out from under h1s hammer, w1nc1ng as 1t crunched aga1nst the ground and left cracks 1n the d1rt. She stood 6ack up and k1cked h1m 1n the sp1ne, revenge for k1ck1ng her 1n the stomach 6ecause that hurt you ass. Watch1ng h1m fall she huffed 1n aggravat1on, the1r f1ght was only go1ng to lead to the 6oth of them 6leed1ng to death. An 1cy m1st fell from 6etween her l1ps, eyes darken1ng. She'd forgotten to control her temper, not l1ke she could even 1f she tr1ed at th1s po1nt. She gra66ed a hold of h1s neck and tw1sted, revel1ng 1n the loud SNAP of h1s 6ones.
  51. CC: His eyes narrowed as she rolled out from under his hammer at the last second, teeth gritting together.He oofed when he was kicked, dropping his hammer, spine popping. He wondered what she was trying to do when she grabbed his neck, noticing the difference in temperature before he was twisted sideways, bones in his neck breaking. He fell limp, an eerie noise left by his strained breathing filled the arena. If Arqton had been paying attention, she would have noticed him switch with his clone, smirking as he stood behind her. He grabbed his hammer, swinging upward at her back, the grater tearing at the clothes and flesh of her back.
  52. MM: ^^^ She screeched 1n pa1n, the surpr1se of h1s attack mak1ng her heart stutter, a small worry of 1t stopp1ng flew to the 6ack of her m1nd as she turned to see who had done the attack. Her eyes w1dened, look1ng from the clone d1e1ng on the floor and to Cr1s1r h1mself. "You cheat1ng 6ASTARD." She seethed, temper flar1ng. 6y now the arena had dropped 1n temperature, the aud1ence qu1et1ng. The m1x of 6lood around the arena d1sgusted her, show1ng her how much t1me had 6een wasted f1ght1ng h1m. She just wanted to f1n1sh th1s so she could go f1nd a corner to sleep 1n, un1nterrupted 6y anyone. Her wounds were wear1ng her down, the adrenal1ne rush that she had had 1n the 6eg1nn1ng lessen1ng and mak1ng her feel exhausted.
  53. CC: He laughed, Taking great pleasure in her anger. "Cheating? We're there any other rules besides killing the other off? I do not think so. For a single troll, you ate quite demanding." He leered at her, she would die by his hands. Looking her over he noticed she looked worn out. This would be too easy. He'd finishe her off and be seen as the victor. With her dead he wouldn't have to worry about her and how she was probably whoring herself out to other trolls.
  54. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc}'s connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
  55. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc} [CC] joined chat.
  56. MM: ^^^ She snarled, wonder1ng why she was wast1ng her t1me on a troll l1ke h1m. She made her way towards Cr1s1r, the sclera of her eyes red, her pup1ls sl1ts of 6lue. As soon as she was 1n front of h1m, her hand wrapped around h1s neck, squeez1ng t1ght, no trace of a sm1le on her face. She 6ared her teeth at h1m, growl1ng low, los1ng herself to the rage 6u66l1ng through her ve1ns, the 1cy water flow1ng and sp1k1ng. Her claws dug 1nto h1s flesh, h1s own 6lood runn1ng from her claws and dr1pp1ng down h1s neck. "1'll show you cheat1ng." Her gr1p t1ghtened, 6arely concentrat1ng as her f1nger t1ps froze over, 1ce seem1ngly grow1ng out from her hand l1ke the v1nes of a tree, cover1ng h1m unt1l he was noth1ng more than a frozen 6lock of 1ce. She moved 6ack to stare at h1m, trac1ng a claw down the front of where h1s cheek was, a sm1le mak1ng 1ts way to her crazed express1on. "Have a n-1ce day." She fl1cked the 1ce, cracks form1ng all around the 6lock 6efore 1t shattered, 6reak1ng h1s 6ody w1th 1t as 1f 1t were a statue. She used the t1p of her 6oot to gently move some of the frozen chunks of ru66le, sm1le noth1ng short of s1n1ster. She had won.
  57. CC: {Shit}
  58. MM: ^^^ ((Are you gonna leave me alone now?))
  59. CC: {Yeah yeah I'm gone}
  60. CC: {Geez she gonna be sober like Gamzee now?}
  61. MM: ^^^ ((Meh 1 dunno. D1dn't really th1nk a6out 1t.))
  62. MM: ^^^ ((Now leave. Th1s 1s my chat and 1 can s1lence you. .u.))
  63. CC: {Whatever}
  64. cadaverousCrypt {Crisir Risirc} [CC] disconnected.
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